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The Debug\ folder of Source Materials.gcf contain shaders dedicated to debugging purposes.

Dedicated Shaders

The following shaders are more or less exclusively used for this folder:


  • Used for 14 materials in this folder, out of a 19 materials in total.


  • Only used by the material debuglightingonly.vmt.
  • Not found in released mod code.



  • Used in only one material: hsv.vmt
  • This material is directly referred to in src\cl_dll\view_scene.cpp in the mod code.


  • Used in only four materials showblurredcolor.vmt, showdestalpha.vmt, showdestalphatimescolor_blurred.vmt and showdestalpha_blurred.vmt, all in this folder.
  • Not found in released mod code.


  • Use only in one material: debugworldnormals.vmt
  • Not found in released mod code.


  • Used in only one material: yuv.vmt
  • Converts the screen from RGB to YUV colorspace. Post-process shader.
  • Material referred to in src\cl_dll\view_scene.cpp