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SiN Episodes Level Creation

In Sin Episodes as the player traverses through the levels, the companions Jessica and JC will helpout via radio messages when not directly present; about what the current objective is and to remind the player in certain intervals of this, when a hectic situation unfolds or just for commenting on something of interest seen in the game world like a poster or scenery. Below is a list of all the messages that can be send to the player by radio and are build around their usage with the env_radio_message, where the speaker is the companion that are going to present the message, the radio message itself, the priority which requires the player to press a keyboard button to hear the message if set to extraneous, the name of the soundfile and lastly what the speaker says. To play a radio message, call an env_radio_message entity with the dispatch input and a parameter of the message or filename, for example with npc_jessica as the speaker the entity could receive a dispatch input with the parameter of the message npc_jessica.Objective.Training.Reminders for a random of its files to play or a filename directly like intro.jess_lockcomm to only play that soundfile, remember to place the name of the section with a dot in front of it to make it work.


Speaker Message Priority Filename Monologue
npc_jessica Checking Datacom - Narrative
npc_jessica.Objective.Training Objective jess_commcheck Okay, Blade. Let's check the comm. Channels and optic feed. Once that's online, I'll see what you see; I don't want to risk losing you in there. When I give you the signal, we'll do a frequency lock (Pause) Okay. . . Locking frequencies now. (Static) communication seems solid Blade.
npc_jessica.Objective.Training.Reminders Extraneous jess_lockcomm We're locked in, comm system is online.
jess_commsolid Communications seem solid, Blade.
jess_freqstab Frequency's stable, Blade.
Jessica "Nag" Lines
npc_jessica.Objective.Find_Garrison Objective jess_gararound I'm in position, Blade. Garrison's got to be around there somewhere.
npc_jessica.Objective.Find_Garrison.Reminders Extraneous jess_getmvgar You better get moving, Blade. I don't know how long Garrison will wait around.
jess_garonly Garrison's the only way we're gonna get into that lab, Blade. You've got to find him.
jess_garrdock Garrison's out there somewhere, Blade. Have you checked the docks?


Speaker Message Priority Filename Monologue
npc_jessica Jessica Radio Updates - Ancillary
npc_jessica.Objective.Get_Into_the_Lab Objective jess_almostbkcar I'm almost back to the car, Blade. Radek's mercs are everywhere, it's gonna be tough to find a way into that lab.
npc_jessica.Objective.Get_Into_the_Lab.Reminders Extraneous jess_trysecupl I'm trying to get a secure uplink established, Blade. We're gonna need some help once you get into the lab.
jess_shldlongn Shouldn't be long now, Blade, once I have an uplink set I'll meet you in the lab.
jess_radiotraff Hey, I'm picking up all kinds of radio traffic, Blade. Radek's got an army trying to keep you out of that lab.
npc_jessica.Objective.Uplink_Severed Objective jc_bossjchere Boss! JC here. We've got a problem. SinTEK is (Static, changes to jessica) JC? JC? Shit! The uplink's been severed. Blade, go on ahead. I'll go try and reestablish contact.
jess_itsnogood It's no good, Blade. They cut the signal. JC can't reach us.
jess_tryreest I'm going to try and re-establish the connection.
jess_roddiso Radek's trying to keep us isolated, Blade. You've got to find a way into that lab.
jess_jcjcuplink JC? JC? Shit! The uplink's been severed. Blade, go on ahead. I'll go try and reestablish contact.
npc_jessica.Objective.Find_Entrance Objective jess_dntunderent I. . . I don't understand. This should be it, Blade. The entrance should be here.
jess_entaround The entrance has to be around there somewhere, Blade.
jess_garrnotlie Garrison wouldn't lie, not about this. The entrance is there.
jess_keeplking Keep looking, Blade. The entrance has to be around there.
npc_jessica.Objective.Enter_Lab Objective jess_bldgoodjb That's it, Blade! Good job. I should have figured Radek would have a secret entrance. He always did have a flair for the dramatic.
