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The following is a list of Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2 console commands and variables listed in alphabetical order.

Note.pngNote:Retrieved October 10, 2023 from build number 8405658
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  • There are a total of 4076 commands and variables on this list.
  • Some commands are legacy commands or are "not hooked up to code".
  • Entries missing official descriptions may have unofficial ones written; those are highlighted in blue for clarity.
  • Known commands that are not declared as ConCommands (e.g. wait, jointeam, addcond) have been inserted manually.
    • These are shown in blue text; the "flags" are interpreted from command behavior and location.
  • Commands/variables flagged devonly cannot be run, queried or modified via the console in release builds of the game (without the use of plugins). However, VScript can set some devonly convars if they are on the whitelist. This allows access from the console by using the script command, e.g. script Convars.SetValue("tf_avoidteammates",0).
  • You can read more about command/variable flags at Developer Console Control § The FCVAR flags.
Blank image.pngTodo: Mention which commands can be set by VScript in cfg/vscript_convar_allowlist.txt
normal cheat
hidden hidden + cheat
devonly devonly + cheat
nonccmd unofficial description


Name Cmd? Default Min Max Flags Description
__screenshot_internal cmd hidden norecord Internal command to take a screenshot without renumbering or notifying Steam.
_autosave cmd Autosave
_autosavedangerous cmd AutoSaveDangerous
_bugreporter_restart cmd Restarts bug reporter .dll
_cl_classmenuopen 0 client internal cvar used to tell server when class menu is open
_fov 0 client Automates fov command to server.
_resetgamestats cmd game Erases current game stats and writes out a blank stats file
_restart cmd Shutdown and restart the engine.
abuse_report_queue cmd client norecord Capture data for abuse report and queue for submission. Use abose_report_submit to activate UI to submit the report
abuse_report_submit cmd client norecord Activate UI to submit queued report. Use abuse_report_queue to capture data for the report the report
achievement_debug 0 game replicated cheat Turn on achievement debug msgs.
achievement_notification_test cmd devonly client cheat Test the hud notification UI
addcond ncmd game cheat Add a condition to the player by ID (list). Usage: addcond <condition id>
addip cmd Add an IP address to the ban list.
adsp_alley_min 122
adsp_courtyard_min 126
adsp_debug 0 archive
adsp_door_height 112
adsp_duct_min 106
adsp_hall_min 110
adsp_low_ceiling 108
adsp_opencourtyard_min 126
adsp_openspace_min 130
adsp_openstreet_min 118
adsp_openwall_min 130
adsp_room_min 102
adsp_street_min 118
adsp_tunnel_min 114
adsp_wall_height 128
ai_auto_contact_solver 1 game
ai_block_damage 0 game
ai_debug_assault 0 game
ai_debug_avoidancebounds 0 game
ai_debug_directnavprobe 0 game
ai_debug_doors 0 game
ai_debug_dyninteractions 0 game Debug the NPC dynamic interaction system.
ai_debug_efficiency 0 game
ai_debug_enemies 0 game
ai_debug_expressions 0 game Show random expression decisions for NPCs.
ai_debug_follow 0 game
ai_debug_loners 0 game
ai_debug_looktargets 0 game
ai_debug_los 0 game cheat NPC Line-Of-Sight debug mode. If 1, solid entities that block NPC LOC will be highlighted with white bounding boxes. If 2, it'll show non-solid entities that would do it if they were solid.
ai_debug_nav 0 game
ai_debug_node_connect cmd game Debug the attempted connection between two nodes
ai_debug_ragdoll_magnets 0 game
ai_debug_shoot_positions 0 game replicated cheat
ai_debug_speech 0 game
ai_debug_squads 0 game
ai_debug_think_ticks 0 game
ai_debugscriptconditions 0 game
ai_default_efficient 0 game
ai_drawbattlelines 0 game cheat
ai_drop_hint cmd game cheat Drop an ai_hint at the player's current eye position.
ai_dump_hints cmd game
ai_efficiency_override 0 game
ai_enable_fear_behavior 1 game
ai_expression_frametime 0.05 game Maximum frametime to still play background expressions.
ai_expression_optimization 0 game Disable npc background expressions when you can't see them.
ai_fear_player_dist 720 game
ai_find_lateral_cover 1 game
ai_find_lateral_los 1 game
ai_follow_use_points 1 game
ai_follow_use_points_when_moving 1 game
ai_force_serverside_ragdoll 0 game
ai_frametime_limit 50 game frametime limit for min efficiency AIE_NORMAL (in sec's).
ai_inhibit_spawners 0 game cheat
ai_lead_time 0.0 game
ai_LOS_mode 0 game replicated
ai_moveprobe_debug 0 game
ai_moveprobe_jump_debug 0 game
ai_moveprobe_usetracelist 0 game
ai_navigator_generate_spikes 0 game
ai_navigator_generate_spikes_strength 8 game
ai_no_local_paths 0 game
ai_no_node_cache 0 game
ai_no_select_box 0 game
ai_no_steer 0 game
ai_no_talk_delay 0 game
ai_norebuildgraph 0 game
ai_path_adjust_speed_on_immediate_turns 1 game
ai_path_insert_pause_at_est_end 1 game
ai_path_insert_pause_at_obstruction 1 game
ai_post_frame_navigation 0 game
512 game
ai_reaction_delay_alert 0.1 game
ai_reaction_delay_idle 0.3 game
ai_rebalance_thinks 1 game
ai_report_task_timings_on_limit 0 game archive
ai_sequence_debug 0 game
ai_set_move_height_epsilon cmd game Set how high AI bumps up ground walkers when checking steps
ai_setupbones_debug 0 game Shows that bones that are setup every think
ai_shot_bias 1.0 game
ai_shot_bias_max 1.0 game replicated
ai_shot_bias_min -1.0 game replicated
ai_shot_stats 0 game
ai_shot_stats_term 1000 game
ai_show_hull_attacks 0 game
ai_show_think_tolerance 0 game
ai_simulate_task_overtime 0 game
ai_spread_cone_focus_time 0.6 game
ai_spread_defocused_cone_multiplier 3.0 game
ai_spread_pattern_focus_time 0.8 game
ai_strong_optimizations 0 game
ai_strong_optimizations_no_checkstand 0 game
ai_task_pre_script 0 game
ai_test_moveprobe_ignoresmall 0 game
ai_think_limit_label 0 game archive
ai_use_clipped_paths 1 game
ai_use_efficiency 1 game
ai_use_frame_think_limits 1 game
ai_use_think_optimizations 1 game
ai_use_visibility_cache 1 game
ai_vehicle_avoidance 1 game cheat
air_density cmd game cheat Changes the density of air for drag computations.
alias cmd Alias a command.
+alt1 cmd client
-alt1 cmd client
+alt2 cmd client
-alt2 cmd client
ammo_max 5000 game replicated
anim_3wayblend 1 game replicated Toggle the 3-way animation blending code.
anim_showmainactivity 0 client cheat Show the idle, walk, run, and/or sprint activities.
anim_showstate -1 devonly game replicated cheat Show the (client) animation state for the specified entity (-1 for none).
anim_showstatelog 0 devonly game replicated cheat 1 to output anim_showstate to Msg(). 2 to store in AnimState.log. 3 for both.
askconnect_accept cmd norecord Accept a redirect request by the server.
async_allow_held_files 1 Allow AsyncBegin/EndRead()
async_mode 0 Set the async filesystem mode (0 = async, 1 = synchronous)
async_resume cmd
async_serialize 0 Force async reads to serialize for profiling
async_simulate_delay 0 Simulate a delay of up to a set msec per file operation
async_suspend cmd
+attack cmd client
-attack cmd client
+attack2 cmd client
-attack2 cmd client
+attack3 cmd client
-attack3 cmd client
audit_save_in_memory cmd Audit the memory usage and files in the save-to-memory system
autoaim_max_deflect 0.99 game
autoaim_max_dist 2160 game
autosave cmd Autosave
autosavedangerous cmd AutoSaveDangerous
autosavedangerousissafe cmd
autoteam ncmd game Join an automatically chosen team.
+back cmd client
-back cmd client
banid cmd Add a user ID to the ban list.
banip cmd Add an IP address to the ban list.
bench_end cmd cheat Ends gathering of info.
bench_showstatsdialog cmd client cheat Shows a dialog displaying the most recent benchmark results.
bench_start cmd cheat Starts gathering of info. Arguments: filename to write results into
benchframe cmd Takes a snapshot of a particular frame in a time demo.
bind cmd norecord Bind a key.
bind_mac cmd norecord Bind this key but only on Mac, not win32
BindToggle cmd Performs a bind <key> "increment var <cvar> 0 1 1"
0.2 client How many seconds an eye blink will last.
bloodspray cmd game cheat blood
boo ncmd game Say boo (while the player is a ghost).
bot cmd game Add a bot.
bot_changeclass cmd game cheat Forces the specified bot to change class (e.g. bot_changeclass bot01 soldier).
bot_changeteams cmd game cheat Make all bots change teams
bot_com_meleerange 80 game cheat Distance to a target that a melee bot wants to be within to attack.
bot_com_viewrange 2000 game cheat Distance within which bots looking for any enemies will find them.
bot_com_wpnrange 400 game cheat Distance to a target that a ranged bot wants to be within to attack.
bot_command cmd game cheat <bot id> <command string...>. Sends specified command on behalf of specified bot
bot_crouch 0 game cheat Force all bots to crouch.
bot_debug 0 game cheat Bot debugging.
bot_dontmove 0 game cheat
bot_drop cmd game cheat Force the specified bot to drop his active weapon. Usage: bot_drop <bot name>
bot_forceattack 0 game When on, all bots fire their guns.
bot_forceattack2 0 game When firing, use attack2.
bot_forceattack_down 1 game When firing, don't tap fire, hold it down.
bot_forcefireweapon game Force bots with the specified weapon to fire.
bot_hurt cmd game Hurt a bot by team, or all bots ("all").
bot_jump 0 game cheat Force all bots to repeatedly jump.
bot_kick cmd game cheat Remove a bot by name, or an entire team ("red" or "blue"), or all bots ("all").
bot_kill cmd game cheat Kills a bot. Usage: bot_kill <bot name>
bot_mimic 0 game Bot uses usercmd of player by index.
bot_mimic_inverse 0 game Bot uses usercmd of player by index.
bot_mimic_yaw_offset 180 game Offsets the bot yaw.
bot_mirror cmd game cheat Forces the specified bot to be the same class, and use the same items, as you.
bot_moveto cmd game cheat Force the specified bot to move to the point under your crosshair. Usage: bot_moveto <bot name>
bot_nav_offsetpathinset 20 game cheat Distance into an area that waypoints should be generated when pathfinding through portals.
bot_nav_recomputetime 0.5 game cheat Delay before bots recompute their path to targets that have moved when moving to them.
bot_nav_simplifypaths 1 game cheat If set, bots will skip waypoints if they already see the waypoint post.
bot_nav_turnspeed 5 game cheat Rate at which bots turn to face their targets.
bot_nav_usefeelers 1 game cheat If set, bots will extend feelers to their sides to find & avoid upcoming collisions.
bot_nav_useoffsetpaths 1 game cheat If set, bots will generate waypoints on both sides of portals between waypoints when building paths.
bot_nav_wpdeceldistance 128 game cheat Distance to a waypoint to which a bot starts to decelerate to reach it.
bot_nav_wpdistance 16 game cheat Distance to a waypoint within which a bot considers as having reached it.
bot_randomnames 0 game cheat
bot_refill cmd game cheat Refill all bot ammo counts
bot_saveme 0 game cheat
bot_selectweaponslot -1 game cheat set to weapon slot that bot should switch to.
bot_teleport cmd game cheat Teleport the specified bot to the specified position & angles.
Format: bot_teleport <bot name> <X> <Y> <Z> <Pitch> <Yaw> <Roll>
bot_whack cmd game cheat Deliver lethal damage from player to specified bot. Usage: bot_whack <bot name>
box cmd cheat Draw a debug box.
+break cmd client
-break cmd client
breakable_disable_gib_limit 0 game
breakable_multiplayer 1 game
bsp_repack cmd client Repack and output a (re)compressed version of a bsp file
buddha cmd game cheat Toggle. Player takes damage but won't die. (Shows red cross when health is zero)
budget_averages_window 30 archive number of frames to look at when figuring out average frametimes
budget_background_alpha 128 archive how translucent the budget panel is
budget_bargraph_background_alpha 128 archive how translucent the budget panel is
budget_bargraph_range_ms 16.6666666667 archive budget bargraph range in milliseconds
budget_history_numsamplesvisible 100 archive number of samples to draw in the budget history window. The lower the better as far as rendering overhead of the budget panel
budget_history_range_ms 66.666666667 archive budget history range in milliseconds
budget_panel_bottom_of_history_fraction .25 archive number between 0 and 1
budget_panel_height 384 archive height in pixels of the budget panel
budget_panel_width 512 archive width in pixels of the budget panel
budget_panel_x 0 archive number of pixels from the left side of the game screen to draw the budget panel
budget_panel_y 50 archive number of pixels from the top side of the game screen to draw the budget panel
budget_peaks_window 30 archive number of frames to look at when figuring out peak frametimes
budget_show_averages 0 archive enable/disable averages in the budget panel
budget_show_history 1 archive turn history graph off and on. . good to turn off on low end
budget_show_peaks 1 archive enable/disable peaks in the budget panel
budget_toggle_group cmd Turn a budget group on/off
bug cmd norecord Show/hide the bug reporting UI.
bug_swap cmd game cheat Automatically swaps the current weapon for the bug bait and back again.
bugreporter_includebsp 1 Include .bsp for internal bug submissions.
bugreporter_uploadasync 0 archive Upload attachments asynchronously
build ncmd game Select a building to build (list). Usage: build <building> <mode>
buildcubemaps cmd Rebuild cubemaps.
building_cubemaps 0
c_maxdistance 200 client archive cheat
c_maxpitch 90 client archive cheat
c_maxyaw 135 client archive cheat
c_mindistance 30 client archive cheat
c_minpitch 0 client archive cheat
c_minyaw -135 client archive cheat
c_orthoheight 100 client archive cheat
c_orthowidth 100 client archive cheat
cache_print cmd cache_print [section]
Print out contents of cache memory.
cache_print_lru cmd cache_print_lru [section]
Print out contents of cache memory.
cache_print_summary cmd cache_print_summary [section]
Print out a summary contents of cache memory.
callvote cmd game Start a vote on an issue.
cam_collision 1 client archive cheat When in thirdperson and cam_collision is set to 1, an attempt is made to keep the camera from passing though walls.
cam_command 0 client cheat
cam_idealdelta 4.0 client archive cheat Controls the speed when matching offset to ideal angles in thirdperson view
cam_idealdist 150 client archive cheat
cam_idealdistright 0 client archive cheat
cam_idealdistup 0 client archive cheat
cam_ideallag 4.0 client archive cheat Amount of lag used when matching offset to ideal angles in thirdperson view
cam_idealpitch 0 client archive cheat
cam_idealyaw 0 client archive cheat
cam_showangles 0 client cheat When in thirdperson, print viewangles/idealangles/cameraoffsets to the console.
cam_snapto 0 client archive cheat
+camdistance cmd client
-camdistance cmd client
+camin cmd client
-camin cmd client
+cammousemove cmd client
-cammousemove cmd client
camortho cmd client cheat Switch to orthographic camera.
+camout cmd client
-camout cmd client
+campitchdown cmd client
-campitchdown cmd client
+campitchup cmd client
-campitchup cmd client
+camyawleft cmd client
-camyawleft cmd client
+camyawright cmd client
-camyawright cmd client
cancelselect cmd client svcanexec
cast_hull cmd game cheat Tests hull collision detection
cast_ray cmd game cheat Tests collision detection
catapult_physics_drag_boost 2.1 game replicated
cc_bot_selectweapon cmd game cheat Force a bot to select a weapon in a slot. Usage: bot_selectweapon <bot name> <weapon slot>
cc_captiontrace 1 client Show missing closecaptions (0 = no, 1 = devconsole, 2 = show in hud)
cc_emit cmd client Emits a closed caption
cc_findsound cmd client Searches for soundname which emits specified text.
cc_flush cmd client Flushes async'd captions.
cc_lang client archive Current close caption language (emtpy = use game UI language)
cc_linger_time 1.0 client archive Close caption linger time.
cc_minvisibleitems 1 client Minimum number of caption items to show.
cc_predisplay_time 0.25 client archive Close caption delay before showing caption.
cc_random cmd client Emits a random caption.
Warning.pngWarning:Using this command while the command closecaption is 0 crashes the game.
Confirm:Can be reproduced in other Source Engine games as well.
cc_sentencecaptionnorepeat 4 client How often a sentence can repeat.
cc_showblocks cmd client Toggles showing which blocks are pending/loaded async.
cc_smallfontlength 300 client If text stream is this long, force usage of small font size.
cc_spawn_merasmus_at_level cmd game cheat Force Merasmus to spawn at a specific difficulty level
cc_subtitles 0 client archive archivexbox If set, don't show sound effect captions, just voice overs (i.e., won't help hearing impaired players).
ccs_create_convars_from_hwconfig cmd cheat matsysthread Create convars from the current hardware config, useful for diffing purposes
centerview cmd client
cfgver hidden archive
ch_createairboat cmd game cheat Spawn airboat in front of the player.
ch_createjeep cmd game cheat Spawn jeep in front of the player.
changeclass cmd client Choose a new class
changelevel cmd norecord Change server to the specified map
changelevel2 cmd norecord Transition to the specified map in single player
changelevel_next cmd game Immediately changes to the next map in the map rotation for the server.
changeteam cmd client Choose a new team
cl_allowdownload 1 archive Client downloads customization files
cl_allowupload 1 archive Client uploads customization files
cl_always_flush_models 0 If set, always flush models between map loads. Useful on systems under memory pressure.
cl_anglespeedkey 0.67 client
cl_animationinfo cmd client Hud element to examine.
cl_ask_bigpicture_controller_opt_out 0 client archive Whether the user has opted out of being prompted for controller support in Big Picture.
cl_ask_blacklist_for_any_server 0 client If nonzero, auto-ask for local/LAN servers (for debugging)
cl_ask_blacklist_max_session_duration 60 client If player stays on a server for less than this time (in seconds) prompt to add server to blacklist
cl_ask_blacklist_opt_out 0 client archive If nonzero, don't auto-ask to blacklist servers
cl_ask_favorite_for_any_server 0 client If nonzero, auto-ask for local/LAN servers (for debugging)
cl_ask_favorite_min_session_duration 600 client If player stays on a server for longer than this time (in seconds) prompt to add server to favorites
cl_ask_favorite_opt_out 0 client archive If nonzero, don't auto-ask to favorite servers
cl_autoreload 1 client archive userinfo When set to 1, clip-using weapons will automatically be reloaded whenever they're not being fired.
cl_autorezoom 1 client archive userinfo When set to 1, sniper rifle will re-zoom after firing a zoomed shot.
cl_backspeed 450 game replicated cheat
cl_blobbyshadows 0 client
cl_bobcycle 0.8 client cheat
cl_bobup 0.5 client cheat
cl_boss_show_stun 0 devonly client
cl_burninggibs 0 client A burning player that gibs has burning gibs.
cl_chatfilter_version 0 client hidden archive Stores the chat filter version
cl_chatfilters 63 client archive Stores the chat filter settings
cl_clanid 0 hidden archive userinfo Current clan ID for name decoration
cl_class default client archive userinfo Default class when joining a game
cl_clean_textures_on_death 0 devonly client If enabled, attempts to purge unused textures every time a freeze cam is shown
cl_clearhinthistory cmd client Clear memory of client side hints displayed to the player.
cl_clock_correction 1 cheat Enable/disable clock correction on the client.
cl_clock_correction_adjustment_max_amount 200 cheat Sets the maximum number of milliseconds per second it is allowed to correct the client clock. It will only correct this amount if the difference between the client and server clock is equal to or larger than cl_clock_correction_adjustment_max_offset.
cl_clock_correction_adjustment_max_offset 90 cheat As the clock offset goes from cl_clock_correction_adjustment_min_offset to this value (in milliseconds), it moves towards applying cl_clock_correction_adjustment_max_amount of adjustment. That way, the response is small when the offset is small.
cl_clock_correction_adjustment_min_offset 10 cheat If the clock offset is less than this amount (in milliseconds), then no clock correction is applied.
cl_clock_correction_force_server_tick 999 cheat Force clock correction to match the server tick + this offset (-999 disables it).
cl_clock_showdebuginfo 0 cheat Show debugging info about the clock drift.
cl_clockdrift_max_ms 150 cheat Maximum number of milliseconds the clock is allowed to drift before the client snaps its clock to the server's.
cl_clockdrift_max_ms_threadmode 0 cheat Maximum number of milliseconds the clock is allowed to drift before the client snaps its clock to the server's.
cl_cloud_settings 1 hidden Cloud enabled from (from HKCU\Software\Valve\Steam\Apps\appid\Cloud)
cl_cmdrate 30 10 100 archive userinfo Max number of command packets sent to server per second
cl_coach_find_coach cmd client Request a coach for the current game
cl_coach_toggle cmd client Toggle coach status
cl_connectmethod hidden userinfo Method by which we connected to the current server.
cl_crosshair_blue 200 client archive
cl_crosshair_file client archive
cl_crosshair_green 200 client archive
cl_crosshair_red 200 client archive
cl_crosshair_scale 32.0 client archive
cl_crosshairalpha 200 client archive
cl_crosshaircolor 0 client archive
cl_customsounds 0 client Enable customized player sound playback
cl_debug_player_perf 0
cl_debugrumble 0 client archive Turn on rumble debugging spew
cl_decline_first_notification cmd client Tries to decline/remove the first notification
cl_demoviewoverride 0 client Override view during demo playback
cl_detail_multiplier 1 client cheat extra details to create
cl_detaildist 1200 Distance at which detail props are no longer visible
cl_detailfade 400 Distance across which detail props fade in
cl_disablehtmlmotd 0 client archive Disable HTML motds.
cl_disconnect_prompt cmd client Prompt about disconnect
cl_downloadfilter all archive Determines which files can be downloaded from the server (all, none, nosounds, mapsonly)
cl_drawhud 1 client cheat Enable the rendering of the hud
cl_drawleaf -1 client cheat
cl_drawmaterial client cheat Draw a particular material over the frame
cl_drawmonitors 1 client
cl_drawshadowtexture 0 client cheat
cl_dump_particle_stats cmd client dump particle profiling info to particle_profile.csv
cl_dynamiccrosshair 1 client archive
cl_ejectbrass 1
cl_enable_text_chat 1 client archive Enable text chat in this game
cl_ent_absbox cmd client cheat Displays the client's absbox for the entity under the crosshair.
cl_ent_bbox cmd client cheat Displays the client's bounding box for the entity under the crosshair.
cl_ent_rbox cmd client cheat Displays the client's render box for the entity under the crosshair.
cl_entityreport 0 cheat For debugging, draw entity states to console
cl_entityreport_sorted 0 cheat For debugging, draw entity states to console in sorted order. [0 = disabled, 1 = average, 2 = current, 3 = peak
cl_extrapolate 1 client cheat Enable/disable extrapolation if interpolation history runs out.
cl_extrapolate_amount 0.25 client cheat Set how many seconds the client will extrapolate entities for.
cl_fastdetailsprites 1 client cheat whether to use new detail sprite system
cl_fasttempentcollision 5 client
cl_find_ent cmd client cheat Find and list all client entities with classnames that contain the specified substring.
Format: cl_find_ent <substring>
cl_find_ent_index cmd client cheat Display data for clientside entity matching specified index.
Format: cl_find_ent_index <index>
cl_first_person_uses_world_model 0 client Causes the third person model to be drawn instead of the view model
cl_flag_return_height 82 game cheat
cl_flag_return_size 20 client cheat
cl_flipviewmodels 0 client archive userinfo notconnected Flip view models.
cl_flushentitypacket 0 cheat For debugging. Force the engine to flush an entity packet.
cl_forwardspeed 450 game replicated cheat
cl_fullupdate cmd cheat Forces the server to send a full update packet
cl_gameserver_create_identity cmd client Creates a new game server account associated with the currently logged in steam account
cl_gameserver_list cmd client List all the game server accounts owned by the currently logged in steam account
cl_gameserver_reset_identity cmd client Resets the identity token for a given game server
cl_gunlowerangle 90 devonly client cheat
cl_gunlowerspeed 2 devonly client cheat
cl_hud_killstreak_display_alpha 120 client archive Adjusts font alpha value of killstreak notices. Range is from 0 to 255 (default is 200).
cl_hud_killstreak_display_fontsize 0 client archive Adjusts font size of killstreak notices. Range is from 0 to 2 (default is 1).
cl_hud_killstreak_display_time 3 client archive How long a killstreak notice stays on the screen (in seconds). Range is from 0 to 100.
cl_hud_minmode 0 client archive Set to 1 to turn on the advanced minimalist HUD mode.
cl_hud_playerclass_playermodel_showed_confirm_dialog 0 client hidden archive
cl_hud_playerclass_use_playermodel 1 client archive Use player model in player class HUD.
cl_hudhint_sound 1 client archive Disable hudhint sounds.
cl_idealpitchscale 0.8 client archive
cl_ignorepackets 0 cheat Force client to ignore packets (for debugging).
cl_interp 0.1 0 0.5 client archive userinfo notconnected Sets the interpolation amount (bounded on low side by server interp ratio settings).
cl_interp_all 0 client Disable interpolation list optimizations.
cl_interp_npcs 0.0 client userinfo Interpolate NPC positions starting this many seconds in past (or cl_interp, if greater)
cl_interp_ratio 2.0 client archive userinfo notconnected Sets the interpolation amount (final amount is cl_interp_ratio / cl_updaterate).
cl_interpolate 1.0 devonly userinfo notconnected Interpolate entities on the client.
cl_jiggle_bone_framerate_cutoff 20 client Skip jiggle bone simulation if framerate drops below this value (frames/second)
cl_lagcompensation 1 client userinfo notconnected Perform server side lag compensation of weapon firing events.
cl_language english userinfo Language (from HKCU\Software\Valve\Steam\Language)
cl_leveloverview 0 client cheat
cl_leveloverviewmarker 0 client cheat
cl_localnetworkbackdoor 1 Enable network optimizations for single player games.
cl_logofile materials/decals/spraylogo.vtf archive Spraypoint logo decal.
cl_mainmenu_operation_motd_reset 0 client hidden archive
cl_mainmenu_operation_motd_start 0 client hidden archive
cl_mainmenu_safemode 0 client Enable safe mode
cl_mainmenu_updateglow 1 client hidden archive
cl_maxrenderable_dist 3000 client cheat Max distance from the camera at which things will be rendered
cl_meathook_neck_pivot_ingame_fwd 3.0 client
cl_meathook_neck_pivot_ingame_up 7.0 client
cl_mouseenable 1 client
cl_mouselook 1 client archive notconnected Set to 1 to use mouse for look, 0 for keyboard look. Cannot be set while connected to a server.
cl_mute_all_comms 1 client archive If 1, then all communications from a player will be blocked when that player is muted, including chat messages.
cl_muzzleflash_dlight_1st 1 client
cl_mvm_wave_status_visible_during_wave 0 client archive Display full wave contents while a wave is active in MvM.
cl_new_impact_effects 0 client
cl_notifications_max_num_visible 3 client archive How many notifications are visible in-game.
cl_notifications_move_time 0.5 client archive How long it takes for a notification to move.
cl_notifications_show_ingame 1 client archive Whether notifications should show up in-game.
cl_obj_fake_alert 0 0 5 client
cl_obj_test_building_damage -1 -1 4 client cheat debug building damage
cl_observercrosshair 1 client archive
cl_overdraw_test 0 client neverprint cheat
cl_panelanimation cmd client Shows panel animation variables: <panelname | blank for all panels>.
cl_particle_batch_mode 1 client
cl_particle_retire_cost 0 client cheat
cl_particle_show_bbox 0 client cheat
cl_particle_show_bbox_cost 0 client cheat Show # of particles: green->blue->red. Use a negative number to show ALL particles even cheap ones
cl_particle_stats_start cmd client Start or restart particle stats - also dumps to particle_stats.csv
cl_particle_stats_stop cmd client Stop particle stats, or snapshot this frame - also dumps to particle_stats.csv
cl_particle_stats_trigger_count 0 client Dump stats if the particle count exceeds this number.
cl_particleeffect_aabb_buffer 2 client cheat Add this amount to a particle effect's bbox in the leaf system so if it's growing slowly, it won't have to be reinserted as often.
cl_pclass client cheat Dump entity by prediction classname.
cl_pdump -1 client cheat Dump info about this entity to screen.
cl_phys_props_enable 1 client Disable clientside physics props (must be set before loading a level).
cl_phys_props_max 300 client Maximum clientside physic props
cl_phys_props_respawndist 1500 client Minimum distance from the player that a clientside prop must be before it's allowed to respawn.
cl_phys_props_respawnrate 60 client Time, in seconds, between clientside prop respawns.
cl_phys_timescale 1.0 client cheat Sets the scale of time for client-side physics (ragdolls)
cl_pitchdown 89 client cheat
cl_pitchspeed 225 -100000 100000 client Client pitch speed.
cl_pitchup 89 client cheat
cl_playback_screenshots 0 Allows the client to playback screenshot and jpeg commands in demos.
cl_precacheinfo cmd Show precache info (client).
cl_pred_optimize 2 client Optimize for not copying data if didn't receive a network update (1), and also for not repredicting if there were no errors (2).
cl_pred_track cmd client <entindex> <fieldname>: Track changes to entity index entindex, for field fieldname.
cl_predict 1.0 client userinfo notconnected Perform client side prediction.
cl_predictionlist 0 client cheat Show which entities are predicting
cl_predictweapons 1 client userinfo notconnected Perform client side prediction of weapon effects.
cl_promotional_codes_button_show 1 client archive Toggles the 'View Promotional Codes' button in the main menu for players that have used the 'RIFT Well Spun Hat Claim Code'.
cl_ragdoll_collide 0 client
cl_ragdoll_fade_time 15 client
cl_ragdoll_forcefade 0 client
cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 1 client Enable/disable ragdoll physics.
cl_ragdoll_pronecheck_distance 64 game client
cl_reload_localization_files cmd client Reloads all localization files
cl_removedecals cmd client cheat Remove the decals from the entity under the crosshair.
cl_resend 6 1.5 20 Delay in seconds before the client will resend the 'connect' attempt
cl_rumblescale 1.0 client archive archivexbox Scale sensitivity of rumble effects (0 to 1.0)
cl_savescreenshotstosteam 0 hidden Saves screenshots to the Steam's screenshot library
cl_scalecrosshair 1 client archive
cl_screenshotlocation hidden Location to tag the screenshot with
cl_screenshotname Custom Screenshot name
cl_screenshotusertag hidden User to tag in the screenshot
cl_SetupAllBones 0 client
cl_shadowtextureoverlaysize 256 client cheat
cl_show_connectionless_packet_warnings 0 Show console messages about ignored connectionless packets on the client.
cl_show_market_data_on_items 1 client archive 0 = Never. 1 = Only when showing borders for Market-listable items. 2 = Always.
cl_show_num_particle_systems 0 client Display the number of active particle systems.
cl_show_splashes 1 client
cl_showanimstate -1 devonly client cheat Show the (client) animation state for the specified entity (-1 for none).
cl_showanimstate_log 0 devonly client cheat 1 to output cl_showanimstate to Msg(). 2 to store in AnimStateClient.log. 3 for both.
cl_showbackpackrarities 0 client archive 0 = Show no backpack icon border colors. 1 = Show item rarities within the backpack. 2 = Show item rarities only for Market-listable items.
cl_showbattery 0 client Draw current battery level at top of screen when on battery power
cl_ShowBoneSetupEnts 0 client Show which entities are having their bones setup each frame.
cl_showcrit 0 devonly client Debug! Draw crit values above the ammo count.
cl_showdemooverlay 0 How often to flash demo recording/playback overlay (0 - disable overlay, -1 - show always)
cl_showents cmd cheat Dump entity list to console.
cl_showerror 0 client Show prediction errors, 2 for above plus detailed field deltas.
cl_showevents 0 cheat Print event firing info in the console
cl_showfps 0 client Draw fps meter at top of screen (1 = fps, 2 = smooth fps)
cl_showhelp 1 client archive userinfo Set to 0 to not show on-screen help
cl_showpausedimage 1 client Show the 'Paused' image when game is paused.
cl_showpluginmessages 0 archive Allow plugins to display messages to you
cl_showpos 0 client Draw current position at top of screen
cl_ShowSunVectors 0 client
cl_showtextmsg 1 client Enable/disable text messages printing on the screen.
cl_sidespeed 450 game replicated cheat
cl_simulate_no_quicktime 0 hidden
cl_smooth 1 client Smooth view/eye origin after prediction errors
cl_smoothtime 0.1 0.01 2 client Smooth client's view after prediction error over this many seconds
cl_software_cursor 0 client archive Switches the game to use a larger software cursor instead of the normal OS cursor
cl_soundemitter_flush cmd client cheat Flushes the sounds.txt system (client only)
cl_soundfile sound/player/jingle.wav archive Jingle sound file.
cl_soundscape_flush cmd client cheat svcanexec Flushes the client side soundscapes
cl_soundscape_printdebuginfo cmd client print soundscapes
cl_spec_carrieditems 1 client archive Show non-standard items being carried by player you're spectating.
cl_spec_mode 1 client archive userinfo svcanexec spectator mode
cl_sporeclipdistance 512 client cheat
cl_spraydisable 1 client archive Disable player sprays.
cl_steamscreenshots 1 client archive Enable/disable saving screenshots to Steam
cl_streams_image_sfurl img://loadjpeg:(320x200): devonly client Format of Scaleform image representing the stream
cl_streams_mytwitchtv_channel devonly client account channel URL devonly client account linking URL
cl_streams_override_global_version devonly client When set will override global API version
cl_streams_refresh_interval 60 devonly client How often to refresh streams list
cl_streams_request_count 6 devonly client How many streams are displayed in main menu
cl_streams_request_url devonly client Number of streams requested for display
cl_streams_write_response_file devonly client When set will save streams info file for diagnostics
cl_sun_decay_rate 0.05 client cheat
cl_team default client archive userinfo Default team when joining a game
cl_thirdperson 0 devonly client archive userinfo notconnected Enables/Disables third person
cl_threaded_bone_setup 0 devonly client Enable parallel processing of C_BaseAnimating::SetupBones()
cl_threaded_client_leaf_system 0 client
cl_timeout 30 archive After this many seconds without receiving a packet from the server, the client will disconnect itself
cl_trade cmd client Trade with a person by player name
cl_trade_steamid cmd client Trade with a person by steam id
cl_trading_show_requests_from 3 client archive View trade requests from a certain group only.
cl_training_class_unlock_all cmd client Unlock all training
cl_training_completed_with_classes 0 client archive Bitfield representing what classes have been used to complete training.
cl_trigger_first_notification cmd client Tries to accept/trigger the first notification
cl_updaterate 20 archive userinfo notconnected Number of packets per second of updates you are requesting from the server
cl_upspeed 320 game replicated cheat
cl_use_tournament_specgui 0 client archive When in tournament mode, use the advanced tournament spectator UI.
cl_view cmd cheat Set the view entity index.
cl_voice_filter Filter voice by name substring
cl_vote_non_input_alpha 150 client
cl_vote_ui_active_after_voting 1 client
cl_vote_ui_show_notification 0 client
cl_winddir 0 client cheat Weather effects wind direction angle
cl_windspeed 0 client cheat Weather effects wind speed scalar
cl_wpn_sway_interp 0.0 devonly client cheat
cl_wpn_sway_scale 5.0 devonly client cheat
cl_yawspeed 210 -100000 100000 client Client yaw speed.
clear cmd norecord Clear all console output.
clear_debug_overlays cmd game clears debug overlays
clientport 27005 Host game client port
closecaption 0 archive userinfo archivexbox Enable close captioning.
cmd cmd Forward command to server.
coach_command ncmd game Send a coach command (0: attack, 1: defend, 2: look, 3: go). Usage: coach_command <command>
collision_shake_amp 0.2 game
collision_shake_freq 0.5 game
collision_shake_time 0.5 game
collision_test cmd game cheat Tests collision system
colorcorrectionui cmd cheat Show/hide the color correction tools UI.
