Portal 2 with Alien Swarm Authoring Tools

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The Portal 2 Authoring Tools has released, however it is currently in beta. For those who would rather use the Alien Swarm SDK work-around, the instructions are listed below.

Note.png Note: The directories listed below are shortened for brevity. Each directory is assumed to be in your default Steam directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Steam).

Adding Portal 2 to SDK

  1. Download, install, and run Alien Swarm SDK.
  2. Double click Edit Game Configurations.
    1. Under 'Current Game Configuration, click Add.
    2. Under Name in the Edit Configuration window, type Portal 2
    3. Under Directory, type ...\steamapps\common\portal 2\portal2.
    4. Click OK.

Configuring Portal 2 to work with the SDK

  1. Open up the Portal 2 GameInfo.txt file.
  2. Find SearchPaths.
  3. Add: "game" "platform" (with the quotes).

Configuring Hammer

  1. Search for 4 files in ...\steamapps\common\portal 2\bin - base.fgd, halflife2.fgd, portal.fgd, portal2.fgd.
    1. Rename base.fgd to something like portal2base.fgd.
    2. Copy all files to ...\steamapps\common\alien swarm\bin.
    3. Open halflife2.fgd and portal2.fgd and change @include "base.fgd" to @include "portal2base.fgd".
    4. Go back to the originals in ..\steamapps\common\portal2\bin and rename portal2base.fgd back to base.fgd.
  2. Run Hammer.
    1. Click on Tools and Options.
    2. Remove swarm.fgd and add portal2.fgd.
    3. Change Game Executable Directory to $SteamUserDir\portal 2.
    4. Go to Build Programs tab and change Game Executable to $SteamUserDir\portal 2\portal2.exe.
Note.png Note: Remember that default Swarm configuration uses vbsp to change all brushes into func_details, so tie the sealing parts to func_brush and name it structure_seal, or delete -alldetail from $bsp_exe.