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path_corner is a point entity available in all Source Source games.

English (en)
This entity is not in the Counter-Strike: SourceDay of Defeat: SourceTeam Fortress 2Left 4 DeadLeft 4 Dead 2Counter-Strike: Global Offensive FGD by default .
See below for instructions on making it available.
Path corner.png
TypePoint entity
EngineSource Source
AvailabilityIn all games
class hierarchy
CPathCorner defined in pathcorner.cpp

Entity description


  • A path_corner is a corner in a path, either for a func_train or an NPC. path_corners can be chained together to form complex routes. To create a path_corner chain simply shift+drag an existing path_corner. The values will automatically be filled in. To manually make a chain (or link one up in a circle), edit the Next stop target property.
  • A path_corner_crash is identical to a path_corner, but can be enabled and disabled for a crash point; when an NPC is searching for a crash point, it will not search for generic path_corners
  • The path_corner entity is !FGD for base.fgd, so it only will appear in Hammer for Half-Life 2
In code, it is represented by theCPathCornerclass, defined in thepathcorner.cppfile.


A path_corner can be a destination for an NPC. When told to, NPCs will stop other movement and walk steadily towards a path_corner. It is entirely scripted behavior. Note that the Train Speed and wait values do not affect NPCs.

To make an NPC move to a path_corner edit the Target Path Corner keyvalue, either in Hammer or through the I/O system. Alternatively, an NPC can be made to follow a path_corner chain by using the aiscripted_schedule or scripted_sequence entities.

  • See also Assaults for an alternative way to create NPC routes without using path_corner.

Limitations and bugs

  • A path_corner (or the first path_corner on a chain) must be within 576 units for NPCs to find it.
  • It is either difficult or impossible to tell an NPC which direction to face once they've reached a path corner. If this is important, you may want to consider using Assaults instead.


Note that the example map does not have any info_nodes. They are not needed to have an NPC follow a path.



Name (targetname) <string>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.
Next stop target (target) <string>
Wait here (secs) (wait) <float>
New train speed (speed) <float>
Leave at zero to leave path follower's speed the same


  •  [1] : Wait for retrigger
  •  [2] : Teleport to THIS path_corner


SetNextPathCorner <targetname>
Set target path_corner


Fires when a path follower passes this point. (!activator is the train)