jess_followtunn Follow that tunnel, it should take you right into the lab. Be careful, though. Something's going on here.
jess_thattunn That tunnel should take you right into the lab, Blade.
jess_watchstep Watch your step, Blade. Once you're in the lab, Radek will do anything he can to get you out.
npc_jessica.Objective.Elevator_Jessica Objective jess_bldgoodjb That's it, Blade! Good job. I should have figured Radek would have a secret entrance. He always did have a flair for the dramatic.
npc_jessica.Objective.Secret_Entrance Objective
npc_jessica.Objective.Connection_Reestab Objective jess_therere There we go, Blade. Connection re-established, JC's back on-line.
none Objective jess_glg20 That was a GLG-20, SinTEK's model – Why am I not surprised?
jess_hazardbuoy That's odd. . . That's a hazard buoy. This should be a busy port; it doesn't make any sense to be shooing off your business. Garrison was right, Radek's up to something.
Extraneous jess_justlikeg Just like Garrison said, that place is a fortress. There's no way to assault the main entrance, right Blade. . . Blade?
jess_bettnotthnk Blade. You better not be thinking what I think you are.
jess_dmtgarright Dammit, Garrison was right. Look at all that security. There's no way you're gonna get in the front. You'll have to find another way in.
jess_theycomtop They're coming topside!
jess_eyescomdwn Eyes up, Blade! They're coming down.
jess_theycomrf They're coming through the roof.
jess_uptopbld Up top, Blade.
jess_backcrupl I'm back at the car, setting up the uplink boss.
jess_upsecsin Uplink secure, SinTEK is dragging their feet on the jurisdiction issues for some reason, surprise, surprise.
jess_hcinline HC is inline but sinTEK is pulling a jurisdictional override, our backup is held gonna be held up indefinitely.
jess_doneallpos I've done all I can boss, I'm moving back to your position.
jess_gotvisp I got a visual on you, Blade. I'm gonna hold position.
jess_crapmov Ah crap. I'm getting some movement, Blade. Something's going on.
jess_lost2bl I lost'em. I lost'em. I don't like this, Blade. Watch yourself.
jess_bldrdmerc Blade, Radek's mercs are all over the next room. Be careful in there.
jess_bldrun Blade, run!
jess_getmvbld2 Get moving, Blade!
jess_notimeex There's no time to explain, I'll meet up with you, just get out of there.
jess_keepmvway Keep moving, Blade. I'm on my way.
jess_dntwryaliv Don't worry about me, Blade. I'll find you, just stay alive.
jess_keepgvat Keep going, Blade. I'll catch up.
jess_almstthr Almost there, Blade.
jess_idwatchthos I'd watch those tanks, Blade.
jess_carefulo2 Careful around those oxygen tanks, Blade. A stray bullet will send them flying.
jess_gimmedrnk Give me a break, Blade. You wanna drink now?
jess_notgeriatric I may not know as much about technology as JC, but that thing looks straight up geriatric. It's got to be too old to be connect to Freeport's Hyperweb. Why would they need a computer off the grid?
jess_youboys You boys are all the same. One glimpse of cleavage and you can't even think straight anymore.
jess_lookhiring Looks like they're hiring. Looking for a career change, Blade?
jess_badsign It's probably a bad sign when your ‘accident free' time is measured in minutes.
jess_seenbeforeg I've seen those before, Blade. They're reinforced galvinium storage units, bet'cha this week's paycheck there's U4 inside.
jess_checksec That checkpoint looks secure, Blade. You storm that and you'll have Radek's entire army on top of you.
jess_genovertime Those generators look like they're putting in serious overtime. That's a lot of wattage for an area this small.
jess_allpower Look at that, all that power is staying right here. What's going on in that lab that they need this much juice?
jess_forkliftoff No good, Blade. Sounds like the carburetor's shot.
jess_craneelect Blade, looks like that crane's electrical system is exposed.
jess_gotblowopen There's got to be something you could use to blow open that door.
