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Static Props show up black

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After the Wildfire.pngOperation Wildfire, many people have run into issues with static props not receiving lighting.

To solve this issue, go to the expert compile window and select the $light_exe command. Then, in the "Parameters" textbox, prepend -StaticPropLighting. For the default compilation settings, your parameters should be -StaticPropLighting -game $gamedir $path\$file.

This will fix your static props and allow them to receive lighting correctly again.

Statement from Valve

We released an update to VRAD in the latest update. To get proper lighting on static props, you will need to run with -StaticPropLighting in VRAD, which sadly isn't updated (yet) in Hammer for the default, quick compile settings. This flag will increase compile times, but to help with iteration we also included the ability to tweak the quality of the new lighting by adding -StaticPropSampleScale x parameter (16 = slow, high quality, 4 = default and 0.25 = fast, low quality) which is useful if you want to speed up compile times. Note that adding -final is the same as having -StaticPropLightingScale 16.
— MagnarJ Valve, Mapcore