Ricochet Level Creation/Configuring Hammer for Ricochet

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Ricochet Level Creation

The Source SDK doesn't support Ricochet because Ricochet is a Goldsource game. Source SDK only supports Source engine games.

  1. First, you need to download Valve Hammer Editor 3.4 (VHE) and. Install it and update hammer.exe file to version 3.5 because only version 3.5 can draw models in 3D view.
  2. Open SteamApps\ricochet.gcf in GCFScape. Extract ricochet\ricochet.wad into SteamApps\your account name\ricochet\ricochet folder, then extract ricochet\models\head.mdl, ricochet\models\pow_visual.mdl and ricochet\models\player\male\male.mdl into VHE\models\ricochet folder. Ricochet doesn't needs halflife.wad, so, you don't need to extract it.
  3. Launch Hammer. Open Tools - Options window.
  4. In Game Configurations tab, make new configuration with this settings:
    1. Game Data Files: Copy Ricochet.fgd into blank text file, save it as Ricochet.fgd and then use it as Game Data File in Hammer.
      Warning.png Warning: Use Ricochet FGD in pair with Half-Life FGD, or you won't see most entities!
    2. Game Executable Directory: Steam folder\SteamApps\your account name\ricochet
    3. Mod Directory: Steam folder\SteamApps\your account name\ricochet\ricochet
    4. Game Directory: Steam folder\SteamApps\your account name\ricochet\valve
  5. Build Programs tab settings:
    Note.png Note: It is recommended to use Zoner's Half-Life Tools Custom Edition, but official compilers work normally with Ricochet.
    1. Game executable: Steam folder\SteamApps\your account name\ricochet\hl.exe
    2. CSG executable: VHE folder\tools\qcsg.exe
    3. BSP executable: VHE folder\tools\qbsp2.exe
    4. VIS executable: VHE folder\tools\vis.exe
    5. RAD executable: VHE folder\tools\qrad.exe
    6. Place compiled maps in this directory before running the game: Steam folder\SteamApps\your account name\ricochet\ricochet\maps
  6. In Textures tab add only Steam folder\SteamApps\your account name\ricochet\ricochet\ricochet.wad file.

Now click OK/Apply and restart Hammer.