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SiN Episodes Level Creation

The following list is a collection of all the music tracks located in the files and used throughout Sin Episodes, but it is worth noting that the music files themselves are unplayable outside the game as they may be encoded in another format other than the one they show up as and are therefore unlistenable. As such they should instead be listen to by going into the console and using the play console command, with them having the extension .mp3 and being in the music/ folder. Below is an ordered list by which they occur and split into the different chapters of the game, each containing the music for their respective chapter; showing the filename of the music track, its duration in seconds and a description of where it is used.

A preview video of these tracks can be found here.


Filename Duration Level Location
intro_elex_rad_talk 01:42 Playing during the intro cutscene when the player is bound to the operation table.
intro_escape 00:54 While Jessica and the player is escaping the crumbling SINTek Research Facility.
intro_02 01:35 When the car crosses the city bridge, the player is temporarily in the dream world and the SINTek Checkpoint drivethrough.
intro_03 00:09 Used right at start of the third intro level after the SINTek Checkpoint.
intro_jessandjc 01:29 Plays while JC discusses with Jessica, driving to the docks.
intro_titles 01:52 Unused in the game.


Filename Duration Level Location
docks_martin 00:57 When greated by the dockworker Martin, who disables the forcefield for the player.
docks_garrison 01:21 Begins playing when reaching the end of the dock and throughout the monologue scene with Garrison.
docks_ambush 01:20 Plays right after the monologue, with the player getting trapped and having to traverse through tunnels.
docks_getgun 00:12 Meeting up with Jessica after the traversing of the tunnels, when she hands the player the magnum pistol.
docks_jesstalk 01:11 Jessica giving the player instructions about the health system in the game.
docks_semiattack 00:47 Starts after the truck trying to crush the player crashes into the wall.
docks_lighthouse 00:25 The player has just solved the exploding barrel physics puzzle to open the gate and now sees the lighthouse for the first time.
docks_vanfight 01:27 A white van pulls up right after the player has exited the lighthouse section, resulting in a fight between its passengers and the player.
docks_deathmachine 01:34 Entering the area containing the deathmachine attack puzzle.
docks_03start 01:08 Plays past the loading screen to the third dock level at map spawn right up the stairs after the deathmachine puzzle.
docks_powerassault 01:03 Reaching the top of the fire escape emergency staircase looking into the office building.
docks_03transition 00:45 Entering the office room with the elongated desk, where the player then has to jump out the window to the right.
docks_03turbine 01:25 At the end of the long round staircase inside the power plant, where the player has to swim/walk around the turbines to activate the bridge and open the sliding door.
docks_04start 01:00 Unused in game.
docks_crane 01:01 The door to the upper lager grade bridge for the container jetpack fight gets opened.
docks_04seetanker 00:14 When the first sight of Radek's stranded oil tanker laboratory hideout appears at the train tracks.
docks_final 01:07 Going inside the final warehouse to activate the ramp for the lift.


Filename Duration Level Location
u4_introambush 00:22 Entering the first hall of the tanker, trapping the player in an ambush.
u4_ambushstart 01:50 Is being played while under fire from both sides in the tanker hall, waiting for a data spike to shut down the forcefield.
u4_ambushstop 00:29 The hacking of the forcefield is done, the ambush is over and the player can leave the area.
u4_holdfight 00:53 In a loading area of the tanker, fighting grunts with vertical fights and physics puzzles.
u4_catwalkfall 00:48 A catwalk in a large open area upon the ship filed with piped and vents, gets destroyed when the player tries to walk over one of them.
u4_mutantlab 00:32 Reaching a lab creating and experimenting on mutants from human subjects. Also plays when trying to escape the tanker, by which mutants runs towards the player in a corridor.
u4_mutatedudes 00:24 Two holding tanks containts individually a grunt, by clicking a button the music plays and forces these to become mutants.
u4_doorweld 00:15 Roaming the lab can trap the player in a fight, trying to leave by one the non-forcefield possible exits will result in the given door getting welded shut.
u4_finalhold 00:56 Plays duing the final area when crashing the cart into a door at high speeds.
u4_encradek 01:32 A monologue with Radek ensues following the trapment of the player besides a submarine docking station inside the ship.
u4_elexappear 01:42 After Radek's disappearance, Elexis talks to the player about chemical injected into him.
u4_escapelab 01:00 Trying to escape the lab right after being told it will explode.
u4_majors 00:19 In a redden storage area filled with poison gas, mutants and lots fire.
u4_smallmutants 00:14 Walking into a small corridor being confronted to small mutants in front attacking the player.
u4_exitpipes 01:22 Trying to escape the tanker by following a set of coloured pipes through a small tunnel.
u4_mutantacc 00:57 Unused in game.


