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This guide will show you how to create wall pipes.

Basic Wall Pipes

These walls pipes only have a 16 unit gap inside them.

Creating the path

Wall Pipe path

Use the Clipping Tool to cut 128 wide gaps the wall. Push the cut blocks 16 units back.

You can either leave the texture behind the maps the normal metal wall texture or use metal/metalwall_bts_006e_cable.

Pipe Models

Wall Pipe Models

Create prop_static entities and set their model to models/props/wall_pipes_horiz/wall_pipes_horiz.mdl. This will be the main model to use.

If your path takes a 90 degree turn, use the wall_pipes_bend models and rotate any other pipe models.

Use the wall_pipes_wave models to change which side the normal models are closer to for extra detail.

Detailed Wall Pipes

Detailed Wall Pipes from escape_00

You can place an orange lights behind the wall pipes if you need to. This can be used for lighting. Sometimes a light or light_spot with its color being 242 91 0 is necessary. You can also add Interior Fences if you'd like.

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