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January 2024
ID Description Internal Name
0 Slowed (as in when revving Minigun or zooming in with Sniper Rifles). Places the player in their class's zoomed/revved pose (for classes without this animation, this uses the reference pose). TF_COND_AIMING
1 Sniper Rifle zoom/scope. If applied whilst in third person, the player will appear invisible. Upon switching out of a weapon whilst this condition is active when the weapon does not allow zooming, the game will crash. TF_COND_ZOOMED
2 Disguise smoke. TF_COND_DISGUISING
3 Disguise donning. TF_COND_DISGUISED
4 Cloak effect. Applying this effect as Spy initiates cloaking but with no sound (with the selected PDA's deploy animation playing). When applied as a class other than Spy, the player will immediately uncloak with no noise. TF_COND_STEALTHED
5 Medi Gun invulnerability effect. Will drop as soon as the user starts to receive continuous healing from a Dispenser, Payload cart or Medic's secondary healing gun. Also drops from a Medic as soon as he activates or comes to the end of his own ÜberCharge. Not affected by a Medic's self-healing. TF_COND_INVULNERABLE
6 Teleporter dust. TF_COND_TELEPORTED
7 Intended to be taunting. Does nothing via addcond, but can be used with removecond to immediately stop taunting. TF_COND_TAUNTING
8 ÜberCharge expiration effect, if the player is ÜberCharged. TF_COND_INVULNERABLE_WEARINGOFF
9 Intended to be flickering effect if Cloaked. Removed immediately if added. TF_COND_STEALTHED_BLINK
10 Intended to be condition for Teleporting. Prevents you from doing things you normally wouldn't be able to do when teleporting (e.g. picking up The Intelligence). TF_COND_SELECTED_TO_TELEPORT
11 Crit boost (Kritzkrieg, Revenge crits). Drops under the same conditions as 5. TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED
12 Intended to be a temporary damage buff. Does nothing. TF_COND_TMPDAMAGEBONUS
13 Dead Ringer Cloak defense buff, works with any watch as Spy. Will automatically add condition 4. TF_COND_FEIGN_DEATH
14 Bonk! Atomic Punch effect. TF_COND_PHASE
15 Intended to be the Stunned effect, but simply adds the slowing effect icon in the HUD without any change to movement speed. Can be used with removecond to remove a stun. TF_COND_STUNNED
16 Buff Banner effect. TF_COND_OFFENSEBUFF
17 Chargin' Targe effect. Will cause any class to begin moving forward with a restricted turn rate as if charging, while emitting the Demoman's charging yell (the Demoman's speed will increase to 750 HU/s, and for Demomen this condition will expire when the charge meter empties). TF_COND_SHIELD_CHARGE
18 Intended to be the glowing eye effect associated with the Eyelander's head-taking capability. Can be used with removecond to remove such a glow. TF_COND_DEMO_BUFF
19 Crit-a-Cola/Buffalo Steak Sandvich/Cleaner's Carbine effect. TF_COND_ENERGY_BUFF
20 Medicating Melody effect (does not heal, only adds rings around the player's feet; the rings are removed after a taunt ends, though the condition persists). TF_COND_RADIUSHEAL
21 Intended to be the effect associated with any kind of continuous healing. Can be used with removecond to remove such an effect. TF_COND_HEALTH_BUFF
22 Fire Ignite reaction (sound and speech, but no fire). Can be used with removecond to remove afterburn. TF_COND_BURNING
23 Intended to indicate Overhealing. Does nothing. TF_COND_HEALTH_OVERHEALED
24 Jarate effect. TF_COND_URINE
25 Intended to be the Bleeding effect. Can only be used with removecond to remove bleeding. TF_COND_BLEEDING
26 Battalion's Backup effect. TF_COND_DEFENSEBUFF
27 Mad Milk effect. TF_COND_MAD_MILK
28 Quick-Fix visual effects + knock back/movement immunity (no healing). Drops under the same conditions as 5. TF_COND_MEGAHEAL
30 Fan o' War effect (marked for death). TF_COND_MARKEDFORDEATH
