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This MP mod for Source is currently in closed beta development.

Note.png Note: Steam keys can be fetched from our official homepage here!


Infestus is a total conversion Source SDK 2013 multiplayer standalone mod available through Steam, currently in a closed beta state.
The mod aims to provide a viable and solid MMO-RPG experience on the Source engine.


A Kingdom in chaos, enemies on all fronts, desperation and fear has infested itself upon the people of Arngor.
A dark and powerful enemy has risen, and seeks to reveal the Kingdom for what it really is.
Which side you will end up on? Who will you serve?

Start your journey in the Capital Outskirts, you are a lone adventurer seeking new insights in the kingdom of Arngor, prove yourself worthy to enter Arngor, however you will have to choose your sides carefully.
On your journey you will witness widespread conflict, a great rebellion has shooken the great city of Lightfall, mercenaries are scavenging the countryside, great houses are preparing for war.
Yet, in the shadows an even greater threat is emerging, the reconing is at hand!

Key Features

  • Vast Inventory & Banking System
  • Vast Questing System
  • Group System
  • Dungeon System, instance based
  • Trading & Inspecting
  • Social System, Friends/Ignore/User Search List
  • Global, Local, Private & Group Chat
  • Faction/Reputation System
  • Advanced AI
  • Dedicated Server Support for Windows & Linux
  • Windows, OSx and Linux client support
  • +++


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