jess_thatmonsecis That monitor… They're rerouting all secforce activity. They're keeping us isolated, Blade.
jess_whrawmat Whoa. Bet that's how they bring in most of the raw materials.
jess_entru4has According to the schematics the Skeev got me, the entrance HAS to be there… Somewhere.
jess_thatitu4 That's it! Blade, get down to the U4 lab. I'll get JC online.
npc_jc JC Radio Updates - Ancillary
npc_jc.Objective.Jurisdiction_Problems Objective jc_heyabldup Heya, Blade. Jessica finally got the uplink established. Guess she's not as useless as I thought.
npc_jc.Objective.Jurisdiction_Problems.Reminders Extraneous jc_igottatell I gotta tell you, Boss, you're making some kind of mess over there... getting you an evac is going to take some time.
jc_heartsin You're in the heart of a SinTEK controlled sector, Boss. They're refusing to yield jurisdiction, so don't hold your breath for back up.
jc_lineupevac I'm trying to line up an evac, Boss, but SinTEK's blocking every attempt I make. Give me some time; I'll figure something out.
npc_jc.Objective.Uplink_Reconnected Objective jc_sinstone Hey Boss, SinTEK's stonewalled every attempt at an evac authorization. I'm trying to hack into their system now and see if I can't be a little more. . . persuasive. I'll keep you updated.
jess_therere There we go, Blade. Connection re-established, JC's back on-line.
jc_thisgomess This is going to be a messy hack, Blade, but I'll get you an evac. . . somehow.
jc_howlongonly I don't know how long this is going to take, Boss. Finding a way into that lab might be your only option.
jc_wouldntwait I wouldn't wait on me, Boss.
npc_jessica.Objective.Stonewalled Objective jc_sinstone Hey Boss, SinTEK's stonewalled every attempt at an evac authorization. I'm trying to hack into their system now and see if I can't be a little more. . . persuasive. I'll keep you updated.

Druglab (U4)

Speaker Message Priority Filename Monologue
npc_jessica Jessica Radio Updates
npc_jessica.Objective.Find_Roddick Objective jess_rodonlyknows Listen, Radek's the only one that knows what you've been injected with. Blade. You just find him -- I know how to make him talk.
npc_jessica.Objective.Find_Roddick.Reminders Extraneous jess_dntworrfndrd Don't worry about me, Blade, just find Radek.
jess_oncefndrd Once you find Radek, he'll tell us what you've been injected with. I'll make sure of that.
jess_fndrod Find Radek, Blade. Leave the rest to me.
npc_jessica.Objective.No_Evac Objective jess_wellweoffscrew Well, we're officially screwed. SinTEK's claming 'domain interest' or some shit like that. Bottom line: We're not getting an evac, Blade. At least not anytime soon.
npc_jessica.Objective.No_Evac.Reminders Extraneous jess_nochangejuri No change, Blade. SinTEK's shot down the jurisdiction request. HQ's got Meredith working her lawyer magic on it now.
jess_meridfile Meredith filed an injunction, but the only judge sitting right now is Herlander. Yeah, THAT Herlander. I don't know how SinTEK got a judge on their board of directors.
jess_myguessown My guess is that we're on our own, Blade.
npc_jessica.Objective.Primary_Exit_Shut Objective jess_thisgrtinterc Oh, this is just great, Blade. I intercepted another transmission -- they just locked down the primary exits. Guess they think that will slow you up. Hmm, those mercs have no idea what's headed their way.
npc_jessica.Objective.Primary_Exit_Shut.Reminders Extraneous jess_youhavefind You'll have to find another way out of the ship, Blade.
jess_gotexittunn There's got to be an exit tunnel somewhere.
jess_bttrhurryout Better hurry, Blade. There's got to be another way out.
npc_jessica.Objective.CargoDoors Objective jess_yougotcargo You've got to find some way to open those cargo doors.
