Creating a squadslot

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Squadslots are useful for assigning NPCs to perform specific actions in a squad.

To give an NPC the ability to be in a squad, you must add the following to the Spawn function:

	CapabilitiesAdd( bits_CAP_SQUAD);

This code will make sure the squadmates won't try to shoot through each other to attack enemies.

	CapabilitiesAdd( bits_CAP_NO_HIT_SQUADMATES );

The first step to creating a squadslot for your NPC is to create a name for it and add it to the SquadSlot_T enum. Here's an example name for a squadslot: SQUAD_SLOT_GRENADE1.

Once the activity is added to the enum, you must use the DECLARE_SQUADSLOT macro in the AI_BEGIN_CUSTOM_NPC section.

Here's an example of the DECLARE_SQUADSLOT code:



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