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This template (and its redirect) is Wikipedia icon Deprecated. Its use is not recommended and its functionality may be compromised.
Please use {{Uselang}} instead.
You can help our editors by replacing or deleting this template on the Pages that use this template. Once no more pages use this template, it should be Marked for deletion.
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This template makes it easy to get the language of the current user, i.e. the language of the UI. The template returns the language code of the user's language. It is useful for supporting multiple languages on one page.



  • {{{1}}} - Optional: The content to append before the language code. See also examples to understand it better.


English (en)català (ca)čeština (cs)Deutsch (de)Esperanto (eo)español (es)eesti (et)hrvatski (hr)suomi (fi)français (fr)magyar (hu)Ελληνικά (el)italiano (it)Nederlands (nl)norsk (no)polski (pl)português (pt)português do Brasil (pt-br)русский (ru)українська (uk)svenska (sv)Türkçe (tr)日本語 (ja)Tiếng Việt (vi)中文 (zh)中文(台灣)‎ (zh-tw)한국어 (ko)ქართული (ka)עברית (he)
Note.pngNote:This will change automaticaly according to your language of UI. Click the flag on the right can change the language quickly. The template will return nothing if your language is in English.

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