31 All attacks are mini-crits (no mini-crit glow occurs, but mini-crit hit sounds and effects occur). Player cannot be healed in any way. TF_COND_NOHEALINGDAMAGEBUFF
32 Disciplinary Action effect. TF_COND_SPEED_BOOST
33 Halloween pumpkin crit boost. TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_PUMPKIN
34 Power Up Canteen crit boost. Provides critical hits and doubles Sentry Gun firing rate. TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_USER_BUFF
35 Player's weapon gains crit glow and emits crit sound cues as if charging (but does not gain a crit boost). Automatically added by condition 17 when the player's charge meter drops below 75%. TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_DEMO_CHARGE
36 Soda Popper's "Hype" multiple jump. On classes other than Scout, this provides the purple glow effect on weapons, but no additional jumps are granted. TF_COND_SODAPOPPER_HYPE
37 First blood crit boost. TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_FIRST_BLOOD
38 Winning team crit boost. TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_BONUS_TIME
39 Intelligence capture crit boost. TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_CTF_CAPTURE
40 Crit boost from crit-on-kill weapons (Killing Gloves of Boxing). TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_ON_KILL
41 Cannot switch away from melee weapon (as for Buffalo Steak Sandvich). TF_COND_CANNOT_SWITCH_FROM_MELEE
42 Player takes 35% less damage (50% less from Sentry Guns), gains team-colored buff rings. This is used for the Mann vs. Machine bomb carrier defensive buff. This is similar to condition 26, though without the icon above the health bar in the HUD. TF_COND_DEFENSEBUFF_NO_CRIT_BLOCK
43 "Reprogrammed". This condition no longer functions. Previous behavior: swaps the player from BLU to RED for the duration of the condition. Removal of this condition causes the player to swap from RED to BLU. Adds sparks to player's head. Automatically adds condition 15 and slows the player for 5 seconds. TF_COND_REPROGRAMMED
45 Mmmph activation defense buff. TF_COND_DEFENSEBUFF_HIGH
46 Focus effect. This affects only Sniper primaries, but not the Classic, the Huntsman or Fortified Compound. All other weapons gain the lightning effects, however. TF_COND_SNIPERCHARGE_RAGE_BUFF
47 Causes the Enforcer to lose its 20% damage bonus, as when firing it to remove a disguise. TF_COND_DISGUISE_WEARINGOFF
48 Self marked for death (as with Rescue Ranger hauling). TF_COND_MARKEDFORDEATH_SILENT
49 Crouching causes the player to appear to be a Dispenser of the enemy team to enemy players. As a side effect, it forces the player's speed to 450 Hammer Units per second (diagonal movement is at 520 HU/s). Swapping weapons while in this state will cause the player to briefly stop moving, and then return to 450 HU/s. This condition also causes Sentry Guns to ignore the player, which was possibly used for a Spy disguise that was later scrapped. TF_COND_DISGUISED_AS_DISPENSER
50 Adds a sparking effect to the player's head (associated with sapping a Robot in Mann vs. Machine). TF_COND_SAPPED
51 "Hidden" ÜberCharge (player sees their viewmodel as ÜberCharged, but their appearance is not ÜberCharged unless they are hit by a source of damage, after which the player appears ÜberCharged for several seconds. Much like Robots on a Mann vs. Machine wave before entering the arena). TF_COND_INVULNERABLE_HIDE_UNLESS_DAMAGED
52 Canteen ÜberCharge. Reduces damage to your Sentry Gun. Also used for Mannpower respawn Über protection. TF_COND_INVULNERABLE_USER_BUFF
53 Player is forced into thirdperson and hears the Bombinomicon's lines as if their head were turned into a bomb. If Merasmus is active on the map, a bomb appears on the player's head. This condition may cause users to crash if added on a map other than Ghost Fort. TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_BOMB_HEAD