npc_jessica.Objective.CargoDoors.Reminders Objective
none Extraneous jess_seenform I've seen that formula before, Blade. It's Benzocoatrilite, it's a concentrated entropic agent, though the drug muffins call it IceAdd. It's supposed to boost the body's ability to process U4, making it 50 or 60 times more addictive. Figures Radek would be cutting his drugs with it.
jess_thosepipesld Those pipes have to lead somewhere, Blade. I wonder if that's how they pipe in the raw materials from the outside.
jess_guessproc Guess you found the processing room. Rumor has it that the crystallized Benzocoatrilite won't liquefy unless it's superheated.
jess_rnepharm Hmm. R&E Pharmaceuticals. Looks like Radek's trying to make at least part of this operation legit.
jess_looku4man Look at all of them. How much U4 did they manufacture?
jess_bldexpmut Blade? Is that what I think it is? Are they experimenting on Mutants?
jess_whathellth What the hell is that?
jess_waitarch13 Wait a minute, Blade. Did you see that? Arch-13. . . What do you think that means?
jess_thatbasthide There's the Bastard's hiding place. Don't let him get out of there, Blade.
jess_hngonlk Hang on Blade, take another look at that.
Escape U4
none Extraneous jess_whatgoobbld What's going on, Blade?
jess_sweetgbussect Sweet Geezus! What is that! Blade you've got to get out of there, some. . . thing is tearing its way out of the ship. I've never seen anything like it. Oh god, it's headed towards the business sector!
npc_jc JC Radio Updates
npc_jc.Objective.Place_Data_Spike Objective jc_whoaforce Wow, look at that forcefield. That's part of a CX-37 set up, pretty advanced gear for a place like this. Hacking that'll be tough, but not impossible. Biggest problem is that the U4 lab is on a secure network, you're gonna have to patch me in.
npc_jc.Objective.Place_Data_Spike.Reminders Extraneous jc_usectrlpan Use the control panel to set up the data spike. Once it's in place, I can hack into the system and turn off that force field.
jc_dataspkpl Once you get the data spike in place, I can take down that force field.
jc_rdydataspk Ready when you are, Boss. As soon as the data spike is on the control panel, I can start hacking the system.
npc_jc.Objective.Retrieve_Data_Spike Objective jc_disablforc I've disabled the forcefield on my end Blade, but you need to remove the data spike to sever the connection and shut it down on your side.
npc_jc.Objective.Retrieve_Data_Spike.Reminders Extraneous jc_usectryspkoff Use the control panel to pull off the data spike. That will sever the last connection and the force field will shut off.
jc_assoonspk As soon as you grab the data spike, you should be able move on, Boss.
jc_usectrlsever Use the control panel, Blade. That will retrieve the data spike and sever the connection to the force field.
npc_jc.Objective.Shut_Down_Security_Grid Objective jc_holdupbss Hold up, Boss. The security grid is still online. You might want to shut that down, unless, you know, you like fighting self guided high yield defense turrets. Look around to see if you can find a security terminal, Blade. That's the only way to shut down the system.
npc_jc.Objective.Shut_Down_Security_Grid.Reminders Extraneous jc_lktermid If you look at the terminals, I'll be able to ID the right one, Blade.
jc_srchterm Search the terminals, one of these will shut off the security grid
jc_needfindrtm We need to find the right terminal, Blade. Once we find it, you can shut down the security grid.
npc_jc.Objective.Get_Through_Hot_Room Objective jc_younearu4 You're near the U4 processing chamber, Blade. You go in right now and you'll get incinerated before you reach the other side You'll have to shut down the heat coils if you want to get through.
npc_jc.Objective.Get_Through_Hot_Room.Reminders Extraneous jc_seefindshut See if you can find a way to shut off the heat coils, Blade.
jc_bosschecktherm Hey Boss, check out the thermal gauge, you might find something near there.
jc_rheostat The rheostat should be next to the thermal gauge, Blade. Use the controls to shut off the coils.
