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XBLAH's Modding Tool - Localization Editor

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English (en)
Note.pngNote:This tutorial was written for XBLAH's Modding Tool XBLAH's Modding Tool v1.18.2. Please be aware that subsequent updates might have introduced alterations in terminologies, introduced novel features, or reorganized certain elements within the interface.
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VGUI_Documentation#Localization strings can be added and edited through an intuitive UI with XBLAH's Modding Tool XBLAH's Modding Tool.

Accessing the feature

This can be accessed within the tool through Custom IconTop Menu > Scripts > Localization.

Translating strings

In the toolbar, select the language you want to modify.


You can add a new language by clicking the Add button button. When you add a new language, it will copy over the values of the English language. Use language names compatible with Valve's titles.

Warning.pngWarning:Changes will be saved automatically.


The keys can be edited in any language by renaming it in the first column. Changes to one language will be applied to all languages. The values can be edited in the third column. The second column will always show the value in the English language. Notice: If you need to modify the value of a key in the English language, just edit the third column and the second column value will be updated automatically.

You can add new keys by clicking the Add button. The new key will be added to all languages.

Keys can be removed by clicking the Remove button button. The key will be removed from all languages.

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