54 Player cannot move and hears the Ghost Fort dancing music. Any taunts performed will be the Thriller taunt. TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_THRILLER
55 Automatically adds condition 20 and 21 and causes the player and every nearby teammate to begin gaining health as if being healed by the Amputator. The player gets the credit for any healing that occurs. Conditions 20 and 21 are automatically removed when the player ends any taunt, but condition 55 remains active (though it does nothing after this point). TF_COND_RADIUSHEAL_ON_DAMAGE
56 Miscellaneous crit boost. Likely used for the Wheel of Fate Critical Hits effect. TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_CARD_EFFECT
57 Miscellaneous ÜberCharge. Likely used for the Wheel of Fate ÜberCharge effect. TF_COND_INVULNERABLE_CARD_EFFECT
58 Vaccinator Über bullet resistance. TF_COND_MEDIGUN_UBER_BULLET_RESIST
59 Vaccinator Über blast resistance. TF_COND_MEDIGUN_UBER_BLAST_RESIST
60 Vaccinator Über fire resistance. TF_COND_MEDIGUN_UBER_FIRE_RESIST
61 Vaccinator passive bullet resistance. TF_COND_MEDIGUN_SMALL_BULLET_RESIST
62 Vaccinator passive blast resistance. TF_COND_MEDIGUN_SMALL_BLAST_RESIST
63 Vaccinator passive fire resistance. TF_COND_MEDIGUN_SMALL_FIRE_RESIST
64 Player will Cloak immediately regardless of class. Used for the Invisibility Magic spell. TF_COND_STEALTHED_USER_BUFF
66 Player is ignored by enemy bots and Sentry Guns, and fades to Invisibility. Attacking will make the player visible, but the player will rapidly fade out again, during which the player will be unable to attack. Player gains a shadowed-border "Stealth" overlay. Used when the Invisibility Magic spell is fading. TF_COND_STEALTHED_USER_BUFF_FADING
67 Bullet damage immunity. TF_COND_BULLET_IMMUNE
68 Blast damage immunity. TF_COND_BLAST_IMMUNE
69 Fire damage immunity. TF_COND_FIRE_IMMUNE
70 Player will survive all damage until their health reaches 1, after which this condition will be automatically removed. Damage that would be fatal will not show as combat text above the player's head to the attacker. TF_COND_PREVENT_DEATH
71 MvM Bot gate-capture stun (automatically stuns bots and adds a radio effect above their heads, but has no effect on human players). TF_COND_MVM_BOT_STUN_RADIOWAVE
72 Player gains speed boost, firing rate boost, reload speed boost, and infinite air jumps. Used for the Minify Magic spell. TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_SPEED_BOOST
73 Quick-Fix-like healing effect. Automatically adds condition 21 for the duration of the effect, as well as condition 28 for a brief period. Used for the Healing Aura Magic spell. TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_QUICK_HEAL
74 Medieval thirdperson shoulder view. TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_GIANT
75 Player is halved in size, although head size, movement speed, melee range, and damage remain unchanged. The player is forced into thirdperson. Used for the Bumper Cars in Carnival of Carnage and Gravestone. TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_TINY
76 Player gains condition 77 upon death, used for when the player is in Hell. TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_IN_HELL
77 Player becomes a Ghost. Can be reverted with removecond. TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_GHOST_MODE
78 Unknown. Intended to be mini-crit boost from mini-crit-on-kill weapons (like the Cleaner's Carbine before the December 17, 2015 Patch, but is unused. TF_COND_MINICRITBOOSTED_ON_KILL
79 Player has a 75% chance to dodge every time damage is taken (dodged damage will cause the MISS! effect from condition 14 to appear). TF_COND_OBSCURED_SMOKE
80 Player gains a parachute if airborne. Removed upon landing. TF_COND_PARACHUTE_ACTIVE
81 Player gains fire rate bonus on the Air Strike. TF_COND_BLASTJUMPING