Filename Duration Level Location
pit_intro 00:40 Activated when first leaving the tanker through the tunnels, when at the round staircase.
pit_gruntkill 00:09 The player sees some grunts being mutilated at the end of the round staircase.
pit_mutant 00:38 A mutant is at the end of a long corridor to fling an object upon the player, where afterwards the tanker will be seen explode outside a window.
pit_roomofdoom 01:02 In a medium sized dirty and dark underground sewer filled with mutants and industrial piping.
pit_spooky 00:14 Unused in game.
pit_jessrendez 00:18 Jessica is in a monologue outside a window in a destroyed building complex.
pit_quadralex 03:38 Plays when the player enter the arena having to fight the quadralex and also upon its death.
pit_quadvict 00:11 On the arena quadralex's death.
pit_maze 02:11 Heading into the wood netted crate formed maze.
pit_jessarive 00:11 Exiting the maze and short afterwards upon arrival of Jessica in the car.
pit_drive 01:44 While the driving throughout the pit to the control center.
pit_control 00:05 The car is blocked to drive any further by a gate, the player's job is now to open it in a control center nearby.
pit_drivetosupremacy 00:46 The player and Jessica drives through the large tunnels and up the coast road to the Supremacy Tower.


Filename Duration Level Location
highrise_intro 00:41 Begin to play as soon the player has entered Supremacy Tower.
highrise_nocdiscuss 01:14 The doors to the sideroom of the tower's lobby has been opened in a small adjacent room by the player.
highrise_blowopen 01:08 While scaling the tower and going through the warehouse section of the building, an elite grunt will blow a door wide open.
highrise_mutantdisco 00:43 Disco music playing in a secret bar located behind a fence in the warehouse area.
highrise_fuse 01:19 The player is presented with a locked gate, requiring a specific type of fuse to be put in place to open.
highrise_openfuse 00:52 When the fuse has been connected to the relay and the gate opens up, allowing the player to pass through.
highrise_atrium 00:42 A very large and open atrium area where the player has to fight upwards to a door.
highrise_elexis 00:44 Jessica and the player confront a hologram of Elexis in the elevator lobby of the tower.
highrise_lobby 03:50 Following Elexis' conversation, all of the lobby's elevators will open one after the other, releasing grunts in the process for the player to fight.
highrise_lobby_stop 00:08 The end of the elevator lobby fight, where a door at the end of the room will explode; playing this track in the process.
highrise_noc 01:00 Jessica and the player arrives at the Network Operation Center (NOC) to extract data.
highrise_heloflyby 00:11 When taking the elevator up the tower, the player will get attacked by jetpack grunts through its windows.
highrise_floor24 00:57 The highest floor of the tower for the player to arrive with the elevator and continue to the outside of the skyscraper.
highrise_onedge 00:13 Opening the door for the first time to truely be able to observe the height of the skyscraper.
highrise_girder1 00:08 Triggered automatically by when a wheel gets turned, resulting in a bar holding a flag on the side of the building falling down on the railing for the player to walk over.
highrise_girder2 00:56 Likewise begins to play by a wheel that needs to be turned for a bar to fall down, but is triggered by the player instead.


Filename Duration Level Location
finale_encounter 01:18 Cutscene plays on top of the Supremacy Tower where Radek injests Jessica with some kind of chemical.
finale_secret 01:31 A secret upsidedown level can be found in which area this specific track plays.
finale_heliport_fall 01:04 Going around a ledge right before the top of the tower, a helipad will be seen being blown up.
finale_quadappear 01:49 Reacing the top of the tower will spawn a quadralex the player has to fight, all the while having to hide from an attack helicopter circling around.
finale_quaddie 03:35 Triggered two times, each time after a quadralex has been killed.
finale_victory 00:09 Plays when two of the three final enemies has been killed by the player, being the two quadralex and one helicopter.
finale_next_episode 00:05 Right when the credits starts with the 'Next On - Sin Episodes: Emergence'.
finale_briefing 00:55 While the credit sequence shows what is going to happen in the next episode.


Filename Duration Level Location
sin_major 03:08 Unused in game.
sinep_slow 00:39 Unused in game.
wwct_mix_new 03:02 Playing on the main menu as background music.
end_credits 01:57 Plays during the end credits of the game.
whatworld_techno2 02:35 In the bloopers scenes after the credits.

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