npc_jc.Objective.Hurry_through_Hot_Room Objective jc_movefstwarm Better move fast, Boss. It's already starting to warm back up. Stay in there too long and you'll be burned alive.
npc_jc.Objective.Hurry_through_Hot_Room.Reminders Extraneous jc_movebldtemp Move it, Blade! The temperature's already rising
jc_bettergtobld Better get out of there, Blade.
jc_youwntlast You won't last long in there, Blade.
npc_jc.Objective.Second_Forcefield Objective jc_anothforc Another forcefield. See if you can find the control panel, Boss.
npc_jc.Objective.Second_Forcefield.Reminders Extraneous jc_pulldatatakef Put the data spike on the control panel, and I'll take down the force field, Blade.
jc_usectryltakec Use the control panel and place the spike. I can take care of the rest, Boss.
jc_assoonspk As soon as you grab the data spike, you should be able move on, Boss.
npc_jc.Objective.Retrieve_Spike_Again Objective jc_thatdonespk That did it. I'm done on my side, Boss. Pull the data spike and the forcefield should shut down.
npc_jc.Objective.Retrieve_Spike_Again.Reminders Extraneous jc_usectrlffshut Use the control panel, Blade. Once you've got the data spike, the force field will shut down.
jc_grabdataspk Grab the data spike, Blade, that will sever the last connection to the force field.
jc_soonrdyspk Soon as your ready, Boss, grab that data spike, and you should be able to move on.
npc_jc.Objective.Auto_destruct Objective jc_uncomfytrigger Hey Boss, things might get a little uncomfortable down there. Something's just triggered the autodestruct sequence. That entire lab's gonna blow.
npc_jc.Objective.Auto_destruct.Reminders Extraneous jc_cantshutseq I can't shut down the sequence, Boss. You need to get out of there.
jc_wholeshipwir That whole ship is wired up. I don't think you wanna be in there when it pops.
jc_youneedfndexit You need to find an exit, Boss.
none Extraneous jc_lkconslay Look at that console, Blade. I bet you could see the layout of the entire lab with that.
jc_xg36 That's a XG-36 Scatter Gun, Boss. Most effective in close range combat. I'm sure you'll find a way to put it to use.
jc_primarypow That's a primary power relay, Blade. You might want to leave that alone.
jc_mainctrl110 That's the main control for the processing room. Looks like they're running at 110 percent capacity. They must be upping their production for something.
jc_seenfivesep I've seen one of those before, Blade. Those computers house five separate silica cell processor arrays. They're built for running heavy simulations, not running spreadsheets. I wonder what the research is for.
Trapped - Blast Windows
none Extraneous jc_herewgs Here we go. This should just take a second.
jc_sryhng Sorry, hang on.
jc_thtntit That's not it.
jc_whtthe What the? Sorry.
jc_almstgt Almost got it.
jess_whatdokll What are you doing, JC? He's getting killed in there.
jc_wrkfstcn I'm working as fast as I can.
jc_hckcplt OK, the hack's complete, Boss. As soon as you pull off the data spike, the force field will shut down.
Security Room - JC Dialog - Objective
none Extraneous jc_npthtntit Nope. That's not it.
jc_thentite That's not it either.
jc_theswrngsub This one's on the wrong subnet.
jc_kplkbss Keep looking, Boss.
jc_thtisusterm That's it! Use that terminal, Blade. It'll shut off the primary security system.
jc_gdjbblde Good job, Blade.
Breakroom - Power Switch
none Extraneous jc_umbswhatdo Um, Boss, what are you doing?
jc_iwldntdotht I wouldn't do that again, Boss, they'll be all over you. Even you don't want that kind of attention.
Second Forcefield - JC Dialog
none Extraneous jc_imongmin I'm on it. Give me a minute.
jc_hlfwybs Half way, Boss.
jc_almstthrlng Almost there. Shouldn't be long now.
jc_donedtaspk Done. Take the data spike off the control panel and the force field should go down.