82 Player gains Bumper Car movement, controls and bumper car model. Associated HUD will not be visible. TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_KART
83 Player's Field of View increases, with their world model playing the Bumper Car boosting animation, and if the player has condition 82, the player is forced to move forwards at a boosted speed until the condition is removed or upon collision with a wall or an enemy player. TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_KART_DASH
84 Player gains a larger head and lowered gravity. TF_COND_BALLOON_HEAD
85 Player is forced to use melee weapons. Automatically adds conditions 32 and 75 when added. TF_COND_MELEE_ONLY
86 Player can swim in air, and gains vision effects as if underwater or covered in Jarate. TF_COND_SWIMMING_CURSE
87 Player is locked in place and cannot turn, attack, or switch weapons. The player can still taunt, however. TF_COND_FREEZE_INPUT
88 Player gains a cage surrounding them. Automatically adds condition 87 when added. This is used for the Scream Fortress Halloween bumper car minigames. This will crash the game unless you are on a map that supports bumper cars (currently only Carnival of Carnage). TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_KART_CAGE
89 Player is considered as holding a Mannpower powerup. Using the dropitem command (Default key:L) will drop a powerup pickup (usually Strength) and remove this condition. TF_COND_DONOTUSE_0
90 Player gains double damage for all weapons and distance damage fall-off immunity. Used for the "Strength" powerup in Mannpower mode. TF_COND_RUNE_STRENGTH
91 Player gains double firing rate, reload rate, clip size, and max ammo count. Movement speed is also increased by 30%. Used for the "Haste" powerup in Mannpower mode. TF_COND_RUNE_HASTE
92 Player periodically regenerates ammo, health, and metal. Health regeneration rate is inversely proportional to maximum health. Used for the "Regen" powerup in Mannpower mode. TF_COND_RUNE_REGEN
93 Player gains a 50% resistance to all incoming damage, as well as an immunity to all critical hits. Used for the "Resistance" powerup in Mannpower mode. TF_COND_RUNE_RESIST
94 Player gains the ability to receive HP based on damage dealt, a 25% damage resistance, and a 40% increase in maximum HP. Used for the "Vampire" powerup in Mannpower mode. TF_COND_RUNE_VAMPIRE
95 Player gains the ability to reflect damage dealt to them back at the attacker, although this cannot directly cause death. Player additionally gets a 50% increase in max HP. Used for the "Reflect" powerup in Mannpower mode. TF_COND_RUNE_REFLECT
96 Player gains a drastic decrease in bullet spread, as well as damage falloff immunity. Projectiles fired by the player gain a 250% increase in projectile speed. Sniper rifles deal double damage, gain faster damage ramp-up, and will re-zoom quicker after firing. Used for the "Precision" powerup in Mannpower mode. TF_COND_RUNE_PRECISION
97 Player gains an increase in movement speed, grapple speed, and jump height. The player can instantly switch between their weapons. Used for the "Agility" powerup in Mannpower mode. TF_COND_RUNE_AGILITY
98 Added when a player fires the Grappling Hook. Addition or removal via commands has no effect. TF_COND_GRAPPLINGHOOK
99 Added when a player's Grappling Hook begins pulling them. Removed when the player lands. Addition or removal via commands has no effect. TF_COND_GRAPPLINGHOOK_SAFEFALL
100 Added when a player's Grappling Hook latches to a wall, and removed when player disengages the Grappling Hook. Addition of this condition causes the player's world model to play the Grappling Hook shoot animation briefly, then does nothing. TF_COND_GRAPPLINGHOOK_LATCHED
101 Added when a player is latched by another player's Grappling Hook. Adding this condition does not initiate bleeding, but does show the icon in the HUD. TF_COND_GRAPPLINGHOOK_BLEEDING
