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Teamplay CVars

Deathmatch and teamplay are controlled with two console variables (cvar): mp_maxteams and mp_teamsize. And a helper cvar mp_freeforall.

  • mp_maxteams
Defines the number of teams that will be available to players. It can take values from 0 to 4. When 0, the FFA mode will be activated.
  • mp_teamsize
Defines the maximum number of players on a single team, requires a positive integer. When 0, there's no limit to the number of players able to join a team.
  • mp_freeforall
When set to 1, mp_maxteams and mp_teamsize will be set both to 0. And viceversa, if mp_maxteams and mp_teamsize are set both to 0, mp_freeforall will be set to 1. When 1, the player coloring, team selection menu and scoreboard will change to reflect the free-for-all (deathmatch) mode.
When set to 0, mp_maxteams will be set to 4 and mp_teamsize to 2, creating four teams of two players each.
  • mp_team_together
When set to 0, player and zone spawns belonging to green team (allows any team) will be active.
When set to 1, the green team will be disabled. Spawning players from the same team together is left to the level designer.
Note:In Hammer, -2 is the number of the green team.
  • mp_friendlyfire
If 1, teammates may hurt each other.

Gametype CVars

  • mp_gamemode
When set, changes the gamemode. Possible values:
Note:Depending on the gamemode, the change may be immediate or after a level change.
  • mp_koth_capture_time
How long it takes for a team to become king of a hill.
  • mp_koth_score
How many score points a team earns after taking the hill.
  • mp_koth_uptime
How long to keep a zone active before deactivating it.
  • mp_koth_wait
How long to wait before activating a new zone.
  • mp_cappopbonus
How many score points to award a player that kills the cap.
  • mp_caplivetime
How long in seconds should the cap survive in order to earn points.
  • mp_caplivebonus
How many score points to award a surviving cap.
  • mp_cap_wait
Wait this time before selecting a new cap.

Scoring CVars

  • mp_freefrags
If 1, killing players won't award frag points.
  • mp_suicidecounts
If 0, suicides (kill command, falling, death by own explosion, etc) won't count as negative score.


  • crosshair_fademode
0 no fade, 1 flicker running, 2 flicker walking.
  • current_ambient_time
What's the current time in-game.
  • ambient_time_scale
A real life second equals to how many in-game?
  • mp_fraglimit
Frags value required to win a game. The game may end before if mp_timelimit is reached or mp_scorelimit.
Will not work if mp_freefrags is active.
  • mp_scorelimit
Score required to win a game. The game may end before if mp_timelimit is reached or mp_fraglimit.
  • mp_timelimit
Time in minutes before automatic changelevel. 0 equals infinite.
  • mp_chattime
Time to wait before changing the level after mp_timelimit, mp_scorelimit or mp_fraglimit are met.
  • mp_nojump
1 disables jumping.
  • mp_weaponstay
Weapons don't disappear after being picked up.
  • mp_halo
1 enables a Halo style health system.
  • sv_glasscannon
If 1, players kill in a single shot. Doesn't affect drown, fall, or time based damage.
  • hudradar_display
1 displays radar.
  • pdark_hud_radar_max_radius
Radar radius.
  • sv_infiniteammo
If 1, player's will carry 999 ammo of any type.
  • sv_noreloads
If 1, weapons won't use magazines hence no reloads.
  • sv_item_respawn_time
Time in seconds, how long will it take item weaponset to respawn an item.
  • sv_kill_at_respawn
If we can't find a spawn point, kill anyone close to force a respawn.
  • sv_realisticreloads
Player loses ammo on magazine when they do a speed reload. It is off by default not to annoy players.
  • sv_startarmor
Players start with this much armor.
  • sv_starthealth
Players start with this much health.
  • sv_weapon_respawn_time
Time in seconds, how long will it take item weaponset to respawn a weapon.
  • move_strafespeedstyle
Defaults to 1. A value of 0 will allow 1.41% speed diagonal movement (too fast), a value of 1 a lower increased speed, and 2 will set 'realistic' speed.

Client CVars

  • cl_ejectbrass
If 1, weapons will eject bullet shells when firing.
  • cl_autoswitchweapon
Defaults to 1, if 1 the game automatically switches to new, stronger weapons picked up.
  • cl_autoswitchonempty
Defaults to 1, if 1 the game automatically switches to another weapon when the current one is empty.
  • pp_draw_timeofday
Defaults to 0, if 1 the game enables rendering changes and other effects to represent dynamic time of the day in maps.

Beta debugging CVars

  • wdmg_***
Change weapon damage, if you dislike the damage of certain weapon or fire mode, try finding a good value for it using these cvars.
  • mp_wdmgratio***
Divide all weapon damage value (default:1), if set to 2 all damage of all weapon are divided by 2.
  • wheadshot_blur_factor
A factor (multiplier) for headshot blur. Lower to decrease blur.
  • wheadshot_kick_factor
A factor (multiplier) for headshot view kick. Lower to decrease kick.
  • blur_explosion_factor
A factor (multiplier) for explosion blur. Lower to decrease blur.
  • wmelee_add_blur
A constant blur value that gets added with melee attacks.
  • blur_restore_rate
Blur recovered per second. Max blur a player may have is 255.
  • wdmg_blur_factor
A factor (multiplier) for any damage related blur. Lower to decrease blur.
  • blurmin_movement
Constant blur while dashing.