Creating an interaction

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Interactions are messages that are transmitted between NPCs, such as allowing one NPC to dodge an attack, or to fly in a specific direction and set a certain state when kicked.


The first step to creating an interaction for your NPC is to create a name for it and add it to the "Interactions" section as well as adding it to src\dlls\hl2_dll\AI_Interactions.h. Here's an example name for an activity: g_interactionVortigauntKick.

Once the activity is added, you must use the DECLARE_INTERACTION macro in the AI_BEGIN_CUSTOM_NPC section.

Here's an example of the DECLARE_INTERACTION code:

DECLARE_INTERACTION( g_interactionExample )
Note.pngNote: An interaction should only be declared in one NPC's AI_BEGIN_CUSTOM_NPC section, regardless of how many NPCs utilize it.