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Thier actually quite common for Ex-Vetarins to have kept. An M1 garand was actually used in JAWS. Finding ammo might be slightly difficult but whatever its a solid weapon i'd appricate in any game. Angry Beaver 11:21, 14 Jul 2006 (PDT)

Bigfootmech Hey, Sorry for editing the page here, im still kinda a noob... btw I want to try help Im still a noob at modelling, and all of the time I have been keeping to low poly mods cos of Warcraft 3, but I wanna c wat I can help, wat hav u got to lose? :P set me a task, and Ill do my best. Message me here, this website, or most preferabely my email, which is also my MSN if you need faster contact. and forgot to say, I use 3ds max 5 and 8 for models - 5 is obviously for the older Warcraft 3


--Bigfootmech 15:52 (GMT) | 7:52 (PDT) 30 Aug

Ok, well that's not a problem, Ive already made 2 tanks, and 1 of them has animatios and evrithing and can be played in arcrft 3, but again Lw poly and the construction is from a tutorial, do you want to give me a more specific tank, eg pics or sumtin... btw, I'm still a noob for valve so: I'm still trying to get Softimage XSI Mod to convert 3ds Max to Mdl for Steam. After that I need tocheck its workin and evrithing, but I'm still havin trouble wid Steam: I don't hav the program to compile the stuff, but I do have Bloodsed Dev C++.

Again, giv u wat i made in [wat format] - I still have to check [compatability] (I tried using foundation, but it bugged up the model) of allthe things cos The Softimage XSI Mod is to hard start learning wen I kno max.

And [New? Made? Picture?] Eg: You give me to work on to prove I didn't tak the tank of somwer else, or I can give you a tank that I already made. I have time,so not any problem for me till like 5th september, then I start school, but I will definately have time for mods, but not 24 hours, actually I'll only have like 7 hours a day maximum.

Texture I only have been working with a "warcraft 3" base texture, but I can still use Photoshop

and, how do I check if everything transferred eg: animation, texture, and model correctly to an Mdl? - Ill try get a max plugin

Again, contact here, or email

PS: I type fast so I gt letter skips here like this and it RALLY PISSES ME OFFEe... Next time I type on this site im using otepad, cnpn

I posted this in my talk, and in Blue Shift2 Talk

Edit: How am i supposed to get it to you after I make it, and wat was the other thing... o yea, wat time r u free? u seem to be in America, so it would be a bit hard to talk apart from late @ nite here... (I'm in the UK)

ATM I am free from * Approx * 10Am (10:00) GMT - 12 PM (24:00) GMT That would be aabout *Approx * 3 Am (3:00) PDT - 5 PM (17:00) PDT

Actually if you don't mind, I wouyld like to represent the Chaos predator From Warhammer 40,000 I have here, well, less chaos, cos I cant add all the poles and heads without extreme polys, but I have spent today making and improving it as a model, so far I have done the model, need to finish unwrapping UVWs and then make a skin for it and animate it. Ps: the treads are not wheels, or a block, they are actual tank treads that are tank treads. Also with the treads being themselves and having wheels not pentagons to run on them, the full model is about 2000 polys, even though it is in essence simple, I have optimised it by merging faces, but I have not deleted many (eg: bottom of tank which would !probably! never be seen, the only faces I have deleted was from the "neck" of the tank, because it is impossible of the top or bottom of it EVER to be seen, unless you completely dismantle the model.

But if you want I will remake a new tank if you give me pics to proveI am not copying som1 els. Maybe I can use my free hosting plan and upload the model there, but I'm not sure you could open 3ds max scene files, so I might aswell just upload renders (no animation of cool tread movement *sniff* :*( )... actually ImmageShack givs u free space for pix

--Bigfootmech 15:52 (GMT) | 7:52 (PDT) 30 Aug

Tank done

you didn't reply when I put replies in my chat, so I posted here.

Ok, the tank is complete TO A DEGREE

Poly Count: 1204 (incliding everything: tank, treads, and phys boxes)

The treads can't compile correctly unfortunately so they can't animate either: they are exported as a satic shape, not an array of squares wrapped around spline. The only way around this is to fix it in 3ds Max.

On a good note the skin is able to be reskinned whenever you want, and I can take it from almost any format to a valve skin file.

The tank is modelled fully on the outside as a Vehicle/Prop.

Scrapped: Make fully working tank treads

         Make tank hollow, then put an interior making it a vehicle/enviroment.

I have it in 2 differrent ways I can transport to you. Both in a zipped file (zip/, rar, ace) and they are either: compiled, or uncompiled. But I don't know what you want and to make it quicker I will upload both methods in all of these soon.

Tank Status: Modelling: DONE Unwrapping: DONE Skinning: Partially done (skin is very basic, and is not a tank skin, but a reference picture. Phys Boxes: DONE Animation: NONE Submodels: NOT DONE

So with this, It is an OK tank, but nowhere good enough for gameplay with it. If I skinned it, then it would be a suitable prop, but apart from that it wouldn't do very much.

I chose not to do the rest because it is too time consuming, and if I'm not goin to get in with the model then, what is the point of having an animated tank.

If you are not sure about the tank and want me to finish it off totally to the best of my abilities, it might take me a few more days bit I'll try.

PS: sorry it took so long to do this tank, in theory i did it much quicker, but after I did the treads Which didnt work, I also had to find a way to import from Max to Steam which I have never done before.

PS PS: I took geocities, as the quickest host, but it would not take .ace, or .rar, so all i got uploaded was the zip

I've seen it, the team is going to vote on adding you next week. Looks pretty good for a fast job. --Gman003 17:42, 11 Sep 2006 (PDT)


There's a small demo release, but the mod is officially dead, as stated on the ModDB page. I haven't had a chance to play the demo yet to see if it's worth leaving the page in the semi release categories (ie: see if the demo even playable), might try it sometime this next week.--brandished 00:04, 12 Oct 2008 (PDT)