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Now that you have the mechanics of your spawnroom down, now it's time to add some details. You will be using the entity prop_static quite a lot (but not too much) during this tutorial.

Getting started

What you want to first is make a point entity somewhere in your spawnroom. Make sure it is a prop_static, then double click it and click World Model. There will be a big list shown. The folders that I find spawnroom props are in the folders props_spytech and props_gameplay. Props that are common are usually towel racks, clocks, benches, and a whole lot more.

Note.png Note: I usually set the Disable Shadows option to Yes because my props usually cast ugly shadows on the wall and floor of my spawnroom. Experiment with this.

Please note that some props have different skins. If a prop is colored red/blue, but you're working on a blue/red spawnroom, you can open up the properties for the prop, then change the property Skin to 1.


If you're ever going to make a TF2 map, the first thing you'd want to do is have lighting. If you followed the previous tutorials, lights were never made. First, make a prop_static. When changing the world model, go to the folder props_lights. This has all sorts of light models included, and is very useful. After you have created your light, make a light_spot under it. Don't put it inside the prop itself, or the light may not cast light at all. Point it downward, or change the angles of it in the 2-D view(s) until it points where the prop points. Now you can edit the light's properties to your liking.

Note.png Note: If all of your lights point downward, the ceiling of your spawnroom will be completely dark. Make some light point entities spaced evenly out in your spawnroom. Don't place it too close to the walls, floor, or ceiling.

If you followed the tutorials correctly, your spawnroom could look something like this. Finishedspawnroom.png