Speaker Message Priority Filename Monologue
npc_jessica Jessica Radio Updates
npc_jessica.Objective.Get_through_tunnels Objective jess_bldyoufindtunn Blade, you're gonna need to find a way out of those tunnels. I'll pick you up on the other side.
npc_jessica.Objective.Get_through_tunnels.Reminders Extraneous jess_dontwrryfar Don't worry, Blade. Radek won't get far.
jess_bettouttun Better get out of those tunnels, Blade. I'm not sure we want to know what's hiding down there.
jess_jcstilltrk JC's still tracking Radek, Blade. Once you find a way out of those tunnels we'll chase him down.
none Extraneous jess_bladropdr Blade, looks like you dropped into the drainage tunnels. If you follow them, you should get back to the surface. I'll meet you at the exit.
jess_jctunnel JC?
jess_drainuploans Blade's in the drainage tunnels under the docks, see if you can upload the plans. I need to know where they're going.
jess_whatthejcjcj What the? JC? JC?
jess_thththinglost That. . . thing? That giant mutant. I just lost it. You tracking anything?
jess_shovesignal Shove it up your signal processor, JC. Blade, watch it down there, that thing could be anywhere.
jess_fastasskeev I'm going as fast as I can, Skeev.
jess_almosthang I'm almost there, Blade. Hang tight.
jess_whathellh Blade. . . What the hell happened to him?
jess_looksuprem Look at it. Just look at that thing. Supremacy tower. . . hmph. Even SinTEK's buildings look down on us
jess_thosepipel Those pipelines are huge. How much U4 are they manufacturing?
jess_umwhatbld Um, Blade. What happened to that… thing?
Jessica Arrives In The Car
none Extraneous jess_headsontop Heads up, Blade. I'm almost on top of you.
npc_jc JC Radio Updates
npc_jc.Objective.Kill_Quadralex Objective jc_duagshotpen Blade, try the DUAG shot on your magnum, those bullets have more penetration power and an antigen component, that ought to stop it.
npc_jc.Objective.Kill_Quadralex.Reminders Extraneous jc_icantbeldu I can't believe something that big can move that fast. Try the DUAG shots on your magnum, that might slow it down a little.
jc_antigenduag The antigen component in your DUAG shot will react with that mutant's cellular mitosis. It may not kill it, but it should stun it.
jc_itmighthuge It might be huge, but it's still a mutant, Blade. Try the DUAG shot in your magnum. The antigen might buy you some time.
none Extraneous jc_whatdorook What can I do for you, Rookie?
jc_rogthatt Roger that.
jc_handfulrooky I kinda have my hands full right now, Rookie.
jc_neclosttwostry That's a negative. You wanna tell me how you lost track of a two story tall rampaging monster?
jc_steprkneeddata Step on it, Rookie. Blade needs help, this thing's ripping him a new data port.
jc_blsecfrcmob Heya Blade, I'm picking up some SinTEK Secforce transmissions; thought you'd like to know they're mobilizing some heavy aerial support. Looks like business as usual, Boss.
jc_likenotwrk Like I'm not already working on it- besides, the Boss's got you covered.
jc_gotitrksuptow I got it, Rookie. There's a drainage gate up ahead, if you can find a way through that, you'll pick up the coastal road. From there it's a short trip to the Supremacy Tower.
jc_bladerockht Blade! Those rockets are heat seeking, your incendiary grenades should draw the missile fire away from the car!
jc_measboth I'm measuring both electromagnetic and seismic anomalies, Blade. My guess is that thing's already sinking. No going back now.
jc_checkschem Hey, check out those schematics. Looks like there's some new business construction going up.
Road Block
none Extraneous jc_whatplnrk What are you planning, Rookie?
jc_nojesdontthnk No. Jessica, don't. . . Think about what -- (Static).


