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A newgame_spawn_citadel prefab.

A prefab located in the Prefabs HL2 folder, containing a player spawn that will simulate the player starting out with the blue super gravity gun, like in the Combine Citadel. It is designed for testing out Half-Life 2 (single player) maps.

This prefab contains the following:

  • An info_player_start entity that will spawn the player.
  • A logic_auto entity that will trigger the spawning of equipment and the upgrading of the gravity gun.
  • Two point_template entities - one that will spawn the suit and the gravity gun, and one that will spawn the item_dynamic_resupply entities (containing health, batteries and ammo).
  • An item_suit, a weapon_physcannon and several item_dynamic_resupply entities that will be the templates to spawn. (The item_dynamic_resupply entities will ensure the level of health, health, batteries and ammo.)
  • An env_global set to enable the Super phys gun in enabled global state, upgrading the physgun.

On the start of a new game, the logic_auto will trigger the two point_templates to spawn the following at their position (that will make the spawning player automatically receive them):

  • A HEV suit.
  • Enough medpacks to ensure full health.
  • Enough batteries to ensure 50% armour.
  • The gravity gun.
  • Enough ammo to provide full ammo for the pistol, submachine gun (including max grenades), Overwatch assault rifle, and the RPG launcher.
  • Enough ammo to provide 50% ammo for the shotgun, .357 magnum revolver, crossbow, and fragmentation grenades.

The logic_auto will also trigger the env_global entity to upgrade the gravity gun to the Super gravity gun.