Fixing CSGO particle editor

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CS:GO Particle Editor in action

This page will go over how to make <Counter-Strike: Global Offensive> Particle Editor functionable.


  • This page does not go over how to make custom particles appear in game.
This page only shows to fix the Particle Editor tool itself.
  • To make particles appear in game you need to install Source Mod together with Meta Mod and use a plugin to precache the particles.

The Issue

  • <Counter-Strike: Global Offensive> CS:GO Particle Editor is a direct port of the Source Filmmaker Source Filmmaker Particle Editor.
This version has a check while loading the file. If the PCF file doesn't have /game/ folder in its full path then it will error out, resulting not being able to open any file.
  • It is also missing few translation files so most of the UI is using raw translation keywords.

The Fix

  • Download this .rar (Patched .dll by xen#2982) which contains a patched pet_fix.dll so the whole game folder check is skipped, it also contains the necessary resource files for the Particle Editor.
Simply drop both folders in your Counter-Strike Global Offensive folder and it will put the files in correct place.
  • To fix the drop down Tools selection menu, you need to edit enginetools.txt located in Counter-Strike Global Offensive/bin folder.
It should look something like this:
Note: This step is not necessary for fixing the Particle Editor itself, it just makes the Tools drop down menu usable.
	"library"	"tools/vmt.dll"
	"library"	"tools/pet_fix.dll"

How to open the Particle Editor

  • Add -insecure -tools -nop4 to your game launch options.
  • If Particle Editor is not already open, either use the drop down Tools menu to switch from vmt Editor to Particle Editor or type toolload pet_fix in console.