A Frayed Stitch in Time

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A Frayed Stitch in Time


This SP mod for Half-Life 2 has been released! Download it now.



Half-Life 2 A Half-Life 2 mod, planned to span four episodes. The first episode having been released Oct 16, 2007.


The Combine has discovered a Time Machine in the vastness of space, built by a non combine alien race. The Combine hopes to turn it on and invade earth at an earlier period in history when modern weapons and Gordon Freeman don't exist. The Time Machine was built 100,000 years ago, so the Combine can go back in time to a period sometime in that 100,000 years. The Time Machine was left partially on, and the Combine hope to get it running at full power. Gordon Freeman and Alyx get sent there during the slow teleport from Nova Prospect to Dr. Kleiner's lab, and you have to stop the Combine from turning the machine on.

The problem is that if the Time Machine goes to full power, it pulls the Sun towards the machine. The Sun then enters the time vortex surrounding the plane, then goes on a strange trip and does a lot of damage to the place where it goes, namely the Earth.

Note.png Note: There's a two minute cut-scene at the beginning where you can't do anything till you wake up.


  • Leaks.


  • One - Fractured Dreams - Finished.
  • Two - Road to Nowhere - In development, paper plans complete.
  • Two - Road to Infinity - In development, paper plans complete.
  • Two - chapter name not available
  • Three - In the middle of a hole - In development, paper plans complete.
  • Four - chapter name not available - Being thought about.


4 months build, 7 months story design.

The future of the mod is doubtful, since Belboz said this in February 2010 (about ModDB criticism): "you ***** dont deserve to get anymore halflife mods"


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