Speaker Message Priority Filename Monologue
npc_jessica HardCORP Copter In Bound
none Extraneous jc_hqevactop Got some news, Boss. HQ's got an evac chopper inbound. If you can get to the helipad at the top of the building, we'll get you out.
jess_cavejur So, SinTEK finally caved on jurisdiction. About time.
jess_jccave JC?
jess_nowegoany No. We're going in anyway.
jess_sinrschtw This is a SinTEK Research Tower, JC. You come in here with a mobilized force and no jurisdiction. . . You're gonna start a war.
jc_whnthnkbetter When you think of a better idea, Rookie, you let me know. JC out.
Jessica - Combat Dialog
none Extraneous jess_sighrogt (Sighs) Roger that.
Jessica - Context Look Dialog
none Extraneous jess_blmuthere Blade. . . The mutants. . . They're here too.
jess_awcmnotht Aww c'mon, Blade. She's not that hot.
jess_stockjrnl The Stock Street Journal. . . You thinking about becoming a day-trader, Blade?
jess_okkidelex Oh you've got to be kidding me, Elexis Magazine? And I thought you were a press whore.
jess_seizecopy Seize the future, huh. I don't think these guys will be getting a copy of my resume.
jess_rodsubjob I- I don't believe it! Blade, Radek's got his own sub! I need to get a new job!
jess_mutagwhy Mutagen? Why would they be bringing it here?
npc_jc JC - Radio Updates
npc_jc.Objective.Find_Bridge_Relay Objective jc_sparerelay There's got to be a spare relay somewhere around here, Boss. If you find it, you can get that door working.
npc_jc.Objective.Find_Bridge_Relay.Reminders Extraneous jc_workbrdg I'm sure there's a working bridge relay in there somewhere, Boss.
jc_needworkrel You need to find a working relay, it's the only way to get that door open.
jc_bldfindway Blade, see if you can find a working bridge relay. Look around, I'll help you identify them.
npc_jc.Objective.Lost_Data_Stream Objective jc_lostdatastr Boss, I lost the data stream. I think something's going on.
npc_jc.Objective.Lost_Data_Stream.Reminders Extraneous jc_knowwhath I don't know what happened, the data stream just cut off.
jc_tryreconn I'm trying to reconnect; I don't know what's going on.
jc_worrsomehapp I'm worried, Blade. Something happened, you don't just lose a data stream.
npc_jc.Objective.Lost_Contact_with_Jessica Objective jc_morebadcontj More bad news, I. . . I can't contact Jessica. We might have a problem. You find Radek, Blade. I'll keep trying to contact Jessica.
npc_jc.Objective.Lost_Contact_with_Jessica.Reminders Extraneous jc_getroddbl Get Radek, Blade. I'll find Jessica.
jc_jessstilln Jessica's still not responding.
jc_illfind Look - I'll find her, Blade. You take care of Radek. We can't let him get away
none Extraneous jc_lookamtdata Look at the amount of data passing in and out of this place. It's unbelievable.
jc_thatgenomeseq That's a genome sequencer, Blade. That explains some of the heavy hardware; they're doing genetic mapping.
jc_compsecsub That computer's on a secure subnet, Blade, I can't do anything with it from here.
jc_whatsubvan What the. . . These are subject files on users of Vanity. I thought they outlawed that years ago. Why would SinTEK need these?
jc_evacchoptch SinTEK picked up our evac chopper the second it touched their territory. I guess they like their privacy. At any rate, their communication bands are going crazy - I'd expect things to get interesting.
Jessica Hits Kiosk For Information
none Extraneous jc_pullspect Hey. I just pulled the specs on that building; they've got a fat pipe you wouldn't believe. Twin T8 fiber cast trunk lines--
jc_mypdatatr My point is with that much data traffic, there has to be a NOC in that building. From the amount of data they're pushing, it's got to be huge.
jc_netopctr Network Operations Center, Rookie, N. O. C. They're storing something big up there.
jc_gladmath Glad you finally did the math. If you get to the NOC and establish an uplink, I'll pull down everything they got.
