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Dota Workshop Tools FAQ

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I'm working on cosmetic items for Dota 2. Can I use these tools?
Not at this time. With the overhaul to the content system only custom game modes are currently supported. Content developers wishing to create cosmetic items for Dota 2 should visit the Dota 2 Workshop website. The method to create cosmetic items has not changed with this update.
How are custom game modes distributed?
Custom game modes are distributed via Steam's Dota 2 Workshop page. After authoring a custom game mode it can then be uploaded through the Dota 2 client. Once the game mode has been uploaded it will become available for download when subscribed to.
Why do I subscribe to custom game modes?
Subscribing to a custom game mode will not only download the game mode for the first time it will always grab the latest updates to that addon. This allows author's to keep their games up to date and all players on the same version.
I've subscribed to a game mode, how do I play?
Please see the playing game modes section of the wiki for more details.
Some tools appear to be missing. Where's the Sound Editor?
Not all the tools are available in this beta release. As we continue to work on the tools more of them will be made available to everyone to utilize in creating their custom game modes.
Something is broken, crashes, or doesn't appear to be working as intended. Should I submit a bug?
Yes! Please visit the Dota 2 Developer forums or the Workshop Discussion pages.
My custom game mode I've been developing no longer runs with the most recent update, why?
The tools are in an early state of development and there may be a need to update a system, such as file formats for example, requiring custom game modes to be updated and resubmitted to the Workshop. This is usually a rare occurrence.
I need help, is there anyone out there in the community also working on custom game modes?
Visit the Dota 2 Developer forums to ask questions and report bugs.
#dota2mods on is a community run channel of Dota 2 modders. #dota2modhelpdesk is also an active channel to ask questions.