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This tool allows you to place point-based entities in a map. Point-based entities are those entities which exist only at a point, and do not rely on a brush for their effect.

Once the Entity Tool is selected, the New Object toolbar will contain a list of entities from which to choose. Select an entity from the list, then click on one of the 2D views and press <Enter> to place the entity. Clicking on a brush object in the 3D view will immediately place the entity on the brush surface at the location that was clicked.

If Snap To Grid is enabled, new entities placed in the 2D views will be snapped to the grid.

Note.png Note: In order to place a brush-based entity (a func_door for example) you must first create the brush with the Block Tool. See Tie to Entity, under the Tools Menu, for more information on brush-based entity creation.


The Entity Tool can also be used to place prefab objects when a prefab library is selected as the category in the New Object toolbar.

See also

  • Entity Creation -- information on creating both point and solid entity types.