+commandermousemove cmd client
-commandermousemove cmd client
commentary 0 game Desired commentary mode state.
commentary_available 0 game Automatically set by the game when a commentary file is available for the current map.
commentary_cvarsnotchanging cmd game
commentary_finishnode cmd game
commentary_firstrun 0 client archive
commentary_showmodelviewer cmd client Display the commentary model viewer. Usage: commentary_showmodelviewer <model name> <optional attached model name>
commentary_testfirstrun cmd client
con_drawnotify 1 Disables drawing of notification area (for taking screenshots).
con_enable 0 archive Allows the console to be activated.
con_filter_enable 0 matsysthread Filters console output based on the setting of con_filter_text. 1 filters completely, 2 displays filtered text brighter than other text.
con_filter_text matsysthread Text with which to filter console spew. Set con_filter_enable 1 or 2 to activate.
con_filter_text_out matsysthread Text with which to filter OUT of console spew. Set con_filter_enable 1 or 2 to activate.
con_logfile Console output gets written to this file
con_notifytime 8 matsysthread How long to display recent console text to the upper part of the game window
con_nprint_bgalpha 50 Con_NPrint background alpha.
con_nprint_bgborder 5 Con_NPrint border size.
con_timestamp 0 Prefix console.log entries with timestamps
con_trace 0 matsysthread Print console text to low level printout.
condump cmd client dump the text currently in the console to condumpXX.log
condump_off ncmd game Disable power play for the player (if SteamID is whitelisted). If any arguments are specified, disable for the player's entire team.
condump_on ncmd game Enable power play for the player (if SteamID is whitelisted). If any arguments are specified, enable for the player's entire team.
connect cmd norecord Connect to specified server.
+context_action cmd client Use the item in the action slot.
-context_action cmd client
contimes 8 matsysthread Number of console lines to overlay for debugging.
coop 0 notify Cooperative play.
cpu_frequency_monitoring 0 0 10 Set CPU frequency monitoring interval in seconds. Zero means disabled.
create_flashlight cmd game cheat
CreateHairball cmd client cheat
CreatePredictionError cmd devonly game cheat Create a prediction error
creditsdone cmd game
crosshair 1 client archive
currency_give cmd game cheat Have some in-game money.
cvarlist cmd Show the list of convars/concommands.
datacachesize 64 32 512 Size in MB.
dbg_demofile 0 devonly hidden
dbg_spew_connected_players_level 0 game If enabled, server will spew connected player GC updates
dbghist_addline cmd game Add a line to the debug history. Format: <category id> <line>
dbghist_dump cmd game Dump the debug history to the console. Format: <category id>
0: Entity I/O
1: AI Decisions
2: Scene Print
3: Alyx Blind
4: Log of damage done to player
deathmatch 0 notify Running a deathmatch server.
debug_materialmodifycontrol 0 game
debug_materialmodifycontrol_client 0 client
debug_physimpact 0 game
0 game Spew touch link activity
debugsystemui cmd cheat Show/hide the debug system UI.
decalfrequency 10 game notify
default_fov 75 client cheat
demo_avellimit 2000 Angular velocity limit before eyes considered snapped for demo playback.
demo_debug 0 Demo debug info.
demo_fastforwardfinalspeed 20 Go this fast when starting to hold FF button.
demo_fastforwardramptime 5 How many seconds it takes to get to full FF speed.
demo_fastforwardstartspeed 2 Go this fast when starting to hold FF button.
demo_fov_override 0 client norecord If nonzero, this value will be used to override FOV during demo playback.
demo_gototick cmd Skips to a tick in demo.
demo_interplimit 4000 How much origin velocity before it's considered to have 'teleported' causing interpolation to reset.
demo_interpolateview 1 Do view interpolation during dem playback.
demo_legacy_rollback 1 Use legacy view interpolation rollback amount in demo playback.
demo_pause cmd Pauses demo playback.
demo_pauseatservertick 0 Pauses demo playback at server tick
demo_quitafterplayback 0 Quits game after demo playback.
demo_recordcommands 1 cheat Record commands typed at console into .dem files.
demo_resume cmd Resumes demo playback.
demo_setendtick cmd Sets end demo playback tick. Set to 0 to disable.
demo_timescale cmd Sets demo replay speed.
demo_togglepause cmd Toggles demo playback.
demolist cmd Print demo sequence list.
demorestart ncmd game Force server to resend all client state.
demos cmd Demo demo file sequence.
demoui cmd norecord Show/hide the demo player UI.
demoui2 cmd norecord Show/hide the advanced demo player UI (demoui2).
+demoui2 cmd norecord Bring the advanced demo player UI (demoui2) to foreground.
-demoui2 cmd norecord Send the advanced demo player UI (demoui2) to background.
destroy ncmd game Destroy an existing building (list). Usage: destroy <building> <mode>
dev_loadtime_mainmenu 0.0 client hidden
dev_loadtime_map_elapsed 0.0 hidden
dev_loadtime_map_start 0.0 hidden
developer 0 Set developer message level
devshots_nextmap cmd Used by the devshots system to go to the next map in the devshots maplist.
devshots_screenshot cmd norecord Used by the -makedevshots system to take a screenshot. For taking your own screenshots, use the 'screenshot' command instead.
differences cmd Show all convars which are not at their default values.
disconnect cmd Disconnect game from server.
disguise cmd client Disguises the spy.
disp_dynamic 0
dispcoll_drawplane 0 game
displaysoundlist 0 game
dlight_debug cmd client cheat Creates a dlight in front of the player
download_debug 0 norecord
drawcross cmd game cheat Draws a cross at the given location
Arguments: x y z
drawline cmd game cheat Draws line between two 3D Points.
Green if no collision
Red is collides with something
Arguments: x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2
dropitem cmd game Drop the flag.
ds_autodelete 0 0 1 client archive norecord Demo support - automatically delete .dem files with no associated bookmark or kill streak events.
ds_dir demos client archive norecord Demo support - will put all files into this folder under the gamedir. 24 characters max.
ds_enable 0 0 3 client archive norecord Demo support - enable automatic .dem file recording and features. 0 - Manual, 1 - Auto-record competitive matches, 2 - Auto-record all matches, 3 - Auto-record tournament (mp_tournament) matches
ds_kill_delay 15 5 client archive norecord Demo support - maximum time between kills for tracking kill streaks.
ds_log 1 0 1 client archive norecord Demo support - log kill streak and bookmark events to an associated .txt file.
ds_mark cmd client norecord Demo support - bookmark (with optional single-word description) the current tick count for the demo being recorded.
ds_min_streak 4 2 client archive norecord Demo support - minimum kill streak count before being recorded.
ds_notify 0 0 2 client archive norecord Demo support - text output when recording start/stop/bookmark events : 0 - console, 1 - console and chat, 2 - console and HUD.
ds_prefix client archive norecord Demo support - will prefix files with this string. 24 characters max.
ds_record cmd client norecord Demo support - start recording a demo.
ds_screens 1 0 1 client archive norecord Demo support - take screenshot of the scoreboard for non-competitive matches or the match summary stats for competitive matches. For competitive matches, it will not capture the screenshot if you disconnect from the server before the medal awards have completed.
ds_sound 1 0 1 client archive norecord Demo support - play start/stop sound for demo recording.
ds_status cmd client norecord Demo support - show the current recording status.
ds_stop cmd client norecord Demo support - stop recording a demo.
dsp_automatic 0 demo
dsp_db_min 80 demo
dsp_db_mixdrop 0.5 demo
dsp_dist_max 1440.0 cheat demo
dsp_dist_min 0.0 cheat demo
dsp_enhance_stereo 0 archive
dsp_facingaway 0 demo
dsp_mix_max 0.8 demo
dsp_mix_min 0.2 demo
dsp_off 0 cheat
dsp_player 0 demo svcanexec
dsp_reload cmd
dsp_room 0 demo
dsp_slow_cpu 0 archive demo
dsp_spatial 40 demo
dsp_speaker 50 demo
dsp_vol_2ch 1.0 demo
dsp_vol_4ch 0.5 demo
dsp_vol_5ch 0.5 demo
dsp_volume 1.0 archive demo
dsp_water 14 demo
dt_ShowPartialChangeEnts 0 (SP only) - show entities that were copied using small optimized lists (FL_EDICT_PARTIAL_CHANGE).
dt_UsePartialChangeEnts 1 (SP only) - enable FL_EDICT_PARTIAL_CHANGE optimization.
dti_flush cmd Write out the datatable instrumentation files (you must run with -dti for this to work).
dtwarning 0 Print data table warnings?
dtwatchclass Watch all fields encoded with this table.
dtwatchent -1 Watch this entities data table encoding.
dtwatchvar Watch the named variable.
+duck cmd client
-duck cmd client
dump_all_caches cmd game Dump the contents all subsribed SOCaches
dump_entity_sizes cmd game Print sizeof(entclass)
dump_globals cmd game Dump all global entities/states
dump_panels cmd Dump Panel Tree
dump_particlemanifest cmd client cheat Dump the list of particles loaded.
dump_x360_cfg cmd Dump X360 config files to disk
dump_x360_saves cmd Dump X360 save games to disk
dumpentityfactories cmd game Lists all entity factory names.
dumpeventqueue cmd game Dump the contents of the Entity I/O event queue to the console.
dumpgamestringtable cmd game cheat Dump the contents of the game string table to the console.
dumplongticks cmd Enables generating minidumps on long ticks.
dumpsavedir cmd List the contents of the save directory in memory
dumpstringtables cmd Print string tables to console.
echo cmd svcanexec Echo text to console.
econ_never_show_items_in_cart_count 1 devonly client
econ_show_items_with_tag cmd client Lists the item definitions that have a specified tag.
enable_debug_overlays 1 game cheat Enable rendering of debug overlays
endmovie cmd norecord Stop recording movie frames.
engine_no_focus_sleep 50 archive
english 1 client userinfo If set to 1, running the english language set of assets.
ensure_so_trackers_for_steamid cmd game Ensures a steamID has all the trackers it should have, with extra spew along the way
ent_absbox cmd game cheat Displays the total bounding box for the given entity(s) in green. Some entites will also display entity specific overlays.
Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
ent_attachments cmd game cheat Displays the attachment points on an entity.
Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
ent_autoaim cmd game cheat Displays the entity's autoaim radius.
Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
ent_bbox cmd game cheat Displays the movement bounding box for the given entity(ies) in orange. Some entites will also display entity specific overlays.
Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
ent_call cmd game cheat ent_call <funcname> <option:entname> calls function on current look target or filtername, checks on ent, then root, then mode, then map scope
ent_cancelpendingentfires cmd game Cancels all ent_fire created outputs that are currently waiting for their delay to expire.
ent_create cmd game cheat Creates an entity of the given type where the player is looking. Additional parameters can be passed in in the form: ent_create <entity name> <param 1 name> <param 1> <param 2 name> <param 2>...<param N name> <param N>
ent_debugkeys game
ent_dump cmd game cheat Usage:
ent_dump <entity name>
ent_fire cmd game cheat Usage:
ent_fire <target> [action] [value] [delay]
ent_info cmd game cheat Usage:
ent_info <class name>
ent_keyvalue cmd game cheat Applies the comma delimited key=value pairs to the entity with the given Hammer ID.
Format: ent_keyvalue <entity id> <key1> <value1> <key2> <value2> ... <keyN> <valueN>
ent_messages cmd game cheat Toggles input/output message display for the selected entity(ies). The name of the entity will be displayed as well as any messages that it sends or receives.
Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
ent_messages_draw 0 game cheat Visualizes all entity input/output activity.
ent_name cmd game cheat
ent_orient cmd game cheat Orient the specified entity to match the player's angles. By default, only orients target entity's YAW. Use the 'allangles' option to orient on all axis.
Format: ent_orient <entity name> <optional: allangles>
ent_pause cmd game cheat Toggles pausing of input/output message processing for entities. When turned on processing of all message will stop. Any messages displayed with 'ent_messages' will stop fading and be displayed indefinitely. To step through the messages one by one use 'ent_step'.
ent_pivot cmd game cheat Displays the pivot for the given entity(ies).
(y=up=green, z=forward=blue, x=left=red).
Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
ent_rbox cmd game cheat Displays the total bounding box for the given entity(s) in green. Some entites will also display entity specific overlays.
Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
ent_remove cmd game cheat Removes the given entity(s)
Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
ent_remove_all cmd game cheat Removes all entities of the specified type
Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name}
ent_rotate cmd game cheat Rotates an entity by a specified # of degrees
ent_script_dump cmd game cheat Dumps the names and values of this entity's script scope to the console
Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
ent_setname cmd game cheat Sets the targetname of the given entity(s)
Arguments: {new entity name} {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
ent_show_response_criteria cmd game cheat Print, to the console, an entity's current criteria set used to select responses.
Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
ent_step cmd game cheat When 'ent_pause' is set this will step through one waiting input / output message at a time.
ent_teleport cmd game cheat Teleport the specified entity to where the player is looking.
Format: ent_teleport <entity name>
ent_text cmd game cheat Displays text debugging information about the given entity(ies) on top of the entity (See Overlay Text)
Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
ent_viewoffset cmd game cheat Displays the eye position for the given entity(ies) in red.
Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
envmap cmd
escape cmd clcmdcanexec Escape key pressed.
eureka_teleport ncmd game Teleport to a Eureka Effect target (0: home, 1: teleporter exit). Usage: eureka_teleport <target>
exec cmd Execute script file.
exit cmd Exit the engine.
explode cmd game Kills the player with explosive damage
explodevector cmd game cheat Kills a player applying an explosive force. Usage: explodevector <player> <x value> <y value> <z value>
extendfreeze ncmd game Extend the remaining respawn time by 2 seconds. Used internally when taking freezecam screenshots.
fade ncmd game Fade the screen to a transparent blue color for a few seconds.
fadein cmd game cheat fadein {time r g b}: Fades the screen in from black or from the specified color over the given number of seconds.
fadeout cmd game cheat fadeout {time r g b}: Fades the screen to black or to the specified color over the given number of seconds.
fast_fogvolume 0
filesystem_buffer_size 0 Size of per file buffers. 0 for none
filesystem_max_stdio_read 16
filesystem_native 1 Use native FS or STDIO
filesystem_report_buffered_io 0
filesystem_unbuffered_io 1
filesystem_use_overlapped_io 1
find cmd Find concommands with the specified string in their name/help text.
find_ent cmd game cheat Find and list all entities with classnames or targetnames that contain the specified substring.
Format: find_ent <substring>
find_ent_index cmd game cheat Display data for entity matching specified index.
Format: find_ent_index <index>
findflags cmd Find concommands by flags.
fire_absorbrate 3 game
fire_dmgbase 1 game
fire_dmginterval 1.0 game
fire_dmgscale 0.1 game
fire_extabsorb 5 game
fire_extscale 12 game
fire_growthrate 1.0 game
fire_heatscale 1.0 game
fire_incomingheatscale 0.1 game
fire_maxabsorb 50 game
firetarget cmd game cheat
firstperson cmd client svcanexec Switch to firstperson camera.
fish_debug 0 client cheat Show debug info for fish
fish_dormant 0 game replicated cheat Turns off interactive fish behavior. Fish become immobile and unresponsive.
flex_expression - game
flex_looktime 5 game
flex_maxawaytime 1.0 game
flex_maxplayertime 7 game
flex_minawaytime 0.5 game
flex_minplayertime 5 game
flex_rules 1 client Allow flex animation rules to run.
flex_smooth 1 client Applies smoothing/decay curve to flex animation controller changes.
flex_talk 0 game
flush cmd cheat Flush unlocked cache memory.
flush_locked cmd cheat Flush unlocked and locked cache memory.
fog_color -1 -1 -1 client cheat
fog_colorskybox -1 -1 -1 client cheat
fog_enable 1 client cheat
fog_enable_water_fog 1 cheat
fog_enableskybox 1 client cheat
fog_end -1 client cheat
fog_endskybox -1 client cheat
fog_maxdensity -1 client cheat
fog_maxdensityskybox -1 client cheat
fog_override 0 client cheat
fog_start -1 client cheat
fog_startskybox -1 client cheat
fogui cmd norecord Show/hide fog control UI.
force_centerview cmd client
+forward cmd client
-forward cmd client
fov cmd game Change players FOV
fov_desired 75 20 90 client archive userinfo Sets the base field-of-view.
fps_max 300 notconnected Frame rate limiter, cannot be set while connected to a server.
free_pass_peek_debug 0 game
fs_monitor_read_from_pack 0 0:Off, 1:Any, 2:Sync only
fs_printopenfiles cmd Show all files currently opened by the engine.
fs_report_sync_opens 0 0:Off, 1:Blocking only, 2:All
fs_warning_level cmd Set the filesystem warning level.
fs_warning_mode 0 0:Off, 1:Warn main thread, 2:Warn other threads
func_break_max_pieces 15 game archive replicated
func_break_reduction_factor .5 game
func_breakdmg_bullet 0.5 game
func_breakdmg_club 1.5 game
func_breakdmg_explosive 1.25 game
fx_drawimpactdebris 1 devonly client Draw impact debris effects.
fx_drawimpactdust 1 devonly client Draw impact dust effects.
fx_drawmetalspark 1 devonly client Draw metal spark effects.
g15_dumpplayer cmd client Spew player data.
g15_reload cmd client Reloads the Logitech G-15 Keyboard configs.
g15_update_msec 250 client archive Logitech G-15 Keyboard update interval.
g_debug_angularsensor 0 game cheat
g_debug_constraint_sounds 0 game cheat Enable debug printing about constraint sounds.
g_debug_doors 0 game
g_debug_npc_vehicle_roles 0 game
g_debug_ragdoll_removal 0 game replicated cheat
g_debug_ragdoll_visualize 0 client cheat
g_debug_trackpather 0 game cheat
g_debug_transitions 0 game Set to 1 and restart the map to be warned if the map has no trigger_transition volumes. Set to 2 to see a dump of all entities & associated results during a transition.
g_debug_vehiclebase 0 game cheat
g_debug_vehicledriver 0 game cheat
g_debug_vehicleexit 0 game cheat
g_debug_vehiclesound 0 game cheat
g_Language 0 game replicated
g_ragdoll_fadespeed 600 client
g_ragdoll_important_maxcount 2 game replicated
g_ragdoll_lvfadespeed 100 client
g_ragdoll_maxcount 8 game replicated
gamemenucommand cmd client Issue game menu command.
gameui_activate cmd Shows the game UI
gameui_allowescape cmd Escape key allowed to hide game UI
gameui_allowescapetoshow cmd Escape key allowed to show game UI
gameui_hide cmd Hides the game UI
gameui_hide_dialog cmd client asdf
gameui_preventescape cmd Escape key doesn't hide game UI
gameui_preventescapetoshow cmd Escape key doesn't show game UI
gameui_show_dialog cmd client Show an arbitrary Dialog.
gameui_xbox 0
getpos cmd client dump position and angles to the console
ghost_spawn cmd game cheat Spawns a Ghost where the player is looking.
give cmd game Give item to player.
Arguments: <item_name>
givecurrentammo cmd game cheat Give a supply of ammo for current weapon..
gl_amd_occlusion_workaround 1 matsysthread
gl_clear 0 client
gl_clear_randomcolor 0 client cheat Clear the back buffer to random colors every frame. Helps spot open seams in geometry.
global_set cmd game cheat global_set <globalname> <state>: Sets the state of the given env_global (0 = OFF, 1 = ON, 2 = DEAD).
glow_outline_effect_enable 1 client archive Enable entity outline glow effects.
glow_outline_width 10.0f client cheat Width of glow outline effect in screen space.
god cmd game cheat Toggle. Player becomes invulnerable.
+graph cmd client
-graph cmd client
+grenade1 cmd client
-grenade1 cmd client
+grenade2 cmd client
-grenade2 cmd client
groundlist cmd game Display ground entity list <index>
hammer_update_entity cmd game Updates the entity's position/angles when in edit mode
hammer_update_safe_entities cmd game Updates entities in the map that can safely be updated (don't have parents or are affected by constraints). Also excludes entities mentioned in any hammer_updateignorelist objects in this map.
hap_damagescale_game 0.3 client
hap_HasDevice 0 client userinfo falcon is connected
hap_melee_scale 0.8 client neverprint
hap_noclip_avatar_scale 0.10f client neverprint
hap_ui_vehicles 0 client
heartbeat cmd Force heartbeat of master servers
help cmd Find help about a convar/concommand.
+helpme cmd client
-helpme cmd client
hide_server 0 game Whether the server should be hidden from the master server
hideconsole cmd norecord Hide the console.
hidehud 0 client cheat
hidepanel cmd client Hides a viewport panel <name>
hidestatpanel cmd devonly client
hl2_episodic 0 game replicated
host_competitive_ever_enabled 0 0 1 hidden Has competitive ever been enabled this run?
host_flush_threshold 20 Memory threshold below which the host should flush caches between server instances
host_framerate 0 Set to lock per-frame time elapse.
host_limitlocal 0 Apply cl_cmdrate and cl_updaterate to loopback connection
host_map Current map name.
host_profile 0
host_runofftime cmd Run off some time without rendering/updating sounds
host_showcachemiss 0 Print a debug message when the client or server cache is missed.
host_ShowIPCCallCount 0 Print # of IPC calls this number of times per second. If set to -1, the # of IPC calls is shown every frame.
host_sleep 0 cheat Force the host to sleep a certain number of milliseconds each frame.
host_speeds 0 Show general system running times.
host_thread_mode 0 Run the host in threaded mode, (0 == off, 1 == if multicore, 2 == force)
host_timer_report cmd Spew CPU timer jitter for the last 128 frames in microseconds (dedicated only)
host_timer_spin_ms 0 Use CPU busy-loop for improved timer precision (dedicated only)
host_timescale 1.0 replicated Prescale the clock by this amount.
host_writeconfig cmd Store current settings to config.cfg (or specified .cfg file).
hostip Host game server ip
hostname Hostname for server.
hostport 27015 Host game server port
hud_achievement_count 8 client archive Max number of achievements that can be shown on the HUD
hud_achievement_count_engineer 3 client archive Max number of achievements that can be shown on the HUD when you're an engineer
hud_achievement_description 1 client archive Show full descriptions of achievements on the HUD
hud_achievement_glowtime 2.5 client Duration of glow effect around incremented achievements
hud_achievement_tracker 1 client Show or hide the achievement tracker
hud_autoaim_method 1 client
hud_autoaim_scale_icon 0 client
hud_autoreloadscript 0 client Automatically reloads the animation script each time one is ran
hud_classautokill 1 client archive userinfo Automatically kill player after choosing a new playerclass.
hud_combattext 1 client archive userinfo archivexbox
hud_combattext_batching 0 client archive userinfo archivexbox If set to 1, numbers that are too close together are merged.
hud_combattext_batching_window 0.2 0.1 2 client archive archivexbox Maximum delay between damage events in order to batch numbers.
hud_combattext_blue 0 client archive userinfo archivexbox
hud_combattext_doesnt_block_overhead_text 1 client archive userinfo If set to 1, allow text like "CRIT" to still show over a victim's head.
hud_combattext_green 0 client archive userinfo archivexbox
hud_combattext_healing 1 client archive userinfo archivexbox Shows health restored per-second over heal targets.
hud_combattext_red 255 client archive userinfo archivexbox
hud_damagemeter 0 client cheat Display damage-per-second information in the lower right corner of the screen.
hud_damagemeter_ooctimer 1 client How many seconds after the last damage event before we consider the player out of combat.
hud_damagemeter_period 0 client When set to zero, average damage-per-second across all recent damage events, otherwise average damage across defined period (number of seconds).
hud_damagemeter_report 1 client Display end-of-combat DPS result (from first damage even to last before OOC timer hit).
hud_deathnotice_time 6 client
hud_draw_active_reticle 0 client
hud_draw_fixed_reticle 0 client archive
hud_drawhistory_time 5 client
hud_escort_interp 0.2 client
hud_escort_test_progress -1 client
hud_escort_test_speed -1 client
hud_fastswitch 0 client archive archivexbox
hud_freezecamhide 0 client archive Hide the HUD during freeze-cam
hud_lowammowarning_maxposadjust 5 devonly client Maximum pixel amount to increase the low ammo warning image.
hud_lowammowarning_threshold 0.40 devonly client Percentage threshold at which the low ammo warning will become visible.
hud_magnetism 0.3 client
hud_medicautocallers 0 client archive archivexbox
hud_medicautocallersthreshold 75 client archive archivexbox
hud_medichealtargetmarker 0 client archive archivexbox
hud_reloadscheme cmd client Reloads hud layout and animation scripts.
hud_reticle_alpha_speed 700 client
hud_reticle_maxalpha 255 client
hud_reticle_minalpha 125 client
hud_reticle_scale 1.0 client
hud_saytext_time 12 client
hud_takesshots 0 client archive Auto-save a scoreboard screenshot at the end of a map.
hurtme cmd game cheat Hurts the player.
Arguments: <health to lose>
ifm_basecamera_camerastate cmd game Set camera state
ifm_steadycam_2ddragconstant 11.0 client archive
ifm_steadycam_2dspringconstant 33.0 client archive
ifm_steadycam_armspeed 0.5 client archive
ifm_steadycam_mousefactor 1.0 client archive
ifm_steadycam_mousepower 1.0 client archive
ifm_steadycam_noise 0.0 client archive replicated
ifm_steadycam_rotatedamp 0.95 client archive
ifm_steadycam_rotaterate 60 client archive
ifm_steadycam_sensitivity 1.0 client archive replicated
ifm_steadycam_zoomdamp 0.95 client archive
ifm_steadycam_zoomspeed 1.0 client archive
ignoremsg ncmd game Cycle through 3 different chat ignore modes (accept all, ignore all, ignore team). Initially set to accept all.
impulse cmd client
in_usekeyboardsampletime 1 client Use keyboard sample time smoothing.
incrementvar cmd norecord Increment specified convar value.
+inspect cmd client svcanexec
-inspect cmd client svcanexec
invnext cmd client svcanexec
invprev cmd client svcanexec
ip localhost Overrides IP for multihomed hosts
item_enable_content_streaming 1 devonly game replicated
item_quality_chance_common 1.0 devonly game replicated Percentage chance that a random item is common.
item_quality_chance_rare 0.5 devonly game replicated Percentage chance that a random item is a rare.
item_quality_chance_unique 0.1 devonly game replicated Percentage chance that a random item is unique.
item_show_whitelistable_definitions cmd game cheat Lists the item definitions that can be whitelisted in the item_whitelist.txt file in tournament mode.
itemtest cmd client Open the item testing panel.
itemtest_botcontrols cmd client Open the item testing bot control panel.
+jlook cmd client
-jlook cmd client
join_class cmd Send a joinclass command
join_class cmd Send a joinclass command
joinclass ncmd game Change to a class. Usage: joinclass <class name | random | auto>
jointeam ncmd game Join a team. Usage: jointeam <red | blue | auto | spectate>
joy_accel_filter 0.2 client
joy_accelmax 1.0 client archive
joy_accelscale 0.6 client archive
joy_active -1 Which of the connected joysticks / gamepads to use (-1 means first found)
joy_advanced 1 client archive
joy_advaxisr 1 client archive
joy_advaxisu 3 client archive
joy_advaxisv 0 client archive
joy_advaxisx 4 client archive
joy_advaxisy 2 client archive
joy_advaxisz 0 client archive
joy_autoaimdampen 0 client archive How much to scale user stick input when the gun is pointing at a valid target.
joy_autoaimdampenrange 0 client archive The stick range where autoaim dampening is applied. 0 = off
joy_autosprint 0 client Automatically sprint when moving with an analog joystick
joy_axis_deadzone 0.2 archive Dead zone near the zero point to not report movement.
joy_axisbutton_threshold 0.3 archive Analog axis range before a button press is registered.
joy_diagonalpov 0 client archive POV manipulator operates on diagonal axes, too.
joy_display_input 0 client archive
joy_forwardsensitivity -1 client archive
joy_forwardthreshold 0.15 client archive
joy_gamecontroller_config archive Game controller mapping (passed to SDL with SDL_HINT_GAMECONTROLLERCONFIG), can also be configured in Steam Big Picture mode.
joy_inverty 0 client archive archivexbox Whether to invert the Y axis of the joystick for looking.
joy_inverty_default 0 client archivexbox
joy_lowend 1 client archive
joy_lowmap 1 client archive
joy_movement_stick 0 client archive archivexbox Which stick controls movement (0 is left stick)
joy_movement_stick_default 0 client archivexbox
joy_name joystick client archive
joy_pegged 0.75 client
joy_pitchsensitivity 1 client archive archivexbox
joy_pitchsensitivity_default -1.0 client
joy_pitchthreshold 0.15 client archive
joy_response_look 0 client archive 'Look' stick response mode: 0=Default, 1=Acceleration Promotion
joy_response_move 1 client archive 'Movement' stick response mode: 0=Linear, 1=quadratic, 2=cubic, 3=quadratic extreme, 4=power function(i.e., pow(x,1/sensitivity)), 5=two-stage
joy_response_move_vehicle 6 client
joy_sidesensitivity 1 client archive
joy_sidethreshold 0.15 client archive
joy_vehicle_turn_lowend 0.7 client
joy_vehicle_turn_lowmap 0.4 client
joy_virtual_peg 0 client
joy_wingmanwarrior_turnhack 0 client archive Wingman warrior hack related to turn axes.
joy_xcontroller_cfg_loaded 0 client archive If 0, the 360controller.cfg file will be executed on startup & option changes.
joy_xcontroller_found 1 hidden Automatically set to 1 if an xcontroller has been detected.
joy_yawsensitivity -1 client archive archivexbox
joy_yawsensitivity_default -1.25 client
joy_yawthreshold 0.15 client archive
joyadvancedupdate cmd client clcmdcanexec
joystick 0 client archive
jpeg cmd Take a jpeg screenshot: jpeg <filename> <quality 1-100>.
jpeg_quality 90 jpeg screenshot quality.
+jump cmd client
-jump cmd client
kdtree_test cmd game cheat Tests spatial partition for entities queries.
key_findbinding cmd Find key bound to specified command string.
key_listboundkeys cmd List bound keys with bindings.
key_updatelayout cmd Updates game keyboard layout to current windows keyboard setting.
kick cmd Kick a player by name.
kickall cmd Kicks everybody connected with a message.
kickid cmd Kick a player by userid or uniqueid, with a message.
kill cmd game Kills the player with generic damage
killserver cmd Shutdown the server.
killvector cmd game cheat Kills a player applying force. Usage: killvector <player> <x value> <y value> <z value>
+klook cmd client
-klook cmd client
lastdisguise cmd client Disguises the spy as the last disguise.
lastinv cmd client svcanexec
+left cmd client
-left cmd client
light_crosshair cmd cheat Show texture color at crosshair
lightcache_maxmiss 2 cheat
lightprobe cmd Samples the lighting environment.
Creates a cubemap and a file indicating the local lighting in a subdirectory called 'materials/lightprobes'
.The lightprobe command requires you specify a base file name.
linefile cmd cheat Parses map leak data from .lin file
listdemo cmd List demo file contents.
listid cmd Lists banned users.
listip cmd List IP addresses on the ban list.
listissues cmd game List all the issues that can be voted on.
listmodels cmd List loaded models.
listRecentNPCSpeech cmd game norecord Displays a list of the last 5 lines of speech from NPCs.
load cmd Load a saved game.
load_itempreset cmd client Equip all items for a given preset on the player.
loadcommentary cmd client
loader_dump_table cmd
loader_spew_info 0 0:Off, 1:Timing, 2:Completions, 3:Late Completions, 4:Purges, -1:All
loader_spew_info_ex 0 (internal)
localplayer_visionflags 0 devonly client
lockplayername cmd Prevent name changes for this userID.
lod_TransitionDist 800 client
log cmd Enables logging to file, console, and udp < on | off >.
log_verbose_enable 0 game Set to 1 to enable verbose server log on the server.
log_verbose_interval 3.0 game Determines the interval (in seconds) for the verbose server log.
logaddress_add cmd Set address and port for remote host <ip:port>.
logaddress_del cmd Remove address and port for remote host <ip:port>.
logaddress_delall cmd Remove all udp addresses being logged to
logaddress_list cmd List all addresses currently being used by logaddress.
+lookdown cmd client
-lookdown cmd client
lookspring 0 client archive
lookstrafe 0 client archive
+lookup cmd client
-lookup cmd client
loot_response ncmd game Speak a loot response line (in MvM). Usage: loot_response <common | rare | ultra_rare>
lservercfgfile listenserver.cfg game
lzma_persistent_buffer 0 matsysthread If set, attempt to keep a persistent buffer for the LZMA decoder dictionary. This avoids re-allocating a ~16-64meg buffer for each operation, at the expensive of keeping extra memory around when it is not in-use.
m_customaccel 0 client archive Custom mouse acceleration:
0: custom accelaration disabled
1: mouse_acceleration = min(m_customaccel_max, pow(raw_mouse_delta, m_customaccel_exponent) * m_customaccel_scale + sensitivity)
2: Same as 1, with but x and y sensitivity are scaled by m_pitch and m_yaw respectively.
