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These shaders originate from a very old list of shaders, written by only one user, and hasn't been verified since. They can not be found in any folder within the source materials.gcf file. It is uncertain if these shaders are working (anymore), or how to use them. If you can get any of them to work, please provide further documentation.

Shader Name Working?
alienscale Found in the 2003 Source leak. Used by TF2 Invasion for the alien team models. Doesn't work in retail.
camo Used by the Combine Sniper in earlier versions of Half-Life 2. Does not work in retail.
debugfbtexture Used for debugging the framebuffer (mat_showframebuffertexture)
fillrate Used for mat_fillrate (see fillrate for explanation)
jellyfish Used for the Hydra in the E3 builds of Half-Life 2, works in every version of source so far, except, probably, Episode 2. Needs confirmation.
jojirium Found in the 2003 Source leak. Used by TF2 Invasion to render resource zones. Does not work in retail.
worldvertexalpha Used for displacements (terrain). The base texture is vertex lit.

Apparently, out of 20995 .vmt files in Team Fortress 2, none seem to contain "alienscale" or "jojirium".

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