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This mod for Source has been released! Download it now.


omfgzombieslol is a HL2 mod made by ModDB user Deathrainer. It was started, and completed in under two weeks, as a test before Left 4 Dead ruined Source zombie mods forever.


  • Exploding Headcrabs
  • Stronger, Faster Zombies
  • Semi-Transparent "Zombie Goasts"
  • Suicide Rush Zombies
  • Incendiary Zombies
  • Buildable blockades
  • Point system
  • Score/Rank system
  • Multiplayer


Deathrainer - Lead Developer

Modification Future

The mod's creator, Deathrainer, is currently contemplating leaving it alone, and letting a third-party take over, or to continue updating the modification himself. It's more than likely he'll hand the reigns off to another modder to focus on his other modification, Half Life 2 Tag (ModDB Page Half Life 2 Tag).

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