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Hunted Gametype maps are to be used specifically with the Hunted Mod plugin for SourceMod. While maps made for this plugin will run normally, they will generally be unbalanced as core gameplay elements such as class limits will not be in place. If you are planning on making a Hunted Gametype map, be sure you are testing it on a server running the Hunted Mod.


Hunted maps are modified versions of Attack/Defend style Control Point maps. The objective of The Hunted is for the Blue team to escort The Hunted, a lone Blue Engineer, through the map to the "Escape Area" Control Point at the end of the game area. Red's objective is to kill the Hunted, and can score points by both killing him and letting time run out on the clock.

As there are class limits within the Hunted, maps are built without the need for things such as effective Sentry locations, progressive spawn rooms, and other elements that are usually required for a Team Fortress 2 map to be enjoyable. Good Sniper locations and dark areas for Spies to cloak and disguise are very useful however, and attention should be placed on multiple Sniper nests and dark corners.

Hunted maps play well with only a single Capture Zone per map, as opposed to having two or three like in maps such as Dustbowl or Gravel Pit.

Alternatively, a Hunted map can be created using the Payload system such as the remake of Border1 called "Border Cross". In this map, the Payload is a truck that the Blue team must climb in and move as quickly across the map as possible, as the Red team tries to kill the Hunted from within the truck. In this map, there are staged respawn areas that allow both teams to quickly make it to the front lines, or in Blue's case, continue moving the truck forward.

How Hunted maps play differently

Because of the unique gamplay presented by the Hunted Mod, maps created for the Hunted require radically altered team mechanics.

Like Payload, the objective is always on the move
The parallels between Payload and Hunted are high, which is to be expected since Payload is a re-invisioning of the Hunted gametype. Like Payload, the objective of both teams is constantly moving forward. However unlike Payload, the Hunted's ability (or inability) to stay hidden and safe can tip the scale for the Blue team.
New strategies for all classes
In normal Attack/Defend maps, the Red team can succeed by bunkering in and turtling until time runs out. While this method can work for the Hunted, the easiest way to win and accumulate points is to be active in finding and killing the Hunted.
For both the Blue team and the Hunted, being able to quickly assess bigger threats and eliminating them - or avoiding them altogether in the Hunted's case - is usually a far more effective strategy than trying to kill all of the Red team in an area before advancing.
Player confusion should be kept to a minimum
As most players who are unfamiliar with TFC do not know about the Hunted game type, it is critical to be sure to add in plenty of direction arrows. Community members have also created several "Instruction" textures to be used as overlays in spawn rooms, to help give a quick-and-dirty "at a glance" run down of the game rules. Map designers are encouraged to add in these textures, since confused players quickly leave servers.

Proof of Concept

msleeper and several Gear members are currently working on two Hunted maps; a recreation of the TFC map as vip_hunted_classic, and a re-imagining of border1 as a Payload map vip_bordercross. Other mappers are in production for Hunted maps, but release information is yet unknown.

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