3: mouse_acceleration = pow(raw_mouse_delta, m_customaccel_exponent - 1) * sensitivity
m_customaccel_exponent 1 1 client archive Mouse move is raised to this power before being scaled by scale factor.
m_customaccel_max 0 client archive Max mouse move scale factor, 0 for no limit
m_customaccel_scale 0.04 0 client archive Custom mouse acceleration value.
m_filter 0 client archive Mouse filtering (set this to 1 to average the mouse over 2 frames).
m_forward 1 client archive Mouse forward factor.
m_limitedcapture_workaround 0 client Workaround limitations on mouse capture in some environments
m_mouseaccel1 0 0 client archive Windows mouse acceleration initial threshold (2x movement).
m_mouseaccel2 0 0 client archive Windows mouse acceleration secondary threshold (4x movement).
m_mousespeed 1 0 2 client archive Windows mouse acceleration (0 to disable, 1 to enable [Windows 2000: enable initial threshold], 2 to enable secondary threshold [Windows 2000 only]).
m_pitch 0.022 client archive Mouse pitch factor.
m_rawinput 0 client archive Use Raw Input for mouse input.
m_side 0.8 client archive Mouse side factor.
m_yaw 0.022 client archive Mouse yaw factor.
map cmd norecord Start playing on specified map.
map_background cmd norecord Runs a map as the background to the main menu.
map_commentary cmd norecord Start playing, with commentary, on a specified map.
map_edit cmd
map_noareas 0 Disable area to area connection testing.
map_showspawnpoints cmd game cheat Dev - test the spawn points, draws for 60 seconds
mapcyclefile mapcycle.txt game Name of the .txt file used to cycle the maps on multiplayer servers
maps cmd Displays list of maps.
mat_aaquality 0 archive
mat_accelerate_adjust_exposure_down 3.0 cheat
mat_alphacoverage 1 matsysthread
mat_antialias 0 archive
mat_autoexposure_max 2 client
mat_autoexposure_min 0.5 client
mat_bloom_scalefactor_scalar 1.0 client
mat_bloomamount_rate 0.05f client cheat
mat_bloomscale 1 client
mat_bufferprimitives 1
mat_bumpbasis 0 cheat
mat_bumpmap 1
mat_camerarendertargetoverlaysize 256 client cheat
mat_clipz 1 client
mat_colcorrection_disableentities 0 Disable map color-correction entities
mat_color_projection 0 archive Probably intended to help Workshop creators to make their creations accesible to colorblind people.
mat_colorcorrection 0 archive
mat_compressedtextures 1
mat_configcurrent cmd show the current video control panel config for the material system
mat_crosshair cmd cheat Display the name of the material under the crosshair
mat_crosshair_edit cmd cheat open the material under the crosshair in the editor defined by mat_crosshair_edit_editor
mat_crosshair_explorer cmd cheat open the material under the crosshair in explorer and highlight the vmt file
mat_crosshair_printmaterial cmd cheat print the material under the crosshair
mat_crosshair_reloadmaterial cmd cheat reload the material under the crosshair
mat_debug_autoexposure 0 client cheat
mat_debug_bloom 0 client cheat
mat_debug_postprocessing_effects 0 client 0 = off, 1 = show post-processing passes in quadrants of the screen, 2 = only apply post-processing to the centre of the screen
mat_debug_process_halfscreen 0 client cheat
mat_debugalttab 0 cheat matsysthread
mat_debugdepth 0
mat_debugdepthmode 0 matsysthread
mat_debugdepthval 128.0f matsysthread
mat_debugdepthvalmax 256.0f matsysthread
mat_depthbias_decal -262144 cheat
mat_depthbias_normal 0.0f cheat
mat_depthbias_shadowmap 0.0005 cheat matsysthread
mat_diffuse 1 cheat
mat_disable_bloom 0 client
mat_disable_fancy_blending 0 matsysthread
mat_disable_lightwarp 0 matsysthread
mat_disable_ps_patch 0 matsysthread
mat_disablehwmorph 0 matsysthread Disables HW morphing for particular mods
mat_drawflat 0 cheat
mat_drawTexture client Enable debug view texture
mat_drawTextureScale 1.0 client Debug view texture scale
mat_drawTitleSafe 0 Enable title safe overlay
mat_drawwater 1 client cheat
mat_dump_rts 0 client
mat_dxlevel 0 singleplayer Current DirectX Level. Competitive play requires at least mat_dxlevel 90
mat_dynamic_tonemapping 1 cheat
mat_edit cmd cheat Bring up the material under the crosshair in the editor
mat_enable_vrmode cmd Switches the material system to VR mode (after restart)
mat_envmapsize 128
mat_envmaptgasize 32.0
mat_evict_all cmd Evict all fine mipmaps from the gpu
mat_excludetextures 0 cheat
mat_exposure_center_region_x 0.9 client cheat
mat_exposure_center_region_x_flashlight 0.9 client cheat
mat_exposure_center_region_y 0.85 client cheat
mat_exposure_center_region_y_flashlight 0.85 client cheat
mat_fastclip 0 cheat matsysthread
mat_fastnobump 0 cheat
mat_fastspecular 1 Enable/Disable specularity for visual testing. Will not reload materials and will not affect perf.
mat_fillrate 0 cheat
mat_filterlightmaps 1
mat_filtertextures 1
mat_force_bloom 0 client cheat
mat_force_ps_patch 0 matsysthread
mat_force_tonemap_scale 0.0 cheat
mat_forceaniso 1 archive
mat_forcedynamic 0 cheat matsysthread
mat_forcehardwaresync 1
mat_forcemanagedtextureintohardware 1 hidden
mat_frame_sync_enable 1 cheat matsysthread
mat_frame_sync_force_texture 0 cheat matsysthread Force frame syncing to lock a managed texture.
mat_framebuffercopyoverlaysize 256 client
mat_fullbright 0 cheat matsysthread
mat_hdr_enabled cmd Report if HDR is enabled for debugging
mat_hdr_level 2 archive matsysthread Set to 0 for no HDR, 1 for LDR+bloom on HDR maps, and 2 for full HDR on HDR maps.
mat_hdr_manual_tonemap_rate 1.0
mat_hdr_tonemapscale 1.0 cheat The HDR tonemap scale. 1 = Use autoexposure, 0 = eyes fully closed, 16 = eyes wide open.
mat_hdr_uncapexposure 0 client cheat
mat_hsv 0 client cheat
mat_info cmd Shows material system info
mat_leafvis 0 cheat Draw wireframe of current leaf
mat_levelflush 1
mat_lightmap_pfms 0 matsysthread Outputs .pfm files containing lightmap data for each lightmap page when a level exits.
mat_loadtextures 1 cheat
mat_lodin_hidden_pop 1 devonly
mat_lodin_time 5.0 devonly
mat_luxels 0 cheat matsysthread
mat_managedtextures 1 archive If set, allows Direct3D to manage texture uploading at the cost of extra system memory
mat_max_worldmesh_vertices 65536
mat_measurefillrate 0 cheat
mat_mipmaptextures 1
mat_monitorgamma 2.2 1.6 2.6 archive monitor gamma (typically 2.2 for CRT and 1.7 for LCD)
mat_monitorgamma_tv_enabled 0 archive
mat_monitorgamma_tv_exp 2.5 1 4
mat_monitorgamma_tv_range_max 255
mat_monitorgamma_tv_range_min 16
mat_morphstats 0 cheat
mat_motion_blur_enabled 0 archive
mat_motion_blur_falling_intensity 1.0 client
mat_motion_blur_falling_max 20.0 client
mat_motion_blur_falling_min 10.0 client
mat_motion_blur_forward_enabled 0 client
mat_motion_blur_percent_of_screen_max 4.0 matsysthread
mat_motion_blur_rotation_intensity 1.0 client
mat_motion_blur_strength 1.0 client
mat_non_hdr_bloom_scalefactor .3 client
mat_norendering 0 cheat
mat_normalmaps 0 cheat
mat_normals 0 cheat
mat_parallaxmap 1 hidden
mat_phong 1
mat_picmip 0 -10 4 archive
mat_postprocess_x 4 client
mat_postprocess_y 1 client
mat_postprocessing_combine 1 client Combine bloom, software anti-aliasing and color correction into one post-processing pass
mat_powersavingsmode 0 archive Power Savings Mode
mat_proxy 0 cheat
mat_queue_mode -1 archive The queue/thread mode the material system should use: -1=default, 0=synchronous single thread, 2=queued multithreaded
mat_queue_report 0 archive Report thread stalls. Positive number will filter by stalls >= time in ms. -1 reports all locks.
mat_reducefillrate 0
mat_reduceparticles 0
mat_reloadallmaterials cmd cheat Reloads all materials
mat_reloadmaterial cmd cheat Reloads a single material
mat_reloadtextures cmd cheat Reloads all textures
mat_remoteshadercompile cheat matsysthread
mat_report_queue_status 0 matsysthread
mat_reporthwmorphmemory cmd cheat Reports the amount of size in bytes taken up by hardware morph textures.
mat_requires_rt_alloc_first 0 hidden
mat_reset_rendertargets cmd Resets all the render targets
mat_reversedepth 0 cheat
mat_savechanges cmd saves current video configuration to the registry
mat_setvideomode cmd sets the width, height, windowed state of the material system
mat_shadercount cmd matsysthread display count of all shaders and reset that count
mat_show_ab_hdr 0
mat_show_ab_hdr_hudelement 0 client cheat HDR Demo HUD Element toggle.
mat_show_histogram 0 client
mat_show_texture_memory_usage 0 neverprint cheat Display the texture memory usage on the HUD.
mat_showcamerarendertarget 0 client cheat
mat_showenvmapmask 0
mat_showframebuffertexture 0 client cheat
mat_showlightmappage -1 client
mat_showlowresimage 0 cheat
mat_showmaterials cmd Show materials.
mat_showmaterialsverbose cmd Show materials (verbose version).
mat_showmiplevels 0 cheat color-code miplevels 2: normalmaps, 1: everything else
mat_showtextures cmd Show used textures.
mat_showwatertextures 0 client cheat
mat_slopescaledepthbias_decal -0.5 cheat
mat_slopescaledepthbias_normal 0.0f cheat
mat_slopescaledepthbias_shadowmap 16 cheat matsysthread
mat_software_aa_blur_one_pixel_lines 0.5 client archive How much software AA should blur one-pixel thick lines: (0.0 - none), (1.0 - lots)
mat_software_aa_debug 0 client Software AA debug mode: (0 - off), (1 - show number of 'unlike' samples: 0->black, 1->red, 2->green, 3->blue), (2 - show anti-alias blend strength), (3 - show averaged 'unlike' colour)
mat_software_aa_edge_threshold 1.0 client archive Software AA - adjusts the sensitivity of the software AA shader's edge detection (default 1.0 - a lower value will soften more edges, a higher value will soften fewer)
mat_software_aa_quality 0 client archive Software AA quality mode: (0 - 5-tap filter), (1 - 9-tap filter)
mat_software_aa_strength -1.0 client archive Software AA - perform a software anti-aliasing post-process (an alternative/supplement to MSAA). This value sets the strength of the effect: (0.0 - off), (1.0 - full)
mat_software_aa_strength_vgui -1.0 client archive Same as mat_software_aa_strength, but forced to this value when called by the post vgui AA pass.
mat_software_aa_tap_offset 1.0 client archive Software AA - adjusts the displacement of the taps used by the software AA shader (default 1.0 - a lower value will make the image sharper, higher will make it blurrier)
mat_softwarelighting 0
mat_softwareskin 0 cheat
mat_specular 1 Enable/Disable specularity for perf testing. Will cause a material reload upon change.
mat_spew_on_texture_size 0 Print warnings about vtf content that isn't of the expected size
mat_spewalloc 0 devonly archive
mat_spewvertexandpixelshaders cmd matsysthread Print all vertex and pixel shaders currently loaded to the console
mat_stub 0 client cheat
mat_supportflashlight -1 hidden 0 - do not support flashlight (don't load flashlight shader combos), 1 - flashlight is supported
mat_supports_d3d9ex 0 hidden matsysthread
mat_surfaceid 0 cheat
mat_surfacemat 0 cheat
mat_texture_limit -1 neverprint matsysthread If this value is not -1, the material system will limit the amount of texture memory it uses in a frame. Useful for identifying performance cliffs. The value is in kilobytes.
mat_texture_list 0 cheat For debugging, show a list of used textures per frame
+mat_texture_list cmd
-mat_texture_list cmd
mat_texture_list_all 0 neverprint cheat If this is nonzero, then the texture list panel will show all currently-loaded textures.
mat_texture_list_content_path archive The content path to the materialsrc directory. If left unset, it'll assume your content directory is next to the currently running game dir.
mat_texture_list_txlod cmd norecord Adjust LOD of the last viewed texture +1 to inc resolution, -1 to dec resolution
mat_texture_list_txlod_sync cmd norecord 'reset' - resets all run-time changes to LOD overrides, 'save' - saves all changes to material content files
mat_texture_list_view 1 neverprint cheat If this is nonzero, then the texture list panel will render thumbnails of currently-loaded textures.
mat_texture_outline_fonts cmd Outline fonts textures.
mat_texture_reload_frame_swap_workaround 0 Workaround certain GL drivers holding unnecessary amounts of data when loading many materials by forcing synthetic frame swaps
mat_texture_save_fonts cmd Save all font textures
mat_texture_tracking 0
mat_tonemap_algorithm 1 cheat 0 = Original Algorithm 1 = New Algorithm
mat_tonemap_min_avglum 3.0 client cheat
mat_tonemap_percent_bright_pixels 2.0 client cheat
mat_tonemap_percent_target 60.0 client cheat
mat_tonemapping_occlusion_use_stencil 0
mat_trilinear 0
mat_use_compressed_hdr_textures 1 matsysthread
mat_viewportscale 1.0 0.0015625 1 client archive Scale down the main viewport (to reduce GPU impact on CPU profiling)
mat_viewportupscale 1 client archive Scale the viewport back up
mat_visualize_dof 0 cheat matsysthread
mat_vrmode_adapter -1
mat_vsync 0 0 1 Force sync to vertical retrace
mat_wateroverlaysize 256 client
mat_wireframe 0 cheat
mat_yuv 0 client cheat
matchmakingport 27025 Host Matchmaking port
maxplayers cmd Change the maximum number of players allowed on this server.
mem_compact cmd
mem_dump cmd Dump memory stats to text file.
mem_dumpstats 0 Dump current and max heap usage info to console at end of frame ( set to 2 for continuous output )
mem_dumpvballocs cmd cheat matsysthread Dump VB memory allocation stats.
mem_eat cmd
mem_force_flush 0 cheat Force cache flush of unlocked resources on every alloc
mem_max_heapsize 256 Maximum amount of memory to dedicate to engine hunk and datacache (in mb)
mem_max_heapsize_dedicated 64 Maximum amount of memory to dedicate to engine hunk and datacache, for dedicated server (in mb)
mem_min_heapsize 48 Minimum amount of memory to dedicate to engine hunk and datacache (in mb)
mem_periodicdumps 0 Write periodic memstats dumps every n seconds.
mem_test cmd
mem_test_each_frame 0 Run heap check at end of every frame
mem_test_every_n_seconds 0 Run heap check at a specified interval
mem_vcollide cmd Dumps the memory used by vcollides
memory cmd Print memory stats.
memory_diff cmd cheat show memory stats relative to snapshot
memory_list cmd cheat dump memory list (linux only)
memory_mark cmd cheat snapshot current allocation status
memory_status cmd cheat show memory stats (linux only)
cmd client menuselect
minisave cmd norecord Saves game (for current level only!)
mission_list cmd game List all available tactical missions
mission_show cmd game Show the given mission
mm_add_item cmd client Add a stats item
mm_add_player cmd client Add a player
mm_max_spectators 4 Max players allowed on the spectator team
mm_message cmd Send a message to all remote clients
mm_minplayers 2 Number of players required to start an unranked game
mm_select_session cmd Select a session
mm_session_info cmd Dump session information
mm_stats cmd
mod_dynamicloadpause 0 hidden cheat norecord
mod_dynamicloadspew 0 hidden norecord
mod_dynamicloadthrottle 0 hidden cheat norecord
mod_dynamicmodeldebug cmd hidden norecord debug spew for dynamic model loading
mod_dynamicunloadtex 1 hidden norecord
mod_dynamicunloadtime 150 hidden norecord
mod_forcedata 1 Forces all model file data into cache on model load.
mod_forcetouchdata 1 Forces all model file data into cache on model load.
mod_load_anims_async 0
mod_load_fakestall 0 Forces all ANI file loading to stall for specified ms
mod_load_mesh_async 0
mod_load_showstall 0 1 - show hitches , 2 - show stalls
mod_load_vcollide_async 0
mod_lock_mdls_on_load 0
mod_offline_hdr_switch 0 Re-order the HDR/LDR mode switch to do most of the material system reloading with the device offline. This reduces unnecessary device resource uploads and may drastically reduce load time and memory pressure on certain drivers, but may trigger bugs in some very old source engine pathways.
mod_test_mesh_not_available 0 cheat
mod_test_not_available 0 cheat
mod_test_verts_not_available 0 cheat
mod_touchalldata 1 Touch model data during level startup
mod_trace_load 0
model_list cmd cheat norecord Dump model list to file
motdfile motd.txt game The MOTD file to load.
motdfile_text motd_text.txt game The text-only MOTD file to use for clients that have disabled HTML MOTDs.
+movedown cmd client
-movedown cmd client
+moveleft cmd client
-moveleft cmd client
+moveright cmd client
-moveright cmd client
+moveup cmd client
-moveup cmd client
movie_fixwave cmd Fixup corrupted .wav file if engine crashed during startmovie/endmovie, etc.
mp_allowNPCs 1 game notify
mp_allowspectators 1.0 game replicated toggles whether the server allows spectator mode or not
mp_autocrosshair 1 game notify
mp_autoteambalance 1 0 2 game notify Automatically balance the teams based on mp_teams_unbalance_limit. 0 = off, 1 = forcibly switch, 2 = ask volunteers
mp_blockstyle 1 devonly game replicated Sets the style of capture point blocking used. 0 = Blocks break captures completely. 1 = Blocks only pause captures.
mp_bonusroundtime 15 5 15 game replicated Time after round win until round restarts
mp_capdeteriorate_time 90.0 devonly game replicated Time it takes for a full capture point to deteriorate.
mp_capstyle 1 devonly game replicated Sets the style of capture points used. 0 = Fixed players required to cap. 1 = More players cap faster, but longer cap times.
mp_chattime 10 1 120 game replicated amount of time players can chat after the game is over
mp_clan_ready_signal ready game Text that team leader from each team must speak for the match to begin
mp_clan_readyrestart 0 game If non-zero, game will restart once someone from each team gives the ready signal
mp_decals 200 archive
mp_defaultteam 0 game
mp_disable_autokick cmd game Prevents a userid from being auto-kicked
mp_disable_respawn_times 0 game notify replicated
mp_enableroundwaittime 1 game replicated Enable timers to wait between rounds.
mp_facefronttime 3 devonly game replicated After this amount of time of standing in place but aiming to one side, go ahead and move feet to face upper body.
mp_fadetoblack 0 game notify replicated fade a player's screen to black when he dies
mp_falldamage 0 game notify
mp_feetyawrate 720 devonly game replicated How many degrees per second that we can turn our feet or upper body.
mp_flashlight 0 game notify
mp_footsteps 1 game notify
mp_forceactivityset -1 devonly game replicated cheat
mp_forceautoteam 0 game notify replicated Automatically assign players to teams when joining.
mp_forcecamera 1 game replicated Restricts spectator modes for dead players
mp_forcerespawn 1 game notify
mp_forcerespawnplayers cmd game cheat Force all players to respawn.
mp_forcewin cmd game cheat Forces team to win
mp_fraglimit 0 game notify replicated The number of kills at which the map ends
mp_friendlyfire 0 game notify replicated Allows team members to injure other members of their team
mp_highlander 0 game notify replicated Allow only 1 of each player class type.
mp_holiday_nogifts 0 game notify Set to 1 to prevent holiday gifts from spawning when players are killed.
mp_humans_must_join_team any game replicated Restricts human players to a single team {any, blue, red, spectator}
mp_idledealmethod 1 game Deals with Idle Players. 1 = Sends them into Spectator mode then kicks them if they're still idle, 2 = Kicks them out of the game;
mp_idlemaxtime 3 game Maximum time a player is allowed to be idle (in minutes)
mp_ik 1 devonly game replicated Use IK on in-place turns.
mp_mapcycle_empty_timeout_seconds 0 game replicated If nonzero, server will cycle to the next map if it has been empty on the current map for N seconds
mp_match_end_at_timelimit 0 game notify Allow the match to end when mp_timelimit hits instead of waiting for the end of the current round.
mp_maxrounds 0 0 game notify replicated max number of rounds to play before server changes maps
mp_playanimation ncmd game cheat Play a sequence by name. Usage: mp_playgesture <name>
mp_playgesture ncmd game cheat Play a gesture by name. Usage: mp_playgesture <name>
mp_respawnwavetime 10.0 game notify replicated Time between respawn waves.
mp_restartgame 0 game If non-zero, game will restart in the specified number of seconds
mp_restartgame_immediate 0 game If non-zero, game will restart immediately
mp_restartround 0 game If non-zero, the current round will restart in the specified number of seconds
mp_scrambleteams cmd game Scramble the teams and restart the game
mp_scrambleteams_auto 1 game notify Server will automatically scramble the teams if criteria met. Only works on dedicated servers.
mp_scrambleteams_auto_windifference 2 game notify Number of round wins a team must lead by in order to trigger an auto scramble.
mp_show_voice_icons 1 game replicated Show overhead player voice icons when players are speaking.
mp_showcleanedupents 0 devonly game cheat Show entities that are removed on round respawn.
mp_showgestureslots -1 devonly game replicated cheat Show multiplayer client/server gesture slot information for the specified player index (-1 for no one).
mp_showrespawntimes cmd game cheat Show the min respawn times for the teams
mp_showroundtransitions 0 devonly game cheat Show gamestate round transitions.
mp_simulatemultiplecappers 1 game cheat
mp_slammoveyaw 0 devonly game replicated Force movement yaw along an animation path.
mp_spectators_restricted 0 game Prevent players on game teams from joining team spectator if it would unbalance the teams.
mp_stalemate_enable 0 game notify Enable/Disable stalemate mode.
mp_stalemate_meleeonly 0 game notify replicated Restrict everyone to melee weapons only while in Sudden Death.
mp_stalemate_timelimit 240 game replicated Timelimit (in seconds) of the stalemate round.
mp_switchteams cmd game Switch teams and restart the game
mp_teamlist hgrunt;scientist game notify
mp_teamoverride 1 game
mp_teamplay 0 game notify
mp_teams_unbalance_limit 1 0 30 game replicated Teams are unbalanced when one team has this many more players than the other team. (0 disables check)
mp_time_between_capscoring 30 1 game Delay between scoring of owned capture points.
mp_timelimit 0 game notify replicated game time per map in minutes
mp_tournament 0 game notify replicated
mp_tournament_allow_non_admin_restart 1 game Allow mp_tournament_restart command to be issued by players other than admin.
mp_tournament_blueteamname BLU game hidden replicated
mp_tournament_post_match_period 90 5 300 game replicated The amount of time (in seconds) before the server resets post-match.
mp_tournament_prevent_team_switch_on_readyup 1 game Prevent switching teams on ready-up for subsequent rounds in tournament mode.
mp_tournament_readymode 0 game notify replicated Enable per-player ready status for tournament mode.
mp_tournament_readymode_countdown 10 game notify replicated The number of seconds before a match begins when both teams are ready.
mp_tournament_readymode_min 2 game notify replicated Minimum number of players required on the server before players can toggle ready status.
mp_tournament_readymode_team_size 0 game notify replicated Minimum number of players required to be ready per-team before the game can begin.
mp_tournament_redteamname RED game hidden replicated
mp_tournament_restart cmd game Restart Tournament Mode on the current level.
mp_tournament_stopwatch 1 game notify replicated Use Stopwatch mode while using Tournament mode (mp_tournament)
mp_tournament_whitelist item_whitelist.txt game Specifies the item whitelist file to use.
mp_usehwmmodels 0 client Enable the use of the hw morph models. (-1 = never, 1 = always, 0 = based upon GPU)
mp_usehwmvcds 0 client Enable the use of the hw morph vcd(s). (-1 = never, 1 = always, 0 = based upon GPU)
mp_waitingforplayers_cancel 0 game Set to 1 to end the WaitingForPlayers period.
mp_waitingforplayers_restart 0 game Set to 1 to start or restart the WaitingForPlayers period.
mp_waitingforplayers_time 30 devonly game WaitingForPlayers time length in seconds
mp_weaponstay 0 game notify
mp_windifference 0 0 game notify replicated Score difference between teams before server changes maps
mp_windifference_min 0 0 game notify replicated Minimum score needed for mp_windifference to be applied
mp_winlimit 0 0 game notify replicated Max score one team can reach before server changes maps
multvar cmd norecord Multiply specified convar value.
muzzleflash_light 1 client archive
name unnamed archive userinfo printonly svcanexec Current user name
namelockid cmd Prevent name changes for this userID.
cmd game cheat Add current area to the selected set.
cmd game cheat Add specified area id to the selected set.
cmd game cheat Re-analyze the current Navigation Mesh and save it to disk.
cmd game hidden cheat commandline hook to run a nav_analyze and then quit.
0 0 0 30 game cheat RGBA color to draw as the background color for nav areas while editing.
50 game cheat Max area size created in nav generation
cmd game cheat Toggles the 'avoid this area when possible' flag used by the AI system.
cmd game cheat Defines a corner of a new Area or Ladder. To complete the Area or Ladder, drag the opposite corner to the desired location and issue a 'nav_end_area' command.
cmd game cheat Start continuously removing from the selected set.
cmd game cheat Start dragging a selection area.
cmd game cheat Start dragging a selection area.
cmd game cheat Start continuously adding to the selected set.
cmd game cheat Begin shifting the Selected Set.
cmd game cheat Attempts to build a nav ladder on the climbable surface under the cursor.
cmd game cheat Scans the maps directory and reports any missing/out-of-date navigation files.
cmd game Updates the blocked/unblocked status for every nav area.
cmd game cheat Update the nav mesh STAIRS attribute
cmd game cheat Chops all selected areas into their component 1x1 areas
cmd game cheat Remove given nav attribute from all areas in the selected set.
cmd game cheat Clear the selected set.
cmd game cheat Erase any previously placed walkable positions.
cmd game cheat Re-orders area and ladder ID's so they are continuous.
cmd game cheat To connect two Areas, mark the first Area, highlight the second Area, then invoke the connect command. Note that this creates a ONE-WAY connection from the first to the second Area. To make a two-way connection, also connect the second area to the first.
0.99 game cheat
0.7 game cheat
18 game cheat radius used to raise/lower corners in nearby areas when raising/lowering corners.
cmd game cheat Lower the selected corner of the currently marked Area.
cmd game cheat Places the selected corner of the currently marked Area on the ground.
cmd game cheat Raise the selected corner of the currently marked Area.
cmd game cheat Select a corner of the currently marked Area. Use multiple times to access all four corners.
0 game cheat Anchor nav_begin_area Z to editing player's feet
0 game cheat If true, nav areas will be placed flush with the ground when created by hand.
cmd game cheat Toggles the 'must crouch in this area' flag used by the AI system.
0 game cheat
cmd game cheat Deletes the currently highlighted Area.
cmd game cheat Deletes the currently marked Area (if any).
cmd game cheat To disconnect two Areas, mark an Area, highlight a second Area, then invoke the disconnect command. This will remove all connections between the two Areas.
cmd game cheat For each area in the selected set, disconnect all outgoing one-way connections.
10000 game cheat Checks for nodes embedded in displacements (useful for in-development maps)
cmd game cheat Toggles the 'area is not suitable for hiding spots' flag used by the AI system.
32 game replicated The offset of the nav drag volume top from center
32 game replicated The offset of the nav drag volume bottom from center
500 game cheat The maximum number of areas to draw in edit mode
cmd game cheat Write the (x,y,z) coordinates of the centers of all selected nav areas to a file.
0 game cheat Set to one to interactively edit the Navigation Mesh. Set to zero to leave edit mode.
cmd game cheat Defines the second corner of a new Area or Ladder and creates it.
cmd game cheat Stop continuously removing from the selected set.
cmd game cheat Stop dragging a selection area.
cmd game cheat Stop dragging a selection area.
cmd game cheat Stop continuously adding to the selected set.
cmd game cheat Finish shifting the Selected Set.
cmd game cheat Selects the current Area and all Areas connected to it, recursively. To clear a selection, use this command again.
cmd game cheat Mark cliff areas, post-processing approximation
cmd game cheat Generate a Navigation Mesh for the current map and save it to disk.
1 game cheat Autogenerate nav areas on fence and obstacle tops
1 game cheat Convert obsolete jump areas into 2-way connections
cmd game cheat Generate a Navigation Mesh for the current map and save it to disk.
2000 game cheat
0 game cheat Z tolerance for adding new nav areas.
1 game cheat If disabled, don't generate jump connections from jump areas
cmd game cheat Toggles the 'traverse this area by jumping' flag used by the AI system.
cmd game cheat Flips the selected ladder's direction.
cmd game cheat Loads the Navigation Mesh for the current map.
cmd game cheat Lower the top of the drag select volume.
cmd game cheat Lower the bottom of the drag select volume.
cmd game cheat Chops the marked area into disconnected sub-areas suitable for sniper spots.
cmd game cheat Marks the Area or Ladder under the cursor for manipulation by subsequent editing commands.
cmd game cheat Set nav attribute for all areas in the selected set.
cmd game cheat Mark an Area with no Place name. Useful for finding stray areas missed when Place Painting.
cmd game cheat Mark the current location as a walkable position. These positions are used as seed locations when sampling the map to generate a Navigation Mesh.
6000 game cheat Maximum range for precomputed nav mesh visibility (0 = default 1500 units)
64 game cheat
cmd game cheat To merge two Areas into one, mark the first Area, highlight the second by pointing your cursor at it, and invoke the merge command.
cmd game cheat Merges a saved selected set into the current mesh.
cmd game cheat Toggles the 'hostages cannot use this area' flag used by the AI system.
cmd game cheat Toggles the 'dont jump in this area' flag used by the AI system.
cmd game cheat Sets the Place of the Area under the cursor to the curent Place, and 'flood-fills' the Place to all adjacent Areas. Flood-filling stops when it hits an Area with the same Place, or a different Place than that of the initial Area.
cmd game cheat Lists all place names used in the map.
cmd game cheat Sets the current Place to the Place of the Area under the cursor.
cmd game cheat Replaces all instances of the first place with the second place.
cmd game cheat Sets the Place of all selected areas to the current Place.
0.98 game cheat
cmd game cheat Toggles the 'dont avoid obstacles' flag used by the AI system.
1 game cheat Set to one to skip the time consuming phases of the analysis. Useful for data collection and testing.
cmd game cheat Raise the top of the drag select volume.
cmd game cheat Raise the bottom of the drag select volume.
cmd game cheat Re-selects the stored selected set.
cmd game cheat Remove current area from the selected set.
cmd game cheat Removes legacy jump areas, replacing them with connections.
cmd game cheat Toggles the 'traverse this area by running' flag used by the AI system.
cmd game cheat Saves the current Navigation Mesh to disk.
cmd game cheat Writes the selected set to disk for merging into another mesh via nav_merge_mesh.
cmd game cheat Adds all blocked areas to the selected set
cmd game cheat Adds all damaging areas to the selected set
cmd game cheat Selects any areas that intersect the given half-space.
cmd game cheat Adds all invalid areas to the Selected Set.
cmd game cheat Select nav areas where both dimensions are larger than the given size.
cmd game cheat Adds all obstructed areas to the selected set
cmd game cheat Adds all orphan areas to the selected set (highlight a valid area first).
cmd game Selects nav areas that are overlapping others.
cmd game cheat Adds all areas in a radius to the selection set
cmd game cheat Adds all stairway areas to the selected set
100 100 0 255 game cheat Color used to draw the selected set borders while editing.
255 255 200 96 game cheat Color used to draw the selected set background while editing.
cmd game cheat Sets the editor into or out of Place mode. Place mode allows labelling of Area with Place names.
cmd game cheat Shifts the selected areas by the specified amount
0 game cheat Show Approach Points in the Navigation Mesh.
0.5 game cheat Duration in seconds to show nav area ID and attributes while editing
0 game cheat
0 game cheat Highlight non-contiguous connections
0 game cheat Show current 'danger' levels.
cmd game cheat Show the (x,y,z) coordinate positions of the given dump file.
0 game cheat Show areas of designer-placed bot avoidance due to func_nav_avoid entities
0 game cheat Show areas of designer-placed bot preference due to func_nav_prefer entities
0 game cheat Show areas of designer-placed bot preference due to func_nav_prerequisite entities
0 game cheat
0 game cheat
0 game cheat
0 game cheat
0 game cheat Show current player counts in each area.
0 game cheat Show areas that are potentially visible from the current nav area
cmd game cheat Chops all selected areas into their component 1x1 areas and re-merges them together into larger areas
0.7 game cheat The ground unit normal's Z component must be greater than this for nav areas to be generated.
0.1 game cheat The ground unit normal's Z component must be this close to the nav area's Z component to be generated.
0 game cheat Snap to the nav generation grid when creating new nav areas
0 game cheat Make props solid to nav generation/editing
cmd game cheat To splice, mark an area, highlight a second area, then invoke the splice command to create a new, connected area between them.
cmd game cheat To split an Area into two, align the split line using your cursor and invoke the split command.
0 game cheat If true, nav areas will be placed flush with the ground when split.
cmd game cheat Toggles the 'stand while hiding' flag used by the AI system.
cmd game cheat Toggles the 'must stop when entering this area' flag used by the AI system.
cmd game cheat Stores the current selected set for later retrieval.
cmd game cheat Strips all Hiding Spots, Approach Points, and Encounter Spots from the current Area.
cmd game cheat Subdivides all selected areas.
