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StudioMDL (GoldSrc)

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StudioMDL is the commandline compiler for GoldSrc MDL models. You can either run it via the command line or drag and drop a .QC file onto it, or ideally use Crowbar Crowbar as your GUI.

Command line arguments

  • -t <texture.bmp> : Globally replaces all textures in model with specified one.
  • -r Tags reversed normals in compile output console; example: triangle reversed (0.748195 0.949818 0.839380)
  • -a <angle> : set vertex normal blend angle override.
  • -h Dump hitbox information to compile console; example: $hbox 0 "atm" -10.49 -15.81 0.00 10.49 15.81 91.87


  • 2002 - Half-Life SDK Half-Life SDK release (cannot compile Counter-Strike models or use 9-wayblends)
  • 2003 - Counter-Strike Counter-Strike version, allows for compilation of 9-way blending feature
  • 2003 - Day of Defeat Day of Defeat version adds support for Masked transparency and Additive $texrendermodes for textures
  • 2011 - Xash3D Xash3D studiomdl adds support for Xash3d-specific features and texture tiling. Not recommended for vanilla GoldSrc.
  • 2017 - "DoomMusic" version has better UV accuracy, and adds bone preservation feature. It automatically pads npot textures to the next power of two to prevent pre-2019 builds of GoldSrc from rescaling the textures.
  • 2016~2019 - Sven Co-op Sven Co-op compiler allows for UV accuracy, UV tiling, bone and attachment preservation features, sven specific features like higher texture & chrome mode sizes. Also added additional $texrendermode commands. Can be used for vanilla GoldSrc as long as you don't use the higher resolution features

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