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A respawn area is a section of the map where players will respawn after they are killed and the respawn timer expires. Players in a friendly respawn area will also be able to change their class at will, without dying. For this tutorial, we will create a respawn area for the RED Team.

Basic respawn areas

This is the simplest respawn area, similar to those found on ctf_2fort. All respawn areas are variations on this format.

The func_respawnroom

The func_respawnroom.

First, create a brush at least 96 units high that touches the floor of the soon-to-be respawn area and stretch out the sides of the brush so they touch the walls inside the room. Tie the brush you just made to the func_respawnroom brush-based entity. Its material should be tools/toolstrigger. Set its team to RED and its Name to something like respawn_red_01.

The info_player_teamspawns

The info_player_teamspawns.

Next, create an info_player_teamspawn in your room, set its Team property to RED, and name it something like: spawnpoint_red_01. Then, shift-drag to copy this spawnpoint to create however many spawnpoints you want in this room, making sure each one falls inside your func_respawnroom brush. We'll make 12 spawnpoints for our example. Make sure there is a tiny bit of space between the spawnpoint and the floor, or they won't work properly.

And that's it, you have a working respawn area for the RED team!

Design theory

  • A starting spawn area for a round should have at least 16 spawnpoints to support a 32 players game, this keeps two players from spawning in the same exact location. You can lower this number for forward spawn rooms in Control Point maps.
  • Teamspawns and func_respawnrooms should have numbered (or lettered) Name properties for team and location to make them easier to keep track of. This not only helps identify which entity spawns in what spawnroom, but is also useful for debugging purposes.
  • Respawn areas are often accompanied by Resupply Areas, Team-Specific Doors, and Team-Specific Barriers, but none of these are strictly required. Such combinations are commonly referred to as respawn rooms.
  • NO Resupply Locker in Mann VS. Machine

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