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db_trigger_respawn is a point entity available in Dreamball Dreamball.

Entity Description

A respawn trigger. When triggered it will respawn the player at the last checkpoint. It is a brush-based entity and must be used with the tools/toolstrigger texture.


  • BaseTrigger:
Filter Name (filtername) <filter>
A filter entity to test potential activators against.
Start Disabled (StartDisabled) <boolean>
Stay dormant until activated (with theEnableinput).



  •  [1] : Clients (Survivors, Special Infected, Tanks Left 4 Dead series)
  •  [2] : NPCs (Common Infected, Witches Left 4 Dead series)
  •  [4] : Pushables (Passes entities with classname func_pushable)
  •  [8] : Physics Objects
  •  [16] : Only player ally NPCs
  •  [32] : Only clients in vehicles
  •  [64] : Everything (not including physics debris)
  •  [512] : Only clients *not* in vehicles
  •  [1024] : Physics debris
  •  [2048] : Only NPCs in vehicles (respects player ally flag)
  •  [4096] : Disallow Bots (removed since Left 4 Dead)


  • BaseTrigger:
Toggles this trigger between enabled and disabled states.
Enable trigger
Disable trigger


Fired in response to FireUser1-4 inputs. See User Inputs and Outputs.
!activator = activator
  • OnStartTouch
Fired when an entity starts touching this trigger. The touching entity must pass this trigger's filters to cause this output to fire.
!activator = toucher
  • OnEndTouch
Fired when an entity stops touching this trigger. Only entities that passed this trigger's filters will cause this output to fire.
!activator = exiting entity
  • OnRespawn
Fired when the player respawns with this trigger.

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