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Playing Addons

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Once an addon has been published to the Steam Workshop it will be available for players to subscribe to by browsing the Custom Games tab of the Steam Workshop.

Note.png Note: Addons are marked to be visible by Friends Only by default. This means an addon will not be publically available until the visibility is changed by the addon author.

Playing Custom Game Modes

Players can subscribe to addons either through the Steam Workshop or inside of the Dota 2 client when joining a lobby running a particular addon.

Hosting a Custom Game

  1. Locate an addon you wish to play in the Steam Workshop Custom Games tab
  2. Subscribe to an addon
  3. Launch Dota 2 and it will download the requested addon
  4. Click the Play tab and then Custom Games
  5. Change the Browse By menu option to Subscribed Game Modes and a list of available addons will be displayed
  6. Left-Click an addon and Create Lobby
  7. Once the necessary players have joined and are assigned to the right team, click Start Game

Joining a Custom Game

  1. Click the Play tab and then Custom Games
  2. Friend's lobbies will be displayed here by default if they are not, ensure Browse By is set to Friend Lobbies
  3. Click Join when a lobby is available.
  4. A Subscribe dialog will come up and will then download the addon
  5. Once the download is complete, click Join again
  6. Assign yourself to a team and wait for the host to start the game

Starting a Custom Game via the Console

This is primarly used for testing addons.

  1. Open VConsole by hitting ` located above the Tab key. (Note: The default console key is \ for new installations.)
  2. At the console type dota_launch_custom_game my_addon_name my_map_name
  3. Type in the console jointeam good to connect to the Radiant team or jointeam bad to connect to the Dire team