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There are several situations in the shader editor where a certain color is used to visualize the state of an object on the canvas, this list provides an overview.

Flowgraph tabs

  • green - HLSL graph
  • red - Post processing graph


  • Outline color
    • black - All inputs defined without issues.
    • light green - The node has been solved and is currently declaring a new variable itself.
    • light blue - Missing inputs.
    • red - One or more inputs show errors or the parent node is erroneous.
  • Base color
    • green - Node has been solved successfully.
    • blue - Node is a child of a container node and currently unsolved.
    • grey - Node cannot be solved due to missing or wrong inputs.


  • black - Bridge is valid.
  • light blue - Input is undefined.
  • red - The target node has an error.

Canvas outline

  • invisible - The current preview shader matches the shader setup on the canvas.
  • grey - The preview shader is currently outdated.
  • flashing red - There was a compiler error.

Warning: Any type of visible error on the canvas will prohibit compilation of the respective hierachy.