Fuse Room
none Extraneous jc_malfundr From what I'm seeing it's not locked down, it's just malfunctioning. . . The bridge relay is probably damaged. You're gonna need to find another one.
jc_onefried That one's fried, Boss.
jc_onewontwork No, that one won't work. Its polarity is reversed.
jc_noluckdead No luck there, Boss. That relay's dead.
jc_almostbridget Almost, Boss, but that one's got the wrong bridge type.
jc_burnconnect Sorry, Boss, they've already burned out the connectors on that one.
jc_waitlooksg Wait! That one looks good. That oughta do it, Boss.
Above The NOC
none Extraneous jc_goodpulldta Good job, Rookie. Patch me in, I'll start pulling down the data...
jc_hngpickuptrns Hang on a second, I'm picking up a transmission. . .
jc_sinbringchop SinTEK's bringing in a chopper, Radek's not gonna be there long.


Speaker Message Priority Filename Monologue
npc_jessica Jessica - Global - Context Look Dialog
none Extraneous jess_news_vanity Hmm. Vanity pulled from shelves. That sure didn't last long.
jess_news_manero Manero brought to justice, Huh. For every one we put away, three more show up.
jess_news_yourdepo Your deposition. I remember that; it was like YOU were the one on trial.
jess_news_sintek SinTEK's Expanding again. Elexis isn't going to stop until the entire city is under her watch, is she Blade?
jess_paper_arch13 Arch-13 Encryption Protocols. This doesn't sound good, Blade.
jess_paper_whateley What the? I'm not sure I even want to know what 'Eleysium Strain' is…
jess_paper_hardcorp Hold it. Blade, this is data on HardCORP -- Blade, it's the investigation results. Those were supposed to be sealed.
jess_paper_supremacy Those are the construction plans for Supremacy Tower… What's that chamber in the middle? What are they doing in that building?
jess_paper_jurisd Wait! Blade, those are jurisdiction mandates… Looks like SinTEK is expanding their territory again.
jess_binder_hcprop Wait a minute. Blade, that's HardCORP proprietary data. How'd they get a hold of that.
jess_binder_blademom Sherilyn Palmer Blade. That's… that's your mother. Why would SinTEK have records on her?
jess_binder_legion Blade. These are Legionpharma Files. Strange. They shut down years ago.
jess_binder_thisme Blade! This… this one is about me.
jess_binder_opcode Hold on. This is full of op codes. I don't like this, it's too obvious. We're missing something, Blade.
jess_pdapromexia What is the Promexia Project?
jess_pdabladeallf Blade all the files on her are encoded, but they all seem to reference someone or… something named Jordan.
jess_pdaalecto Blade, this is referencing the Alecto Incident (sigh) All those children… missing.
jess_pdaunit I don't get it. The entire unit only has two words, they just keep repeating over and over -- We're Coming.
jess_pdaprodrecs Those are production records. According to this, Radek stopped manufacturing U4 over a month ago. What are they doing will all this gear then?
jess_poster_slowthink Slow Thinkers Incorporated. Give me a break.
jess_poster_freeport Freeport City Bank? I'd rather keep my money, thank you very much.
jess_poster_dinnermonk I don't even want to know.
jess_poster_bobokra Oh, now they're not even trying.
jess_poster_deathstalk I love that station.
jess_poster_zombaway Zomb-a-what? What the hell are they talking about?
jess_poster_edgun I met Ed once. I kinda hated him- in the face.
jess_poster_lamuchachas Whatever you do, Blade, don't eat their salsa; it'll strip the paint from a house.
jess_poster_snootikin Forget it, Blade. It'll go right to my thighs.
jess_poster_mg Temp what?
jess_poster_cashcar Didn't the Skeev get his car from there?
jess_monitor_powergrid Is that what I think it is? Blade, that's a diagram of the entire downtown powergrid.
jess_monitor_nowaynum This doesn't make any sense. There's no way these numbers are right.
jess_monitor_arch13 There it is again. Arch-13. What the hell is this about?
jess_monitor_notU4 Blade, this… this isn't U4. I've never seen this before.
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