0 game cheat
0 game cheat
4 game cheat
cmd game cheat Test the selected set for being on stairs
cmd game cheat Start or stop continuously removing from the selected set.
cmd game cheat Remove current area from the selected set.
cmd game cheat Toggle the editor into and out of Place mode. Place mode allows labelling of Area with Place names.
cmd game cheat Toggles Place Painting mode. When Place Painting, pointing at an Area will 'paint' it with the current Place.
cmd game cheat Toggles all areas into/out of the selected set.
cmd game cheat Start or stop continuously adding to the selected set.
cmd game cheat Toggles the 'area is transient and may become blocked' flag used by the AI system.
cmd game cheat Clears the marked Area or Ladder.
cmd game Updates the blocked/unblocked status for every nav area.
cmd game cheat Recomputes lighting values
0 game cheat If nonzero editing the mesh will incrementally recompue visibility
cmd game cheat If used without arguments, all available Places will be listed. If a Place argument is given, the current Place is set.
cmd game cheat Toggles the 'traverse this area by walking' flag used by the AI system.
cmd game cheat Warps the player to the marked area.
cmd game cheat Centers the nav mesh in the world
nb_allow_avoiding 1 game cheat
nb_allow_climbing 1 game cheat
nb_allow_gap_jumping 1 game cheat
nb_blind 0 game cheat Disable vision
nb_command cmd game cheat Sends a command string to all bots
nb_debug cmd game cheat Debug NextBots. Categories are: BEHAVIOR, LOOK_AT, PATH, ANIMATION, LOCOMOTION, VISION, HEARING, EVENTS, ERRORS.
nb_debug_climbing 0 game cheat
nb_debug_filter cmd game cheat Add items to the NextBot debug filter. Items can be entindexes or part of the indentifier of one or more bots.
nb_debug_history 1 game cheat If true, each bot keeps a history of debug output in memory
nb_debug_known_entities 0 game cheat Show the 'known entities' for the bot that is the current spectator target
nb_delete_all cmd game cheat Delete all non-player NextBot entities.
nb_force_look_at cmd game cheat Force selected bot to look at the local player's position
nb_goal_look_ahead_range 50 game cheat
nb_head_aim_resettle_angle 100 game cheat After rotating through this angle, the bot pauses to 'recenter' its virtual mouse on its virtual mousepad
nb_head_aim_resettle_time 0.3 game cheat How long the bot pauses to 'recenter' its virtual mouse on its virtual mousepad
nb_head_aim_settle_duration 0.3 game cheat
nb_head_aim_steady_max_rate 100 game cheat
nb_ladder_align_range 50 game cheat
nb_last_area_update_tolerance 4.0 game cheat Distance a character needs to travel in order to invalidate cached area
nb_move_to_cursor cmd game cheat Tell all NextBots to move to the cursor position
nb_path_draw_inc 100 game cheat
nb_path_draw_segment_count 100 game cheat
nb_path_segment_influence_radius 100 game cheat
nb_player_crouch 0 game cheat Force bots to crouch
nb_player_move 1 game cheat Prevents bots from moving
nb_player_move_direct 0 game
nb_player_stop 0 game cheat Stop all NextBotPlayers from updating
nb_player_walk 0 game cheat Force bots to walk
nb_saccade_speed 1000 game cheat
nb_saccade_time 0.1 game cheat
nb_select cmd game cheat Select the bot you are aiming at for further debug operations.
nb_shadow_dist 400 client
nb_speed_look_ahead_range 150 game cheat
nb_stop 0 game replicated cheat Stop all NextBots
nb_update_debug 0 game cheat
nb_update_framelimit 15 game cheat
nb_update_frequency .1 game cheat
nb_update_maxslide 2 game cheat
nb_warp_selected_here cmd game cheat Teleport the selected bot to your cursor position
net_blockmsg 0 cheat Discards incoming message: <0|1|name>
net_chan_limit_msec 0 Netchannel processing is limited to so many milliseconds, abort connection if exceeding budget
net_chan_stats_dump 0 Netchannel statistics will dump in the logs upon request
net_chan_stats_dump_top_msgs 5 Netchannel statistics will dump so many top messages in each category
net_chan_stats_lru 3 Netchannel statistics LRU accumulation buffer size
net_channels cmd Shows net channel info
net_chokeloop 0 Apply bandwidth choke to loopback packets
net_compresspackets 1 Use compression on game packets.
net_compresspackets_minsize 1024 Don't bother compressing packets below this size.
net_compressvoice 0 Attempt to compress out of band voice payloads (360 only).
net_disconnect_reason 0 Whether the server should relay the disconnect reason to clients.
net_drawslider 0 Draw completion slider during signon
net_droponsendoverflow 0 If enabled, channel will drop client when sending too much data causes buffer overrun
net_droppackets 0 cheat Drops next n packets on client
net_fakejitter 0 cheat Jitter fakelag packet time
net_fakelag 0 cheat Lag all incoming network data (including loopback) by this many milliseconds.
net_fakeloss 0 cheat Simulate packet loss as a percentage (negative means drop 1/n packets)
net_graph 0 client Draw the network usage graph, = 2 draws data on payload, = 3 draws payload legend.
net_graphheight 64 client archive Height of netgraph panel
net_graphmsecs 400 client archive The latency graph represents this many milliseconds.
net_graphpos 1 client archive
net_graphproportionalfont 1 client archive Determines whether netgraph font is proportional or not
net_graphshowinterp 1 client archive Draw the interpolation graph.
net_graphshowlatency 1 client archive Draw the ping/packet loss graph.
net_graphsolid 1 client archive
net_graphtext 1 client archive Draw text fields
net_maxcleartime 4.0 Max # of seconds we can wait for next packets to be sent based on rate setting (0 == no limit).
net_maxfilesize 16 0 64 Maximum allowed file size for uploading in MB
net_maxfragments 1260 256 1260 Max fragment bytes per packet
net_maxpacketdrop 5000 Ignore any packets with the sequence number more than this ahead (0 == no limit)
net_maxroutable 1260 576 1260 archive userinfo Requested max packet size before packets are 'split'.
net_queue_trace 0
net_queued_packet_thread 1 Use a high priority thread to send queued packets out instead of sending them each frame.
net_scale 5 client archive
net_showdrop 0 Show dropped packets in console
net_showevents 0 cheat Dump game events to console (1=client only, 2=all).
net_showfragments 0 Show netchannel fragments
net_showmsg 0 Show incoming message: <0|1|name>
net_showpeaks 0 Show messages for large packets only: <size>
net_showsplits 0 Show info about packet splits
net_showtcp 0 Dump TCP stream summary to console
net_showudp 0 Dump UDP packets summary to console
net_showudp_wire 0 Show incoming packet information
net_splitpacket_maxrate 80000 1000 1048576 Max bytes per second when queueing splitpacket chunks
net_splitrate 1 Number of fragments for a splitpacket that can be sent per frame
net_start cmd Inits multiplayer network sockets
net_status cmd Shows current network status
net_udp_rcvbuf 131072 8192 131072 Default UDP receive buffer size
net_usesocketsforloopback 0 Use network sockets layer even for listen server local player's packets (multiplayer only).
net_warningthrottle 5 Network warning throttling to specified Hz rate
next 0 cheat Set to 1 to advance to next frame ( when singlestep == 1 )
next_map_vote ncmd game Vote for the next map (in matchmaking servers). Usage: next_map_vote <0 | 1 | 2>
nextdemo cmd Play next demo in sequence.
nextlevel game notify If set to a valid map name, will trigger a changelevel to the specified map at the end of the round
nextmap ncmd game Display the next map in chat.
noclip cmd game cheat Toggle. Player becomes non-solid and flies.
notarget cmd game cheat Toggle. Player becomes hidden to NPCs.
npc_ally_deathmessage 1 game cheat
npc_height_adjust 1 game archive Enable test mode for ik height adjustment
npc_sentences 0 game
npc_speakall cmd game Force the npc to try and speak all their responses
npc_vphysics 0 game
obj_capture_damage 0 game Captures all damage taken by objects for dumping later.
obj_child_damage_factor 0.25 devonly game cheat Factor applied to damage done to objects that are built on a buildpoint
obj_damage_factor 0 devonly game cheat Factor applied to all damage done to objects
obj_dump_damage cmd game
obj_sapper_amount 25 game Amount of health inflicted by a Sapper object per second
obj_show_damage 0 game Show all damage taken by objects.
object_deterioration_time 30 game Time it takes for a fully-healed object to deteriorate.
object_verbose 0 devonly game cheat Debug object system.
old_radiusdamage 0.0 game replicated
open_charinfo cmd client Open the character info panel
open_charinfo_armory cmd client Open the character info panel directly to armory.
open_charinfo_backpack cmd client Open the character info panel directly to backpack.
open_charinfo_crafting cmd client Open the character info panel directly to crafting screen.
open_charinfo_direct cmd client Open the character info panel directly to the class you're currently playing.
open_replaybrowser cmd client Open the replay browser.
open_replayinputpanel cmd client Open replay input panel test
open_store cmd client Open the in-game store
OpenSteamWorkshopDialog cmd client
opentf2options cmd client Displays the TF2 Advanced Options dialog.
opt_EnumerateLeavesFastAlgorithm 1 Use the new SIMD version of CEngineBSPTree::EnumerateLeavesInBox.
option_duck_method 1 game archive replicated
option_duck_method_default 1.0 client
overview_alpha 1.0 client archive clcmdcanexec Overview map translucency.
overview_health 1 client archive clcmdcanexec Show player's health in map overview.
overview_locked 1 client archive clcmdcanexec Locks map angle, doesn't follow view angle.
overview_mode cmd client Sets overview map mode off,small,large: <0|1|2>
overview_names 1 client archive clcmdcanexec Show player's names in map overview.
overview_tracks 1 client archive clcmdcanexec Show player's tracks in map overview.
overview_zoom cmd client Sets overview map zoom: <zoom> [
panel_test_title_safe 0 cheat Test vgui panel positioning with title safe indentation
particle_sim_alt_cores 2 client
particle_simulateoverflow 0 client cheat Used for stress-testing particle systems. Randomly denies creation of particles.
particle_test_attach_attachment 0 game cheat Attachment index for attachment mode
particle_test_attach_mode follow_attachment game cheat Possible Values: 'start_at_attachment', 'follow_attachment', 'start_at_origin', 'follow_origin'
particle_test_file game cheat Name of the particle system to dynamically spawn
particle_test_start cmd game cheat Dispatches the test particle system with the parameters specified in particle_test_file,
particle_test_attach_mode and particle_test_attach_param on the entity the player is looking at.
Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
particle_test_stop cmd game cheat Stops all particle systems on the selected entities.
Arguments: {entity_name} / {class_name} / no argument picks what player is looking at
password archive norecord svcannotquery Current server access password
path cmd Show the engine filesystem path.
pause cmd Toggle the server pause state.
pda_click ncmd game Play the PDA attack/click animation if holding a PDA (only visible to other players).
PerfMark cmd inserts a telemetry marker into the stream. If args are provided, they will be included.
perfui cmd cheat Show/hide the level performance tools UI.
perfvisualbenchmark cmd client
perfvisualbenchmark_abort cmd client
phonemedelay 0 client Phoneme delay to account for sound system latency.
phonemefilter 0.08 client Time duration of box filter to pass over phonemes.
phonemesnap 2 client Lod at level at which visemes stops always considering two phonemes, regardless of duration.
phys_impactforcescale 1.0 game
phys_penetration_error_time 10 game Controls the duration of vphysics penetration error boxes.
phys_pushscale 1 game replicated
phys_speeds 0 game
phys_stressbodyweights 5.0 game
phys_timescale 1 game Scale time for physics
phys_upimpactforcescale 0.375 game
physics_budget cmd game Times the cost of each active object
physics_constraints cmd game Highlights constraint system graph for an entity
physics_debug_entity cmd game Dumps debug info for an entity
physics_highlight_active cmd game Turns on the absbox for all active physics objects
physics_report_active cmd game Lists all active physics objects
physics_select cmd game Dumps debug info for an entity
physicsshadowupdate_render 0 game
picker cmd game cheat Toggles 'picker' mode. When picker is on, the bounding box, pivot and debugging text is displayed for whatever entity the player is looking at.
Arguments: full - enables all debug information
ping cmd Display ping to server.
pipeline_static_props 1
pixelvis_debug cmd client Dump debug info
play cmd svcanexec Play a sound.
playdemo cmd Play a recorded demo file (.dem ).
player_debug_print_damage 0 game cheat When true, print amount and type of all damage received by player to console.
player_old_armor 0 game
player_ready_toggle cmd client Toggle player ready state
playflush cmd Play a sound, reloading from disk in case of changes.
playgamesound cmd client svcanexec clcmdcanexec Play a sound from the game sounds txt file
playsoundscape cmd client cheat Forces a soundscape to play
playvideo cmd client Plays a video: <filename> [width height]
playvideo_exitcommand cmd client Plays a video and fires and exit command when it is stopped or finishes: <filename> <exit command>
playvol cmd Play a sound at a specified volume.
plugin_load cmd plugin_load <filename> : loads a plugin
plugin_pause cmd plugin_pause <index> : pauses a loaded plugin
plugin_pause_all cmd pauses all loaded plugins
plugin_print cmd Prints details about loaded plugins
plugin_unload cmd plugin_unload <index> : unloads a plugin
plugin_unpause cmd plugin_unpause <index> : unpauses a disabled plugin
plugin_unpause_all cmd unpauses all disabled plugins
pointworldtext_rainbowspeed_char 15.0f client
pointworldtext_rainbowspeed_time 100.0f client
+posedebug cmd client cheat Turn on pose debugger or add ents to pose debugger UI
-posedebug cmd client cheat Turn off pose debugger or hide ents from pose debugger UI
cmd cheat Display the color correction layer information.
progress_enable cmd
prop_active_gib_limit 999999 game
prop_active_gib_max_fade_time 999999 game
prop_crosshair cmd cheat Shows name for prop looking at
prop_debug cmd game cheat Toggle prop debug mode. If on, props will show colorcoded bounding boxes. Red means ignore all damage. White means respond physically to damage but never break. Green maps health in the range of 100 down to 1.
prop_dynamic_create cmd game cheat Creates a dynamic prop with a specific .mdl aimed away from where the player is looking.
Arguments: {.mdl name}
prop_physics_create cmd game cheat Creates a physics prop with a specific .mdl aimed away from where the player is looking.
Arguments: {.mdl name}
props_break_max_pieces -1 Maximum prop breakable piece count (-1 = model default)
props_break_max_pieces_perframe -1 game replicated Maximum prop breakable piece count per frame (-1 = model default)
publish_file_last_dir client hidden archive norecord
pwatchent -1 client cheat Entity to watch for prediction system changes.
pwatchvar client cheat Entity variable to watch in prediction system for changes.
pyro_dof 1 client archive
pyro_max_intensity 0.35 client archive
pyro_max_rate 0.2 client archive
pyro_max_side_length 0.55 client archive
pyro_max_side_width 0.95 client archive
pyro_min_intensity 0.1 client archive
pyro_min_rate 0.05 client archive
pyro_min_side_length 0.3 client archive
pyro_min_side_width 0.65 client archive
pyro_vignette 2 client archive
pyro_vignette_distortion 1 client archive
+quickswitch cmd client
-quickswitch cmd client
quit cmd Exit the engine.
r_3dnow cmd Enable/disable 3DNow code
r_3dsky 1 client Enable the rendering of 3d sky boxes
r_AirboatViewDampenDamp 1.0 game notify replicated cheat
r_AirboatViewDampenFreq 7.0 game notify replicated cheat
r_AirboatViewZHeight 0.0 game notify replicated cheat
r_ambientboost 1 archive Set to boost ambient term if it is totally swamped by local lights
r_ambientfactor 5 archive Boost ambient cube by no more than this factor
r_ambientfraction 0.1 cheat Fraction of direct lighting that ambient cube must be below to trigger boosting
r_ambientlightingonly 0 cheat Set this to 1 to light models with only ambient lighting (and no static lighting).
r_ambientmin 0.3 archive Threshold above which ambient cube will not boost (i.e. it's already sufficiently bright
r_aspectratio 0 cheat
r_avglight 1 cheat
r_avglightmap 0 cheat matsysthread
r_bloomtintb 0.11 matsysthread
r_bloomtintexponent 2.2 matsysthread
r_bloomtintg 0.59 matsysthread
r_bloomtintr 0.3 matsysthread
r_cheapwaterend cmd client
r_cheapwaterstart cmd client
r_cleardecals cmd svcanexec clcmdcanexec Usage r_cleardecals <permanent>.
r_ClipAreaPortals 1 cheat
r_colorstaticprops 0 cheat
r_debugcheapwater 0 client cheat
r_debugrandomstaticlighting 0 cheat Set to 1 to randomize static lighting for debugging. Must restart for change to take affect.
r_decal_cover_count 4
r_decal_cullsize 5
r_decal_overlap_area 0.4
r_decal_overlap_count 3
r_decals 2048
r_decalstaticprops 1 Decal static props test
r_depthoverlay 0 client cheat Replaces opaque objects with their grayscaled depth values. r_showz_power scales the output.
r_DispBuildable 0 cheat
r_DispDrawAxes 0
r_DispWalkable 0 cheat
r_dopixelvisibility 1 client
r_drawbatchdecals 1 Render decals batched.
r_DrawBeams 1 cheat 0=Off, 1=Normal, 2=Wireframe
r_drawbrushmodels 1 cheat Render brush models. 0=Off, 1=Normal, 2=Wireframe
r_drawclipbrushes 0 cheat Draw clip brushes (red=NPC+player, pink=player, purple=NPC)
r_drawdecals 1 cheat Render decals.
r_drawdetailprops 1 0=Off, 1=Normal, 2=Wireframe
r_DrawDisp 1 cheat Toggles rendering of displacment maps
r_drawentities 1 cheat
r_drawflecks 1
r_drawfuncdetail 1 cheat Render func_detail
r_drawleaf -1 cheat Draw the specified leaf.
r_drawlightcache 0 cheat 0: off
1: draw light cache entries
2: draw rays
r_drawlightinfo 0 cheat
r_drawlights 0 cheat
r_drawmodeldecals 1
r_DrawModelLightOrigin 0 cheat
r_drawmodelstatsoverlay 0 cheat
r_drawmodelstatsoverlaydistance 500 cheat
r_drawmodelstatsoverlaymax 1.5 archive time in milliseconds beyond which a model overlay is fully red in r_drawmodelstatsoverlay 2
r_drawmodelstatsoverlaymin 0.1 archive time in milliseconds that a model must take to render before showing an overlay in r_drawmodelstatsoverlay 2
r_drawopaquerenderables 1 client cheat
r_drawopaquestaticpropslast 0 client Whether opaque static props are rendered after non-npcs
r_drawopaqueworld 1 client cheat
r_drawothermodels 1 client cheat 0=Off, 1=Normal, 2=Wireframe
r_drawparticles 1 client cheat Enable/disable particle rendering
r_drawpixelvisibility 0 client Show the occlusion proxies
r_DrawPortals 0 cheat
r_DrawRain 1 client cheat Enable/disable rain rendering.
r_drawrenderboxes 0 client cheat
r_drawropes 1 client cheat
r_drawskybox 1 cheat
r_DrawSpecificStaticProp -1
r_drawsprites 1 client cheat
r_drawstaticprops 1 cheat 0=Off, 1=Normal, 2=Wireframe
r_drawtracers 1 client cheat
r_drawtracers_firstperson 1 client archive Toggle visibility of first person weapon tracers
r_drawtranslucentrenderables 1 client cheat
r_drawtranslucentworld 1 cheat
r_drawvgui 1 cheat Enable the rendering of vgui panels
r_drawviewmodel 1 client norecord
r_drawworld 1 cheat Render the world.
r_dscale_basefov 90 cheat
r_dscale_fardist 2000 cheat
r_dscale_farscale 4 cheat
r_dscale_neardist 100 cheat
r_dscale_nearscale 1 cheat
r_dynamic 1
r_dynamiclighting 1 cheat
r_entity -1 devonly cheat
r_entityclips 1 client
r_eyeglintlodpixels 20.0 cheat The number of pixels wide an eyeball has to be before rendering an eyeglint. Is a floating point value.
r_eyegloss 1 client archive
r_eyemove 1 archive
r_eyes 1
r_eyeshift_x 0 archive
r_eyeshift_y 0 archive
r_eyeshift_z 0 archive
r_eyesize 0 archive
r_eyewaterepsilon 10.0f client cheat
r_farz -1 client cheat Override the far clipping plane. -1 means to use the value in env_fog_controller.
r_fastzreject 0 Activate/deactivates a fast z-setting algorithm to take advantage of hardware with fast z reject. Use -1 to default to hardware settings
r_fastzrejectdisp 0 Activates/deactivates fast z rejection on displacements (360 only). Only active when r_fastzreject is on.
r_flashlight_version2 0 devonly cheat matsysthread
r_flashlightambient 0.0 client cheat
r_flashlightclip 0 cheat
r_flashlightconstant 0.0 client cheat
r_flashlightculldepth 1
r_flashlightdepthres 1024 client
r_flashlightdepthtexture 1
r_flashlightdrawclip 0 cheat
r_flashlightdrawdepth 0
r_flashlightdrawfrustum 0 client
r_flashlightdrawfrustumbbox 0
r_flashlightdrawsweptbbox 0
r_flashlightfar 750.0 client cheat
r_flashlightfov 45.0 client cheat
r_flashlightladderdist 40.0 client cheat
r_flashlightlinear 100.0 client cheat
r_flashlightlockposition 0 client cheat
r_flashlightmodels 1 client
r_flashlightnear 4.0 client cheat
r_flashlightnodraw 0
r_flashlightoffsetx 10.0 client cheat
r_flashlightoffsety -20.0 client cheat
r_flashlightoffsetz 24.0 client cheat
r_flashlightquadratic 0.0 client cheat
r_flashlightrender 1
r_flashlightrendermodels 1
r_flashlightrenderworld 1
r_flashlightscissor 1
r_flashlightshadowatten 0.35 client cheat
r_flashlightupdatedepth 1
r_flashlightvisualizetrace 0 client cheat
r_flex 1
r_flushlod cmd Flush and reload LODs.
r_ForceWaterLeaf 1 client Enable for optimization to water - considers view in leaf under water for purposes of culling
r_frustumcullworld 1
r_glint_alwaysdraw 0
r_glint_procedural 0
r_hunkalloclightmaps 1
r_hwmorph 1 cheat
r_itemblinkmax .3 cheat
r_itemblinkrate 4.5 cheat
r_JeepFOV 90 game replicated cheat
r_JeepViewBlendTo 1 client cheat
r_JeepViewBlendToScale 0.03 client cheat
r_JeepViewBlendToTime 1.5 client cheat
r_JeepViewDampenDamp 1.0 game notify replicated cheat
r_JeepViewDampenFreq 7.0 game notify replicated cheat
r_JeepViewZHeight 10.0 game notify replicated cheat
r_lightaverage 1 Activates/deactivate light averaging
r_lightcache_numambientsamples 162 1 162 cheat number of random directions to fire rays when computing ambient lighting
r_lightcache_zbuffercache 0
r_lightcachecenter 1 cheat
r_lightcachemodel -1 cheat
r_lightinterp 5 cheat Controls the speed of light interpolation, 0 turns off interpolation
r_lightmap -1 cheat matsysthread
r_lightstyle -1 cheat matsysthread
r_lightwarpidentity 0 cheat matsysthread
r_lockpvs 0 cheat Lock the PVS so you can fly around and inspect what is being drawn.
r_lod -1
r_mapextents 16384 client cheat Set the max dimension for the map. This determines the far clipping plane
r_maxdlights 32
r_maxmodeldecal 50
r_maxnewsamples 6
r_maxsampledist 128
r_minnewsamples 3
r_modelwireframedecal 0 cheat
r_newflashlight 1 client cheat
r_nohw 0 cheat
r_norefresh 0
r_nosw 0 cheat
r_novis 0 cheat Turn off the PVS.
r_occludeemaxarea 0 Prevents occlusion testing for entities that take up more than X% of the screen. 0 means use whatever the level said to use.
r_occluderminarea 0 Prevents this occluder from being used if it takes up less than X% of the screen. 0 means use whatever the level said to use.
r_occludermincount 0 At least this many occluders will be used, no matter how big they are.
r_occlusion 1 Activate/deactivate the occlusion system.
r_occlusionspew 0 cheat Activate/deactivates spew about what the occlusion system is doing.
r_oldlightselection 0 cheat Set this to revert to HL2's method of selecting lights
r_overlayfadeenable 0
r_overlayfademax 2000.0f
r_overlayfademin 1750.0f
r_overlaywireframe 0
r_particle_sim_spike_threshold_ms 5 client
r_particle_timescale 1.0 devonly client cheat
r_partition_level -1 cheat Displays a particular level of the spatial partition system. Use -1 to disable it.
r_PhysPropStaticLighting 1 client
r_pix_recordframes 0 matsysthread
r_pix_start 0 matsysthread
r_pixelfog 1 matsysthread
r_pixelvisibility_partial 1 client
r_pixelvisibility_spew 0 client
r_portalscloseall 0 devonly cheat
r_portalsopenall 0 cheat Open all portals
r_PortalTestEnts 1 client cheat Clip entities against portal frustums.
r_printdecalinfo cmd
r_proplightingfromdisk 1 cheat 0=Off, 1=On, 2=Show Errors
r_proplightingpooling -1.0 cheat 0 - off, 1 - static prop color meshes are allocated from a single shared vertex buffer (on hardware that supports stream offset)
r_propsmaxdist 1200 client Maximum visible distance
r_queued_decals 0 Offloads a bit of decal rendering setup work to the material system queue when enabled.
r_queued_post_processing 0 client
r_queued_ropes 1 client
r_radiosity 4 cheat 0: no radiosity
1: radiosity with ambient cube (6 samples)
2: radiosity with 162 samples
3: 162 samples for static props, 6 samples for everything else
r_rainalpha 0.4 client cheat
r_rainalphapow 0.8 client cheat
r_raindensity 0.001 client cheat
r_RainHack 0 client cheat
r_rainlength 0.1f client cheat
r_RainProfile 0 client cheat Enable/disable rain profiling.
r_RainRadius 1500 client cheat
r_RainSideVel 130 client cheat How much sideways velocity rain gets.
r_RainSimulate 1 client cheat Enable/disable rain simulation.
r_rainspeed 600.0f client cheat
r_RainSplashPercentage 20 client cheat
r_rainwidth 0.5 client cheat
r_randomflex 0 cheat
r_renderoverlayfragment 1
r_rimlight 1 matsysthread
r_rootlod 0 archive matsysthread Root LOD
r_rope_holiday_light_scale 0.055 devonly client
r_ropes_holiday_light_color cmd client Set each light's color: [light0-3] [r0-255] [g0-255] [b0-255]
r_ropes_holiday_lights_allowed 1 devonly client
r_ropetranslucent 1 client
r_screenfademaxsize 0 cheat
r_screenfademinsize 0 cheat
r_screenoverlay cmd client cheat svcanexec Draw specified material as an overlay
r_sequence_debug client
r_shader_srgb 0 matsysthread -1 = use hardware caps. 0 = use hardware srgb. 1 = use shader srgb(software lookup)
r_shadowangles cmd client cheat Set shadow angles
r_shadowblobbycutoff cmd client cheat some shadow stuff
r_shadowcolor cmd client cheat Set shadow color
r_shadowdir cmd client cheat Set shadow direction
r_shadowdist cmd client cheat Set shadow distance
r_shadowids 0 cheat
r_shadowmaxrendered 32 client
r_shadowrendertotexture 0 archive
r_shadows 1
r_shadows_gamecontrol -1 cheat
r_shadowwireframe 0 cheat
r_showenvcubemap 0 cheat
r_ShowViewerArea 0
r_showz_power 1.0f cheat matsysthread
r_skin 0 cheat
r_skybox 1 client cheat Enable the rendering of sky boxes
r_snapportal -1
r_SnowColorBlue 200 client cheat Snow.
r_SnowColorGreen 175 client cheat Snow.
r_SnowColorRed 150 client cheat Snow.
r_SnowDebugBox 0 client cheat Snow Debug Boxes.
r_SnowEnable 1 client cheat Snow Enable
r_SnowEndAlpha 255 client cheat Snow.
r_SnowEndSize 0 client cheat Snow.
r_SnowFallSpeed 1.5 client cheat Snow fall speed scale.
r_SnowInsideRadius 256 client cheat Snow.
r_SnowOutsideRadius 1024 client cheat Snow.
r_SnowParticles 500 client cheat Snow.
r_SnowPosScale 1 client cheat Snow.
r_SnowRayEnable 1 client cheat Snow.
r_SnowRayLength 8192.0f client cheat Snow.
r_SnowRayRadius 256 client cheat Snow.
r_SnowSpeedScale 1 client cheat Snow.
r_SnowStartAlpha 25 client cheat Snow.
r_SnowStartSize 1 client cheat Snow.
r_SnowWindScale 0.0035 client cheat Snow.
r_SnowZoomOffset 384.0f client cheat Snow.
r_SnowZoomRadius 512.0f client cheat Snow.
r_spewleaf 0
r_spray_lifetime 2 Number of rounds player sprays are visible
r_sse2 cmd Enable/disable SSE2 code
r_sse_s 1 client sse ins for particle sphere create
r_staticprop_lod -1
r_staticpropinfo 0
r_studio_stats 0 cheat
r_studio_stats_lock 0 client cheat Lock the current studio stats entity selection
r_studio_stats_mode 0 client cheat Sets a mode for r_studio_stats. Modes are as follows:
0 = Entity under your crosshair
1 = Weapon held by player under your crosshair
2 = Your viewmodel
3 = The first entity attached to your viewmodel
r_swingflashlight 1 client cheat
r_teeth 1
r_threaded_client_shadow_manager 0 client
r_threaded_particles 1 client
r_threaded_renderables 0 client
r_unloadlightmaps 0 cheat
r_updaterefracttexture 1 client cheat
r_vehicleBrakeRate 1.5 game cheat
r_VehicleViewClamp 1 client cheat
r_VehicleViewDampen 1 game notify replicated cheat
r_visambient 0 Draw leaf ambient lighting samples. Needs mat_leafvis 1 to work
r_visocclusion 0 cheat Activate/deactivate wireframe rendering of what the occlusion system is doing.
r_visualizelighttraces 0 cheat
r_visualizelighttracesshowfulltrace 0 cheat
r_visualizeproplightcaching 0 client
r_visualizetraces 0 cheat
r_WaterDrawReflection 1 client Enable water reflection
r_WaterDrawRefraction 1 client Enable water refraction
r_waterforceexpensive 0 archive matsysthread
r_waterforcereflectentities 0
r_worldlightmin 0.0002
r_worldlights 4 number of world lights to use per vertex
r_worldlistcache 1 client
ragdoll_sleepaftertime 5.0f client After this many seconds of being basically stationary, the ragdoll will go to sleep.
randommap cmd game Changelevel to a random map in the mapcycle file
rate 80000 archive userinfo Max bytes/sec the host can receive data
rbgc cmd client hidden
rcon cmd norecord Issue an rcon command.
rcon_address norecord svcannotquery Address of remote server if sending unconnected rcon commands (format x.x.x.x:p)
rcon_password norecord svcannotquery remote console password.
recompute_speed cmd cheat Recomputes clock speed (for debugging purposes).
record cmd norecord Record a demo.
redirect cmd norecord svcanexec Redirect client to specified server.
refresh_options_dialog cmd client Refresh the options dialog.
refreshplayerstats cmd devonly client
reload cmd Reload the most recent saved game (add setpos to jump to current view position on reload).
+reload cmd client
-reload cmd client
reload_char_info cmd client Reloads the char info panel
reload_materials 0
removecond ncmd game cheat Remove a condition from the player by ID (list). Usage: removecond <condition id>
removeid cmd Remove a user ID from the ban list.
removeip cmd Remove an IP address from the ban list.
replay_add_fake_replays cmd client Adds a set of fake replays
replay_block_dump_interval 10 10 30 client norecord The server will write partial replay files at this interval when recording.
replay_buffersize 32 16 client norecord Maximum size for the replay memory buffer.
replay_cache_client_ragdolls 0 client Record ragdolls on the client during.
replay_clearqueuedtakes cmd client norecord Clear takes from render queue.
replay_confirmquit cmd client hidden norecord Make sure all replays are rendered before quitting
replay_data_lifespan 1 1 30 client replicated norecord The number of days before replay data will be removed from the server. Server operators can expect that any data written more than replay_data_lifespan days will be considered stale, and any subsequent execution of replay_docleanup (or automatic cleanup, which can be enabled with replay_fileserver_autocleanup) will remove that data.
replay_deathcammaxverticaloffset 150 client norecord Vertical offset for player death camera
replay_debug 0 norecord Show Replay debug info.
replay_deleteclientreplays cmd client norecord Deletes all replays from client replay history, as well as all files associated with each replay.
replay_docleanup cmd client Deletes stale session data from the fileserver. "replay_docleanup force" will remove all replay session data.
replay_dodiskcleanup 1 client hidden archive If 1, cleanup unneeded recording session blocks.
replay_dofileserver_cleanup_on_start 1 game client Cleanup any stale replay data (both locally and on fileserver) at startup.
replay_dopublishtest cmd client norecord Do a replay publish test using the current setup.
replay_editor_camera_length 15 client archive This is the camera length used to simulate camera shake in the replay editor. The larger this number, the more the actual position will change. It can also be set to negative values.
replay_editor_fov_mousewheel_invert 0 client archive norecord Invert FOV zoom/unzoom on mousewheel in the replay editor.
replay_editor_fov_mousewheel_multiplier 5 client archive norecord The multiplier on mousewheel input for adjusting camera FOV in the replay editor.
replay_enable 0 0 1 client replicated norecord Enable Replay recording on server
replay_enableeventbasedscreenshots 0 client archive norecord If disabled, only take a screenshot when a replay is saved. If enabled, take up to replay_maxscreenshotsperreplay screenshots, with a minimum of replay_mintimebetweenscreenshots seconds in between, at key events. Events include kills, ubers (if you are a medic), sentry kills (if you are an engineer), etc. NOTE: Turning this on may affect performance!
replay_enablerenderpreview 1 client archive norecord Enable preview during replay render.
replay_fileserver_autocleanup 0 game client Automatically do fileserver cleanup in between rounds? This is the same as explicitly calling replay_docleanup.
replay_fileserver_host client replicated norecord The hostname of the Web server hosting replays. This can be an IP or a hostname, e.g. "" or ""
replay_fileserver_offload_aborttime 60 30 60 game client The time after which publishing will be aborted for a session block or session info file.
replay_fileserver_path client replicated norecord If your replays are stored at "", replay_fileserver_path should be set to "/tf/replays"
replay_fileserver_port 80 client replicated norecord The port for the Web server hosting replays. For example, if your replays are stored at "", replay_fileserver_port should be 4567.
replay_fileserver_protocol http client replicated norecord Can be "http" or "https"
replay_flushinterval 15 1 60 client archive norecord Replay system will flush to disk a maximum of every replay_flushinterval seconds.
replay_forcereconstruct 0 client norecord Force the reconstruction of replays each time.
replay_hidebrowser cmd client Hides replay browser
replay_ignorereplayticks 0
replay_local_fileserver_path client norecord The file server local path. For example, "c:\MyWebServer\htdocs\replays" or "/MyWebServer/htdocs/replays".
replay_max_publish_threads 4 4 8 game client The max number of threads allowed for publishing replay data, e.g. FTP threads.
replay_maxconcurrentdownloads 3 1 16 client norecord The maximum number of concurrent downloads allowed.
replay_maxscreenshotsperreplay 8 8 client norecord The maximum number of screenshots that can be taken for any given replay.
replay_mintimebetweenscreenshots 5 1 client norecord The minimum time (in seconds) that must pass between screenshots being taken.
replay_movie_export_last_dir client hidden archive norecord
replay_movie_reveal_warning 1 client hidden archive norecord
replay_msgduration_connectrecording 8 0 15 client norecord Duration for the message that pops up when you connect to a server already recording replays.
replay_msgduration_error 6 0 10 client norecord Duration for replays available message.
replay_msgduration_misc 5 0 10 client norecord Duration for misc replays messages (server errors and such).
replay_msgduration_replaysavailable 6 0 10 client norecord Duration for replays available message.
replay_msgduration_startrecord 6 0 10 client norecord Duration for start record message.
replay_msgduration_stoprecord 6 0 10 client norecord Duration for stop record message.
replay_name Replay game client Replay bot name
replay_perftip_count_enter 0 0 client hidden norecord
replay_perftip_count_exit 0 0 client hidden norecord
replay_perftip_count_freecam_enter 0 0 client hidden norecord
replay_perftip_count_freecam_exit 0 0 client hidden norecord
replay_perftip_count_freecam_exit2 0 0 client hidden norecord
replay_playerdeathscreenshotdelay 2 client norecord Amount of time to wait after player is killed before taking a screenshot
replay_postdeathrecordtime 5 0 10 client norecord The amount of time (seconds) to be recorded after you die for a given replay.
replay_postwinreminderduration 5 0 client norecord The number of seconds to show a Replay reminder, post-win/lose.
replay_printclientreplays cmd client norecord Prints out all client replay info
replay_printqueuedtakes cmd client norecord Print a list of takes queued for rendering.
replay_printsessioninfo cmd client norecord Print session info
replay_publish_simulate_delay_local_http 0 0 60 client norecord Simulate a delay (in seconds) when publishing replay data via local HTTP.
replay_publish_simulate_rename_fail 0 0 1 client norecord Simulate a rename failure during local HTTP publishing, which will force a manual copy & delete.
replay_quitmsg_dontaskagain 0 0 1 client archive norecord The replay system will ask you to render your replays on quit, unless this cvar is 1.
replay_ragdoll_blending 1 devonly client
replay_ragdoll_dbg 0 client Display replay ragdoll debugging information.
replay_ragdoll_tickoffset 0 devonly client
replay_record cmd client Starts Replay demo recording.
replay_record_voice 1 game client If enabled, voice data is recorded into the replay files.
