List of Script Libraries

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List of Script Libraries

This page contains a list of community-made VScript libraries.

Tip.png Tip: Libraries intended for a specific game still be useful as a reference or to extract specific helper functions, e.g. Left 4 Dead 2 libraries can also be useful in Team Fortress 2 due to similarities in their scripting functionality.

To do: Expand this list, there is definitely more libraries out in the wild

Name Description Compatible Games Link
csgo-vscripts Collection of small utility scripts such as chat commands, event handling and timers (and autochess!)
csQuery jQuery-like library in Squirrel.
give_tf_weapon Provides convenient access for handling weapons and creating custom weapons.
Library-of-Utils Multifunctional library. Provides features such as: non-conflicting script plugin interface, registering chat commands, and lightweight math library featuring Matrix3x4, Vector, QAngles and Quaternion methods.
keyframes Fully fledged creation of smooth camera animations using splines and an interactive editor.
riscv-vscript Port of mini-rv32ima to Squirrel. Allows running Linux inside the game!
VScript-Popfile-Extensions Makes embedding VScripts into MvM population files easier.
vscript_timer Simple, cheap timer that does not rely on entities. Also provides conversions from float time to other formats such as hours or milliseconds.
vs_library High-performance library. Provides a math library based on the Source SDK, which includes vector, quaternion and matrix functionality.
VSLib Utility library. Provides timers, file IO operations and extended entity functions.