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I'm familiar with the source engine. I'm also a student in the computer science field. I have been coding in c++ for almost 6 years now.

I'll try to contribute to the tutorials on this wiki, since there aren't that many.

I've begun working on a source engine mod based on Starfox, any kind of help would be appreciated, writers, coders, etc...

Yeah, I know my page is lame.

Things To Do

Currently Working On

Tutorial : phys_wing entity for source. <-- Postponed

  • Status : Big Trouble!!!(see vid). Kinda fixed, scaled the velocity vectors properly with the current frametime. But for some reasons it won't fly anymore :(
  • WIP Vid : [1]

Wiki Articles :

Source Mod Projet :

  • Project : Project SFR (Temporary name)
  • Description : Its a shooter, 3rd person game. Heavily based on Starfox Snes, with elements from Starfox 64.
  • Blog : Here
  • Moddb : Here
  • Status : Research and Development, trying various methods for simulating long maps.
  • Help Wanted: Artists, additional coders are welcome, but I don't need any skills in particular yet. If you feel like it mail me at : Here

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