replay_recording 0 0 1 client hidden replicated norecord
replay_reloadbrowser cmd client clcmdcanexec Reloads replay data and display replay browser
replay_removeclientreplay cmd client norecord Remove the replay at the given index.
replay_renderpause cmd client norecord Pause Replay rendering.
replay_renderqueue_first_add 0 client hidden archive norecord
replay_rendersetting_encodingquality 100 0 100 client norecord Render quality: the higher the quality, the larger the resulting movie file size.
replay_rendersetting_exportraw 0 0 1 client archive norecord Export raw TGA frames and a .wav file, instead of encoding a movie file.
replay_rendersetting_motionblur_can_toggle 0 client norecord
replay_rendersetting_motionblurenabled 1 0 1 client norecord Motion blur enabled/disabled.
replay_rendersetting_motionblurquality 0 0 3 client norecord Motion blur quality.
replay_rendersetting_quitwhendone 0 0 1 client norecord Quit after rendering is completed.
replay_rendersetting_renderglow 0 0 1 client archive norecord Glow effect enabled/disabled.
replay_renderunpause cmd client norecord Unpause Replay rendering.
replay_replayeditor_rewindmsgcounter 0 client hidden archive norecord
replay_replaywelcomedlgcount 0 client hidden archive norecord The number of times the replay help dialog has displayed.
replay_screenshotkilldelay .4 0 1 client norecord Delay before taking a screenshot when you kill someone, in seconds.
replay_screenshotresolution 0 0 1 client norecord 0 for low-res screenshots (width=512), 1 for hi-res (width=1024)
replay_screenshotsentrykilldelay .30 0 1 client norecord Delay before taking a screenshot when you kill someone, in seconds.
replay_sentrycammaxverticaloffset 10 10 client norecord Vertical offset from a sentry on sentry kill
replay_sentrycamoffset_frontback -50 client norecord Front/back offset for sentry POV screenshot
replay_sentrycamoffset_leftright -25 client norecord Left/right offset for sentry POV screenshot
replay_sentrycamoffset_updown 22 client norecord Up/down offset for sentry POV screenshot
replay_sessioninfo_updatefrequency 5 5 120 client norecord If a replay has not been downloaded, the replay browser will update the status of a given replay on the server based on this cvar (in seconds).
replay_stoprecord cmd client Stop Replay demo recording.
replay_test_take_save_dlg cmd client Open replay save take dlg
replay_voice_during_playback 0 client archive Play player voice chat during replay playback
report_entities cmd game Lists all entities
report_simthinklist cmd game Lists all simulating/thinking entities
report_soundpatch cmd client reports sound patch count
report_soundpatch cmd game reports sound patch count
cmd game Lists all touchlinks
resetclass ncmd game Leave the current class (while in highlander mode).
resetplayerstats cmd client clcmdcanexec
respawn_entities cmd game singleplayer cheat Respawn all the entities in the map.
restart cmd Restart the game on the same level (add setpos to jump to current view position on restart).
retry cmd norecord svcanexec clcmdcanexec Retry connection to last server.
rfgc cmd client hidden
+right cmd client
-right cmd client
room_type 0 demo
rope_averagelight 1 client Makes ropes use average of cubemap lighting instead of max intensity.
rope_collide 1 client Collide rope with the world
rope_rendersolid 1 client
rope_shake 0 client
rope_smooth 1 client Do an antialiasing effect on ropes
rope_smooth_enlarge 1.4 client How much to enlarge ropes in screen space for antialiasing effect
rope_smooth_maxalpha 0.5 client Alpha for rope antialiasing effect
rope_smooth_maxalphawidth 1.75 client
rope_smooth_minalpha 0.2 client Alpha for rope antialiasing effect
rope_smooth_minwidth 0.3 client When using smoothing, this is the min screenspace width it lets a rope shrink to
rope_solid_maxalpha 1 client
rope_solid_maxwidth 1 client
rope_solid_minalpha 0.0 client
rope_solid_minwidth 0.3 client
rope_subdiv 2 0 8 client Rope subdivision amount
rope_wind_dist 1000 client Don't use CPU applying small wind gusts to ropes when they're past this distance.
rpt_vprof_time 0.25 hidden norecord
rr_debug_qa 0 game Set to 1 to see debug related to the Question & Answer system used to create conversations between allied NPCs.
rr_debugresponses 0 game Show verbose matching output (1 for simple, 2 for rule scoring). If set to 3, it will only show response success/failure for npc_selected NPCs.
rr_debugrule game If set to the name of the rule, that rule's score will be shown whenever a concept is passed into the response rules system.
rr_dumpresponses 0 game Dump all response_rules.txt and rules (requires restart)
rr_reloadresponsesystems cmd game Reload all response system scripts.
save cmd norecord Saves current game.
save_async 1
save_asyncdelay 0 For testing, adds this many milliseconds of delay to the save operation.
save_console 0 Autosave on the PC behaves like it does on the consoles.
save_disable 0
save_finish_async cmd
save_history_count 1 Keep this many old copies in history of autosaves and quicksaves.
save_huddelayframes 1 Number of frames to defer for drawing the Saving message.
save_in_memory 0 Set to 1 to save to memory instead of disk (Xbox 360)
save_noxsave 0
save_replay cmd client Save a replay of the current life if possible.
save_screenshot 1 0 = none, 1 = non-autosave, 2 = always
save_spew 0
say cmd game Display player message
say_party cmd client Send a message to the user's party, if they have one
say_team cmd game Display player message to team
sb_close_browser_on_connect 1 client archive
sb_dontshow_maxplayer_warning 0 client archive
sb_filter_incompatible_versions 1 Hides servers running incompatible versions from the server browser. (Internet tab only.)
sb_firstopentime 0 devonly Indicates the time the server browser was first opened.
sb_mod_suggested_maxplayers 0 hidden
sb_numtimesopened 0 devonly Indicates the number of times the server browser was opened this session.
sb_quick_list_bit_field -1
sb_showblacklists 0 If set to 1, blacklist rules will be printed to the console as they're applied.
sc_disable 0 archive Disables use of Steam Controller API
sc_joystick_map 1 archive How to map the analog joystick deadzone and extents 0 = Scaled Cross, 1 = Concentric Mapping to Square.
sc_look_sensitivity_scale 0.125 client Steam Controller look sensitivity global scale factor.
sc_pitch_sensitivity 0.75 client archive SteamController pitch factor.
sc_pitch_sensitivity_default 0.75 client
sc_show_binding_panel cmd client Launches the Steam Controller binding panel UI
sc_status cmd client Show Steam Controller status information
sc_yaw_sensitivity 1.0 client archive SteamController yaw factor.
sc_yaw_sensitivity_default 1.0 client
scene_async_prefetch_spew 0 game Display async .ani file loading info.
scene_clamplookat 1 game Clamp head turns to a max of 20 degrees per think.
scene_clientflex 1 game replicated Do client side flex animation.
scene_flatturn 1 game
scene_flush cmd game Flush all .vcds from the cache and reload from disk.
scene_forcecombined 0 game When playing back, force use of combined .wav files even in english.
scene_maxcaptionradius 1200 game Only show closed captions if recipient is within this many units of speaking actor (0==disabled).
scene_print 0 game replicated When playing back a scene, print timing and event info to console.
scene_showfaceto 0 game archive When playing back, show the directions of faceto events.
scene_showlook 0 game archive When playing back, show the directions of look events.
scene_showmoveto 0 game archive When moving, show the end location.
scene_showunlock 0 game archive Show when a vcd is playing but normal AI is running.
+score cmd client
-score cmd client
scr_centertime 5 client
screenshot cmd clcmdcanexec Take a screenshot.
script cmd game Run the text as a script
script_add_debug_filter cmd game cheat Add a filter to the game debug overlay
script_add_watch cmd game cheat Add a watch to the game debug overlay
script_add_watch_pattern cmd game cheat Add a watch to the game debug overlay
script_attach_debugger cmd game cheat Connect the vscript VM to the script debugger
script_attach_debugger_at_startup 0 game
script_break_in_native_debugger_on_error 0 game
script_clear_watches cmd game cheat Clear all watches from the game debug overlay
script_connect_debugger_on_mapspawn 0 game
script_debug cmd game cheat Toggle the in-game script debug features
script_debug cmd game Connect the vscript VM to the script debugger
script_dump_all cmd game Dump the state of the VM to the console
script_execute cmd game Run a vscript file
script_find cmd game cheat Find a key in the VM
script_help cmd game Output help for script functions, optionally with a search string
script_reload_code cmd game Execute a vscript file, replacing existing functions with the functions in the run script
script_reload_entity_code cmd game Execute all of this entity's VScripts, replacing existing functions with the functions in the run scripts
script_reload_think cmd game Execute an activation script, replacing existing functions with the functions in the run script
script_remove_debug_filter cmd game cheat Remove a filter from the game debug overlay
script_remove_watch cmd game cheat Remove a watch from the game debug overlay
script_remove_watch_pattern cmd game cheat Remove a watch from the game debug overlay
script_trace_disable cmd game cheat Turn off a particular trace output by file or function name
script_trace_disable_all cmd game cheat Turn off all trace output
script_trace_disable_key cmd game cheat Turn off a particular trace output by table/instance
script_trace_enable cmd game cheat Turn on a particular trace output by file or function name
script_trace_enable_all cmd game cheat Turn on all trace output
script_trace_enable_key cmd game cheat Turn on a particular trace output by table/instance
sdr cmd View/edit SteamNetworkingSockets configuration variables
sdr_spew_level 4 Verbosity level for SteamNetworkingSockets spew. 4=warning, 5=msg, 6=verbose, 7=debug
sensitivity 3 0.0001 10000000 client archive Mouse sensitivity.
server_game_time cmd game Gives the game time in seconds (server's curtime)
servercfgfile server.cfg game
set_party_contract_progress_enabled cmd client Set whether or not you'd like your party memebers to be able to make progress on your Contracts along with you.
setang cmd game cheat Snap player eyes to specified pitch yaw <roll:optional> (must have sv_cheats).
setang_exact cmd game cheat Snap player eyes and orientation to specified pitch yaw <roll:optional> (must have sv_cheats).
setinfo cmd clcmdcanexec Adds a new user info value
setmodel cmd game cheat Changes's player's model
setpause cmd Set the pause state of the server.
setpos cmd game cheat Move player to specified origin (must have sv_cheats).
setpos_exact cmd game cheat Move player to an exact specified origin (must have sv_cheats).
shake cmd game cheat Shake the screen.
shake_show 0 client Displays a list of the active screen shakes.
shake_stop cmd client cheat Stops all active screen shakes.
show_htmlpage ncmd game Show an HTML MOTD by URL. Usage: show_htmlpage <url>
show_motd ncmd game Show the MOTD panel.
show_quest_log cmd client Show the quest map panel
+showbudget cmd
-showbudget cmd
showbudget_texture 0 cheat Enable the texture budget panel.
+showbudget_texture cmd cheat
-showbudget_texture cmd cheat
+showbudget_texture_global cmd cheat
-showbudget_texture_global cmd cheat
showbudget_texture_global_dumpstats cmd Dump all items in +showbudget_texture_global in a text form
showbudget_texture_global_sum 0.0f
showconsole cmd norecord Show the console.
showhitlocation 0 game
showinfo cmd client Shows a info panel: <type> <title> <message> [<command number>]
showmapinfo cmd client Show map info panel
showpanel cmd client Shows a viewport panel <name>
showparticlecounts 0 client Display number of particles drawn per frame
showschemevisualizer cmd client Show borders, fonts and colors for a particular scheme. The default is ClientScheme.res
+showscores cmd client
-showscores cmd client
showstatsdlg cmd client Shows the player stats dialog
ShowSteamStatsSessionID cmd devonly client Prints out the game stats session ID's (developer convar must be set to non-zero).
showtriggers 0 game cheat Shows trigger brushes
showtriggers_toggle cmd game cheat Toggle show triggers
+showvprof cmd
-showvprof cmd
simple_bot_add cmd game cheat Add a simple bot.
singlestep 0 cheat Run engine in single step mode ( set next to 1 to advance a frame )
sixense_aim_1to1_heading_multiplier 3.0 client archive
sixense_aim_1to1_pitch_multiplier 2.0 client archive
sixense_aim_1to1_ratchet_vertical 1.0 client archive
sixense_aim_freeaim_accel_band_exponent 1.0 client archive
sixense_aim_freeaim_accel_band_size 20.0 client archive
sixense_aim_freeaim_auto_level_rate 1.0 client archive
sixense_aim_freeaim_dead_zone_radius 0.25 client archive
sixense_aim_freeaim_heading_multiplier 1.5 client archive
sixense_aim_freeaim_max_speed 7.0 client archive
sixense_aim_freeaim_pitch_multiplier 1.5 client archive
sixense_aim_freeaim_spin_disabled cmd client
sixense_aim_freeaim_switch_blend_time_enter 0.5 client cheat
sixense_aim_freeaim_switch_blend_time_exit 0.25 client archive
sixense_aim_scope_heading_multiplier 0.6 client archive
sixense_aim_scope_pitch_multiplier 0.6 client archive
sixense_always_draw_crosshair 1 client archive
sixense_base_offset_x 0.0 client archive
sixense_base_offset_y 0.0 client archive
sixense_base_offset_z -20.0 client archive
sixense_bind cmd client Bind a concommand to a button.
sixense_clear_bindings cmd client Clear all sixense bindings.
sixense_controller_angle_mode 0.0f client archive
sixense_create_default_bindings cmd client Erase all current bindings and load the default bindings for this game.
sixense_crosshair_horiz_multiplier 1.0 client archive
sixense_crosshair_vert_multiplier 1.0 client archive
sixense_crouch_sensitivity 1.5 client archive
sixense_delete_binding cmd client Delete a single binding by index.
sixense_disable_gestures cmd client
sixense_enabled 0 client archive
sixense_exit_metroid_blend 0.95f client archive
sixense_exit_one_to_one_dot 0.85 client archive
sixense_features_enabled 0 client replicated
sixense_feet_angles_offset_stick_spin_exponent 1.0 client archive
sixense_feet_angles_offset_stick_spin_horiz_multiplier 4.0 client archive
sixense_feet_angles_offset_stick_spin_invert_pitch 1.0 client archive
sixense_feet_angles_offset_stick_spin_vert_multiplier 2.0 client archive
sixense_filter_level 0.5 client archive
sixense_jump_sensitivity 1.2 client archive
sixense_left_handed 0 client archive
+sixense_left_point_gesture cmd client
-sixense_left_point_gesture cmd client
sixense_list_bindings cmd client List the sixense bindings.
sixense_max_charge_spin 3.0f client archive
sixense_melee_pitch_blend_val 0.99 client archive
sixense_mode 0 client archive
sixense_mouse_enabled 1.0 client archive
sixense_mouse_sensitivity 1.0 client archive
sixense_point_gesture_angle_threshold 15.0 client archive
+sixense_ratchet cmd client
-sixense_ratchet cmd client
sixense_reload_sensitivity 1.5 client archive
+sixense_right_point_gesture cmd client
-sixense_right_point_gesture cmd client
sixense_roll_correct_blend 0.965f client archive
sixense_select_grenade cmd client
sixense_select_machinegun cmd client
sixense_select_melee cmd client
sixense_select_pistol cmd client
sixense_sensitivity_level -1 client archive
sixense_set_base_offset cmd client
sixense_set_filter_params cmd client
sixense_show_frame cmd client Show/hide Sixense UI.
sixense_spring_view_enabled 1.0f client archive
sixense_spring_view_max_angle 45.0f client archive
sixense_spring_view_max_spring 0.9999f client archive
sixense_spring_view_min_angle 1.0f client archive
sixense_spring_view_min_spring 0.025f client archive
sixense_teleport_metroid_blend_time 3.0 client cheat
sixense_teleport_wait_to_blend_time 0.75 client cheat
sixense_tilt_gesture_angle_threshold 35.0 client archive
sixense_trigger_threshold 0.05 client archive
sixense_walking_dead_zone_percent 10.0 client archive
sixense_walking_exponent 1.0 client archive
sixense_weapon_select_sensitivity 1.65 client archive
sixense_write_bindings cmd client Save the sixense bindings to a file.
sixense_zoom_momentary_time 500 client archive
sk_ally_regen_time 0.3003 game Time taken for an ally to regenerate a point of health.
sk_autoaim_mode 1 game archive replicated
sk_npc_arm 1 game
sk_npc_chest 1 game
sk_npc_head 2 game
sk_npc_leg 1 game
sk_npc_stomach 1 game
sk_player_arm 1 game
sk_player_chest 1 game
sk_player_head 2 game
sk_player_leg 1 game
sk_player_stomach 1 game
sk_plr_dmg_grenade 0 game
skill 1 1 3 archive archivexbox Game skill level (1-3).
skip_next_map cmd game Skips the next map in the map rotation for the server.
slot0 cmd client svcanexec
slot1 cmd client svcanexec
slot10 cmd client svcanexec
slot11 cmd client svcanexec
slot12 cmd client svcanexec
slot2 cmd client svcanexec
slot3 cmd client svcanexec
slot4 cmd client svcanexec
slot5 cmd client svcanexec
slot6 cmd client svcanexec
slot7 cmd client svcanexec
slot8 cmd client svcanexec
slot9 cmd client svcanexec
smoothstairs 1 game replicated Smooth player eye z coordinate when traversing stairs.
snapto cmd client
snd_async_flush cmd Flush all unlocked async audio data
snd_async_fullyasync 0 All playback is fully async (sound doesn't play until data arrives).
snd_async_minsize 262144
snd_async_showmem cmd Show async memory stats
snd_async_spew 0 Spew all async sound reads, including success
snd_async_spew_blocking 1 Spew message to console any time async sound loading blocks on file i/o. ( 0=Off, 1=With -steam only, 2=Always
snd_async_stream_spew 0 Spew streaming info ( 0=Off, 1=streams, 2=buffers
snd_buildcache cmd <directory or VPK filename> Rebulds sound cache for a given search path.
snd_cull_duplicates 0 If nonzero, aggressively cull duplicate sounds during mixing. The number specifies the number of duplicates allowed to be played.
snd_defer_trace 1
snd_delay_sound_shift 0.01
snd_disable_mixer_duck 0
snd_duckerattacktime 0.5 archive
snd_duckerreleasetime 2.5 archive
snd_duckerthreshold 0.15 archive
snd_ducktovolume 0.55 archive
snd_dumpclientsounds cmd cheat Dump sounds to console
snd_foliage_db_loss 4 cheat
snd_gain 1 cheat
snd_gain_max 1 cheat
snd_gain_min 0.01 cheat
snd_legacy_surround 0 archive
snd_lockpartial 1
snd_mix_async 0
snd_mixahead 0.1 archive
snd_musicvolume 1.0 0 1 archive archivexbox Music volume
snd_mute_losefocus 1 archive notconnected
snd_noextraupdate 0
snd_obscured_gain_dB -2.70 cheat
snd_pitchquality 1 archive
snd_profile 0 demo
snd_refdb 60 cheat
snd_refdist 36 cheat
snd_restart cmd Restart sound system.
snd_show 0 cheat Show sounds info
snd_showclassname 0
snd_showmixer 0
snd_showstart 0 cheat
snd_ShowThreadFrameTime 0
snd_soundmixer Default_Mix
snd_spatialize_roundrobin 0 Lowend optimization: if nonzero, spatialize only a fraction of sound channels each frame. 1/2^x of channels will be spatialized per frame.
snd_surround_speakers -1
snd_visualize 0 cheat Show sounds location in world
snd_vox_captiontrace 0 Shows sentence name for sentences which are set not to show captions.
snd_vox_globaltimeout 300
snd_vox_sectimetout 300
snd_vox_seqtimetout 300
sndplaydelay cmd svcanexec Usage: sndplaydelay delay_in_sec (negative to skip ahead) soundname
soundfade cmd svcanexec Fade client volume.
soundinfo cmd Describe the current sound device.
soundlist cmd List all known sounds.
soundpatch_captionlength 2.0 game replicated How long looping soundpatch captions should display for.
soundscape_debug 0 game cheat When on, draws lines to all env_soundscape entities. Green lines show the active soundscape, red lines show soundscapes that aren't in range, and white lines show soundscapes that are in range, but not the active soundscape.
soundscape_dumpclient cmd client cheat Dumps the client's soundscape data.
soundscape_fadetime 3.0 client cheat Time to crossfade sound effects between soundscapes
soundscape_flush cmd game Flushes the server & client side soundscapes
speak cmd Play a constructed sentence.
spec_autodirector 1 client clcmdcanexec Auto-director chooses best view modes while spectating
spec_freeze_distance_max 200 client cheat Maximum random distance from the target to stop when framing them in observer freeze cam.
spec_freeze_distance_min 96 client cheat Minimum random distance from the target to stop when framing them in observer freeze cam.
spec_freeze_time 4.0 game replicated cheat Time spend frozen in observer freeze cam.
spec_freeze_traveltime 0.4 0.01 game replicated cheat Time taken to zoom in to frame a target in observer freeze cam.
spec_goto ncmd game Move spectator to specified positon and angles. Usage: spec_goto <x> <y> <z> <yaw> <pitch>
spec_mode cmd client clcmdcanexec Set spectator mode
spec_next cmd client clcmdcanexec Spectate next player
spec_player cmd client clcmdcanexec Spectate player by partial name, steamid, or userid
spec_pos cmd client dump position and angles to the console
spec_prev cmd client clcmdcanexec Spectate previous player
spec_scoreboard 0 client archive
spec_track 0 client Tracks an entity in spec mode
spectate ncmd game Join the spectator team.
+speed cmd client
-speed cmd client
spew_consolelog_to_debugstring 0 Send console log to PLAT_DebugString()
spike cmd cheat generates a fake spike
star_memory cmd Dump memory stats
startdemos cmd Play demos in demo sequence.
startmovie cmd norecord Start recording movie frames.
startupmenu cmd Opens initial menu screen and loads the background bsp, but only if no other level is being loaded, and we're not in developer mode.
stats cmd Prints server performance variables
status cmd Display map and connection status.
steamworks_sessionid_client 0 client hidden The client session ID for the new steamworks gamestats.
steamworks_sessionid_server 0 game hidden replicated The server session ID for the new steamworks gamestats.
step_spline 0 game
stop cmd Finish recording demo.
stop_taunt ncmd game End a looping taunt.
stopdemo cmd norecord Stop playing back a demo.
stopsound cmd cheat
stopsoundscape cmd client cheat Stops all soundscape processing and fades current looping sounds
store_version 1 client hidden archive Which version of the store to display.
+strafe cmd client
-strafe cmd client
studio_queue_mode 1
stuffcmds cmd Parses and stuffs command line + commands to command buffer.
suitvolume 0.25 game archive
surfaceprop cmd game cheat Reports the surface properties at the cursor
sv_accelerate 10 game notify replicated
sv_airaccelerate 10 game notify replicated
sv_allow_color_correction 1 replicated Allow or disallow clients to use color correction on this server.
sv_allow_point_servercommand official game Allow use of point_servercommand entities in map. Potentially dangerous for untrusted maps.
disallow : Always disallow
official : Allowed for valve maps only
always  : Allow for all maps
sv_allow_voice_from_file 1 replicated Allow or disallow clients from using voice_inputfromfile on this server.
sv_allow_votes 1 game Allow voting?
sv_allow_wait_command 1 replicated Allow or disallow the wait command on clients connected to this server.
sv_allowdownload 1 Allow clients to download files
sv_allowupload 1 Allow clients to upload customizations files
sv_alltalk 0 game notify replicated Players can hear all other players, no team restrictions
sv_alternateticks 0 singleplayer If set, server only simulates entities on even numbered ticks.
sv_autosave 1 Set to 1 to autosave game on level transition. Does not affect autosave triggers.
sv_backspeed 0.6 game archive replicated How much to slow down backwards motion
sv_benchmark_autovprofrecord 0 game If running a benchmark and this is set, it will record a vprof file over the duration of the benchmark with filename benchmark.vprof.
sv_benchmark_force_start cmd game Force start the benchmark. This is only for debugging. It's better to set sv_benchmark to 1 and restart the level.
sv_benchmark_freeroam 0 game Allow the local player to move freely in the benchmark. Only used for debugging. Don't use for real benchmarks because it will make the timing inconsistent.
sv_benchmark_numticks 3300 game If > 0, then it only runs the benchmark for this # of ticks.
sv_bonus_challenge 0 game replicated Set to values other than 0 to select a bonus map challenge type.
sv_bonus_map_challenge_update cmd client cheat Updates a bonus map challenge score.
sv_bonus_map_complete cmd client cheat Completes a bonus map.
sv_bonus_map_unlock cmd client cheat Locks a bonus map.
sv_bounce 0 game notify replicated Bounce multiplier for when physically simulated objects collide with other objects.
sv_cacheencodedents 1 If set to 1, does an optimization to prevent extra SendTable_Encode calls.
sv_chat_bucket_size_tier1 4 game The maxmimum size of the short term chat msg bucket.
sv_chat_bucket_size_tier2 30 game The maxmimum size of the long term chat msg bucket.
sv_chat_seconds_per_msg_tier1 3 game The number of seconds to accrue an additional short term chat msg.
sv_chat_seconds_per_msg_tier2 10 game The number of seconds to accrue an additional long term chat msg.
sv_cheats 0 notify replicated Allow cheats on server
sv_clearhinthistory cmd game Clear memory of server side hints displayed to the player.
sv_client_cmdrate_difference 20 replicated cl_cmdrate is moved to within sv_client_cmdrate_difference units of cl_updaterate before it is clamped between sv_mincmdrate and sv_maxcmdrate.
sv_client_max_interp_ratio 5 replicated This can be used to limit the value of cl_interp_ratio for connected clients (only while they are connected). If sv_client_min_interp_ratio is -1, then this cvar has no effect.
sv_client_min_interp_ratio 1 replicated This can be used to limit the value of cl_interp_ratio for connected clients (only while they are connected).
-1 = let clients set cl_interp_ratio to anything
any other value = set minimum value for cl_interp_ratio
sv_client_predict -1 replicated This can be used to force the value of cl_predict for connected clients (only while they are connected).
-1 = let clients set cl_predict to anything
0 = force cl_predict to 0
1 = force cl_predict to 1
sv_clockcorrection_msecs 60 game The server tries to keep each player's m_nTickBase withing this many msecs of the server absolute tickcount
sv_compressstringtablebaselines_threshold 2048 Minimum size (in bytes) for stringtablebaseline buffer to be compressed.
sv_consistency 1 replicated Legacy variable with no effect! This was deleted and then added as a temporary kludge to prevent players from being banned by servers running old versions of SMAC
sv_contact notify Contact email for server sysop
sv_creationtickcheck 1 devonly cheat Do extended check for encoding of timestamps against tickcount
sv_debug_player_use 0 game replicated Visualizes +use logic. Green cross=trace success, Red cross=trace too far, Green box=radius success
sv_debug_stuck_particles cmd devonly game Debugs particles attached to the player under your crosshair.
sv_debugmanualmode 0 Make sure entities correctly report whether or not their network data has changed.
sv_debugtempentities 0 Show temp entity bandwidth usage.
sv_deltaprint 0 Print accumulated CalcDelta profiling data (only if sv_deltatime is on)
sv_deltatime 0 Enable profiling of CalcDelta calls
sv_disable_querycache 0 game cheat debug - disable trace query cache
sv_downloadlist_include_navfile 0 Include map nav files in the download list for clients.
sv_downloadurl replicated Location from which clients can download missing files
sv_dump_edicts cmd Display a list of edicts allocated on the server.
sv_dumpstringtables 0 cheat
sv_enableoldqueries 0 Enable support for old style (HL1) server queries
sv_filterban 1 Set packet filtering by IP mode
sv_findsoundname cmd devonly game Find sound names which reference the specified wave files.
sv_footsteps 1 game notify replicated Play footstep sound for players
sv_force_transmit_ents 0 devonly game cheat Will transmit all entities to client, regardless of PVS conditions (will still skip based on transmit flags, however).
sv_forcepreload 0 archive Force server side preloading.
sv_friction 4 game notify replicated World friction.
sv_gravity 800 game notify replicated World gravity.
sv_hudhint_sound 1 game replicated
sv_ignore_hitboxes 0 devonly game replicated Disable hitboxes
sv_instancebaselines 1 devonly Enable instanced baselines. Saves network overhead.
sv_lagcompensation_teleport_dist 64 devonly game cheat How far a player got moved by game code before we can't lag compensate their position back
sv_lagflushbonecache 1 devonly game Flushes entity bone cache on lag compensation
sv_lan 0 Server is a lan server ( no heartbeat, no authentication, no non-class C addresses )
sv_log_onefile 0 archive Log server information to only one file.
sv_logbans 0 archive Log server bans in the server logs.
sv_logblocks 0 If true when log when a query is blocked (can cause very large log files)
sv_logdownloadlist 1
sv_logecho 1 archive Echo log information to the console.
sv_logfile 1 archive Log server information in the log file.
sv_logfilecompress 0 archive Gzip compress logfile and rename to logfilename.log.gz on close.
sv_logfilename_format archive Log filename format. See strftime for formatting codes.
sv_logflush 0 archive Flush the log file to disk on each write (slow).
sv_logsdir logs archive Folder in the game directory where server logs will be stored.
sv_logsecret 0 If set then include this secret when doing UDP logging (will use 0x53 as packet type, not usual 0x52)
sv_lowedict_action 0 0 5 0 - no action, 1 - warn to log file, 2 - attempt to restart the game, if applicable, 3 - restart the map, 4 - go to the next map in the map cycle, 5 - spew all edicts.
sv_lowedict_threshold 8 0 2048 When only this many edicts are free, take the action specified by sv_lowedict_action.
sv_massreport 0 game
sv_master_share_game_socket 1 Use the game's socket to communicate to the master server. This is recommended.If this is 0, then it will create a socket on -steamport to handle server browser traffic
sv_max_connects_sec 2.0 Maximum connections per second to respond to from a single IP address.
sv_max_connects_sec_global 0 Maximum connections per second to respond to from anywhere.
sv_max_connects_window 4 Window over which to average connections per second averages.
sv_max_dropped_packets_to_process 10 Max dropped packets to process. Lower settings prevent lagged players from simulating too far in the past. Setting of 0 disables cap.
sv_max_queries_sec 3.0 Maximum queries per second to respond to from a single IP address.
sv_max_queries_sec_global 3000 Maximum queries per second to respond to from anywhere.
sv_max_queries_window 30 Window over which to average queries per second averages.
sv_max_usercmd_move_magnitude 1000 game Maximum move magnitude that can be requested by client.
sv_maxcmdrate 66 replicated (If sv_mincmdrate is > 0), this sets the maximum value for cl_cmdrate.
sv_maxrate 0 replicated Max bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 == unlimited
sv_maxreplay 0 0 15 Maximum replay time in seconds
sv_maxroutable 1260 576 1260 Server upper bound on net_maxroutable that a client can use.
sv_maxspeed 320 game notify replicated
sv_maxunlag 1.0 0 1 devonly game Maximum lag compensation in seconds
sv_maxupdaterate 66 replicated Maximum updates per second that the server will allow
sv_maxuptimelimit 0 If set, whenever a game ends, if the server uptime exceeds this number of hours, the server will exit.
sv_maxusrcmdprocessticks 24 game notify Maximum number of client-issued usrcmd ticks that can be replayed in packet loss conditions, 0 to allow no restrictions
sv_maxusrcmdprocessticks_holdaim 1 game cheat Hold client aim for multiple server sim ticks when client-issued usrcmd contains multiple actions (0: off; 1: hold this server tick; 2+: hold multiple ticks)
sv_maxusrcmdprocessticks_warning -1 game Print a warning when user commands get dropped due to insufficient usrcmd ticks allocated, number of seconds to throttle, negative disabled
sv_maxvelocity 3500 game replicated Maximum speed any ballistically moving object is allowed to attain per axis.
sv_memlimit 0 If set, whenever a game ends, if the total memory used by the server is greater than this # of megabytes, the server will exit.
sv_mincmdrate 10 replicated This sets the minimum value for cl_cmdrate. 0 == unlimited.
sv_minrate 3500 replicated Min bandwidth rate allowed on server, 0 == unlimited
sv_minupdaterate 10 replicated Minimum updates per second that the server will allow
sv_minuptimelimit 0 If set, whenever a game ends, if the server uptime is less than this number of hours, the server will continue running regardless of sv_memlimit.
sv_motd_unload_on_dismissal 0 game If enabled, the MOTD contents will be unloaded when the player closes the MOTD.
sv_mumble_positionalaudio 1 client replicated Allows players using Mumble to have support for positional audio.
sv_namechange_cooldown_seconds 30.0 When a client name change is received, wait N seconds before allowing another name change
sv_netspike cmd Write network trace if amount of data sent to client exceeds N bytes. Use zero to disable tracing.
Note that having this enabled, even if never triggered, impacts performance. Set to zero when not in use.
For compatibility reasons, this command can be initialized on the command line with the -netspike option.
sv_netspike_on_reliable_snapshot_overflow 0 If nonzero, the server will dump a netspike trace if a client is dropped due to reliable snapshot overflow
sv_netspike_output 1 Where the netspike data be written? Sum of the following values: 1=netspike.txt, 2=ordinary server log
sv_netspike_sendtime_ms 0 If nonzero, the server will dump a netspike trace if it takes more than N ms to prepare a snapshot to a single client. This feature does take some CPU cycles, so it should be left off when not in use.
sv_netvisdist 10000 devonly game cheat Test networking visibility distance
sv_no_name_changes 0
sv_noclipaccelerate 5 game archive notify replicated
sv_noclipduringpause 0 game replicated cheat If cheats are enabled, then you can noclip with the game paused (for doing screenshots, etc.).
sv_noclipspeed 5 game archive notify replicated
sv_npc_talker_maxdist 1024 game NPCs over this distance from the player won't attempt to speak.
sv_optimizedmovement 1 devonly game replicated
sv_parallel_packentities 1
sv_parallel_sendsnapshot 0
sv_password protected notify norecord Server password for entry into multiplayer games
sv_pausable 0 notify Is the server pausable.
sv_player_display_usercommand_errors 0 game cheat 1 = Display warning when command values are out-of-range. 2 = Spew invalid ranges.
sv_player_usercommand_timeout 3 game cheat After this many seconds without a usercommand from a player, the server will RunNullCommand as if client sends an empty command.
sv_playerperfhistorycount 60 1 128 game Number of samples to maintain in player perf history
sv_precacheinfo cmd Show precache info.
sv_proj_stunball_damage 15 devonly game
sv_pure cmd Show user data.
sv_pure_consensus 5 Minimum number of file hashes to agree to form a consensus.
sv_pure_kick_clients 1 If set to 1, the server will kick clients with mismatching files. Otherwise, it will issue a warning to the client.
sv_pure_retiretime 900 Seconds of server idle time to flush the sv_pure file hash cache.
sv_pure_trace 0 If set to 1, the server will print a message whenever a client is verifying a CRC for a file.
sv_pushaway_clientside 0 devonly game replicated Clientside physics push away (0=off, 1=only localplayer, 1=all players)
sv_pushaway_clientside_size 15 devonly game replicated Minimum size of pushback objects
sv_pushaway_force 30000 devonly game replicated How hard physics objects are pushed away from the players on the server.
sv_pushaway_max_force 1000 devonly game replicated Maximum amount of force applied to physics objects by players.
sv_pushaway_max_player_force 10000 devonly game replicated cheat Maximum of how hard the player is pushed away from physics objects.
sv_pushaway_min_player_speed 75 devonly game replicated If a player is moving slower than this, don't push away physics objects (enables ducking behind things).
sv_pushaway_player_force 200000 devonly game replicated cheat How hard the player is pushed away from physics objects (falls off with inverse square of distance).
sv_pvsskipanimation 1 game archive Skips SetupBones when npc's are outside the PVS
sv_querycache_stats cmd game Display status of the query cache (client only)
sv_quota_stringcmdspersecond 40 How many string commands per second clients are allowed to submit, 0 to disallow all string commands
sv_rcon_banpenalty 0 0 Number of minutes to ban users who fail rcon authentication
sv_rcon_log 1 Enable/disable rcon logging.
sv_rcon_maxfailures 10 1 20 Max number of times a user can fail rcon authentication before being banned
sv_rcon_maxpacketbans 1 0 1 Ban IPs for sending RCON packets exceeding the value specified in sv_rcon_maxpacketsize
sv_rcon_maxpacketsize 1024 0 The maximum number of bytes to allow in a command packet
sv_rcon_minfailures 5 1 20 Number of times a user can fail rcon authentication in sv_rcon_minfailuretime before being banned
sv_rcon_minfailuretime 30 1 Number of seconds to track failed rcon authentications
sv_rcon_whitelist_address When set, rcon failed authentications will never ban this address, e.g. ''
sv_region -1 The region of the world to report this server in.
sv_registration_message No account specified game hidden notify norecord Error message of other status text
sv_registration_successful 0 game hidden notify norecord Nonzero if we were able to login OK
sv_restrict_aspect_ratio_fov 1 0 2 replicated This can be used to limit the effective FOV of users using wide-screen
resolutions with aspect ratios wider than 1.85:1 (slightly wider than 16:9).
