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This page is about editing the VDC wiki. To learn about Source, mapping, modding, etc, read the Source SDK Documentation. For questions and answers, see the Source SDK Forums and the Source SDK FAQ.

Newcomer's page editing links

Contributor's quick links

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Valve Developer Community editing resources


Valve 개발자 커뮤니티에 오신걸 환영합니다! 새로 오셧다면, 이 페이지의 몇몇 내용들을 확인해보세요:


A guide to how to edit, including wiki markup, templates, and style guidelines
About images and how to insert them into articles
Basic information on cleaning up problematic articles, and templates you can use to mark problems
Information on stubs, which are very short articles that should be expanded by someone with the appropriate knowledge


This page explains what images are and are not acceptable. Images which do not conform to policy will be deleted!
Information on what types of articles are eligible for deletion, and how to mark the articles so they can be deleted by administrators.
Protected pages are pages that can only be edited by administrators. Read more about protected pages and find out how to request a page be protected.
Thinking about making a mod or an article about a mod? Don't make an article until you've read this page! It has guidelines on writing the article as well as policies about when articles are acceptable.

A simple editing tutorial is available at Help:Editing. Information on page cleanup is found at Help:Cleanup. Information on images and how to add them to articles is found at Help:Images. For ideas on some areas where you can contribute, check out the Wiki To Do List. Also, many useful functions are available from the list of Special Pages.

Wikipedia and MediaWiki resources

The VDC uses MediaWiki, an open source wiki engine licensed under the GNU GPL. The largest array of resources for learning how to use MediaWiki can be found at the largest wiki using the engine, Wikipedia.