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An npc_gman_overwatch prefab.

A prefab located in the Prefabs HL2 folder, containing a script setup that will show a so called "G-man sighting".

This prefab contains the following:

  • An npc_gman NPC used as the actor.
  • A logic_choreographed_scene entity that will make the G-man perform the sighting scene.
  • A trigger_once brush that will make the G-man notice the player.
  • A trigger_look brush that will make the G-man turn and exit when the player enters it and looks at him for a second.
  • An info_target entity that will serve as the destination that the G-man will walk to as he makes his exit.
Bug.png Bug: This prefab will not work as it is. To fix it, you will have to open the properties of the trigger_look and change the value of its Look Target keyvalue from gman_zombies to gman_overwatch_1.

The trigger_once will trigger the beginning of the scene when the player enters it, making the G-man look at the player (because the player is specified in its Target 3 keyvalue). The scene file will then send a Trigger1 signal to the logic_choreographed_scene, which will make it pause itself. The G-man will therefore stand around looking at the player until the player enters the trigger_look while looking at the G-man for a second. This will send a signal to the logic_choreographed_scene to resume the scene with the G-man doing his exit. After he has reached the info_target exit destination, the G-man will be removed.