0 = do not cap effective FOV
1 = limit the effective FOV on windowed mode users using resolutions
greater than 1.85:1
2 = limit the effective FOV on both windowed mode and full-screen users
sv_rollangle 0 game notify replicated Max view roll angle
sv_rollspeed 200 game notify replicated
sv_runcmds 1 game
sv_script_think_interval 0.1 game
sv_sendtables 0 devonly Force full sendtable sending path.
sv_setsteamaccount cmd token
Set game server account token to use for logging in to a persistent game server account
sv_showanimstate -1 devonly game cheat Show the (server) animation state for the specified entity (-1 for none).
sv_showanimstate_log 0 devonly game cheat 1 to output sv_showanimstate to Msg(). 2 to store in AnimStateServer.log. 3 for both.
sv_showladders 0 game Show bbox and dismount points for all ladders (must be set before level load.)
sv_showlagcompensation 0 game cheat Show lag compensated hitboxes whenever a player is lag compensated.
sv_shutdown cmd Sets the server to shutdown next time it's empty
sv_shutdown_cancel cmd Cancels pending sv_shutdown command
sv_shutdown_timeout_minutes 360 replicated If sv_shutdown is pending, wait at most N minutes for server to drain before forcing shutdown.
sv_signon_dos_disconnect 20 Number of extra signon state confirmations required to disconnect a misbehaving client.
sv_skyname sky_urb01 game archive replicated Current name of the skybox texture
sv_soundemitter_filecheck cmd devonly game Report missing wave files for sounds and game_sounds files.
sv_soundemitter_flush cmd devonly game Flushes the sounds.txt system (server only)
sv_soundemitter_trace 0 game replicated Show all EmitSound calls including their symbolic name and the actual wave file they resolved to
sv_soundscape_printdebuginfo cmd devonly game print soundscapes
sv_specaccelerate 5 game archive notify replicated
sv_specnoclip 1 game archive notify replicated
sv_specspeed 3 game archive notify replicated
sv_stats 1 Collect CPU usage stats
sv_steamblockingcheck 0 Check each new player for Steam blocking compatibility, 1 = message only, 2 >= drop if any member of owning clan blocks,3 >= drop if any player has blocked, 4 >= drop if player has blocked anyone on server
sv_steamgroup notify The ID of the steam group that this server belongs to. You can find your group's ID on the admin profile page in the steam community.
sv_stepsize 18 game notify replicated
sv_stickysprint_default 0 client
sv_stopspeed 100 game notify replicated Minimum stopping speed when on ground.
sv_stressbots 0 devonly If set to 1, the server calculates data and fills packets to bots. Used for perf testing.
sv_strict_notarget 0 game If set, notarget will cause entities to never think they are in the pvs
sv_suppress_viewpunch 0 devonly game replicated cheat
sv_tags notify Server tags. Used to provide extra information to clients when they're browsing for servers. Separate tags with a comma.
sv_test_scripted_sequences 0 game Tests for scripted sequences that are embedded in the world. Run through your map with this set to check for NPCs falling through the world.
sv_teststepsimulation 1 game
sv_thinktimecheck 0 game Check for thinktimes all on same timestamp.
sv_timeout 65 After this many seconds without a message from a client, the client is dropped
sv_turbophysics 0 game replicated Turns on turbo physics
sv_unlag 1 devonly game Enables player lag compensation
sv_unlag_debug 0 devonly game
sv_unlag_fixstuck 0 devonly game Disallow backtracking a player for lag compensation if it will cause them to become stuck
sv_unlockedchapters 1 archive archivexbox Highest unlocked game chapter.
sv_use_steam_voice 0 hidden replicated Deprecated - placeholder convar for handling old network streams that had an incomplete SVC_VoiceInit packet. Use "sv_voicecodec steam"
sv_useexplicitdelete 1 devonly Explicitly delete dormant client entities caused by AllowImmediateReuse().
sv_usercmd_custom_random_seed 1 game cheat When enabled server will populate an additional random seed independent of the client
sv_vehicle_autoaim_scale 8 game
sv_visiblemaxplayers -1 Overrides the max players reported to prospective clients
sv_voicecodec steam Specifies which voice codec to use. Valid options are:
vaudio_speex - Legacy Speex codec (lowest quality)
vaudio_celt - Newer CELT codec (22kHz, 22kbps)
vaudio_celt_high - Newer CELT codec, higher bitrate (44kHz, 44kbps)
steam - Use Steam voice API
sv_voiceenable 1 archive notify
sv_vote_allow_spectators 0 game Allow spectators to vote?
sv_vote_bots_allowed 0 game Allow bots to vote or not.
sv_vote_command_delay 2 4.5 devonly game How long after a vote passes until the action happens
sv_vote_creation_timer 150 game How long before a player can attempt to call another vote (in seconds).
sv_vote_failure_timer 300 game A vote that fails cannot be re-submitted for this long
sv_vote_failure_timer_mvm 120 game A vote that fails in MvM cannot be re-submitted for this long
sv_vote_holder_may_vote_no 0 game replicated 1 = Vote caller is not forced to vote yes on yes/no votes.
sv_vote_issue_autobalance_allowed 0 game Can players call votes to enable or disable auto team balance?
sv_vote_issue_autobalance_cooldown 300 game Minimum time before another auto team balance vote can occur (in seconds).
sv_vote_issue_changelevel_allowed 0 game Can players call votes to change levels?
sv_vote_issue_changelevel_allowed_mvm 0 game Can players call votes to change levels in MvM?
sv_vote_issue_classlimits_allowed 0 game Can players call votes to enable or disable per-class limits?
sv_vote_issue_classlimits_allowed_mvm 0 game Can players call votes in Mann-Vs-Machine to enable or disable per-class limits?
sv_vote_issue_classlimits_cooldown 300 game Minimum time before another classlimits vote can occur (in seconds).
sv_vote_issue_classlimits_max 4 1 game Maximum number of players (per-team) that can be any one class.
sv_vote_issue_classlimits_max_mvm 2 1 game Maximum number of players (per-team) that can be any one class.
sv_vote_issue_extendlevel_allowed 1 game Can players call votes to set the next level?
sv_vote_issue_extendlevel_quorum 0.6 game What is the ratio of voters needed to reach quorum?
sv_vote_issue_kick_allowed 0 game Can players call votes to kick players from the server?
sv_vote_issue_kick_allowed_mvm 1 game Can players call votes to kick players from the server in MvM?
sv_vote_issue_kick_limit_mvm 0 game hidden The maximum number of kick votes a player can call during an MvM mission started by matchmaking. (0 = disabled)
sv_vote_issue_kick_min_connect_time_mvm 300 game How long a player must be connected before they can be kicked (in seconds).
sv_vote_issue_kick_namelock_duration 120 game How long to prevent kick targets from changing their name (in seconds).
sv_vote_issue_kick_spectators_mvm 1 game Allow players to kick spectators in MvM.
sv_vote_issue_mvm_challenge_allowed 1 game Can players call votes to set the challenge level?
sv_vote_issue_nextlevel_allowed 1 game Can players call votes to set the next level?
sv_vote_issue_nextlevel_allowextend 1 game Allow players to extend the current map?
sv_vote_issue_nextlevel_choicesmode 0 game Present players with a list of lowest playtime maps to choose from?
sv_vote_issue_nextlevel_prevent_change 1 game Not allowed to vote for a nextlevel if one has already been set.
sv_vote_issue_pause_game_allowed 0 game hidden Can players call votes to pause the game?
sv_vote_issue_pause_game_cooldown 1200 game hidden Minimum time before another pause vote can occur (in seconds).
sv_vote_issue_pause_game_timer 120 game hidden How long to pause the game for when this vote passes (in seconds).
sv_vote_issue_restart_game_allowed 0 game Can players call votes to restart the game?
sv_vote_issue_restart_game_allowed_mvm 1 game Can players call votes to restart the game in Mann-Vs-Machine?
sv_vote_issue_restart_game_cooldown 300 game Minimum time before another restart vote can occur (in seconds).
sv_vote_issue_scramble_teams_allowed 1 game Can players call votes to scramble the teams?
sv_vote_issue_scramble_teams_cooldown 1200 game Minimum time before another scramble vote can occur (in seconds).
sv_vote_kick_ban_duration 20 game The number of minutes a vote ban should last. (0 = Disabled)
sv_vote_late_join_cooldown 300 game Length of the vote-creation cooldown when joining the server after the grace period has expired
sv_vote_late_join_time 90 game Grace period after the match starts before players who join the match receive a vote-creation cooldown
sv_vote_quorum_ratio 0.6 0.1 1 game notify The minimum ratio of eligible players needed to pass a vote. Min 0.1, Max 1.0.
sv_vote_timer_allow_early_finish 1 game If all votes are in, whether to end the vote (for debugging)
sv_vote_timer_duration 15 game How long to allow voting on an issue
sv_vote_ui_hide_disabled_issues 1 game Suppress listing of disabled issues in the vote setup screen.
sv_wateraccelerate 10 game notify replicated
sv_waterdist 12 game replicated Vertical view fixup when eyes are near water plane.
sv_waterfriction 1 game notify replicated
sys_minidumpexpandedspew 1
sys_minidumpspewlines 500 Lines of crash dump console spew to keep.
systemlinkport 27030 System Link port
+taunt cmd client
taunt ncmd game Perform the active weapon's taunt.
taunt_by_name cmd client Use equipped taunt by name.
telemetry_demoend 0 When playing demo, stop telemetry on tick #
telemetry_demostart 0 When playing demo, start telemetry on tick #
telemetry_framecount 0 Set Telemetry count of frames to capture
telemetry_level 0 Set Telemetry profile level: 0 being off.
telemetry_pause 0 Pause Telemetry
telemetry_resume 0 Resume Telemetry
telemetry_server localhost Set Telemetry server
template_debug 0 game
Test_CreateEntity cmd game cheat
test_dispatcheffect cmd game cheat Test a clientside dispatch effect.
Usage: test_dispatcheffect <effect name> <distance away> <flags> <magnitude> <scale>
Defaults are: <distance 1024> <flags 0> <magnitude 0> <scale 0>
Test_EHandle cmd game cheat
test_entity_blocker cmd game cheat Test command that drops an entity blocker out in front of the player.
test_freezeframe cmd client cheat Test the freeze frame code.
test_giveawayitem cmd client cheat Debugging tool to test the item giveaway panel. Usage: test_giveawayitem <weapon name>
<weapon id>: 0 = primary, 1 = secondary, 2 = melee.
Test_InitRandomEntitySpawner cmd game cheat
Test_ProxyToggle_EnableProxy cmd game cheat
Test_ProxyToggle_EnsureValue cmd client cheat Test_ProxyToggle_EnsureValue
Test_ProxyToggle_SetValue cmd game cheat
Test_RandomizeInPVS cmd game cheat
Test_RandomPlayerPosition cmd game cheat
Test_RemoveAllRandomEntities cmd game cheat
Test_SpawnRandomEntities cmd game cheat
testhudanim cmd client cheat Test a hud element animation.
Arguments: <anim name>
testscript_debug 0 Debug test scripts.
teststatpanel cmd devonly client
texture_budget_background_alpha 128 archive how translucent the budget panel is
texture_budget_panel_bottom_of_history_fraction .25 archive number between 0 and 1
texture_budget_panel_global 0 Show global times in the texture budget panel.
texture_budget_panel_height 284 archive height in pixels of the budget panel
texture_budget_panel_width 512 archive width in pixels of the budget panel
texture_budget_panel_x 0 archive number of pixels from the left side of the game screen to draw the budget panel
texture_budget_panel_y 450 archive number of pixels from the top side of the game screen to draw the budget panel
tf_airblast_cray 1 game cheat Use alternate cray airblast logic globally.
tf_airblast_cray_debug 0 game cheat Enable debugging overlays & output for cray airblast. Value is length of time to show debug overlays in seconds.
tf_airblast_cray_ground_minz 100 game cheat If set, cray airblast ensures the target has this minimum Z velocity after reflections and impulse have been applied. Set to 268.3281572999747 for exact old airblast Z behavior.
tf_airblast_cray_ground_reflect 1 game cheat If set, cray airblast reflects any airblast power directed into the ground off of it, to prevent ground-stuck and provide a bit more control over up-vs-forward vectoring
tf_airblast_cray_lose_footing_duration 0.5 game cheat How long the player should be unable to regain their footing after being airblast, separate from air-control stun.
tf_airblast_cray_pitch_control 0 game cheat If set, allow controlling the pitch of the airblast, in addition to the yaw.
tf_airblast_cray_power 600 game cheat Amount of force cray airblast should apply unconditionally. Set to 0 to only perform player momentum reflection.
tf_airblast_cray_power_relative 0 game cheat If set, the blast power power also inherits from the blast's forward momentum.
tf_airblast_cray_reflect_coeff 2 game cheat The coefficient of reflective power cray airblast employs.
0 - No reflective powers
0-1 - Cancel out some/all incoming velocity
1-2 - Reflect some/all incoming velocity outwards
2+ - Reflect incoming velocity outwards and then some
tf_airblast_cray_reflect_cost_coeff 0.5 game cheat What portion of power used for reflection is removed from the push effect. Note that reflecting incoming momentum requires 2x the momentum - to first neutralize and then reverse it. Setting this to 1 means that a target running towards the blast at more than 50% blast-speed would have a net pushback half that of a stationary target, since half the power was used to negate their incoming momentum. A value of 0.5 would mean that running towards the blast would not be beneficial vs being still, while values >.5 would make it beneficial to do so, and <.5 detrimental.
tf_airblast_cray_reflect_relative 0 game cheat If set, the relative, rather than absolute, target velocity is considered for reflection.
tf_airblast_cray_stun_amount 0 0 1 game cheat Amount of control loss to apply if stun_duration is set.
tf_airblast_cray_stun_duration 0 0 1 game cheat If set, apply this duration of stun when initially hit by an airblast. Does not apply to repeated airblasts.
tf_allow_all_team_partner_taunt 1 devonly game replicated
tf_allow_player_name_change 1 game notify Allow player name changes.
tf_allow_player_use 0 game notify Allow players to execute +use while playing.
tf_allow_server_hibernation 1 game Allow the server to hibernate when empty.
tf_allow_sliding_taunt 0 game 1 - Allow player to slide for a bit after taunting
tf_allow_taunt_switch 0 game replicated 0 - players are not allowed to switch weapons while taunting, 1 - players can switch weapons at the start of a taunt (old bug behavior), 2 - players can switch weapons at any time during a taunt.
tf_always_deathanim 0 client cheat Force death anims to always play.
tf_always_loser 0 game replicated cheat Force loserstate to true.
tf_archer_proxy_fire_rate 1 game cheat
tf_arena_change_limit 1 devonly game notify replicated cheat Number of times players can change their class when mp_force_random_class is being used.
tf_arena_first_blood 1 game notify replicated Rewards the first player to get a kill each round.
tf_arena_force_class 0 devonly game notify replicated cheat Forces players to play a random class each time they spawn.
tf_arena_max_streak 3 game notify replicated Teams will be scrambled if one team reaches this streak
tf_arena_override_cap_enable_time -1 game notify replicated Overrides the time (in seconds) it takes for the capture point to become enable, -1 uses the level designer specified time.
tf_arena_override_team_size 0 game replicated Overrides the maximum team size in arena mode. Set to zero to keep the default behavior of 1/3 maxplayers.
tf_arena_preround_time 10 5 15 game notify replicated Length of the Pre-Round time
tf_arena_round_time 0 game notify replicated
tf_arena_use_queue 1 game notify replicated Enables the spectator queue system for Arena.
tf_attack_defend_map 0 devonly game replicated
tf_autobalance_ask_candidates_maxtime 10 game replicated
tf_autobalance_dead_candidates_maxtime 15 game replicated
tf_autobalance_force_candidates_maxtime 5 game replicated
tf_autobalance_xp_bonus 500 game replicated
tf_avoidteammates 1 devonly game replicated cheat Controls how teammates interact when colliding.
0: Teammates block each other
1: Teammates pass through each other, but push each other away (default)
tf_avoidteammates_pushaway 1 game replicated Whether or not teammates push each other away when occupying the same space
tf_backpack_page_button_delay 0.5 client archive Amount of time the mouse cursor needs to hover over the page button to select the page.
tf_base_boss_max_turn_rate 25 game cheat
tf_base_boss_speed 75 game cheat
tf_beta_content 0 devonly game notify replicated
tf_birthday 0 game notify replicated
tf_birthday_ball_chance 100 game replicated Percent chance of a birthday beach ball spawning at each round start
tf_bison_tick_time 0.025 game cheat
tf_bonuspack_score 1 devonly game replicated
tf_boost_drain_time 15.0 0.1 devonly game Time is takes for a full health boost to drain away from a player.
tf_bot_add cmd game Add a bot.
tf_bot_always_full_reload 0 game cheat
tf_bot_ammo_search_range 5000 game cheat How far bots will search to find ammo around them
tf_bot_arrow_elevation_rate 0.0001 game cheat When firing arrows at far away targets, this is the degree/range slope to raise our aim
tf_bot_auto_vacate 1 game If nonzero, bots will automatically leave to make room for human players.
tf_bot_ballistic_elevation_rate 0.01 game cheat When lobbing grenades at far away targets, this is the degree/range slope to raise our aim
tf_bot_capture_seek_and_destroy_max_duration 30 game cheat If a capturing bot decides to go hunting, this is the max duration he will hunt for before reconsidering
tf_bot_capture_seek_and_destroy_min_duration 15 game cheat If a capturing bot decides to go hunting, this is the min duration he will hunt for before reconsidering
tf_bot_cart_push_radius 60 game cheat
tf_bot_choose_target_interval 0.3f game cheat How often, in seconds, a TFBot can reselect his target
tf_bot_count 0 devonly game notify
tf_bot_debug_ammo_scavenging 0 game cheat
tf_bot_debug_destroy_enemy_sentry 0 game cheat
tf_bot_debug_payload_guard_vantage_points game cheat
tf_bot_debug_retreat_to_cover 0 game cheat
tf_bot_debug_seek_and_destroy 0 game cheat
tf_bot_debug_sentry_placement 0 game cheat
tf_bot_debug_sniper 0 game cheat
tf_bot_debug_spy 0 game cheat
tf_bot_debug_stuck_log cmd game cheat Given a server logfile, visually display bot stuck locations.
tf_bot_debug_stuck_log_clear cmd game cheat Clear currently loaded bot stuck data
tf_bot_debug_tags 0 game cheat ent_text will only show tags on bots
tf_bot_defend_owned_point_percent 0.5 game cheat Stay on the contested point we own until enemy cap percent falls below this
tf_bot_defense_debug 0 game cheat
tf_bot_defense_must_defend_time 300 game cheat If timer is less than this, bots will stay near point and guard
tf_bot_difficulty 1 game Defines the skill of bots joining the game. Values are: 0=easy, 1=normal, 2=hard, 3=expert.
tf_bot_engineer_building_health_multiplier 2 game cheat
tf_bot_engineer_exit_near_sentry_range 2500 game cheat Maximum travel distance between a bot's Sentry gun and its Teleporter Exit
tf_bot_engineer_max_sentry_travel_distance_to_point 2500 game cheat Maximum travel distance between a bot's Sentry gun and the currently contested point
tf_bot_engineer_mvm_hint_min_distance_from_bomb 1300 game cheat
tf_bot_engineer_mvm_sentry_hint_bomb_backward_range 3000 game cheat
tf_bot_engineer_mvm_sentry_hint_bomb_forward_range 0 game cheat
tf_bot_engineer_retaliate_range 750 game cheat If attacker who destroyed sentry is closer than this, attack. Otherwise, retreat
tf_bot_escort_range 300 game cheat
tf_bot_fetch_lost_flag_time 10 game cheat How long busy TFBots will ignore the dropped flag before they give up what they are doing and go after it
tf_bot_fire_weapon_allowed 1 game cheat If zero, TFBots will not pull the trigger of their weapons (but will act like they did)
tf_bot_fire_weapon_min_time 1 game cheat
tf_bot_flag_escort_give_up_range 1000 game cheat
tf_bot_flag_escort_max_count 4 game cheat
tf_bot_flag_escort_range 500 game cheat
tf_bot_flag_kill_on_touch 0 game cheat If nonzero, any bot that picks up the flag dies. For testing.
tf_bot_force_class game If set to a class name, all TFBots will respawn as that class
tf_bot_force_jump 0 game cheat Force bots to continuously jump
tf_bot_formation_debug 0 game cheat
tf_bot_health_critical_ratio 0.3 game cheat
tf_bot_health_ok_ratio 0.8 game cheat
tf_bot_health_search_far_range 2000 game cheat
tf_bot_health_search_near_range 1000 game cheat
tf_bot_hitscan_range_limit 1800 game cheat
tf_bot_join_after_player 1 game If nonzero, bots wait until a player joins before entering the game.
tf_bot_keep_class_after_death 0 game
tf_bot_kick cmd game Remove a TFBot by name, or all bots ("all").
tf_bot_kill cmd game Kill a TFBot by name, or all bots ("all").
tf_bot_max_grenade_launch_at_sentry_range 1500 game cheat
tf_bot_max_point_defend_range 1250 game cheat How far (in travel distance) from the point defending bots will take up positions
tf_bot_max_setup_gate_defend_range 2000 game cheat How far from the setup gate(s) defending bots can take up positions
tf_bot_max_sticky_launch_at_sentry_range 1500 game cheat
tf_bot_max_teleport_entrance_travel 1500 game cheat Don't plant teleport entrances farther than this travel distance from our spawn room
tf_bot_max_teleport_exit_travel_to_point 2500 game cheat In an offensive engineer bot's tele exit is farther from the point than this, destroy it
tf_bot_medic_cover_test_resolution 8 game cheat
tf_bot_medic_debug 0 game cheat
tf_bot_medic_max_call_response_range 1000 game cheat
tf_bot_medic_max_heal_range 600 game cheat
tf_bot_medic_start_follow_range 250 game cheat
tf_bot_medic_stop_follow_range 75 game cheat
tf_bot_melee_attack_abandon_range 500 game cheat If threat is farther away than this, bot will switch back to its primary weapon and attack
tf_bot_melee_only 0 game If nonzero, TFBots will only use melee weapons
tf_bot_min_setup_gate_defend_range 750 game cheat How close from the setup gate(s) defending bots can take up positions. Areas closer than this will be in cover to ambush.
tf_bot_min_setup_gate_sniper_defend_range 1500 game cheat How far from the setup gate(s) a defending sniper will take up position
tf_bot_min_teleport_travel 3000 game cheat Minimum travel distance between teleporter entrance and exit before engineer bot will build one
tf_bot_mvm_show_engineer_hint_region cmd game cheat Show the nav areas MvM engineer bots will consider when selecting sentry and teleporter hints
tf_bot_near_point_travel_distance 750 game cheat If within this travel distance to the current point, bot is 'near' it
tf_bot_notice_backstab_chance 25 game cheat
tf_bot_notice_backstab_max_range 750 game cheat
tf_bot_notice_backstab_min_range 100 game cheat
tf_bot_notice_gunfire_range 3000 game
tf_bot_notice_quiet_gunfire_range 500 game
tf_bot_npc_archer_arrow_damage 75 game cheat
tf_bot_npc_archer_health 100 game cheat
tf_bot_npc_archer_shoot_interval 2 game cheat
tf_bot_npc_archer_speed 100 game cheat
tf_bot_offense_must_push_time 120 game cheat If timer is less than this, bots will push hard to cap
tf_bot_offline_practice 0 game Tells the server that it is in offline practice mode.
tf_bot_path_lookahead_range 300 game
tf_bot_payload_guard_range 1000 game cheat
tf_bot_prefix_name_with_difficulty 0 game Append the skill level of the bot to the bot's name
tf_bot_pyro_always_reflect 0 game cheat Pyro bots will always reflect projectiles fired at them. For tesing/debugging purposes.
tf_bot_pyro_deflect_tolerance 0.5 game cheat
tf_bot_pyro_shove_away_range 250 game cheat If a Pyro bot's target is closer than this, compression blast them away
tf_bot_quota 0 game Determines the total number of tf bots in the game.
tf_bot_quota_mode normal game Determines the type of quota.
Allowed values: 'normal', 'fill', and 'match'.
If 'fill', the server will adjust bots to keep N players in the game, where N is bot_quota.
If 'match', the server will maintain a 1:N ratio of humans to bots, where N is bot_quota.
tf_bot_reevaluate_class_in_spawnroom 1 game cheat If set, bots will opportunisticly switch class while in spawnrooms if their current class is no longer their first choice.
tf_bot_retreat_to_cover_range 1000 game cheat
tf_bot_sniper_aim_error 0.01 game cheat
tf_bot_sniper_aim_steady_rate 10 game cheat
tf_bot_sniper_allow_opportunistic 1 game If set, Snipers will stop on their way to their preferred lurking spot to snipe at opportunistic targets
tf_bot_sniper_choose_target_interval 3.0f game cheat How often, in seconds, a zoomed-in Sniper can reselect his target
tf_bot_sniper_flee_range 400 game cheat If threat is closer than this, retreat
tf_bot_sniper_goal_entity_move_tolerance 500 game cheat
tf_bot_sniper_linger_time 5 game cheat How long Sniper will wait around after losing his target before giving up
tf_bot_sniper_melee_range 200 game cheat If threat is closer than this, attack with melee weapon
tf_bot_sniper_patience_duration 10 game cheat How long a Sniper bot will wait without seeing an enemy before picking a new spot
tf_bot_sniper_personal_space_range 1000 game cheat Enemies beyond this range don't worry the Sniper
tf_bot_sniper_spot_epsilon 100 game cheat
tf_bot_sniper_spot_max_count 10 game cheat Stop searching for sniper spots when each side has found this many
tf_bot_sniper_spot_min_range 1000 game cheat
tf_bot_sniper_spot_point_tolerance 750 game cheat
tf_bot_sniper_spot_search_count 10 game cheat Search this many times per behavior update frame
tf_bot_sniper_target_linger_duration 2 game cheat How long a Sniper bot will keep toward at a target it just lost sight of
tf_bot_spawn_use_preset_roster 1 game cheat Bot will choose class from a preset class table.
tf_bot_spy_change_target_range_threshold 300 game cheat
tf_bot_spy_knife_range 300 game cheat If threat is closer than this, prefer our knife
tf_bot_squad_escort_range 500 game cheat
tf_bot_sticky_base_range 800 game cheat
tf_bot_sticky_charge_rate 0.01 game cheat Seconds of charge per unit range beyond base
tf_bot_stickybomb_density 0.0001 game cheat Number of stickies to place per square inch
tf_bot_suicide_bomb_friendly_fire 1 game cheat
tf_bot_suicide_bomb_range 300 game cheat
tf_bot_suspect_spy_forget_cooldown 5 game cheat How long to consider a suspicious spy as suspicious
tf_bot_suspect_spy_touch_interval 5 game cheat How many seconds back to look for touches against suspicious spies
tf_bot_taunt_victim_chance 20 game
tf_bot_teleport_build_surface_normal_limit 0.99 game cheat If the ground normal Z component is less that this value, Engineer bots won't place their entrance teleporter
tf_bot_wait_in_cover_max_time 2 game cheat
tf_bot_wait_in_cover_min_time 1 game cheat
tf_bot_warp_team_to_me cmd game cheat
tf_build_menu_controller_mode 0 client archive Use console controller build menus. 1 = ON, 0 = OFF.
tf_caplinear 1 devonly game replicated If set to 1, teams must capture control points linearly.
tf_cart_duck_drop_rate 10 devonly game
tf_cart_soul_drop_rate 10 devonly game
tf_cart_spell_drop_rate 4 game
tf_casual_welcome_hide 0 client hidden archive
tf_chargedfriends client archive
tf_chat_popup_hold_time 5 client archive
tf_cheapobjects 0 devonly game replicated cheat Set to 1 and all objects will cost 0
tf_clamp_airducks 1 game replicated
tf_clamp_back_speed 0.9 devonly game replicated
tf_clamp_back_speed_min 100 devonly game replicated
tf_classlimit 0 0 game notify replicated Limit on how many players can be any class (i.e. tf_class_limit 2 would limit 2 players per class).
tf_clear_attribute cmd game cheat Remove given attribute from all areas in the selected set.
tf_clientsideeye_lookats 1 client When on, players will turn their pupils to look at nearby players.
tf_coach_min_time_played 7200 client hidden
tf_coach_request_nevershowagain 0 client hidden archive
tf_colorblindassist 0 client archive Setting this to 1 turns on colorblind mode.
tf_comp_welcome_hide 0 client hidden archive
tf_competitive_abandon_method 0 game hidden
tf_competitive_preround_countdown_duration 10.5 game hidden How long we stay in countdown when in competitive games.
tf_competitive_preround_duration 3 game replicated How long we stay in pre-round when in competitive games.
tf_competitive_required_late_join_confirm_timeout 30 devonly game How long to wait for the GC to confirm we're in the late join pool before canceling the match
tf_competitive_required_late_join_timeout 120 devonly game How long to wait for late joiners in matches requiring full player counts before canceling the match
tf_construction_build_rate_multiplier 1.5f devonly game replicated
tf_contract_competitive_show 2 client archive norecord Settings for the contract HUD element during competitive matches: 0 show nothing, 1 show everything, 2 show only active contracts.
tf_contract_progress_report_item_hold_time 2 devonly client
tf_contract_progress_show 1 client archive norecord Settings for the contract HUD element: 0 show nothing, 1 show everything, 2 show only active contracts.
tf_crashclient cmd devonly client Crashes this client for testing.
tf_ctf_bonus_time 10 game notify Length of team crit time for CTF capture.
tf_damage_disablespread 1 game notify replicated Toggles the random damage spread applied to all player damage.
tf_damage_events_track_for 30 devonly game
tf_damage_multiplier_blue 1.0 game cheat All incoming damage to a blue player is multiplied by this value
tf_damage_multiplier_red 1.0 game cheat All incoming damage to a red player is multiplied by this value
tf_damage_range 0.5 devonly game
tf_damageforcescale_other 6.0 devonly game cheat
tf_damageforcescale_pyro_jump 8.5 devonly game cheat
tf_damageforcescale_self_soldier_badrj 5.0 devonly game cheat
tf_damageforcescale_self_soldier_rj 10.0 devonly game cheat
tf_damagescale_self_soldier 0.60 devonly game cheat
tf_dashboard_slide_time 0.25 0 1 client archive How long it takes for the dashboard side panels to slide in and out
tf_datacenter_ping_debug 0 client
tf_datacenter_ping_dump cmd client Dump current datacenter ping values to console
tf_datacenter_ping_interval 180 devonly client
tf_debug_damage 0 game cheat
tf_debug_flamethrower 0 game replicated cheat Visualize the flamethrower damage.
tf_debug_placement_failure 0 game cheat
tf_debug_tabcontainer 0 hidden Spew TabContainer dimensions.
tf_debugsentrydamage cmd devonly client
tf_decoy_lifetime 5 game cheat The lifetime of a decoy, in seconds
tf_delete_temp_files 1 client archive Delete custom player sprays and other temp files during shutdown
tf_demoman_charge_drain_time 1.5 devonly game replicated
tf_demoman_charge_frametime_scaling 1 game replicated cheat When enabled, scale yaw limiting based on client performance (frametime).
tf_demoman_charge_regen_rate 8.3 devonly game replicated
tf_deploying_bomb_delay_time 0.0 devonly game cheat Time to delay before deploying bomb.
tf_deploying_bomb_time 1.90 devonly game cheat Time to deploy bomb before the point of no return.
tf_dev_health_on_damage_recover_percentage 0.35 devonly game
tf_dev_marked_for_death_lifetime 15.0 devonly game
tf_dingaling_lasthit_pitch_override -1 client If set, pitch for last hit sounds.
tf_dingaling_lasthit_pitchmaxdmg 100 1 255 client archive Desired pitch of the last hit sound when a maximum damage hit (>= 150 health) is done.
tf_dingaling_lasthit_pitchmindmg 100 1 255 client archive Desired pitch of the last hit sound when a minimal damage hit (<= 10 health) is done.
tf_dingaling_lasthit_volume 0.75 0 1 client archive Desired volume of the last hit sound.
tf_dingaling_pitch_override -1 client If set, pitch for all hit sounds.
tf_dingaling_pitchmaxdmg 100 1 255 client archive Desired pitch of the hit sound when a maximum damage hit (>= 150 health) is done.
tf_dingaling_pitchmindmg 100 1 255 client archive Desired pitch of the hit sound when a minimal damage hit (<= 10 health) is done.
tf_dingaling_volume 0.75 0 1 client archive Desired volume of the hit sound.
tf_dingalingaling 0 client archive If set to 1, play a sound everytime you injure an enemy. The sound can be customized by replacing the 'tf/sound/ui/hitsound.wav' file.
tf_dingalingaling_effect 0 0 8 client archive Which Dingalingaling sound is used
tf_dingalingaling_last_effect 0 0 8 client archive Which final hit sound to play when the target expires.
tf_dingalingaling_lasthit 0 client archive If set to 1, play a sound whenever one of your attacks kills an enemy. The sound can be customized by replacing the 'tf/sound/ui/killsound.wav' file.
tf_dingalingaling_repeat_delay 0.0 0 client archive Desired repeat delay of the hit sound. Set to 0 to play a sound for every instance of damage dealt.
tf_disguise_menu_controller_mode 0 client archive Use console controller disguise menus. 1 = ON, 0 = OFF.
tf_double_donk_window 0.5 devonly game replicated cheat How long after an impact from a cannonball that an explosion will count as a double-donk.
