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3D Viewport

There are various methods to navigate in Hammer's 3D viewport.

Right-Mouse-Button WASD Toggle

Hold right-mouse-button RMB to swivel the camera around and use WASD to move.

RMB Swivel the camera around
W Move the camera forward
S Move the camera back
A Moves the camera left
D Moves the camera right

Fly Mode

Pressing Z enters "fly" mode without the requirement of holding the right-mouse-button. WASD is still used to control movement.

Navigation Around a Point

This method is useful when working on a piece of geometry that you want to focus on and move around rapidly.

Alt+LMB Rotate around the center of the screen
Shift+A Reset the center point on selected geometry
Alt+RMB Zoom
Alt+MMB Camera look movement

Active Viewport

In previous iterations of Hammer, the active viewport was determined by your current cursor position. This has changed. The active viewport in Hammer is now shown by a red bounding box around the active viewport. To change the active viewport, you must hover over it with your cursor and press one of the mouse buttons. It's recommended to press-and-drag RMB or press MMB to change the active viewport since LMB can deselect or select different objects.

2D Viewports

  • RMB - Hold down to pan in a 2D viewport
  • MMB - Zooms in/out
  • Ctrl+Spacebar - Cycle between Top, Front, and Side 2D views
  • F2 - Top 2D view
  • F3 - Front 2D view
  • F4 - Side 2D view

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