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Serves as a hint to the game code that the named bone will be used for bone merges (see Attachments) during the game. If this flag is not present, the bone can still be used but you'll get performance warnings.

It can also be used to force a bone existance for the $definebone process. Sometimes when you use Crowbar to write the $definebones lines, it will collapse a bone and simply not write a $definebone line for a bone. Adding a $bonemerge line for all, or just the missing bone, circumvents the bone from being removed.


$bonemerge <bone name>

Writing Bonemerge easily

There is no automated function for this yet, but you can do it manually using Regex in Notepad++. This process takes about two minutes

  1. Open your mesh.smd in Notepad++.
  2. Copy the bone names from the very top into a new, empty file.
  3. Press Ctrl&H to enter "Replace" mode.
  4. In the "Find What" field, enter ^\s*\d+\s*"(.+)"\s*-?\d+\s*$
  5. In the "Replace with" field enter $bonemerge "\1"
  6. Make sure that . Matches newline is disabled.
  7. Click "Replace all"

Now you can paste those lines in your qc file, or use as a qci file.