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This Wikipedia icon WYSIWYG editor allows the user to create, compile and implement new shaders easily into a source mod without any preliminary knowledge of HLSL. The shaders are based on nodes which are connected over bridges to finally compose a flowgraph for each, the vertex and pixel shader (similar to shader/material editors that you may know from other engines). Any shaders created this way can be referenced by a vmt file in a similar manner to shaders that have been created through code.

Furthermore it allows you to create Rendertargets and implement post processing effects on the fly through the same principle.

Note.pngNote:Shaders created through the editor will not work properly in Hammer or HLMV due to their non-hardcoded nature.


Editing shaders



If you're experiencing crashes and you can track the crash back with your mdmps into either library of the editor, you can send the mdmp along with a brief description or even a canvas file (if possible) to [1].

Use the talk page of this article or this thread on the Steam forums for any other issues.


This software is provided as is and the developer takes no responsibility for any kind of damage or harm that may have emerged during the course of its use.

You are free to redistribute the software in any applicability.