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The QC command $collisionjoints is used to define a collision mesh made up of multiple independent parts, either for a ragdoll or for an animated object. If your model has no moving parts that need to collide, use $collisionmodel instead.

A ragdoll can have up to 32 separate parts (i.e. 32 bones can be simulated, 24 on older versions of source). The limit for an animated model is 99 separate parts.

Tip.png Tip: Use vcollide_wireframe 1 to view collision meshes in-game.
Warning.png Warning: Each convex part will produce a phys_bone_follower entity, potentially using up large parts of the entity count. Using this for models that are to be repeated many times isn't a good idea!


$collisionjoints <collision mesh SMD/DMX>


All $collisionmodel options, except $concave
Confirm:Is $masscenter allowed?
Permit concave collision geometry for individual bones.
$rootbone <string|bone>
Overrides the collision mesh's root bone.
$jointskip <string|bone>
Eliminates a joint in the skeleton that you don't want to use in collisions.
$jointmerge <string|bone1> <string|bone2>
Merges the vertex assignments for two joints.
$jointconstrain <string|bone> <axis> <allow_option> <min_angle> <max_angle> <friction>
Limits of the a bone's movement relative to its parent bone. See $jointconstrain for a full description.
$jointinertia <string|bone> <float|scale>
Per-bone $inertia.
$jointdamping <string|bone> <float|scale>
Per-bone $damping.
$jointrotdamping <string|bone> <float|scale>
Per-bone $rotdamping.
$jointmassbias <string|bone> <float|bias>
Mass is automatically distributed by volume, this lets you bias it per-bone.
Disables collisions between bones in the same collision model for performance.
Warning.png Warning: Results in arms clipping through torsos and other weirdness if used improperly!
$jointcollide <string|bone1> <string|bone2>
If any $jointcollide pairs are specified, only those joints collide with each other.
$animatedfriction <float|FrictionTimeIn> <float|FrictionTimeOut> <float|FrictionTimeHold> <float|MinAnimatedFriction> <float|MaxAnimatedFriction>
Used to animate the amount of friction on joints over time.


$collisionjoints "bip01_phys.smd"
	$mass			115.0
	$inertia		2.00
	$damping		0.01
	$rotdamping		0.40
	$rootbone		"bip01_pelvis"
	$jointmerge		"bip01_pelvis"	"bip01_spine"

	$jointmassbias		"bip01_l_arm2"	2.00
	$jointconstrain		"bip01_l_arm2"	x limit	0.00 0.00 0.00
	$jointconstrain		"bip01_l_arm2"	y limit	0.00 0.00 0.00
	$jointconstrain		"bip01_l_arm2"	z limit	-120.00 4.00 0.20

	$jointrotdamping	"bip01_head"	5.00
	$jointconstrain		"bip01_head"	x limit	-20.00 20.00 0.00
	$jointconstrain		"bip01_head"	y limit	-25.00 25.00 0.04
	$jointconstrain		"bip01_head"	z limit	-13.00 30.00 0.04

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