Portal BTS - Tutorial - Interior Fences

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This guide will show you how to properly create interior fences.

Fence Model Sizes

Not all fence props are the same size. Here's a list of the fence sizes that Portal uses:

  • models/props_wasteland/interior_fence003b.mdl - 120l*120h
  • models/props_wasteland/interior_fence003d.mdl - 64l*120h

When creating the fences, you'll have to lower your grid size a bit so they don't float.

Fence Creation

Interior Fences

Create a prop_static entity and set its model one of the fence models and Disable the Shadows.

If you do not intend to detail your fence, you can be done here.

Fence Doors

Some fences have doors and they have a unique fence structure.

Create a prop_static entity and set its model to models/props_wasteland/interior_fence003e.mdl and Disable the Shadows.

Create a prop_static entity and set its model to models/props_wasteland/interior_fence001g.mdl and Disable the Shadows.

Another fact about doors is that instead of them being centered, they are always on the side of the interior_fence003d fence prop. If the fence you are putting up is 256 units tall, make sure the 128 unit fence above the the door is split into interior_fence003d models.

Position the models with the other fence props.

Door Lock

Create a prop_physics entity and set its model to models/props_wasteland/prison_padlock001a.mdl.

Go to flags and tick

  • Motion Disabled

and untick

  • Generate output on +USE
Bug.png Bug:  The lock model is able to be destroyed by jumping on it or potential turret gunfire, to fix this, you can set the Min Damage to Hurt value to a high number so it doesn't break.

Position the lock with the door handle. You don't need a lock on both sides, but they are typically put on the side the player will first walk across them.

Interior Fence with a door

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