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ambient_generic is a internal point entity available in all GoldSrc GoldSrc games.

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An ambient_generic is essentially an audio player, that plays a single specified sound within a given radius inside a map. Ambient_generics are used to create sound effects throughout a map, either playing the sound once, or continually repeating the sound (looping). ambient_generic audio comes from WAV files located in the game's Sound file directory. Example: 🖿Half-Life\valve\sound\barney\hello.wav.

Key Values

Name (targetname) <targetname>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.
WAV Name (???) <sound>
The file name of the sound to play. Relative to the mod/sound folder, for instance: ambience/techamb1.wav
Volume (???) <integer>
A number between 1 and 10. The sound emitted will be scaled by this number where 10 is the loudest and 1 is almost completely silent.
Dynamic Presets (???) <choices>
Modifies the sound with various effects and reverbs.
  • 0 : "None"
  • 1 : "Huge Machine"
  • 2 : "Big Machine"
  • 3 : "Machine"
  • 4 : "Slow Fade in"
  • 5 : "Fade in"
  • 6 : "Quick Fade in"
  • 7 : "Slow Pulse"
  • 8 : "Pulse"
  • 9 : "Quick pulse"
  • 10 : "Slow Oscillator"
  • 11 : "Oscillator"
  • 12 : "Quick Oscillator"
  • 13 : "Grunge pitch"
  • 14 : "Very low pitch"
  • 15 : "Low pitch"
  • 16 : "High pitch"
  • 17 : "Very high pitch"
  • 18 : "Screaming pitch"
  • 19 : "Oscillate spinup/down"
  • 20 : "Pulse spinup/down"
  • 21 : "Random pitch"
  • 22 : "Random pitch fast"
  • 23 : "Incremental spinup"
  • 24 : "Alien"
  • 25 : "Bizzare"
  • 26 : "Planet X"
  • 27 : "Haunted"
Start Volume (???) <integer>
The volume to start a fade in at if fadein time is specified.
Fade in time (???) <integer>
Time to fully fade from start volume to volume.
Fade out time (???) <integer>
Time to fully fade from volume to start volume.
Pitch (???) <integer>
A number from 1-255 that modifies the pitch of the sound where 100 is normal pitch.
Start Pitch (???) <integer>
The pitch to start a fade in at if fadein time is specified.
Spin up time (???) <integer>
The time it takes for each incremental spinup if specified to be used.
Spin down time (???) <integer>
The time it takes for each incremental spindown if specified to be used.
LFO type (???) <integer>
Type of Low Frequency Oscillation to employ.
  1. off (default)
  2. square (alternate between low and high)
  3. tri (crossfade between high and low)
  4. random
LFO rate (???) <integer>
How frequently the LFO effect repeats itself.
LFO mod pitch (???) <integer>
Affects the sound pitch or vibrato. Higher numbers change the pitch more - warbling singers use little, police sirens use a lot.
LFO mod vol (???) <integer>
Affects the volume of the sound, causing it to "pulse." Similar to tremolo. At a really high rate, this can make the same effect as talking through fan blades.
Incremental spinup count (???) <integer>
The amount of incremental spinups to do if specified to be used.


  • 1 : "Play Everywhere"
Icon-Important.pngImportant:This does not disable directionality, only attenuation! To simulate disabled directionality without a custom audio backend, place three or four identical ambient_generic entities in the far corners of the map.
  • 2 : "Small Radius"
  • 4 : "Medium Radius"
  • 8 : "Large Radius"
  • 16 : "Start Silent"
  • 32 : "Not Toggled"
Enable this flag for non-looping sounds.