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Categorized Prop Gallery archives already exist, directory names are not in English, though. HL2 props are done by Edomae, CSS by hermione, both members of C-SEC, (the only) HL2 MOD community in Japan. Edomae did make English version and put it on Filefarm or somewhere, but it seems it's gone.

If you don't mind seeing Japanese(all image file names are in English showing prop names, so I assume it's OK for English speakers) download them from C-SEC: ダウンロード�?�る is the dl link.

Half-Life 2 Prop Images(63.74 MB) CS:Source Prop Images(54.71 MB) --N-neko

The prop gallery I'm workin on -ts2do

By the way, ne1 know where I can get this hosted for free? -ts2do
Here? ;-) --TomEdwards 00:59, 4 Sep 2005 (PDT)
So you're saying valve will host my prop gallery?

If this helps at all, I did these images from CS:S a while ago. --RabidMonkey 00:37, 16 Oct 2005 (PDT)

Thist is one of the most useful sections. I would help out doing some pictures if I find the time (and nerves). How were the current pictures done? One thing that would be nice is a "size" value in Hammer units at least for the props where it's important (ladders, architecture). Reaper47 18:04, 6 Dec 2005 (PST)

updating world models category

This category is way out of date. Even the external-linked image packs are out of date. Perhaps the image gallery-based approach to this category is a little over ambitious? It would seem useful to sub-categorise models in all sorts of cross-referencing ways. For this, all we really need is a page for each model filename.mdl so we can start tagging them ... does anyone know an easy way to generate a comprehensive list of Source models as a text file? --Beeswax 10:57, 12 Mar 2008 (PDT)

Source Model sub categories

The idea is to 'tag' each mdl file so it is listed in the appropriate non-hierarchical sub-categories. This allows for lots of cross-referencing. Ideally we could use categories to filter search results ... but AFAIK the only way to do search filters with MediaWiki is to create a new namespace ... eg HL2:page title ... so for now we'll probably have to content ourselves with a template-based page tag like "This model is only available in Half Life 2 based games", etc. --Beeswax 10:57, 12 Mar 2008 (PDT)

availability subcategories

It makes sense to note which models are available for which games. There are some really talented Source-model-makers out there who may be happy to distribute their work to level designers under GPL independently of any particular mod. IMO this should be encouraged, but kept separate from 'official' models for quality assurance if nothing else.

  • GCF/source :
  • HL2 models
  • EP1 models
  • EP2 models
  • CSS models
  • DOD models
  • this-or-that-mod models
  • GPL models
  • etc

technical subcategories

  • entity-usage :
  • NPC models
  • prop models (see below)
  • pick-up models (eg items & w_weapons)
  • driveable vehicle models
  • VGUI models (eg viewmodels)
  • Editor models (eg hint-nodes)
  • etc
  • model features:

To some extent it might be possible to simplify these categories if I am correct in thinking:

  • no models are enabled for both prop_physics + prop_dynamic (ie mdl must be duplicated, eg item_item_crate_dyn.mdl & item_item_crate_phys.mdl).
  • no models are enabled for only prop_static (ie all models are also either physics- or dynamic- enabled)
  • no models are enabled for only prop_physics (except one : Kleiner's HEV clipboard)

we would then need only 3 prop_type categories:

  • prop_dynamic only
  • prop_static + prop_physics
  • prop_static + prop_dynamic

and also

  • All breakable/gibbed models are prop_physics enabled.
  • All Animated models (all Viewmodels, all NPCs, all Ragdolls, & some others) are prop_dynamic-only (ie never prop_stat or prop_phys).
  • All prop_phys and prop_stat have functional, rigid collision models.
  • All 'living' NPCs use collision hulls instead of collision models.
  • Some prop_dynamic models use nodraw texture on some surfaces, so they may look silly if used with prop_physics_override.

contextual subcategories

The problem here is the list of subjective keywords is endless - they will be used as metadata tags, not strict categories. However they could still be useful, especially if also used/shared for categorising Source textures ... ? --Beeswax 10:57, 12 Mar 2008 (PDT)

  • industrial
  • natural
  • kleiner-tech
  • combine-tech
  • C17 interior
  • C17 exterior
  • etc