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SiN Episodes Level Creation

This is a complete list for all of the phone numbers available to dial on the prop_phone entity found in Sin Episodes, with the numbers in the 'available numbers' section contains those where each has an unique response for the player to listen to, and the rest in 'unavailable numbers' returns the same message saying the number is unavailable. The total set of numbers available to dail on the phone is found in the scripts/phonebook.txt script file and all of the sound files played in the sound/vo/npc/phone/ folder; relative to the game's base folder. Numbers not listed are simply considered bad numbers in contrast to those available and will play the fail sound if any are set up for the phone to use, else nothing will happen.

Available numbers

Number Filename Phoneline Voice
0114 phone_freeportbank Steve Hessel Thank you for calling Freeport City Bank. Are you looking to buy a new car? We can help! Take advantage of our special rates for action heroes!
0119 phone_haul Bobby Hutson Gotta big haul? Well, if you got the money, we got the trucks.
0126 phone_reid Reid Kimball If you are hearing this message… it’s already too late. I cannot be saved. I knew trying to uncover the largest conspiracy ever within the pharmaceutical industry would put my life in danger. I accepted the risks involved and those risks have caught up with me. My knowledge hasn’t been revealed to the public yet, I haven’t had time to give it to that sassy channel 13 reporter yet. But all the info is located… *CRASH* Oh god no, they can’t be! (frantic) Elaine St. and Hass Ave! (much further from the phone now, voice faint) *BANG* *BEEEEEEEP* (phone shot and disconnected)
0212 phone_fist Gary Buchanan You have reached Flamingo, I am currently involved in revolution 9.0 so please leave me a fantastic message and I will get back to you. If you are an El Presidente or distinguished dignitary in need of a Coup please hold the line and you will be redirected to my Cell. Viva la Revolution! *beep*
0228 phone_bacon Roma Jeanne Who put bacon in the soap? I made it MAAAAAself!!!
0413 phone_okra Richard Lyle Bobs Okra farm, Bob speaking... Please leave a message!
0503 phone_eric Eric Fowler What's up. The AFDs will be ready at 1200 hours. If you bring the CAs, we will surely succeed.
0518 phone_zombaway Joel Martin Zombies infesting your home, town, or country? You need Zombaway, Dawn, Night, Day in any can always bet Zombaway will be there.... for those tender Brrrrraaaaaaiiiinnnnnnnnsssss
0521 phone_LPS Chris Stark Dude, if you mess with my LPs one more time, I'll drop the whole world on your head!
0630 phone_deathstalk Scott Maclean You've reached Deathstalker radio - all Deathstalker, all day
0809 phone_monkey Lisa Loewecke *Dinner monkey sound*
0816 phone_purge Michael Russell *music* Viruses, bugs, trojans and worms! What is a person to do? PURGE IT! with computer purge!
0828 phone_pipecrate Rich Fleider Hello and welcome to Barrel and Crate, Incorporated! Where do YOU need a crate today? For a company directory, press 1. For a list of crate models press 2. For a list of barrel models, press 3. For store hours and directions, press 4. For delivery options, press 5. If you are currently in a firefight and need our express delivery service, please hold for the next available customer representative.
0901 phone_slowlearn Ken Harward Want to learn a foreign language? But every time you've tried you give up, right? Verbs, nouns, it is all too much. Slow Thinkers Incorporated is designed especially for you. We specialize in teaching foreign languages to particularly dumb people.
0906 phone_pusi Richard Heath Do you like tails? Then Club iSuP is purrfect for you. The milk starts flowing at 9pm. 18 and up welcome. Music provided by 5quid with guest AshRi.
0907 phone_rogmom Scott Inglis Hey, thanks for calling. Roger's mom can't answer the phone right now. Leave a message.
1106 phone_freeportund Richard Heath Thank you for dialing Freeport Underground News. Stay on the line to hear the latest headlines. ...Today, the sprinkler system at the William Chapeau All Catgirls School in upper Thornhill was hacked, drenching most of the students. Someone at the scene reported that they had never seen so many wet *beep* Your free trial period of The Freeport Underground News has run out.
1017 phone_roger Roger Kort Sorry I missed your call, but I’m in the lab right now working on another project. I’ll be in the lab for the next year or so working on that new youth drug ’25 more Life’ Don’t expect me to return your call. . . ever
1119 phone_tightfx Mark Morgan Hey! Thanks for calling TightFX! If your graphics are loose and need a little wrenching down, you've called the right place. We specialize in the tightening graphics in all of your interactive needs. Please hold for further assistance or dial the extension of your personal Graphics tension expert now!
1026 phone_edgun John Schuch Ed’s Gun Emporium, hello. … Hello? … Helllloooo? Darn kids.
2296 phone_rungy Rungy Singhal Hello...Hello ? I can see you but I can't hear hell, leave a message.
2372 phone_mikeg Mike G's Temp Service Mike G's Temp Service -- Who didn't see that one coming?
2986 phone_snootikins Snootikins Snacks Snootikins snacks... Damn, thems some good eats!
3333 phone_muchachas La Muchachas La Muchachas! Need stress relief? Every day we have a free lunch buffet, all you can eat, at La Muchachas. Enjoy the best food, the best drinks, and the best latinas in Freeport, all ready for you. (Alcoholic drinks not included, seven drink minimum, all girls claim to be 18 or have a permission slip from their guardian.)
3535 phone_funebone Fun Phone Line Hi, this is Fun E. Bone. Welcome to my Fun Phone Line, where you can talk to my answering machine for only 95 credits per minute! Please leave your credit card number at the tone...
4215 phone_oldcars Old Cars Welcome to Old Cars! Drop your car off and receive cash today........we do not accept cars with the following problems: - Cannot turn left from a standing stop - Window turns on the radio - Dashboard turns on the windshield wipers - Digital dash goes out regularly - Driver's side door doesn't unlock - Passenger door automatic unlock doesn't work.
4240 phone_richBLTdrive Richard Heath Hi Norm, you there? Anyway, thanks for calling. This is Eddie V from accounting. I noticed someone left a new BTL drive on my desk this morning. It had a note attached saying that you told the IT guys that I needed a new one. I’m a little confused on this, as my current one seems to be working fine. Norm?

Unavailable numbers

Number Filename Phoneline Voice
0209 phone_unavailable Nick Pappas *beep* The number you have dailed is unavailable, please dial again!
0218 Josh Martel
0311 Doug Service
0313 Mason Lucas
0328 Vitaliy Maymushin
0401 Chris Curra
0422 Tom Mustaine
0505 Shawn Ketcherside
0525 Robert Gonzalez
0605 Zak
0615 Ethan McCaughey
0616 Aaron Cole
0625 Jesse Flanagan
0712 Wyeth Johnson
0716 Hector Marquez
0724 Kristian Kane
0802 Squirrel
0818 Steve Nix
1008 Todd Rose
1009 John Boyd
1115 Richard Gray
1123 Dave Bonora
1124 Russell Meakim
1128 Steve Hornback
9999 Robert Atkins
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