Getting the portalgun at the start of map correctly

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In this tutorial, you can see the difference of putting a portalgun in the player so the player can get the portalgun and of making a point_template and using logic_auto. So let's say you are making a map (mapname1.bsp) and you are putting a portalgun in the player (without a point_template and logic_auto) and when you finish the PREVIOUS level that ends you in mapname1.bsp, you can hear the portalgun upgrade sound and that doesn't happen in the official maps. Let's fix that.

Entities you need


1. Put the portalgun inside the player.

2. Name the portalgun "portalgun".

3. Put a point_template at the place where you have put your portalgun.

4. Name it "template" and put in the "template 1" box the name of the portalgun ("portalgun")

5. Put a logic_auto anywhere you want

Entities' properties

Go to the logic_auto entity and click the Outputs box. Then do these things:

My Output > Target Entity Target Input Delay Only Once
OnNewGame template ForceSpawn 0.00 No