tf_dropped_weapon_lifetime 30 game cheat
tf_duck_allow_team_pickup 1 devonly game replicated
tf_duck_debug_spew 0 devonly game replicated
tf_duck_edict_limit 1900 game replicated Maximum number of edicts allowed before spawning a duck
tf_duck_edict_warning 1800 game replicated Maximum number of edicts allowed before slowing duck spawn rate
tf_duck_upload_rate 2400 devonly client
tf_dumpplayerstats cmd devonly game Dumps current player stats
tf_econ_item_preview cmd client hidden norecord clcmdcanexec Preview an economy item
tf_enable_glows_after_respawn 1 client archive Enable teammate glow effects after respawn.
tf_escort_recede_time 30 0 game
tf_escort_recede_time_overtime 5 0 game
tf_escort_score_rate 1 game cheat Score for escorting the train, in points per second
tf_explanations_backpackpanel 0 client archive Whether the user has seen explanations for this panel.
tf_explanations_charinfo_armory_panel 0 client archive Whether the user has seen explanations for this panel.
tf_explanations_charinfopanel 0 client archive Whether the user has seen explanations for this panel.
tf_explanations_craftingpanel 0 client archive Whether the user has seen explanations for this panel.
tf_explanations_discardpanel 0 client archive Whether the user has seen explanations for this panel.
tf_explanations_store 0 client archive Whether the user has seen explanations for this panel.
tf_eyeball_boss_acceleration 500 game cheat
tf_eyeball_boss_attack_range 750 game cheat
tf_eyeball_boss_debug 0 game cheat
tf_eyeball_boss_debug_orientation 0 game cheat
tf_eyeball_boss_health_at_level_2 17000 game cheat
tf_eyeball_boss_health_base 8000 game cheat
tf_eyeball_boss_health_per_level 3000 game cheat
tf_eyeball_boss_health_per_player 400 game cheat
tf_eyeball_boss_horiz_damping 2 game cheat
tf_eyeball_boss_hover_height 200 game cheat
tf_eyeball_boss_lifetime 120 game cheat
tf_eyeball_boss_lifetime_spell 8 game cheat
tf_eyeball_boss_speed 250 game cheat
tf_eyeball_boss_vert_damping 1 game cheat
tf_fall_damage_disablespread 0 game
tf_fastbuild 0 devonly game cheat
tf_feign_death_activate_damage_scale 0.25 devonly game cheat
tf_feign_death_damage_scale 0.35 devonly game cheat
tf_feign_death_duration 3.0 devonly game replicated cheat Time that feign death buffs last.
tf_feign_death_speed_duration 3.0 devonly game replicated cheat Time that feign death speed boost last.
tf_find_a_match_hint_viewed 0 client archive
tf_fireball_airblast_recharge_penalty 0.5 game replicated cheat
tf_fireball_burn_duration 2 game replicated cheat
tf_fireball_burning_bonus 3 game replicated cheat
tf_fireball_damage 25 game replicated cheat
tf_fireball_distance 500 game replicated cheat
tf_fireball_draw_debug_radius 0 game replicated cheat
tf_fireball_hit_recharge_boost 1.5 game replicated cheat
tf_fireball_max_lifetime 0.5 game replicated cheat
tf_fireball_radius 22.5 game replicated cheat
tf_fireball_speed 3000 game replicated cheat
tf_flag_caps_per_round 3 0 game replicated Number of captures per round on CTF and PASS Time maps. Set to 0 to disable.
tf_flag_return_on_touch 0 game replicated If this is set, your flag must be at base in order to capture the enemy flag. Remote friendly flags return to your base instantly when you touch them
tf_flag_return_time_credit_factor 1.0 0 game replicated Number of seconds the flag's return time will be credited for each second the flag is being carried.
tf_flame_dmg_mode_dist 0 devonly game hidden replicated cheat
tf_flamethrower_boxsize 12.0 1 24 game replicated cheat Size of flame damage entities.
tf_flamethrower_burst_zvelocity 350 devonly game cheat
tf_flamethrower_burstammo 20 devonly game replicated cheat How much ammo does the air burst use per shot.
tf_flamethrower_drag 0.87 devonly game cheat Air drag of flame damage entities.
tf_flamethrower_flametime 0.5 devonly game replicated cheat Time to live of flame damage entities.
tf_flamethrower_float 50.0 devonly game cheat Upward float velocity of flame damage entities.
tf_flamethrower_maxdamagedist 350.0 devonly game cheat Maximum damage distance for flamethrower.
tf_flamethrower_new_flame_offset 40 5 0 devonly game replicated cheat Starting position relative to the flamethrower.
tf_flamethrower_shortrangedamagemultiplier 1.2 devonly game cheat Damage multiplier for close-in flamethrower damage.
tf_flamethrower_vecrand 0.05 devonly game cheat Random vector added to initial velocity of flame damage entities.
tf_flamethrower_velocity 2300.0 devonly game cheat Initial velocity of flame damage entities.
tf_flamethrower_velocityfadeend .5 devonly game cheat Time at which attacker's velocity contribution finishes fading.
tf_flamethrower_velocityfadestart .3 devonly game cheat Time at which attacker's velocity contribution starts to fade.
tf_force_holidays_off 0 devonly game notify replicated
tf_forced_holiday 0 game replicated Forced holiday,
Birthday = 1
Halloween = 2
tf_fortune_teller_fortune_duration 30 game cheat Duration of the fortune time.
tf_fortune_teller_interval_time 120 game cheat Time until the next fortune teller event (in second).
tf_fortune_teller_warning_time 2 game cheat Warning time (in second) before fortune teller tells a fortune.
tf_gamemode_arena 0 devonly game notify replicated
tf_gamemode_community 0 devonly game notify replicated
tf_gamemode_cp 0 devonly game notify replicated
tf_gamemode_ctf 0 devonly game notify replicated
tf_gamemode_misc 0 devonly game notify replicated
tf_gamemode_mvm 0 devonly game notify replicated
tf_gamemode_passtime 0 devonly game notify replicated
tf_gamemode_payload 0 devonly game notify replicated
tf_gamemode_pd 0 devonly game notify replicated
tf_gamemode_rd 0 devonly game notify replicated
tf_gamemode_sd 0 devonly game notify replicated
tf_gamemode_tc 0 devonly game notify replicated
tf_ghost_up_speed 300.f game replicated cheat Speed that ghost go upward while holding jump key
tf_ghost_xy_speed 300.f game replicated cheat
tf_grapplinghook_acceleration 3500 game replicated cheat
tf_grapplinghook_dampening 500 game replicated cheat
tf_grapplinghook_enable 0 game replicated
tf_grapplinghook_fire_delay 0.5 game replicated cheat
tf_grapplinghook_follow_distance 64 game replicated cheat
tf_grapplinghook_jump_up_speed 375 game replicated cheat
tf_grapplinghook_los_force_detach_time 1 game cheat
tf_grapplinghook_max_distance 2000 game replicated cheat Valid distance for grappling hook to travel
tf_grapplinghook_medic_latch_speed_scale 0.65 game replicated cheat
tf_grapplinghook_move_speed 750 game replicated cheat
tf_grapplinghook_prevent_fall_damage 0 game replicated cheat
tf_grapplinghook_projectile_speed 1500 game replicated cheat How fast does the grappliing hook projectile travel
tf_grapplinghook_use_acceleration 0 game replicated Use full acceleration calculation for grappling hook movement
tf_gravetalk 1 0 1 game notify Allows living players to hear dead players using text/voice chat.
tf_grenade_force_sleeptime 1.0 devonly game cheat
tf_grenade_forcefrom_blast 0.15 devonly game cheat
tf_grenade_forcefrom_buckshot 0.75 devonly game cheat
tf_grenade_forcefrom_bullet 2.0 devonly game cheat
tf_grenadelauncher_chargescale 1.0 devonly game replicated cheat
tf_grenadelauncher_livetime 0.8 devonly game replicated cheat
tf_grenadelauncher_min_contact_speed 100 devonly game
tf_halloween_allow_ghost_hit_by_kart_delay 0.5 game cheat
tf_halloween_allow_truce_during_boss_event 0 game notify Determines if RED and BLU can damage each other while fighting Monoculus or Merasmus on non-Valve maps.
tf_halloween_bonus_ducks_cooldown 20 client archive
tf_halloween_boss_spawn_interval 480 game cheat Average interval between boss spawns, in seconds
tf_halloween_boss_spawn_interval_variation 60 game cheat Variation of spawn interval +/-
tf_halloween_bot_attack_range 200 game cheat
tf_halloween_bot_chase_duration 30 game cheat
tf_halloween_bot_chase_range 1500 game cheat
tf_halloween_bot_health_base 3000 game cheat
tf_halloween_bot_health_per_player 200 game cheat
tf_halloween_bot_min_player_count 10 game cheat
tf_halloween_bot_quit_range 2000 game cheat
tf_halloween_bot_speed 400 game cheat
tf_halloween_bot_speed_recovery_rate 100 game cheat Movement units/second
tf_halloween_bot_terrify_radius 500 game cheat
tf_halloween_eyeball_boss_spawn_interval 180 game cheat Average interval between boss spawns, in seconds
tf_halloween_eyeball_boss_spawn_interval_variation 30 game cheat Variation of spawn interval +/-
tf_halloween_force_boss_spawn cmd game cheat For testing.
tf_halloween_giant_health_scale 10 game cheat
tf_halloween_gift_lifetime 240 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_hhh_attack_kart_radius 300 game cheat
tf_halloween_kart_air_turn_scale 1.2f game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_aircontrol 1.2f game replicated cheat Multiplier for how much air control players have when in Kart Mode
tf_halloween_kart_bomb_head_damage_scale 2 game cheat
tf_halloween_kart_bomb_head_impulse_scale 2 game cheat
tf_halloween_kart_bombhead_scale 1.5f game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_boost_duration 1.5f game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_boost_impact_force 0.75f game cheat Impact force scaler on boosts
tf_halloween_kart_boost_recharge 5.0f game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_brake_accel 500 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_brake_speed 0 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_cam_dist 225 client cheat
tf_halloween_kart_cam_follow 0.3f client cheat
tf_halloween_kart_coast_accel 300 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_damage_to_force 300.0f game cheat
tf_halloween_kart_dash_accel 750 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_dash_speed 1000 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_fast_turn_accel_speed 400 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_fast_turn_speed 60 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_idle_speed 0 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_impact_air_scale 0.75f game cheat
tf_halloween_kart_impact_bounds_scale 1.0f game cheat
tf_halloween_kart_impact_damage 1.0f game cheat Impact damage scaler
tf_halloween_kart_impact_feedback 0.25f game cheat
tf_halloween_kart_impact_force 0.75f game cheat Impact force scaler
tf_halloween_kart_impact_lookahead 12.0f game cheat
tf_halloween_kart_impact_rate 0.5f game cheat rate of allowing impact damage
tf_halloween_kart_normal_accel 300 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_normal_speed 650 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_pitch 10 client archive
tf_halloween_kart_pitch_fast_follow_rate 2 client archive
tf_halloween_kart_pitch_slow_follow_rate 0.5 client archive
tf_halloween_kart_punting_ghost_force_scale 4 game cheat
tf_halloween_kart_return_turn_accell 200 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_reverse_speed -50 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_reverse_turn_speed 50 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_rocketspell_force 900.0f game cheat
tf_halloween_kart_rocketspell_lifetime 0.5f game cheat
tf_halloween_kart_rocketspell_speed 1500 game cheat
tf_halloween_kart_slow_turn_accel_speed 200 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_slow_turn_speed 100 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_slowmoving_accel 500 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_slowmoving_threshold 300 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_sound_fast_pitch 80.f client replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_sound_slow_pitch 30.f client replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_stationary_turn_speed 50 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_kart_stun_amount 1.0f game cheat
tf_halloween_kart_stun_duration_scale 0.70f game cheat
tf_halloween_kart_stun_enabled 1 game cheat
tf_halloween_kart_turning_curve_peak_position 0.5 game replicated cheat
tf_halloween_unlimited_spells 0 game cheat
tf_halloween_zombie_damage 10 game cheat How much damage a zombie melee hit does.
tf_halloween_zombie_mob_enabled 0 game cheat If set to 1, spawn zombie mobs on non-Halloween Valve maps
tf_halloween_zombie_mob_spawn_count 20 game cheat How many zombies to spawn
tf_halloween_zombie_mob_spawn_interval 180 game cheat Average interval between zombie mob spawns, in seconds
tf_hat_effect_offset 0 -8 8 client hidden Adjust the position of the unusual effect for your hat.
tf_healthicon_height_offset 10 client archive Offset of the health icon away from the top of the target.
tf_helpme_range 150 devonly game
tf_highfive_debug 0 game Turns on some console spew for debugging high five issues.
tf_highfive_height_tolerance 12 devonly game cheat The maximum height difference allowed for two high-fivers.
tf_highfive_hintcount 0 0 client archive norecord Counts the number of times the high five hint has been displayed
tf_highfive_max_range 150 devonly game cheat The farthest away a high five partner can be
tf_highfive_separation_forward 0 devonly game cheat Forward distance between high five partners
tf_highfive_separation_right 0 devonly game cheat Right distance between high five partners
tf_hud_no_crosshair_on_scope_zoom 0 client archive
tf_hud_notification_duration 3.0 client How long to display hud notification panels before fading them
tf_hud_notification_show_count_ghost_controls 0 client archive
tf_hud_notification_show_count_ghost_controls_no_respawn 0 client archive
tf_hud_notification_show_count_kart_controls 0 client archive
tf_hud_num_building_alert_beeps 2 0 client archive Number of times to play warning sound when a new alert displays on building hud objects
tf_hud_show_servertimelimit 0 client archive Display time left before the current map ends.
tf_hud_target_id_alpha 100 client archive Alpha value of target id background, default 100
tf_hud_target_id_disable_floating_health 0 client archive Set to disable floating health bar
tf_hud_target_id_offset 0 client archive RES file Y offset for target id
tf_hud_target_id_show_avatars 2 client archive Display Steam avatars on TargetID when using floating health icons. 1 = everyone, 2 = friends only.
tf_ignite_player cmd devonly game cheat Sets you on fire
tf_impactwatertime 1.0f client cheat Draw impact debris effects.
tf_impactwatertimeenable 0 client cheat Draw impact debris effects.
tf_inspect_hint_count 0 client archive
tf_invuln_time 1.0 devonly game replicated Time it takes for invulnerability to wear off.
tf_item_based_forced_holiday 0 game replicated
tf_item_inspect_model_auto_spin 1 client archive
tf_item_inspect_model_spin_rate 30 client archive
tf_item_selection_panel_sort_type client 0 - Sort is off, 1 - Sort is Alphabet (Pub)
tf_killstreakeyes_maxkills 10 devonly client kills to get the max eye glow effect
tf_killstreakeyes_minkills 5 devonly client min kills to get base eyeglow
tf_last_store_pricesheet_version 0 client hidden archive norecord
tf_listrounds cmd game cheat List the rounds for the current map
tf_lobby_debug cmd client Prints local lobby objects
tf_mainmenu_match_panel_type 7 client hidden archive The match group data to show on the main menu
tf_mark cmd game cheat Set attribute of selected area.
tf_matchmaking_ogs_odds 0.05 client hidden Percentage (0...1) of quickplay queries that will report to OGS
tf_matchmaking_ticket_help 0 client hidden archive norecord Saved if the player has see the ticket help screen.
tf_max_active_zombie 30 game cheat
tf_max_charge_speed 750 devonly game notify replicated cheat
tf_max_health_boost 1.5 1 devonly game replicated Max health factor that players can be boosted to by healers.
tf_max_separation_force 256 devonly client
tf_max_voice_speak_delay 1.5 0.1 devonly game Max time after a voice command until player can do another one
tf_maxhealth_drain_deploy_cost 20 devonly game
tf_maxhealth_drain_hp_min 100 devonly game
tf_medieval 0 0 1 game notify replicated Enable Medieval Mode.
tf_medieval_autorp 1 0 1 game notify replicated Enable Medieval Mode auto-roleplaying.
tf_medieval_cam_idealdist 125 client cheat
tf_medieval_cam_idealdistright 25 client cheat
tf_medieval_cam_idealdistup -10 client cheat
tf_medieval_cam_idealpitch 0 client cheat
tf_medieval_thirdperson 0 client archive Turns on third-person camera in medieval mode.
tf_medigun_autoheal 0 client archive userinfo Setting this to 1 will cause the Medigun's primary attack to be a toggle instead of needing to be held down.
tf_medigun_lagcomp 1 devonly game
tf_meleeattackforcescale 80.0 devonly game cheat
tf_merasmus_attack_range 200 game cheat
tf_merasmus_bomb_head_duration 15.f game cheat
tf_merasmus_bomb_head_per_team 1 game cheat
tf_merasmus_chase_duration 7 game cheat
tf_merasmus_chase_range 2000 game cheat
tf_merasmus_disguise_debug 0 game cheat
tf_merasmus_health_base 33750 game cheat
tf_merasmus_health_per_player 2500 game cheat
tf_merasmus_health_regen_rate 0.001f game cheat Percentage of Max HP per sec that Merasmus will regenerate while in disguise
tf_merasmus_lifetime 120 game cheat
tf_merasmus_min_player_count 10 game cheat
tf_merasmus_min_props_to_reveal 0.7f game cheat Percentage of total fake props players have to destroy before Merasmus reveals himself
tf_merasmus_prop_health 150 game cheat
tf_merasmus_should_disguise_threshold 0.45f game cheat
tf_merasmus_spawn_interval 180 game cheat Average interval between boss spawns, in seconds
tf_merasmus_spawn_interval_variation 30 game cheat Variation of spawn interval +/-
tf_merasmus_speed 600 game cheat
tf_merasmus_speed_recovery_rate 100 game cheat Movement units/second
tf_merasmus_stun_duration 2.f game cheat
tf_minigame_suddendeath_time -1 game cheat Override Sudden Death Time.
tf_misc1_effect_offset 0 -8 8 client hidden Adjust the position of the unusual effect for your hat.
tf_misc2_effect_offset 0 -8 8 client hidden Adjust the position of the unusual effect for your hat.
tf_mm_abandoned_players_per_team_max 1 devonly game
tf_mm_accept_match_invite cmd client Accept Nth match invite
tf_mm_custom_ping 100 25 350 client archive Custom ping tolerance in the matchmaking system. See also tf_custom_ping_enabled.
tf_mm_custom_ping_enabled 0 client archive Whether to use a custom ping tolerance when matchmaking
tf_mm_dashboard_slide_panel_step 20 client archive
tf_mm_dashboard_spew_enabled 0 client archive
tf_mm_debug_level 4 client
tf_mm_dump_match_invites cmd client Show current match invites
tf_mm_match_size_ladder_12v12 24 game replicated Number of players required to play a 12v12 ladder game.
tf_mm_match_size_ladder_12v12_minimum 12 game replicated Specifies the minimum number of players needed to launch a 12v12 match. Set to -1 to disable.
tf_mm_match_size_ladder_6v6 12 1 12 game replicated Number of players required to play a 6v6 ladder game.
tf_mm_match_size_ladder_9v9 18 game replicated Number of players required to play a 9v9 ladder game.
tf_mm_match_size_mvm 6 game replicated How many players in an MvM matchmade group?
tf_mm_next_map_result_hold_time 7 game
tf_mm_next_map_vote_time 30 game replicated
tf_mm_party_send_criteria_delay 1.0 0 devonly client
tf_mm_party_send_criteria_delay_minimum 0.5 0 devonly client
tf_mm_partyclient_debug 0 client
tf_mm_player_disconnect_time_before_abandon 180 devonly game
tf_mm_player_disconnect_time_forgive_ratio 10 devonly game
tf_mm_player_disconnect_time_minimum_penalty 90 devonly game
tf_mm_servermode 0 0 1 game notify Activates / deactivates Lobby-based hosting mode.
0 = not active
1 = Put in matchmaking pool (Lobby will control current map)
tf_mm_strict 0 game notify 0 = Show in server browser, and allow ad-hoc joins
1 = Hide from server browser and only allow joins coordinated through GC matchmaking
2 = Hide from server browser, but allow ad-hoc joins
tf_mm_trusted 0 game hidden notify Set to 1 on Valve servers to requested trusted status. (Yes, it is authenticated on the backend, and attempts by non-valve servers are logged.)
tf_monitor_resolution 1024 client Needs to be set at game launch time to override.
tf_movement_aircurrent_aircontrol_mult 0.25 game replicated cheat Multiplier on air control when player is in an air current (such as airblast)
tf_movement_aircurrent_friction_mult 0.75 game replicated cheat Friction multiplier when sliding against surfaces while trapped in an air current
tf_movement_lost_footing_friction 0.1 game replicated cheat Ground friction for players who have lost their footing
tf_movement_lost_footing_restick 50.0 game replicated cheat Early escape the lost footing condition if the player is moving slower than this across the ground
tf_mvm_allow_abandon_after_seconds 600 devonly game
tf_mvm_allow_abandon_below_players 5 devonly game
tf_mvm_bot_allow_flag_carrier_to_fight 1 game cheat
tf_mvm_bot_flag_carrier_health_regen 45.0f game cheat
tf_mvm_bot_flag_carrier_interval_to_1st_upgrade 5 game cheat
tf_mvm_bot_flag_carrier_interval_to_2nd_upgrade 15 game cheat
tf_mvm_bot_flag_carrier_interval_to_3rd_upgrade 15 game cheat
tf_mvm_bot_flag_carrier_movement_penalty 0.5 game replicated cheat
tf_mvm_bot_sniper_target_by_dps 1 game cheat If set, Snipers in MvM mode target the victim that has the highest DPS
tf_mvm_buybacks_method 0 0 1 game hidden replicated When set to 0, use the traditional, currency-based system. When set to 1, use finite, charge-based system.
tf_mvm_buybacks_per_wave 3 game hidden replicated The fixed number of buybacks players can use per-wave.
tf_mvm_checkpoint cmd game cheat Save a checkpoint snapshot
tf_mvm_checkpoint_clear cmd game cheat Clear the saved checkpoint
tf_mvm_classupgradehelpcount 0 client hidden archive norecord The number of times the player upgrade help dialog has displayed.
tf_mvm_currency_bonus_ratio_max 1.f 0.1 1 game hidden The highest percentage of wave money players must collect in order to qualify for max bonus - 0.1 to 1.0. Half the bonus amount will be awarded when reaching min ratio, and half when reaching max.
tf_mvm_currency_bonus_ratio_min 0.95f 0.1 1 game hidden The minimum percentage of wave money players must collect in order to qualify for min bonus - 0.1 to 1.0. Half the bonus amount will be awarded when reaching min ratio, and half when reaching max.
tf_mvm_death_penalty 0 devonly game notify cheat How much currency players lose when dying
tf_mvm_debugstats cmd game cheat Dumpout MvM Data
tf_mvm_default_sentry_buster_damage_dealt_threshold 3000 devonly game cheat
tf_mvm_default_sentry_buster_kill_threshold 15 devonly game cheat
tf_mvm_defenders_team_size 6 game notify replicated Maximum number of defenders in MvM
tf_mvm_disconnect_on_victory 0 game replicated Enable to Disconnect Players after completing MvM
tf_mvm_endless_bomb_reset 5 devonly game replicated cheat norecord Number of Waves to Complete before bomb reset
tf_mvm_endless_bot_cash 120 devonly game replicated cheat norecord In Endless, number of credits bots get per wave
tf_mvm_endless_force_on 0 devonly game replicated cheat norecord Force MvM Endless mode on
tf_mvm_endless_tank_boost 0.2 devonly game replicated cheat norecord In Endless, amount of extra health for the tank per wave
tf_mvm_endless_wait_time 5.0f devonly game replicated cheat norecord
tf_mvm_engineer_teleporter_uber_duration 5.f game cheat
tf_mvm_force_victory cmd game cheat Force immediate victory.
tf_mvm_jump_to_wave cmd game cheat Jumps directly to the given Mann Vs Machine wave number
tf_mvm_max_connected_players 10 game Maximum number of connected real players in MvM
tf_mvm_min_players_to_start 3 game notify replicated Minimum number of players connected to start a countdown timer
tf_mvm_miniboss_scale 1.75 game replicated cheat Full body scale for minibosses.
tf_mvm_missioncyclefile tf_mvm_missioncycle.res game Name of the .res file used to cycle mvm misisons
tf_mvm_nextmission cmd game cheat Load the next mission
tf_mvm_notice_sapped_squadmates_delay 1 devonly game cheat How long it takes for a squad leader to notice his squadmate was sapped
tf_mvm_popfile cmd game Change to a target popfile for MvM
tf_mvm_respec_credit_goal 2000 game replicated cheat When tf_mvm_respec_limit is non-zero, the total amount of money the team must collect to earn a respec credit.
tf_mvm_respec_enabled 1 game replicated cheat Allow players to refund credits spent on player and item upgrades.
tf_mvm_respec_limit 0 0 100 game replicated cheat The total number of respecs a player can earn. Default: 0 (no limit).
tf_mvm_skill 3 1 5 game replicated cheat norecord Sets the challenge level of the invading bot army. 1 = easiest, 3 = normal, 5 = hardest
tf_mvm_tabs_discovered 0 client archive Remember how many times players have clicked tabs.
tf_mvm_tank_health cmd game cheat
tf_mvm_tank_kill cmd game cheat
tf_mvm_victory_disconnect_time 180.0 game replicated Seconds to wait after MvM victory before kicking players. (Only used if tf_mvm_disconnect_on_victory is true.)
tf_mvm_victory_reset_time 60.0 game replicated Seconds to wait after MvM victory before cycling to the next mission. (Only used if tf_mvm_disconnect_on_victory is false.)
tf_nav_combat_build_rate 0.05 game cheat Gunfire/second increase (combat caps at 1.0)
tf_nav_combat_decay_rate 0.022 game cheat Decay/second toward zero
tf_nav_in_combat_duration 30 game cheat How long after gunfire occurs is this area still considered to be 'in combat'
tf_nav_in_combat_range 1000 game cheat
tf_nav_show_bomb_target_distance 0 game cheat Display travel distances to bomb target (MvM mode)
tf_nav_show_incursion_distance 0 game cheat Display travel distances from current spawn room (1=red, 2=blue)
tf_nav_show_turf_ownership 0 game cheat Color nav area by smallest incursion distance
tf_notifications_push_bottom 0 client archive
tf_obj_build_rotation_speed 250 devonly game replicated cheat Degrees per second to rotate building when player alt-fires during placement.
tf_obj_damage_tank_achievement_amount 2000 devonly game cheat
tf_obj_gib_maxspeed 800 devonly game cheat
tf_obj_gib_velocity_max 450 devonly game cheat
tf_obj_gib_velocity_min 100 devonly game cheat
tf_obj_ground_clearance 32 devonly game cheat Object corners can be this high above the ground
tf_obj_max_attach_dist 160 devonly game replicated cheat
tf_obj_upgrade_per_hit 25 devonly game cheat
tf_overtime_nag 0 game notify Announcer overtime nag.
tf_parachute_aircontrol 2.5f devonly game replicated Multiplier for how much air control players have when Parachute is deployed
tf_parachute_deploy_toggle_allowed 0 devonly game replicated
tf_parachute_gravity 0.2f devonly game replicated Gravity while parachute is deployed
tf_parachute_maxspeed_onfire_z 10.0f devonly game replicated Max Z Speed when on Fire and Parachute is deployed
tf_parachute_maxspeed_xy 300.0f devonly game replicated Max XY Speed while Parachute is deployed
tf_parachute_maxspeed_z -100.0f devonly game replicated Max Z Speed while Parachute is deployed
tf_particles_disable_weather 0 client archive Disable particles related to weather effects.
tf_party_chat cmd client Talk to me
tf_party_debug cmd client Prints local party objects
tf_party_force_update cmd client Force a party invite now
tf_party_ignore_invites 0 client archive If set, ignore incoming party invites
tf_party_incoming_invites_debug cmd client Show current party invite objects
tf_party_invite_user cmd client Invite the given steamid to join your party, or accept a request to do so
tf_party_join_request_mode -1 -1 2 client archive The current mode for incoming party join requests:
-1 - Use default (currently 0),
0 - Open to friends,
1 - Friends can request to join,
2 - Invite only
tf_party_keep_on_same_team 0 client archive
tf_party_leave cmd client Leave current party
tf_party_request_join_user cmd client Request to join the given steamid's party, or accept an invite to do so
tf_passtime_ball_damping_scale 0.01f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_ball_drag_coefficient 0.01f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_ball_inertia_scale 1.0f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_ball_mass 1.0f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_ball_model models/passtime/ball/passtime_ball.mdl game notify replicated Needs a model with collision info. Map change required.
tf_passtime_ball_reset_time 15 game notify replicated How long the ball can be neutral before being automatically reset
tf_passtime_ball_rotdamping_scale 1.0f game notify replicated Higher values will prevent the ball from rolling on the ground.
tf_passtime_ball_seek_range 128 game notify replicated How close players have to be for the ball to be drawn to them.
tf_passtime_ball_seek_speed_factor 3f game notify replicated How fast the ball will move toward nearby players as a ratio of that player's max speed.
tf_passtime_ball_sphere_collision 1 game notify replicated Boolean value. If nonzero, override mdl collision with a perfect sphere collider.
tf_passtime_ball_sphere_radius 7.2f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_ball_takedamage 1 game notify replicated Enables shooting the ball
tf_passtime_ball_takedamage_force 800.0f game notify replicated Controls how much the ball responds to being shot
tf_passtime_experiment_autopass 0 game notify replicated
tf_passtime_experiment_instapass 0 game notify replicated
tf_passtime_experiment_instapass_charge 0 game notify replicated
tf_passtime_experiment_telepass 0 game notify replicated None, TeleportToCatcher, SwapWithCatcher, TeleportToCatcherMaintainPossession,
tf_passtime_flinch_boost 0 game notify replicated Intensity of flinch on taking damage while carrying the ball. 0 to use TF defaults.
tf_passtime_mode_homing_lock_sec 1.5f game notify replicated Number of seconds the ball carrier will stay locked on to a teammate after line of sight is broken.
tf_passtime_mode_homing_speed 1000.0f game notify replicated How fast the ball moves during a pass.
tf_passtime_overtime_idle_sec 5 game notify replicated How many seconds the ball can be idle in overtime before the round ends.
tf_passtime_pack_hp_per_sec 2.0f game notify replicated How many HP per second pack members are healed.
tf_passtime_pack_range 512 game notify replicated How close players must be to the ball carrier to be included in the pack.
tf_passtime_pack_speed 1 game notify replicated When set to 1, all players near the ball carrier will move the same speed.
tf_passtime_player_reticles_enemies 1 game notify replicated Controls HUD reticles for enemies. 0 = never, 1 = when carrying ball, 2 = always.
tf_passtime_player_reticles_friends 2 game notify replicated Controls HUD reticles for teammates. 0 = never, 1 = when carrying ball, 2 = always.
tf_passtime_powerball_airtimebonus 40 game notify replicated Ball meter points added per second of time a pass is in the air.
tf_passtime_powerball_decay_delay 10 game notify replicated Number of seconds between ball reaching full charge and decay beginning.
tf_passtime_powerball_decayamount 1 game notify replicated How many points are removed are removed per decay. (must be integer)
tf_passtime_powerball_decaysec 4.5f game notify replicated How many seconds per decay when the ball is held.
tf_passtime_powerball_decaysec_neutral 1.5f game notify replicated How many seconds per decay when the ball is neutral.
tf_passtime_powerball_maxairtimebonus 100 game notify replicated Cap on extra points added by tf_passtime_powerball_airtimebonus.
tf_passtime_powerball_passpoints 25 game notify replicated How many ball meter points are awarded for a complete pass.
tf_passtime_powerball_threshold 80 game notify replicated How many ball meter points it takes to unlock bonus goals.
tf_passtime_save_stats 0 game notify replicated
tf_passtime_score_crit_sec 5.0f game notify replicated How long a scoring team's crits last.
tf_passtime_scores_per_round 5 game notify replicated Number of scores it takes to win a round. Similar to tf_flag_caps_per_round.
tf_passtime_speedboost_on_get_ball_time 2.0f game notify replicated How many seconds of speed boost players get when they get the ball.
tf_passtime_steal_on_melee 1 game notify replicated Enables melee stealing.
tf_passtime_teammate_steal_time 45 game notify replicated How many seconds a player can hold the ball before teammates can steal it.
tf_passtime_throwarc_demoman 0.15f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwarc_engineer 0.2f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwarc_heavy 0.175f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwarc_medic 0.0f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwarc_pyro 0.1f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwarc_scout 0.1f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwarc_sniper 0.0f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwarc_soldier 0.1f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwarc_spy 0.0f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwspeed_demoman 850.0f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwspeed_engineer 850.0f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwspeed_heavy 850.0f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwspeed_medic 900.0f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwspeed_pyro 750.0f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwspeed_scout 700.0f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwspeed_sniper 900.0f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwspeed_soldier 800.0f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwspeed_spy 900.0f game notify replicated
tf_passtime_throwspeed_velocity_scale 0.33f game notify replicated How much player velocity to add when tossing (0=none 1=100%)
tf_pipebomb_deflect_reset_time 10.0 devonly game cheat
tf_pipebomb_force_to_move 1500.0 devonly game cheat
tf_player_drop_bonus_ducks -1 game replicated -1 Default (Holiday-based)
0 - Force off
1 - Force on
tf_player_movement_restart_freeze 1 game replicated When set, prevent player movement during round restart
tf_player_spell_drop_on_death_rate 0 game replicated
tf_playergib 1 0 2 game notify Allow player gibbing. 0: never, 1: normal, 2: always
tf_playergib_maxspeed 400 devonly client cheat Max gib speed.
tf_playersgib_force 500.0 devonly client cheat Gibs force.
tf_playersgib_forceup 1.0 devonly client cheat Upward added velocity for gibs.
tf_playerstatetransitions -2 devonly game cheat tf_playerstatetransitions <ent index or -1 for all>. Show player state transitions.
tf_playround cmd game cheat Play the selected round
Argument: {round name given by "tf_listrounds" command}
tf_populator_active_buffer_range 3000 game cheat Populate the world this far ahead of lead raider, and this far behind last raider
tf_populator_damage_multiplier 1.0 game replicated cheat norecord
tf_populator_debug 0 game cheat
tf_populator_health_multiplier 1.0 game replicated cheat norecord
tf_powerup_max_charge_time 30 game cheat
tf_powerup_mode 0 game notify Enable/disable powerup mode. Not compatible with Mann Vs Machine mode
tf_powerup_mode_dominant_multiplier 3 game cheat The multiple by which a player must exceed the median kills by in order to be considered dominant
tf_powerup_mode_imbalance_consecutive_min_players 10 game cheat Minimum number of players on the server before consecutive imbalance measures trigger team balancing
tf_powerup_mode_imbalance_consecutive_time 1200 game cheat Teams are balanced if consecutive imbalance measures for the same team are triggered in less time (seconds)
tf_powerup_mode_imbalance_delta 24 game cheat Powerup kill score lead one team must have before imbalance measures are initiated
tf_powerup_mode_killcount_timer_length 300 game cheat How long to wait between kill count tests that determine if a player is dominating
tf_preround_push_from_damage_enable 0 game If enabled, this will allow players using certain type of damage to move during pre-round freeze time.
