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Counter-Strike 2 Workshop Tools/Skins

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Using the Counter-Strike 2 Workshop Tools and Blender we can create new skins for weapons in Counter-Strike 2, Skins are "unboxed" buy using a key and a case, randomly you well get a skin from this case, The skins come in differing rarity's starting from least to greatest we have: Industrial, Mil-spec, Restricted, Classified and finally, Covert. When making skins the more colorful and exotic the skin is the higher rarity it should have. When skins are unboxed they can have ware, ware effects how the "skin" is applied on the gun/tool with higher wares having chips and scratches and other damages on the skin and lower wares having little to no damage.

Opening the model and creating textures

First we will download and open blender, It is a free software available on steam, Next we will download the models to our computer, these are from the Counter-Strike website. Once we have downloaded the models and blender we will open blender, and press "general" under create a file. Delete the block and import the model of the Weapon/tool of your choice. After doing this we can create the textures by selecting a part of the model and grouping it with others, than we will apply the textures to the group so the skin does not overlap or has other problems. We will open our image editor of choice (gimp is recommended) and create the texture along with any PBR materials needed for your skin, once this is done we can apply the texture and PBR materials to the model in blender to make sure it fits well.

Applying the textures into Counter-Strike 2

We will first in a safe directory we will put all of our textures and materials, once this is done open the Counter-Strike 2 Workshop Tools and go into the workshop item editor add in your custom textures and materials and apply them where you want. Once this is done you may inspect your items within Counter-Strike 2.