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multvar is a console command available in all Source Source games. multvar multiplies the current value of the cvar provided by a factor while keeping it between two limits.


  • CVAR: a console variable we want to change.
  • MINVALUE: a minimum bound for our variable.
  • MAXVALUE: a maximum bound for our variable.
  • FACTOR: the number to multiply the current value of the cvar by.

If the product is out of the range specific by MINVALUE and MAXVALUE, the product will be clamped.


Set the voice chat volume to 50% of its current value:

multvar voice_scale 0 1 0.5

If voice_scale was 1, it is now at 0.5. To set it back to its previous value use a factor of 2:

multvar voice_scale 0 1 2.0

Flip the sign of viewmodel_fov from positive to negative

multvar viewmodel_fov -180 180 -1

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