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Jellyfish This shader usually results in wireframe and therefore is unreliable and doesn't work. There is a glitch where this shader splits the player's view into four rectangular quadrants, and multiplies one colour per quadrant on the model. The "gradient" overlay on the model is locked to the player view; it doesn't pan, but it does resize as the view nears the model. The $gradienttexture seems to have no effect. Models with this shader are fullbright.

Note.png Note: This entire page was written with information from testing the shader in Episode 2 ONLY.
How the JellyFish shader works on models in Episode 2.

Shader specific parameters

$gradienttexture <texture>
Does nothing. The Half-Life 2 Beta code describes it as "1D texture for silhouette glowy bits".

Apparently this shader has no supported effects, besides $basetexture, of course. But that really isn't an effect, now is it?


This is and was used for the Hydra in the Half-Life 2 Beta and a number of mods.