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Portal Level Creation

Below is a list of 22 soundscapes for use in Portal.

An easy way to test them is to use the playsoundscape console command, which includes searching for all valid soundscape names so you shouldn't have to print out a copy of this list for reference. The testchamber soundscapes are context-dependent in the game.

A preview video of these soundscapes can be found here.

Test Chamber soundscapes

Name Description Position Number Position Description
portal_testchmb.fixed_portal Short, different-pitched hums; sounds like distant machinery. 0 A fixed portal you want to guide the player to, plays a low, pulsing hum.
portal_testchmb.tight_space An intermittent low humming sound and some quiet whoosh noises. Use in small rooms.
portal_testchmb.elevator_shaft A continuous moving elevator sound. Use in moving elevators and elevator shafts.
portal_testchmb.get_the_box A continuous low humming sound. Use with boxes when you want the player to get one.
portal_testchmb.explore_space A whooshing sound, with intermittent ticking and whirring sounds. Use in idle areas.
portal_testchmb.cross_the_gap Far away noises and faint wind sounds. Gives the impression of being very high. 0 The location across the gap where the portal should be placed, plays a windchime sound.
portal_testchmb.energy_ball Very low-pitched hum with high and low pitched hums alternating in the background. Use in rooms with high energy pellets.
portal_testchmb.goo_pit Various bubbling sounds. Use in rooms with hazard liquid.
portal_testchmb.cleanser Pulsing low hum. Use in rooms with fizzlers.
portal_testchmb.fling Low humming sounds, thumping, and distant chanting. Similiar to Ravenholm soundscape. Use in rooms where you want the player to fling.
portal_testchmb.turret_danger Long, whiny sounds, with a constant deep humming. Use in rooms with live turrets.
portal_testchmb.use_your_box Low hum, quiet whoosh, and distant whining sound. 0 A box you want the player to use. Use with companion cubes when you need the player to use one.
portal_testchmb.track_train Low hum with high-pitched whoosh noises in the background. Use with active light rail platforms.
portal_testchmb.fire_pit Fire cracking sounds.

Escape soundscapes

Name Description Position Number Position Description Loud wind noise to imitate the suction of the tubes. Use when the player is inside a tube.
portal_escape.intro Low, windy hum, intermittent squeaking sounds, and metallic creaks and rattling.
portal_escape.in_shaft_low Low hum, quiet whooshes, and random distant slamming sounds to imitate moving pistons.
portal_escape.in_shaft_high Loud wind noise, creaking sounds and random distant slamming sounds to imitate moving pistons. Gives impression of wide open area.
portal_escape.nearing_boss Loud wind sounds, creaking sounds, random distant slamming sounds to imitate moving pistons, distant thumping noise. Gives impression of very huge room.
portal_escape.final_boss Quiet wind sounds, distant thumping, low, pulsing hum.
portal_escape.final_boss2 Very quiet gust sounds.
portal_escape.hazard_liquid_tunnel Dripping and water sounds. Comparable to a sewer atmosphere.
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