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phys_bone_follower is a point entity available in all Source games.

All props (except prop_static and prop_detail), generate phys_bone_followers if they have a collision model. These bone followers are created for every convex piece of its collision model. These can quickly eat up the edict count! However, if the "Disable Bone Followers" keyvalue on the prop entity is set to Yes, the prop will disable bone followers, although the prop will no longer have a functioning collision model, and the model will not be able to ragdoll. The .phy of a model can also be deleted to remove the collision model and save file space as an alternative.

An example of phys_bone_followers on a complex model. 15 phys_bone_followers are created for each convex piece of the collision model, resulting in 16 entities! The IN represents the server traffic, a staggering amount for 1 model.

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