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Patch is a pixel shader available in all Source Source games. It is a special shader that allows materials to inherit from each other. This is achieved with two commands:

The base material from which to inherit.
Note.pngNote:The complete path is required, including materials\ and .vmt.
The parameters to add, inside { and }. Those that already exist are overridden.
Tip.pngTip:<parameter> "" can be used to remove an established value.
The parameters to replace, inside { and }.
Blank image.pngTodo: Check if this is Orange-Box only. Seen in Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Source.

Patch's only limitations are that it cannot change a material's shader, and a Patch material cannot use include to inherit from another Patch material.

Note.pngNote:Patch material including other Patch materials seems to work fine in Source Filmmaker.


	include materials\models\infected\common\common_infected_shared.vmt
		$basetexture models\infected\common\military_national_guard\common_military_upper_01