tf_quest_map_intro_viewed 0 client archive
tf_quest_map_tuner_wobble_magnitude 0.01 client
tf_quest_notification_line_delay 1.2 client archive
tf_quests_spew_trackers cmd game Spews all currently active quest trackers
tf_queue_spinner_color 0 client archive
tf_raid_engineer_infinte_metal 1 devonly game cheat
tf_rd_finale_beep_time 10 client archive
tf_rd_flag_ui_mode 3 devonly client When flags are stolen and not visible: 0 = Show outlines (glows), 1 = Show most valuable enemy flag (icons), 2 = Show all enemy flags (icons), 3 = Show all flags (icons).
tf_rd_max_points_override 0 game When changed, overrides the current max points
tf_rd_min_points_to_steal 25 devonly game replicated
tf_rd_points_approach_interval 0.1f devonly game replicated
tf_rd_points_per_approach 5 devonly game replicated
tf_rd_points_per_steal 5 devonly game replicated
tf_rd_return_max_time 90 game
tf_rd_return_min_time 30 game
tf_rd_robot_attack_notification_cooldown 10 devonly game replicated
tf_rd_robot_repair_rate 60 devonly game replicated
tf_rd_steal_rate 0.5 devonly game replicated
tf_recent_achievements 0 client archive
tf_remember_activeweapon 0 client archive userinfo Setting this to 1 will make the active weapon persist between lives.
tf_remember_lastswitched 0 client archive userinfo Setting this to 1 will make the 'last weapon' persist between lives.
tf_replay_pyrovision 0 client archive When on, replays will be seen with Pyrovision active
tf_resolve_stuck_players 1 game replicated
tf_respawn_on_loadoutchanges 1 client archive When set to 1, you will automatically respawn whenever you change loadouts inside a respawn zone.
tf_rocketpack_airborne_launch_absvelocity_preserved 0 game hidden replicated cheat
tf_rocketpack_cost 50 game hidden replicated cheat
tf_rocketpack_delay_launch 0 game hidden replicated cheat
tf_rocketpack_impact_push_max 300 game hidden replicated cheat
tf_rocketpack_impact_push_min 100 game hidden replicated cheat
tf_rocketpack_launch_absvelocity_preserved 0 game hidden replicated cheat
tf_rocketpack_launch_delay 0.65 game hidden replicated cheat
tf_rocketpack_launch_push 250 game hidden replicated cheat
tf_rocketpack_refire_delay 1.2 game hidden replicated cheat
tf_rocketpack_toggle_duration 1.0 game hidden replicated cheat
tf_romevision_opt_in 0 client archive Enable Romevision in Mann vs. Machine mode when available.
tf_romevision_skip_prompt 0 client archive If nonzero, skip the prompt about sharing Romevision.
tf_roundinfo_pause 0 devonly client
tf_scoreboard_alt_class_icons 0 client archive Show alternate class icons in the scoreboard.
tf_scoreboard_mouse_mode 0 client archive
tf_scoreboard_ping_as_text 0 client archive Show ping values as text in the scoreboard.
tf_scout_air_dash_count 1 devonly game replicated cheat
tf_scout_bat_launch_delay 0.1 devonly game replicated
tf_scout_energydrink_activation 0.0 devonly game replicated how long it takes for the energy buff to become active
tf_scout_energydrink_consume_rate 12.5 devonly game replicated energy drink to use per second while boosted, from 100 max
tf_scout_energydrink_regen_rate 3.3 devonly game replicated energy drink regen per second, up to 100 max
tf_scout_hype_mod 55 devonly game replicated cheat
tf_scout_hype_pep_max 99.0 devonly game replicated cheat
tf_scout_hype_pep_min_damage 5.0 devonly game replicated cheat
tf_scout_hype_pep_mod 1.0 devonly game replicated cheat
tf_scout_stunball_base_duration 6.0 devonly game
tf_scout_stunball_base_speed 3000 devonly game
tf_select_ambush_areas cmd game cheat Add good ambush spots to the selected set. For debugging.
tf_select_ambush_areas_close_range 300 game cheat
tf_select_ambush_areas_max_enemy_exposure_area 500000 game cheat
tf_select_ambush_areas_radius 750 game cheat
tf_select_with_attribute cmd game cheat Selects areas with the given attribute.
tf_sentrygun_ammocheat 0 devonly game cheat
tf_sentrygun_damage 16 devonly game cheat
tf_sentrygun_kill_after_redeploy_time_achievement 10 devonly game cheat
tf_sentrygun_max_absorbed_damage_while_controlled_for_achievement 500 devonly game cheat
tf_sentrygun_metal_per_rocket 2 devonly game cheat
tf_sentrygun_metal_per_shell 1 devonly game cheat
tf_sentrygun_mini_damage 8 devonly game cheat
tf_sentrygun_newtarget_dist 200 devonly game cheat
tf_sentrygun_notarget 0 devonly game cheat
tf_server_identity_account_id 0 game archive Server identity account id, used to authenticate with the TF2 Game Coordinator.
tf_server_identity_disable_quickplay 0 game archive notify Disable this server from being chosen by the quickplay matchmaking.
tf_server_identity_token game protected archive Server identity token, used to authenticate with the TF2 Game Coordinator.
tf_server_lobby_debug cmd game Prints server lobby object
tf_sheen_alpha_firstperson 0.1 client Set the Alpha Value for first person sheens
tf_sheen_framerate 25 client hidden Set Sheen Frame Rate
tf_show_actor_potential_visibility 0 game cheat
tf_show_blocked_areas 0 game cheat Highlight areas that are considered blocked for TF-specific reasons
tf_show_bomb_drop_areas 0 game cheat
tf_show_control_points 0 game cheat
tf_show_enemy_invasion_areas 0 game cheat Highlight areas where the enemy team enters the visible environment of the local player
tf_show_gate_defense_areas 0 game cheat
tf_show_in_combat_areas 0 game cheat
tf_show_incursion_flow 0 game cheat
tf_show_incursion_flow_gradient 0 game cheat 1 = red, 2 = blue
tf_show_incursion_flow_range 150 game cheat 1 = red, 2 = blue
tf_show_incursion_range 0 game cheat 1 = red, 2 = blue
tf_show_incursion_range_max 0 game cheat Highlight areas with incursion distances between min and max cvar values
tf_show_incursion_range_min 0 game cheat Highlight areas with incursion distances between min and max cvar values
tf_show_maps_details_explanation_count 2 client hidden archive
tf_show_maps_details_explanation_session 0 client hidden
tf_show_mesh_decoration 0 game cheat Highlight special areas
tf_show_mesh_decoration_manual 0 game cheat Highlight special areas marked by hand
tf_show_point_defense_areas 0 game cheat
tf_show_preset_explanation_in_class_loadout 1 client hidden archive
tf_show_sentry_danger 0 game cheat Show sentry danger areas. 1:Use m_sentryAreas. 2:Check all nav areas.
tf_show_sniper_areas 0 game cheat
tf_show_sniper_areas_safety_range 1000 game cheat
tf_show_taunt_explanation_in_class_loadout 1 client hidden archive
tf_show_train_path 0 game cheat
tf_showspeed 0 devonly game replicated
tf_simple_disguise_menu client archive Use a more concise disguise selection menu.
tf_skillrating_update_interval 180 game archive How often to update the GC and OGS.
tf_sniper_fullcharge_bell 0 client archive
tf_so_tracker_spew_type_toggle cmd client cheat
tf_so_tracker_spew_type_toggle cmd game
tf_soccer_ball_min_speed 30 game cheat
tf_soccer_ball_multiplier 4 game cheat
tf_soccer_ball_up_max 350 game cheat
tf_soccer_front_hit_range .95 game cheat
tf_solidobjects 1 devonly game replicated cheat
tf_spawn_glows_duration 10 game notify replicated How long should teammates glow after respawning
tf_spec_xray 1 game notify replicated Allows spectators to see player glows. 1 = same team, 2 = both teams
tf_spec_xray_disable 0 client archive Disable the spectator xray mode.
tf_special_event_hide 0 client hidden archive
tf_spectate_pyrovision 0 client archive When on, spectator will see the world with Pyrovision active
tf_spectator_target_location 0 0 3 client archive Determines the location of the spectator targetID panel.
tf_spells_enabled 0 game notify replicated Enable to Allow Halloween Spells to be dropped and used by players
tf_spy_cloak_consume_rate 10.0 devonly game replicated cloak to use per second while cloaked, from 100 max )
tf_spy_cloak_no_attack_time 2.0 devonly game replicated time after uncloaking that the spy is prohibited from attacking
tf_spy_cloak_regen_rate 3.3 devonly game replicated cloak to regen per second, up to 100 max
tf_spy_invis_time 1.0 0.1 5 devonly game replicated Transition time in and out of spy invisibility
tf_spy_invis_unstealth_time 2.0 0.1 5 devonly game replicated Transition time in and out of spy invisibility
tf_spy_max_cloaked_speed 999 devonly game replicated
tf_stalematechangeclasstime 20 devonly game replicated Amount of time that players are allowed to change class in stalemates.
tf_stats_nogameplaycheck 0 game Disable normal check for valid gameplay, send stats regardless.
tf_stats_track 1 devonly client Turn on//off tf stats tracking.
tf_stattrak_icon_offset_x 0 devonly client
tf_stattrak_icon_offset_y 0 devonly client
tf_stattrak_icon_scale 1.0 devonly client
tf_stealth_damage_reduction 0.8 devonly game cheat
tf_steam_workshop_import_icon_path client archive Default location to load backpack icons from
tf_steam_workshop_import_material_path client archive Default location to load materials from
tf_steam_workshop_import_model_path client archive Default location to load models from
tf_steam_workshop_page_skip 10 1 100 client archive Number of pages to skip in the Steam Workshop dialog.
tf_steam_workshop_query_timeout 10 client Time in seconds to allow communication with the Steam Workshop server.
tf_sticky_airdet_radius 0.85 devonly game replicated cheat Radius Scale if detonated in the air
tf_sticky_radius_ramp_time 2.0 devonly game replicated cheat Amount of time to get full radius after arming
tf_store_stamp_donation_add_timestamp 0 client hidden archive norecord Remember the last time that we offered a stamp donation at checkout.
tf_target_dummy_bullet_mult 0.1f devonly game
tf_target_dummy_health 200 devonly game
tf_target_dummy_lifetime 30.0f devonly game
tf_target_dummy_melee_mult 3.0f devonly game
tf_target_dummy_other_mult 0.2f devonly game
tf_taunt_always_show_hint 1 client
tf_taunt_first_person 0 client 1 = taunts remain first-person
tf_taunt_hint_max_distance 256 devonly client cheat
tf_tauntcam_dist 150 devonly client cheat
tf_tauntcam_fov_override 0 game cheat
tf_tauntcam_pitch 0 devonly client cheat
tf_tauntcam_speed 300 devonly client cheat
tf_tauntcam_yaw 0 devonly client cheat
tf_teammate_max_invis 0.95 devonly client cheat
tf_teleporter_fov_start 120 1 devonly game cheat Starting FOV for teleporter zoom.
tf_teleporter_fov_time 0.5 0 devonly game cheat How quickly to restore FOV after teleport.
tf_test_hat_bodygroup 0 client For testing bodygroups on hats.
tf_test_special_ducks 1 devonly game
tf_test_spellindex -1 game replicated cheat Set to index to always get a specific spell
tf_test_teleport_home_fx 0 game cheat
tf_testitem_recent client archive
tf_testrr cmd game cheat Force the player under your crosshair to speak a response rule concept. Format is tf_testrr <concept>, or tf_testrr <player name> <concept>
tf_testvcd cmd game cheat Run a vcd on the player currently under your crosshair. Optional parameter is the .vcd name (default is 'scenes/heavy_test.vcd')
tf_time_loading_item_panels 0.0005 client archive The time to spend per frame loading data for item panels
tf_tournament_classchange_allowed 1 game replicated Allow players to change class while the game is active?.
tf_tournament_classchange_ready_allowed 1 game replicated Allow players to change class after they are READY?.
tf_tournament_classlimit_demoman -1 game replicated Tournament mode per-team class limit for Demomenz.
tf_tournament_classlimit_engineer -1 game replicated Tournament mode per-team class limit for Engineers.
tf_tournament_classlimit_heavy -1 game replicated Tournament mode per-team class limit for Heavies.
tf_tournament_classlimit_medic -1 game replicated Tournament mode per-team class limit for Medics.
tf_tournament_classlimit_pyro -1 game replicated Tournament mode per-team class limit for Pyros.
tf_tournament_classlimit_scout -1 game replicated Tournament mode per-team class limit for Scouts.
tf_tournament_classlimit_sniper -1 game replicated Tournament mode per-team class limit for Snipers.
tf_tournament_classlimit_soldier -1 game replicated Tournament mode per-team class limit for Soldiers.
tf_tournament_classlimit_spy -1 game replicated Tournament mode per-team class limit for Spies.
tf_tournament_hide_domination_icons 0 game replicated Tournament mode server convar that forces clients to not display the domination icons above players dominating them.
tf_trade_up_use_count 3 client hidden archive
tf_training_client_message 0 game replicated cheat A simple way for the training client to communicate with the server.
tf_training_has_prompted_for_forums 0 client archive Whether the user has been prompted to view the new user forums.
tf_training_has_prompted_for_loadout 0 client archive Whether the user has been prompted to equip something in their loadout.
tf_training_has_prompted_for_offline_practice 0 client archive Whether the user has been prompted to try offline practice.
tf_training_has_prompted_for_options 0 client archive Whether the user has been prompted to view the TF2 advanced options.
tf_training_has_prompted_for_training 0 client archive Whether the user has been prompted for training
tf_ui_version 3 devonly client
tf_use_fixed_weaponspreads 0 game notify replicated If set to 1, weapons that fire multiple pellets per shot will use a non-random pellet distribution.
tf_use_match_hud 1 client archive
tf_use_min_viewmodels 0 client archive Use minimized viewmodels.
tf_useparticletracers 1 devonly game replicated Use particle tracers instead of old style ones.
tf_vaccinator_uber_charge_rate_modifier 1.0 devonly game replicated cheat Vaccinator uber charge rate.
tf_viewmodels_offset_override client cheat If set, this will override the position of all viewmodels. Usage 'x y z'
tf_warpaint_explanation_viewed client archive
tf_water_resolution 1024 client Needs to be set at game launch time to override.
tf_weapon_criticals 1 game notify replicated Whether or not random crits are enabled
tf_weapon_criticals_bucket_bottom -250.0 game replicated cheat
tf_weapon_criticals_bucket_cap 1000.0 game replicated cheat
tf_weapon_criticals_bucket_default 300.0 game replicated cheat
tf_weapon_criticals_distance_falloff 0 game cheat Critical weapon damage will take distance into account.
tf_weapon_criticals_melee 1 game notify replicated Controls random crits for melee weapons. 0 - Melee weapons do not randomly crit. 1 - Melee weapons can randomly crit only if tf_weapon_criticals is also enabled. 2 - Melee weapons can always randomly crit regardless of the tf_weapon_criticals setting.
tf_weapon_criticals_nopred 1.0 game replicated cheat
tf_weapon_minicrits_distance_falloff 0 game cheat Mini-crit weapon damage will take distance into account.
tf_weapon_ragdoll_maxspeed 300 devonly game cheat
tf_weapon_ragdoll_velocity_max 150 devonly game cheat
tf_weapon_ragdoll_velocity_min 100 devonly game cheat
tf_weapon_select_demo_start_delay 1.0 client archive Delay after spawning to start the weapon bucket demo.
tf_weapon_select_demo_time 0.5 client archive Time to pulse each weapon bucket upon spawning as a new class. 0 to turn off.
tf_whip_speed_increase 105 devonly game replicated
tf_wipe_attributes cmd game cheat Clear all TF-specific attributes of selected area.
tf_workshop_map_status cmd game Print information about workshop maps and their status
tf_workshop_map_sync cmd game Add a map to the workshop auto-sync list
tf_workshop_refresh cmd game tf_workshop_refresh
tf_xp_breakdown_interval 1.85 devonly client
tf_xp_breakdown_lifetime 3.5 devonly client
think_limit 10 game replicated Maximum think time in milliseconds, warning is printed if this is exceeded.
thirdperson cmd client cheat svcanexec Switch to thirdperson camera.
thirdperson_mayamode cmd client cheat Switch to thirdperson Maya-like camera controls.
thirdperson_platformer 0 client Player will aim in the direction they are moving.
thirdperson_screenspace 0 client Movement will be relative to the camera, eg: left means screen-left
threadpool_affinity 1 Enable setting affinity
timedemo cmd Play a demo and report performance info.
timedemo_runcount 0 Runs time demo X number of times.
timedemoquit cmd Play a demo, report performance info, and then exit
timeleft ncmd game Display the remaining round time in chat.
timerefresh cmd cheat Profile the renderer.
toggle cmd Toggles a convar on or off, or cycles through a set of values.
toggle_duck cmd client
toggleconsole cmd norecord Show/hide the console.
togglescores cmd client Toggles score panel
trace_report 0 game
tracer_extra 1 client
TrackerAnim cmd client Test animation of the achievement tracker. Parameter is achievement number on HUD to flash
trackerlistallfiles cmd TrackerListAllFiles
trackerlistvpkfiles cmd TrackerListVPKFiles
training_can_build_dispenser 1 game replicated Player can build dispenser as engineer.
training_can_build_sentry 1 game replicated Player can build sentry as engineer.
training_can_build_tele_entrance 1 game replicated Player can build teleporter entrance as engineer.
training_can_build_tele_exit 1 game replicated Player can build teleporter exit as engineer.
training_can_destroy_buildings 1 game replicated Player can destroy buildings as engineer.
training_can_pickup_dispenser 1 game replicated Player can pickup dispenser as engineer.
training_can_pickup_sentry 1 game replicated Player can pickup sentry gun as engineer.
training_can_pickup_tele_entrance 1 game replicated Player can pickup teleporter entrance as engineer.
training_can_pickup_tele_exit 1 game replicated Player can pickup teleporter entrance as engineer.
training_can_select_weapon_building 1 game replicated In training player select building tool.
training_can_select_weapon_item1 1 game replicated In training player select item 1.
training_can_select_weapon_item2 1 game replicated In training player select item 2.
training_can_select_weapon_melee 1 game replicated In training player select melee weapon.
training_can_select_weapon_pda 1 game replicated In training player select pda.
training_can_select_weapon_primary 1 game replicated In training player select primary weapon.
training_can_select_weapon_secondary 1 game replicated In training player select secondary weapon.
training_class 3 game replicated Class to use in training.
training_continue cmd game Tells training that it should continue.
training_map_video client Video to show for training
training_showdlg cmd client Displays the training dialog.
tv_allow_camera_man 1 game Auto director allows spectators to become camera man
tv_allow_static_shots 1 game Auto director uses fixed level cameras for shots
tv_autorecord 0 Automatically records all games as SourceTV demos.
tv_autoretry 1 Relay proxies retry connection after network timeout
tv_chatgroupsize 0 Set the default chat group size
tv_chattimelimit 8 Limits spectators to chat only every n seconds
tv_clients cmd Shows list of connected SourceTV clients.
tv_debug 0 SourceTV debug info.
tv_delay 30 0 120 game SourceTV broadcast delay in seconds
tv_delaymapchange 0 game Delays map change until broadcast is complete
tv_delaymapchange_protect 1 game Protect against doing a manual map change if HLTV is broadcasting and has not caught up with a major game event such as round_end
tv_deltacache 2 Enable delta entity bit stream cache
tv_dispatchmode 1 Dispatch clients to relay proxies: 0=never, 1=if appropriate, 2=always
tv_enable 0 notify Activates SourceTV on server.
tv_maxclients 128 0 255 Maximum client number on SourceTV server.
tv_maxrate 8000 Max SourceTV spectator bandwidth rate allowed, 0 == unlimited
tv_msg cmd Send a screen message to all clients.
tv_name SourceTV SourceTV host name
tv_nochat 0 archive userinfo Don't receive chat messages from other SourceTV spectators
tv_overridemaster 0 Overrides the SourceTV master root address.
tv_password protected notify norecord SourceTV password for all clients
tv_port 27020 Host SourceTV port
tv_record cmd Starts SourceTV demo recording.
tv_relay cmd Connect to SourceTV server and relay broadcast.
tv_relaypassword protected notify norecord SourceTV password for relay proxies
tv_relayvoice 1 Relay voice data: 0=off, 1=on
tv_retry cmd Reconnects the SourceTV relay proxy.
tv_snapshotrate 16 Snapshots broadcasted per second
tv_status cmd Show SourceTV server status.
tv_stop cmd Stops the SourceTV broadcast.
tv_stoprecord cmd Stops SourceTV demo recording.
tv_timeout 30 SourceTV connection timeout in seconds.
tv_title SourceTV Set title for SourceTV spectator UI
tv_transmitall 0 replicated Transmit all entities (not only director view)
ui_posedebug_fade_in_time 0.2 client cheat norecord Time during which a new pose activity layer is shown in green in +posedebug UI
ui_posedebug_fade_out_time 0.8 client cheat norecord Time to keep a no longer active pose activity layer in red until removing it from +posedebug UI
unbind cmd norecord Unbind a key.
unbind_mac cmd norecord Unbind a key on the Mac only.
unbindall cmd norecord Unbind all keys.
unpause cmd Unpause the game.
use cmd game Use a particular weapon
Arguments: <weapon_name>
+use cmd client
-use cmd client
+use_action_slot_item cmd client Use the item in the action slot.
-use_action_slot_item cmd client
user cmd Show user data.
user_context cmd client Set a Rich Presence Context: user_context <context id> <context value>
user_context cmd client Set a Rich Presence Context: user_context <context id> <context value>
user_property cmd client Set a Rich Presence Property: user_property <property id>
user_property cmd client Set a Rich Presence Property: user_property <property id>
users cmd Show user info for players on server.
v_centermove 0.15 client
v_centerspeed 500 client
vcollide_wireframe 0 client cheat Render physics collision models in wireframe
vcr_verbose 0 Write extra information into .vcr file.
vehicle_flushscript cmd game Flush and reload all vehicle scripts
version cmd Print version info string.
vgui_cache_res_files 1
vgui_drawfocus 0 Report which panel is under the mouse.
vgui_drawtree 0 cheat Draws the vgui panel hiearchy to the specified depth level.
+vgui_drawtree cmd
-vgui_drawtree cmd
vgui_drawtree_bounds 0 Show panel bounds.
vgui_drawtree_clear cmd
vgui_drawtree_draw_selected 0 Highlight the selected panel
vgui_drawtree_freeze 0 Set to 1 to stop updating the vgui_drawtree view.
vgui_drawtree_hidden 0 Draw the hidden panels.
vgui_drawtree_panelalpha 0 Show the panel alpha values in the vgui_drawtree view.
vgui_drawtree_panelptr 0 Show the panel pointer values in the vgui_drawtree view.
vgui_drawtree_popupsonly 0 Draws the vgui popup list in hierarchy(1) or most recently used(2) order.
vgui_drawtree_render_order 0 List the vgui_drawtree panels in render order.
vgui_drawtree_visible 1 Draw the visible panels.
vgui_message_dialog_modal 1 client archive
vgui_nav_lock 0 devonly
vgui_nav_lock_default_button 0 devonly
vgui_spew_fonts cmd
vgui_togglepanel cmd show/hide vgui panel by name.
video_quicktime_decode_gamma 0 0 4 archive QuickTime Video Playback Gamma Target- 0=no gamma adjust 1=platform default gamma 2 = gamma 1.8 3 = gamma 2.2 4 = gamma 2.5
video_quicktime_encode_gamma 3 0 4 archive QuickTime Video Encode Gamma Target- 0=no gamma adjust 1=platform default gamma 2 = gamma 1.8 3 = gamma 2.2 4 = gamma 2.5
viewanim_addkeyframe cmd client cheat
viewanim_create cmd client viewanim_create
viewanim_load cmd client load animation from file
viewanim_reset cmd client cheat reset view angles!
viewanim_save cmd client Save current animation to file
viewanim_test cmd client test view animation
viewmodel_fov 54 0.1 179.9 client archive Sets the field-of-view for the viewmodel.
viewmodel_fov_demo 54 client archive
violence_ablood 1 Draw alien blood
violence_agibs 1 Show alien gib entities
violence_hblood 1 Draw human blood
violence_hgibs 1 Show human gib entities
voice_avggain 0.5
voice_buffer_ms 100 How many milliseconds of voice to buffer to avoid dropouts due to jitter and frame time differences.
voice_clientdebug 0 client
voice_debugfeedback 0
voice_debugfeedbackfrom 0
voice_enable 1 archive
voice_fadeouttime 0.1
voice_forcemicrecord 1 archive
voice_inputfromfile 0 Get voice input from 'voice_input.wav' rather than from the microphone.
voice_loopback 0 userinfo
voice_maxgain 10
voice_menu_1 cmd client Opens voice menu 1
voice_menu_2 cmd client Opens voice menu 2
voice_menu_3 cmd client Opens voice menu 3
voice_modenable 1 client archive clcmdcanexec Enable/disable voice in this mod.
voice_overdrive 2 Controls how much the in-game environment volume should be dampen incase someone starts to talk. Value is in dB.
voice_overdrivefadetime 0.4 Controls how long the fade time is and how fast it releases the dampening of the game environment volume.
voice_player_speaking_delay_threshold 0.5f game cheat
voice_profile 0
voice_recordtofile 0 Record mic data and decompressed voice data into 'voice_micdata.wav' and 'voice_decompressed.wav'
voice_scale 1 archive Controls the scale of the voice chat in-game.
voice_serverdebug 0 game
voice_showchannels 0
voice_showincoming 0
voice_steal 2
voice_writevoices 0 Saves each speaker's voice data into separate .wav files
voicemenu ncmd game Use a voice command (list). Usage: voicemenu <menu> <item>
+voicerecord cmd
-voicerecord cmd
volume 1.0 0 1 archive archivexbox Sound volume
vortex_book_offset 5.0 game hidden replicated cheat
vortex_fade_fraction_denom 10.0 game hidden replicated cheat
vortex_float_amp 5.0 game hidden replicated cheat
vortex_float_osc_speed 2.0 game hidden replicated cheat
vote ncmd game Vote for an option in a currently running vote. Usage: vote <vote index> <option1-5>
vox_reload cmd cheat Reload sentences.txt file
voxeltree_box cmd game cheat View entities in the voxel-tree inside box <Vector(min), Vector(max)>.
voxeltree_playerview cmd game cheat View entities in the voxel-tree at the player position.
voxeltree_sphere cmd game cheat View entities in the voxel-tree inside sphere <Vector(center), float(radius)>.
voxeltree_view cmd game cheat View entities in the voxel-tree.
vprof cmd Toggle VProf profiler
vprof_adddebuggroup1 cmd add a new budget group dynamically for debugging
vprof_cachemiss cmd Toggle VProf cache miss checking
vprof_cachemiss_off cmd Turn off VProf cache miss checking
vprof_cachemiss_on cmd Turn on VProf cache miss checking
vprof_child cmd
vprof_collapse_all cmd Collapse the whole vprof tree
vprof_counters 0
vprof_dump_groupnames cmd Write the names of all of the vprof groups to the console.
vprof_dump_oninterval 0 Interval (in seconds) at which vprof will batch up data and dump it to the console.
vprof_dump_spikes 0 Framerate at which vprof will begin to dump spikes to the console. 0 = disabled, negative to reset after dump
vprof_dump_spikes_budget_group Budget gtNode to start report from when doing a dump spikes
vprof_dump_spikes_node Node to start report from when doing a dump spikes
vprof_expand_all cmd Expand the whole vprof tree
vprof_expand_group cmd Expand a budget group in the vprof tree by name
vprof_generate_report cmd Generate a report to the console.
vprof_generate_report_AI cmd Generate a report to the console.
vprof_generate_report_AI_only cmd Generate a report to the console.
vprof_generate_report_budget cmd Generate a report to the console based on budget group.
vprof_generate_report_hierarchy cmd Generate a report to the console.
vprof_generate_report_map_load cmd Generate a report to the console.
vprof_graph 0 Draw the vprof graph.
vprof_graphheight 256 archive
vprof_graphwidth 512 archive
vprof_nextsibling cmd
vprof_off cmd Turn off VProf profiler
vprof_on cmd Turn on VProf profiler
vprof_parent cmd
vprof_playback_average cmd Average the next N frames.
vprof_playback_start cmd Start playing back a recorded .vprof file.
vprof_playback_step cmd While playing back a .vprof file, step to the next tick.
vprof_playback_stepback cmd While playing back a .vprof file, step to the previous tick.
vprof_playback_stop cmd Stop playing back a recorded .vprof file.
vprof_prevsibling cmd
vprof_record_start cmd Start recording vprof data for playback later.
vprof_record_stop cmd Stop recording vprof data
vprof_remote_start cmd Request a VProf data stream from the remote server (requires authentication)
vprof_remote_stop cmd Stop an existing remote VProf data request
vprof_report_oninterval 0 Interval (in seconds) at which vprof will batch up a full report to the console -- more detailed than vprof_dump_oninterval.
vprof_reset cmd Reset the stats in VProf profiler
vprof_reset_peaks cmd Reset just the peak time in VProf profiler
vprof_scope Set a specific scope to start showing vprof tree
vprof_scope_entity_gamephys 0 game
vprof_scope_entity_thinks 0 game
vprof_unaccounted_limit 0.3 archive number of milliseconds that a node must exceed to turn red in the vprof panel
vprof_verbose 1 archive Set to one to show average and peak times
vprof_vtrace cmd Toggle whether vprof data is sent to VTrace
vprof_vtune_group cmd enable vtune for a particular vprof group ("disable" to disable)
vprof_warningmsec 10 archive Above this many milliseconds render the label red to indicate slow code.
vr_activate cmd client Switch to VR mode
vr_activate_default 0 client archive If this is true the game will switch to VR mode once startup is complete.
vr_aim_yaw_offset 90 client This value is added to Yaw when returning the vehicle aim angles to Source.
vr_cycle_aim_move_mode cmd client Cycle through the aim & move modes.
vr_deactivate cmd client Switch from VR mode to normal mode
vr_debug_nochromatic 0
vr_debug_nodistortion 0
vr_debug_remote_cam 0 client
vr_debug_remote_cam_pos_x 150.0 client
vr_debug_remote_cam_pos_y 0.0 client
vr_debug_remote_cam_pos_z 0.0 client
vr_debug_remote_cam_target_x 0.0 client
vr_debug_remote_cam_target_y 0.0 client
vr_debug_remote_cam_target_z -50.0 client
vr_distortion_enable 1
vr_first_person_uses_world_model 1 client Causes the third person model to be drawn instead of the view model
vr_force_windowed 0 client archive
vr_hud_axis_lock_to_world 0 client archive Bitfield - locks HUD axes to the world - 0=pitch, 1=yaw, 2=roll
vr_hud_display_ratio 0.95 client archive
vr_hud_forward 500 client archive Apparent distance of the HUD in inches
vr_hud_max_fov 60 client archive Max FOV of the HUD
vr_hud_never_overlay 0 client
vr_moveaim_mode 3 client archive 0=move+shoot from face. 1=move with torso. 2,3,4=shoot with face+mouse cursor. 5+ are probably not that useful.
vr_moveaim_mode_zoom 3 client archive 0=move+shoot from face. 1=move with torso. 2,3,4=shoot with face+mouse cursor. 5+ are probably not that useful.
vr_moveaim_reticle_pitch_limit 30 client archive Beyond this number of degrees, the mouse clamps
vr_moveaim_reticle_pitch_limit_zoom -1 client archive Beyond this number of degrees, the mouse clamps
vr_moveaim_reticle_yaw_limit 10 client archive Beyond this number of degrees, the mouse drags the torso
vr_moveaim_reticle_yaw_limit_zoom 0 client archive Beyond this number of degrees, the mouse drags the torso
vr_projection_znear_multiplier 0.3 client Allows moving the ZNear plane to deal with body clipping
vr_refresh_distortion_texture cmd
vr_render_hud_in_world 1 client
vr_reset_home_pos cmd Sets the current HMD position as the zero point
vr_stereo_mono_set_eye 0 client 0=off, Set all eyes to 1=left, 2=right, 3=middle eye
vr_stereo_swap_eyes 0 client 1=swap eyes.
vr_toggle cmd client Toggles VR mode
vr_track_reinit cmd Reinitializes HMD tracking
vr_translation_limit 10.0 client How far the in-game head will translate before being clamped.
vr_use_offscreen_render_target 0 Experimental: Use larger offscreen render target for pre-distorted scene in VR
vr_viewmodel_offset_forward -8 client
vr_viewmodel_offset_forward_large -15 client
vr_viewmodel_translate_with_head 0 client 1=translate the viewmodel with the head motion.
vr_zoom_multiplier 2.0 client archive When zoomed, how big is the scope on your HUD?
vr_zoom_scope_scale 6.0 client Something to do with the default scope HUD overlay size.
vscript_perf_warning_spew_ms 1.5
vscript_script_hooks 1 game
vtune cmd Controls VTune's sampling.
wait ncmd Wait N frames (or ticks, on a gameserver) before continuing. Can be disabled per-server using sv_allow_wait_command. Usage: wait <n>
+walk cmd client
-walk cmd client
wc_air_edit_further cmd game cheat When in WC edit mode and editing air nodes, moves position of air node crosshair and placement location further away from player
wc_air_edit_nearer cmd game cheat When in WC edit mode and editing air nodes, moves position of air node crosshair and placement location nearer to from player
wc_air_node_edit cmd game cheat When in WC edit mode, toggles laying down or air nodes instead of ground nodes
wc_create cmd game cheat When in WC edit mode, creates a node where the player is looking if a node is allowed at that location for the currently selected hull size (see ai_next_hull)
wc_destroy cmd game cheat When in WC edit mode, destroys the node that the player is nearest to looking at. (The node will be highlighted by a red box).
wc_destroy_undo cmd game cheat When in WC edit mode restores the last deleted node
cmd game cheat
weapon_medigun_charge_rate 40 devonly game replicated cheat Amount of time healing it takes to fully charge the medigun.
weapon_medigun_chargerelease_rate 8 devonly game replicated cheat Amount of time it takes the a full charge of the medigun to be released.
weapon_medigun_construction_rate 10 devonly game replicated cheat Constructing object health healed per second by the medigun.
weapon_medigun_damage_modifier 1.5 devonly game replicated cheat Scales the damage a player does while being healed with the medigun.
weapon_medigun_resist_num_chunks 4 devonly game replicated cheat How many uber bar chunks the vaccinator has.
weapon_showproficiency 0 game
weapon_taunt ncmd game Perform the active weapon's taunt.
weapon_vaccinator_resist_duration 3 devonly game replicated cheat Amount of time it takes the a full charge of the vaccinator to be released.
windows_speaker_config -1 archive
wipe_nav_attributes cmd game cheat Clear all nav attributes of selected area.
writeid cmd Writes a list of permanently-banned user IDs to banned_user.cfg.
writeip cmd Save the ban list to banned_ip.cfg.
xbox_autothrottle 1 game archive
xbox_steering_deadzone 0.0 game
xbox_throttlebias 100 game archive
xbox_throttlespoof 200 game archive
xc_crouch_debounce 0 game
xload cmd Load a saved game from a 360 storage device.
xlook cmd client
xmove cmd client
xsave cmd norecord Saves current game to a 360 storage device.
youtube_http_proxy client archive HTTP proxy. Specify if you have have problems uploading to YouTube.
youtube_username client archive Username for YouTube.
+zoom cmd client
-zoom cmd client
zoom_sensitivity_ratio 1.0 client archive Additional mouse sensitivity scale factor applied when FOV is zoomed in.