102 Added when a player activates their Dead Ringer, giving them immunity to afterburn. TF_COND_AFTERBURN_IMMUNE
103 Player is restricted to Melee and their Grappling Hook, has their max health increased by 150 and becomes immune to knockback. They also do 4x damage to Buildings. Used for the "Knockout" powerup in Mannpower mode. TF_COND_RUNE_KNOCKOUT
104 Added when player gains the Mannpower Revenge powerup. Prevents pickup of the Mannpower Crit or Uber powerups. TF_COND_RUNE_IMBALANCE
105 Mannpower Crit powerup. TF_COND_CRITBOOSTED_RUNE_TEMP
106 Added whenever a player intercepts the Jack/Ball in the PASS Time gamemode. When added, displays the distortion effect. TF_COND_PASSTIME_INTERCEPTION
107 Player can swim in air, similar to condition 86, but without swimming animations, forced third-person perspective, and underwater overlay. TF_COND_SWIMMING_NO_EFFECTS
108 "Purgatory", used for Eyeaduct when the player enters the Underworld. When added, refills health and adds 1 second of ÜberCharge to the player. When removed, displays "<playername> has escaped the underworld!", additionally granting the effects of escaping the Underworld if the player had condition 108 when removecond was used. TF_COND_PURGATORY
109 Player gains an increase in max health, health regen, fire rate, and reload rate. Used for the "King" powerup in Mannpower mode. TF_COND_RUNE_KING
110 The Plague powerup from Mannpower. TF_COND_RUNE_PLAGUE
111 The Supernova powerup from Mannpower. TF_COND_RUNE_SUPERNOVA
112 Plagued by the Plague powerup from Mannpower. Player bleeds until they pick up a health kit, touch a Resupply locker, or die. Blocks the health regen and team buff from the King powerup. TF_COND_PLAGUE
113 The area-of-effect buffs from the King powerup from Mannpower. Player gains an increase in health regen, fire rate, and reload rate. TF_COND_KING_BUFFED
114 Enables glow outlines on friendly players and buildings. Used when player respawns. TF_COND_TEAM_GLOWS
115 Used whenever a player is under the effects of Compression blast. Removed when the player touches the ground. TF_COND_KNOCKED_INTO_AIR
116 Applied when the player is on the competitive winner's podium. TF_COND_COMPETITIVE_WINNER
117 Applied when the player is on the loser team in competitive match summary. Prevents taunting. TF_COND_COMPETITIVE_LOSER
118 The healing debuff added by the Pyro's Flamethrower. TF_COND_HEALING_DEBUFF
119 Applied when the player is carrying the Jack in PASS Time with no nearby teammates. Marks the player for death. TF_COND_PASSTIME_PENALTY_DEBUFF
120 Used when a player with the Grappling Hook is grappled to another player. Prevents taunting and performs some grappling hook movement logic. TF_COND_GRAPPLED_TO_PLAYER
121 Unknown. Checked when attempting to set the target for a grappling hook. TF_COND_GRAPPLED_BY_PLAYER
122 Added when deploying the B.A.S.E. Jumper. TF_COND_PARACHUTE_DEPLOYED
123 Gas coating effect from the Gas Passer. TF_COND_GAS
124 Afterburn effect applied to Pyros when hit by the Dragon's Fury projectile. TF_COND_BURNING_PYRO
125 Applied when the boosters on the Thermal Thruster activate. Removed when the player touches the ground. TF_COND_ROCKETPACK
126 When added while moving, decreases the player's friction, causing them to slide around. Removed when the player stops moving. TF_COND_LOST_FOOTING
127 Used whenever a player is under the effects of an air current (such as Compression blast). Applies a multiplier on air control and surface friction. TF_COND_AIR_CURRENT
128 Used whenever a player gets teleported to Hell. Does nothing when added, but stops the gradual healing effect from the teleport when removed. TF_COND_HALLOWEEN_HELL_HEAL
129 Used in Mannpower when a player has a high kill count compared to the rest of the players in the game. Reduces the strength of the currently equipped powerup. TF_COND_POWERUPMODE_DOMINANT